GSBVH: Ch 14

He Xi’s smiling face froze at the speed of light.

She suddenly looked at the thermos barrel in the girl’s hand, and then at Wei Xi, wondering in disbelief that she was sending meals to Wei Xi.

What is their relationship?

Could it be…

Wei Xi, the president of Qingxi, is young, handsome and gold, but has always been alone. The personal information about Wei Xi is very tightly protected, and only a few high-level officials know that he is actually married.

But I have never held a wedding, never brought my wife out, or even mentioned it.

He Xi had many speculations, either because Wei Xi’s wife was too ugly to be able to handle it, or the marriage between the two was just a shell and there was no emotion at all.

In either case, He Xi had the confidence to replace it.

But now, she was a little uncertain.

Even if she didn’t want to admit ugly, the unique aura of the girl couldn’t be ignored.

He Xi’s fingers tightly twisted her crocodile leather bag strap, and found that Wei Xi, who usually glances at people with his eyes, was focused on the girl.

Ling Zhen walked out of the elevator, Wei Xi took the thermos barrel in her hand, “Is it sinking?”

Ling Zhen rubbed his wrist, “It’s okay.”

He Xi stepped forward unwillingly, and smiled and said, “Mr. Wei, I just rushed back from city B. I want to give you a report.”

“Report to Zhao Yan.” Wei Xi lowered her head, took a look at Ling Zhen’s wrist, and then led her to the office.

Speaking of Cao Cao’s arrival, as soon as Wei Xi finished speaking, Zhao Yan burst out with a gust of wind, and saw Ling Zhen’s eyes light up, “This fairy is so familiar, isn’t it our beloved sister-in-law, isn’t your coming really made me? Spencer is shining.”

He Xi heard the word “sister-in-law”, and her heart sank suddenly. Moreover, Zhao Yan actually knew her, which shows that Wei Xi allowed her to intervene in her life.

She suppressed the jealousy in her heart, raised her hand to tuck her hair, and smiled with the charm of a mature woman, “Isn’t this going to introduce you?”

Zhao Yan noticed that He Xi was back and greeted with a grin, “This is our little sister-in-law, it’s pretty good. I told you that she can dance.”

Wei Xi raised her eyes coolly, her dark pupils staring at him, “Introduce you.”

Zhao Yan’s back was cold, and he felt inexplicably coveted by wild beasts. He immediately swallowed his remaining rainbow fart, and he couldn’t even boast too domineering in his heart.

He Xi smiled decently, looked up and down at Ling Zhen cooperatively, her delicate red lips curled up, and implicitly said, “It’s pretty cute.”

Wei Xi pushed open the door of the office, Ling Zhen was a little bit cramped, and grabbed his sleeve “wait.”

Wei Xi bowed her head “Yes”

“That,” Ling Zhen raised his face to look at her, blushing and said in a low voice, “I can’t seem to be on this level.”

He Xi smiled and walked forward with a slender waist, “Mr. Wei.”

Wei Xi pressed Lingzhen’s shoulders and brought it in, and closed the door with her other hand.

“No such rules.”


The door closed in front of He Xi. Her standard smile was completely cracked.

Zhao Yan is simply speechless. Who set the rules for avoiding idlers on the 16th floor or above is not yourself?

He was a straight man, and he didn’t even notice He Xi’s ugly expression. The office door here closed, and heads peeked out of the doors of other rooms on the 17th floor.

“I am not wrong, right?”

“That’s Mr. Wei’s wife.”

“You read it right, although I think I’m blind.”

At the same moment, news that a little fairy went up to the 17th floor to find Mr. Wei spread inside Qingxi. In all work groups where there is no boss, all the employees are stubborn.

Someone in the crowd asked, “Is anyone really good-looking to see real people?”

Underneath someone anonymously posted the sentence “I saw it, ordinary people look.”

The next second someone yelled, “I saw that I pressed the elevator for her. I am a giant fairy and cute.”


In the office.

Ling Zhen looked around, black and bright eyes rolled round and round.

Wei Xi turned her head and raised her chin, “Sit down.”

Ling Zhen looked at the glass stand on his desk and asked “You are actually a boss?”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows are slightly “unlike”.

“Nor.” Ling Zhen sighed and sank into the soft sofa. She finally knew how Wei Xi crushed the protagonist, nothing else, just a lot of money.

Wei Xi poured a glass of warm water and handed it to her, lit her forehead and lifted her face up, looking at “Sigh.”

Ling Zhen was forced to look at him, and then sighed, “I don’t deserve you.”

Wei Xi:”…”

“My deposit is only 300,000, not less,” Ling Zhen had the final say, earnestly subtracting the money he had spent, “Oh, the gap between the rich and the poor is too big.”

Wei Xi seemed to want to laugh, flattening the corners of her lips, “We are a small business and don’t have much money.”

“Then you are a boss anyway,” Ling Zhen pursed his lips, “I am under too much pressure, so it looks like I am walking through the back door. That’s not good, right, what do you guys do?”

Mr. Wei who just happened to invest in her audition for the script: “…”

“It’s just a small industry.” Wei Xi paused, “Don’t put pressure on it.”

Ling Zhen didn’t quite understand, so he didn’t ask any more questions. He silently felt that Wei Xi was even better than the male lead. If he didn’t become black, he would become someone’s proud lover in the future.

After staying in Wei Xi’s office for a while, Wei Xi finished his work and the two left the company to go to the hospital. I drank the nutritious porridge with Mother Wei and chatted for a while before the two went to finish the meal.

Wei Xi parked her car near a business district, “What do you want to eat?”

Ling Zhen picked a long-established roast duck, and the two entered the store and asked for a box.

The waiting time was boring, so the store first brought an iced fruit plate. The fresh fruits are covered with ice and flowers, and when they are delivered, they roll with white air.

Ling Zhen is now accustomed to Weibo, and there are many fans waiting for her to update her news every day, so she casually shoots a small video with the text “Seeing fairy”

After sending it out, I put my phone aside and watched expectantly as the chef in the shop pushed the roast duck in.

The duck slices were ready, and the master quit, leaving only them in the box. Wei Xi rolled the duck cake slowly and handed it to her.

Ling Zhen was not polite, took a bite, and shook his head with bright eyes, “It smells good.”

Wei Xi glanced at her, her lips twitched, “Eat more.”

After a while, Ling Zhen’s mobile phone on the table rang.

Ling Zhen was busy eating and ignored it.

But immediately after the phone rang twice, Wei Xi raised her eyelids and took a look.

Ling Zhen wiped his hands, “Who is it?”

Once unlocked, a WeChat message popped up.

Gu Wei “Is it the xxx roast duck restaurant in xx mall”

“I also like that store very much. We really have a good heart.”

Ling Zhenqi said, “How do you know?”

Gu Wei replied in seconds, “My trumpet is following you.”

Ling Zhen:”…”

Then you have improved.

The big stars are actually pretty nice, they don’t have the air, but they are a bit too airless. Ling Zhen didn’t know what to return, so she simply locked the screen and continued to eat her roast duck.

He raised his head and met Wei Xi’s dark gaze.

Ling Zhen blinked, and Wei Xi asked “Who.”

Ling Zhen took his rolled duck cake, took a bite, and bulged his cheeks back to “Gu Wei.”

Wei Xi’s eyebrows slowly folded, a trace of impatience appeared in her eyes, and her subordinates gave her a croquettes, “Concentrate on eating.”

Ling Zhen ate happily “I know.”

But the big star seemed to be able to continue the conversation without answering, and after a minute, new news started playing again.

“Almost forgot. Actually, I have something to tell you. Do you know that my agent is very famous in the circle. She watched you dance last time and was very interested in you. I want to ask if you have any interest in our company? interest.”

Ling Zhen picked up the phone and saw this sentence, and the speed of chewing slowed down.

She is actually quite interested. Although I don’t know if she can play Xianwen, everyone else has an agent team, and Ling Zhen has always been a little yearning. It wasn’t for pomp, Ling Zhen simply felt that she was a bit lonely and alone.

Nowadays, a well-known agent of a big company throws an olive branch at her little cannon fodder, and Ling Zhen is still a little flattered. She put down her chopsticks, typed back to him with both hands, “I have it.”

Gu Wei quickly sent her a few haha ​​expressions, and then directly dialed a voice call.

Ling Zhen felt that this was a business matter, so he stood up with his mobile phone, “I’ll go out.”

The position they sat on was like this, a big round table with Ling Zhen sitting inside, with a bonsai on one side and Wei Xi on the other, so she had to go around him.

But after she stood up, Wei Xi didn’t move.

He raised his head very slowly, and slowly dissipated a cold and slightly harsh breath from his body.

At this moment, he seemed to have become the darkened villain in the book again. Ling Zhen thought he was annoying him, and immediately urged him back, “Well, I won’t let you get up.”

She had to sit back in the chair and answered the phone. Gu Wei said over there, “In that case, let’s make an appointment. See when you have time to come to our company. You know the address is not there.”

Ling Zhen made a few “Uh-huh” and noted the time and place. After a few words, she felt that the temperature in the box was getting lower and lower, so she had to deal with a few words and hung up the phone in a hurry.

On her side, Wei Xi propped her temple with one hand and looked at her with a smile, “You are going to their company. What do you do?”

Ling Zhen subconsciously sat down, “Well, his agent wants to talk to me about signing the contract.”

“Don’t go.” Wei Xi said.

Ling Zhen “Ah.”

The dark fire under Wei Xi’s eyes finally ignited.

“I can give it to you, too,” he said. “Don’t want him.”

Midsummer entertainment, meeting room.

“I checked, this artist shouldn’t be considered an artist. This girl named Lingzhen has not signed a company. She is completely personal. She was able to participate in the audition before because of her relationship with seniors in the school.”

Zeng Hong is a very experienced agent, and the most promising artist under her hand is Jian Wenyi. The image is good, and the family also has the conditions to support the cause. As long as she paves the way, it is only a matter of time before she becomes popular.

The most important step on Jian Wenyi’s star journey right now is to win the second girl of Xianwen. Although it is beautiful, one is that they can’t overwhelm the popular star for the time being, and the other is that she has studied the script, and the role of the female number one is very black, but the role of the female number two is cute and fancier.

With Zeng Hong’s own resources and the support behind the Jian family, it was originally pretty stable. But since that dance party, Zeng Hong noticed Ling Zhen.

I have to admit that she is more suitable for the role of female second than Jian Wenyi. Zeng Hong knows that she can think of it, and the film crew can think of it even better, so she has been asking about Lingzhen’s background from many sources these days.

Except for some rumors without a hammer, Zeng Hong didn’t find anything. It can be said that Ling Zhen does not have a company or family support, and his background is completely beyond Jian Wenyi.

“So she won the third female three Xuan, will not pose a threat to you.” Zeng Hong said to Jian Wenyi.

Jian Wenyi’s unpretentious face relaxed, and then she smiled sweetly, “I know.”

On the same day, she brought the news to the circle of friends and explained, “So Ling Zhen has nothing to do with Qing Xi. Don’t talk about her like that anymore.”

People in this circle have become accustomed to making fun of Ling Zhen, and it is only natural to refute the rumors.

“It’s unnecessary for me to worry about it. Which one of those who went to the audition that day was better than Wen Yi.”

Shen Yanchu smiled comfortingly at her, “Just wait for the result.”

Song Zhao asked, “When will the candidate list be announced?”

“Just tonight, the official blog has been warming up for a long time.”

“Oh, brother Yan and Wen Yi will be in the same crew by that time, you two have to relax.”

The friends laughed, Shen Yanchu laughed and scolded them, Jian Wenyi lowered her head shyly.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the time when Weibo traffic was the highest, Xianwen Guanbo, after a period of marketing, attracted much attention to the announcement of the main role candidates tonight.

Who on earth will perform these well-known roles? Countless netizens flock to the official blog to urge.

Finally, the official blog was released on the hour. Four roles and eight candidates were listed one by one. Fans and passers-by instantly crowded the comment area.

Among them, there are flow niche Gu Wei, rising rookie Shen Yanchu, red star Zheng Qianqian, and some familiar faces.

Shen Yanchu’s friends gathered together and laughed while watching. When their eyes fell on the second female, they were suddenly stunned.

After dozens of seconds, a huge “fuck” erupted.

On the other side, Ling Zhen only remembered the incident after taking a shower. She ran around looking for the phone with her half-dry hair. Finally, Wei Xi held it down and handed her the phone.

After a while.

Ling Zhen’s eyes widened, “En.”

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