GSBVH: Ch 15

Ling Zhen’s towel slid down and was caught by Wei Xi.

She was still immersed in an incredible mood, raising the same wet eyes from the wet hair, “I seem to be the second female candidate.”

Among the officially announced candidates, the men’s first battle is between Gu Wei and Shen Yanchu, which is not different from the one described in the original book. The first female is between Zheng Qianqian and another senior, but the second female has changed from Jane Wenyi and actresses of the same age to Jane Wenyi vs Ling Zhen.

“Yeah.” Wei Xi responded nonchalantly, putting the towel on top of her hair again, rubbing her head like wiping a dog.

The scent of flowers in her hair is warm and rich, and her hair is damp and soft, lovingly wrapped between Wei Xi’s white and slender fingers.

I don’t know why, this person seems to be more hydrated as he grows longer, his skin becomes whiter and tenderer, and his cheeks and lips have their own complexion, pink and moist. Looking from the top down, her nose is small and her eyelashes are hanging in a thick black row.

Wei Xi’s fingertips rubbed her forehead, and she hovered in the air delicately, but soon she was broken by Ling Zhen.

She tossed her hair like a puppy, and asked nonchalantly, “But why?”

Wei Xi held down her furry head, continued to wipe her hair, and looked down at “Don’t you want to go?”

“That’s it.” Everyone was greedy for such a good opportunity.

But Ling Zhen’s positioning of herself is very much in line with her status as a cannon fodder female partner. She really never thought about competing with the heroine for the role, even though she also knew that the second female role requires stronger dancing skills.

Wei Xi lowered his eyelashes, his hands were on Ling Zhen’s head, and his arms were wrapped around her. Ling Zhen’s whole body was as if he was enveloped in him, so behaved.

He said, “What are you afraid of.”

Ling Zhen thought about it, too, what is she afraid of.

After the competition, she earned a lovable role in the big hit drama of the coming year. If the competition was defeated, there was no loss to her.

After all, Ling Zhen doesn’t have a sense of belonging to this world, so everything is Buddhist and just let the flow go.

After finishing her hair, Ling Zhen went back to the room. Standing in place, Wei Xi reopened Xianwen’s official blog, her eyes fell on the two names of Male One, her eyes darkened.

A few seconds later, Wei Xi put away the phone, the emotions overflowing in her eyes took away, and she walked away casually.

“What, the second girl is actually a candidate”

Ling’s family, after learning the news, both Ling’s father and Ling’s mother couldn’t believe it.

Although Xuan Xuan did not make it, there should be many actors competing for such a popular script. How could such a good thing fall on Ling Zhen?

If I had known this before, I didn’t need to spend any money for dance classes and high-end dresses, and tens of thousands of them were so dazzled. Ling Mu felt distressed. But they dare not say, for fear that the eldest daughter will feel uncomfortable.

Who knows that Ling Xuan doesn’t seem to care, she said to them proudly, “She is a candidate at best.”

Ling mother asked “why”.

Ling Xuan sneered twice, I still need to ask why.

Even if Wei Xi got her stuck directly, how could she be a little rash that day and provoke him, but Wei Xi didn’t intend to help Ling Zhen, did she?

Jian Wenyi is a typical white and wealthy person, her agent has held big flowers, and her father has made big money, she was originally the proud girl of heaven. Ling Zhen was pulled out to cushion her back at best, and she didn’t believe she could be better than Jian Wenyi.

Not only Ling Xuan, but Jian Wenyi and Shen Yanchu’s circle of friends also thought so.

After everyone digested the fact that Jian Wenyi’s competitor was Ling Zhen, after a while, someone weakly asked, “Brother Yan, did you say Ling Zhen worked hard for you?”

Shen Yanchu sat in the middle of the crowd, frowning, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“No, look,” the man defended, “Ling was really a mini bar in the past, but we all know who you are in your heart. Then, whether you dance at the prom, or compete with Wen Yi now, it’s not like she’s with you. Prove yourself?”

“I rely on me, don’t she still can’t let go of Yan brother, right.”

“Then what she said about being married before was a guise.”

After Shen Yan first heard it, he frowned slowly.

After the candidates are determined, the voting channel for the national selection will be opened the day after tomorrow. Before that, several candidates need to take photos of their makeup for display during voting.

In the past few days, various agents have been busy arranging news with the film party to grasp the probability of success.

The set-up photo was taken in a studio in the city, just next to Qingxi Investment. On that day, Zeng Hong urged Jian Wenyi to get up early and was the first to arrive in the studio.

The reason why he was so anxious was because Zeng Hong heard an important news.

Due to the rush of service time, only one of the two sets of women’s clothes was made according to the original effect, while the other set was driven out in a hurry. According to internal sources, the white costume skirt is good, but the cyan skirt is very rough.

The makeup photos must be reviewed by all netizens, and there must be no sloppy, otherwise Zeng Hong will not be able to explain to President Jian. That’s why she arrived in the studio early, and she took the white skirt first.

I am very satisfied with the result. This long dress in ancient costume is exquisite in workmanship, the materials used are very conscientious, the embroidered embroidery is not cheap, and it is matched with light pink tulle, which looks very fairy.

Zeng Hong picked it up and compared it with Jian Wenyi, and smiled satisfied, “It’s right for you.”

Jian Wenyi glanced at another cyan skirt hanging, then smiled back, “Thank you, Sister Hong.”

The remaining candidates arrived in the studio one after another. When Ling Zhen arrived, he knew that there were options for the costumes for the set-up photos.

But she had no room to choose, so she took away the cyan long skirt.

Ling Zhen still missed this kind of complicated dress for a long time.

When Shen Yanchu passed her with his clothes, he gave her a complicated expression.

Ling Zhen:”…”

What is it to play

The whole studio was busy, all the candidates brought their own team, and the agent and assistant accompanied him. Ling Zhen seemed a bit abrupt by himself.

Alas, I still have to take the time to visit Gu Wei’s company. Ling Zhen thought silently, holding his dress and walking to the fitting room.

Just then, Jian Wenyi walked out of one of the fitting rooms in a white dress. Her light brown hair is rolled up in a bun, and she has wide sleeves on her body, which is quite old-fashioned.

From an objective point of view, this ancient appearance is qualified, even much higher than the qualified line.

So when Jian Wenyi walked out shyly, the staff nearby showed a little surprise. After all, not everyone is suitable for costume appearance, this has always been a challenge for female stars.

It is a rare ancient costume face that can look good, and can slightly bring out the beauty on this basis.

Zeng Hong patted her palms, “Wen Yi is so beautiful, she looks like a fairy”

Jian Wenyi blushed, glanced at Shen Yanchu in the distance, then turned around and saw Ling Zhen holding the cyan dress and entering the dressing room.

Although some are embarrassed, people are selfish and can only be sorry for her.

The dressing room was spacious like a small room, and Ling Zhen spread out the clothes in front of the light and looked carefully.

The style is ordinary, the materials used are of course incomparable with the Celestial Silk of the fairy world, and the texture is a bit rough. The cut is not fine, and there are some threads. The only good thing is that Ling Zhen really likes this color, and it’s also the color she used to wear.

Ling Zhen’s mood did not change in any way because of the quality of the clothes, because she felt that the ancient clothes were more suitable for her than the ones she was wearing now.

Starting from changing the middle clothes, Ling Zhen felt something was wrong just as soon as one set was put on.

It seems, a bit, too small.

She was afraid of tearing, and put it on her body carefully. Just then, Wei Xi’s call came.

Ling Zhen held up one hand and answered “Hello.”

Wei Xi asked, “How is it, are you wearing clothes?”

Ling Zhen’s heart suddenly rose with resentment, thinking that if she had a little assistant or something, at least she wouldn’t have to work so hard, Wei Xi would not allow her to go to Gu Wei’s company to discuss signing

She grumbled into the microphone, saying “I can’t put it on.”

Wei Xi smiled softly, “Do you need my help.”

Ling Zhen felt that his tone was like caring for a fool, and suddenly felt insulted “no need”

After hanging up the phone, Ling Zhen continued to wear it cautiously, finally putting her coat on.

At this time, looking in the mirror, the girl’s three thousand green silks were scattered around her shoulders, her snow-white coat wrapped her body, and a snowy neck was exposed from the neckline, her complexion seemed to be soft.

This is what she looked like, Ling Zhen smiled into the mirror and vaguely saw the grace of Fairy Ling Zhen.

After appreciating for a while, Ling Zhen bent over to get the outer long skirt. As soon as he bent down, he suddenly heard a “stab” sound.

My back actually opened up.

five minutes later.

Wei Xi received the call while sitting in the boss chair.

The miserable “Can you get me a needle and thread qq”

In the studio, actors who have already finished their modeling are waiting for the filming, and the scene is indeed very immortal at first glance. There are clouds everywhere, looking dazzling.

Zheng Qianqian wore a scarlet Luanfeng dress. Her eyes were fiery and her personality was straightforward. She swept her eyes around and asked, “Where is the other girl who is the second candidate?”

Jian Wenyi glanced at the closed locker room door, “It seems that she hasn’t changed her clothes yet.”

I’m alone, and I don’t have an assistant to help me, so I must be slower.

Zheng Qianqian nodded, looked at Jian Wenyi’s appearance, and said enviously, “You are already a person with beautiful costumes I have seen.”

Jian Wenyi shook her head and said modestly, “There must be something better than me.”

Several people chatted, and there was a commotion at the door of the studio.

Then a staff member trot over with a silly look “Mr Wei from Qingxi is here.”

Everyone is shocked by what the bosses are doing for inspections?

In this play, Qingxi’s investment accounted for as high as 70, which is simply the father of the father. I can’t come here because I’m close.

The agents can’t help but feel a little apprehensive, and they all have their eyes hinted at their artists and tidy up their appearance.

Then, I saw a grim man strode into the shed. The actors all met him during the audition, but they didn’t know that this was the boss of Qingxi.

Not only young, but also a star.

Several actresses peeped at him and pulled their hair quietly.

But Wei Xi did not give extra eyes. He walked in, glanced around, and finally landed on the only closed locker room.

He freezes his gaze, lifts his foot and walks over.

Everyone present looked at him in surprise.

“Wait for President Wei,” staff hurriedly stopped him, “Here is-“

Wei Xi put a hand on the doorknob, turned her face slightly, and spoke coldly.

“My wife.”

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