GSBVH: Ch 13

Ling Zhen was a little embarrassed sitting on the slightly hard mattress in the lounge.

This room is really small, with a narrow space of ten square meters. She feels that Wei Xi alone occupies half of it.

It’s not that Wei Xi is huge, but the boss’s aura and sense of presence are too strong to be ignored. Ling Zhen sat on the edge of the bed and shook her calf, watching Wei Xi take off her coat slowly.

Ling Zhen was a little flustered, “I’m actually not sleepy, just sleep.”

Wei Xi glanced at her with the tip of her eye and walked over wearing only a shirt. There were two buttons on his neckline, and the mole on his cold white skin was very dazzling. Ling Zhen subconsciously swallowed “I, that”.

Wei Xi walked to the bed, put one hand on her shoulder, then pushed the person onto the bed and slowly fell down.

Lingzhen’s limbs are stiff, only the black and bright eyes roll around. No, don’t be messy, big brother.

She was pressed onto the bed like a frightened hamster, and then Wei Xi lifted the quilt smelling of disinfectant and pulled it directly to the end of her nose.

Ling Zhen had only one pair of eyes exposed outside, looking at Wei Xi nervously.

The man sits on the edge of the bed, turning over halfway, drawing a beautiful line from the Adam’s apple to the chin. He lowered his eyes and nodded her forehead with his fingertips, “Go to sleep.”

“Oh” Ling Zhen closed his eyes and began to pretend to sleep.

The clock on the wall turned slowly, and after a while, the girl’s breathing gradually slowed down. Wei Xi looked down at her, then stood up and walked to the door silently.

As soon as he opened the door, Ling Zhen’s nasal voice sounded, as soft as a dream, “Wei Xi, don’t panic, don’t be irritable, the world is not desperate, I will be with you.”

So don’t do anything to blacken the villain, Ling Zhen said in his heart. She will accompany him through this section, so that Wei Xi does not have to disappear in a corner of the book for no reason.

The man leaned on the doorknob, his black hair pressed his eyebrows, his expression gloomy. After a while, he opened the door and walked out, closing it with a click.

There was silence in the ward, with only the slight sound of medical equipment running.

“Then,” Wei Xi leaned against the door, with inexplicable emotions surging in her dark eyes, and whispered, “Always be with me.”

By the day, Wei’s mother’s situation had stabilized, and she kept asking them to take care of their own affairs.

Ling Zhen couldn’t help but said, “Then you take a good rest during the day, and I will bring you porridge at night.”

Mother Wei looked at her well-behaved daughter-in-law, her eyes flushed with emotion. Ling Zhen didn’t even tell her much before. Wei Mu always felt that she had resentment in her heart, and she was very guilty. But now her daughter-in-law is so filial that even her son seems to be milder than before. Wei’s mother feels that she is no longer suffering from any illness, and she is extremely satisfied.

Her only wish now is that Wei Xi can be really nice to Ling, and that the two can live a simple and happy life like an ordinary couple. In that way, she will have no regrets in her life.

After leaving the hospital, Wei Xi drove and the two went home together.

I only slept for a few hours last night, and Ling Zhen didn’t start to feel sleepy until then. After I got home, I squinted and walked to the room “I’ll sleep for a while.”

She floated onto the bed like a wandering soul, curled up in a small ball and closed her eyes, her long, thick eyelashes drooping obediently. Wei Xi leaned against the door of her room and said, “I will go out this afternoon. If you go to the hospital, come to the company to find me.”

“Yeah” Ling Zhen was half asleep and half awake, and fell asleep after responding.

It was already afternoon when I woke up, and my quilt was well covered. Ling Zhen yawned, sat up and woke up under the blanket for a while before remembering the words Wei Xi said to her before going to bed.

Go to the company to find him

Ling Zhen got up from the bed, walked to the living room, and saw the note left by Wei Xi. The man’s font was vigorous and powerful, and he wrote a line of address. Ling Zhen blinked, thinking that he really didn’t hear it wrong.

The original owner was never allowed to intervene in Wei Xi’s life. The marriage relationship between the two of them caused the original owner to be the first to be abused and hated the most after Wei Xi was blackened, and it was useless.

Now that Wei Xi is letting her go to her company, does it mean that his life opens up to her a little bit?

Ling Zhen was a little happy.

It seems that her efforts during this period of time have not been in vain, and Wei Xi has really been influenced by her. Then it may not be long before Wei Xi will be able to break out of the incubation period of blackening and become a docile, active and good young man.

Ling Zhen was in a good mood, first boiled the nutritious porridge, then took a bath, chose clothes and makeup. After all, if you want to go to your husband’s company, you still have to look better.

The book does not describe Wei Xi’s work in detail, but judging from his later crushing of various protagonists, it seems to be quite powerful.

Ling Zhen finally chose a red and white plaid skirt, a casual thin suit, and a pair of easy-to-wear short boots on her feet. With a Bacchus bag on his body and a thermos barrel filled with porridge, Ling Zhen went out.

After getting out of the taxi, Ling Zhen looked up at the seemingly high-end office building and said two words.


She admired for a while, a little afraid to disturb Wei Xi’s work, so instead of calling him, she walked in by herself.

In the distance, there was a line of sight staring at her closely, and he took a photo of Ling Zhen walking into Qingxi with his mobile phone, and lowered his hair into the group.

“Everyone, I just saw Ling Zhen enter Qingxi”

This person is Song Zhao, and the group he sent is the group of Shen Yanchu and the others. Now the whole circle of them is very irritable about Ling Zhen, and they are extremely concerned about any disturbances.

Sure enough, as soon as the news was sent, several reply letters were immediately followed.

“Damn, I said that she must have gone through the back door if she pretends to be so upright now.”

“Why is it so nice? I think 80% of it is wrapped up.”

“Tsk tusk the blame has to come to harm our Yan brother.”

Someone deliberately Jane Wenyi, “Wen Yi is a bit dizzy, Ling Zhen must be fighting for the role of Xianwen, just in case you still ask your father to do more, don’t let this kind of person rob him.”

Jane Wenyi “Thank you for your concern. If she really takes improper measures, I will definitely not let it go.”

Qingxi first floor.

A woman with wavy and curly hair walked in through the door with her feet on high heels. She wore an extremely sexy professional suit and carried an expensive crocodile leather bag on her back, smiling and beckoning to the colleague she met.

The young clerk looked admiring, “Wow, sister Xixi, you came back from a field trip.”

He Xi smiled, “I just got off the plane and came to the company directly.”

The little clerk admired, “Sister Xixi is too dedicated, I think the boss should give you processing capital.”

He Xi smiled and asked unconsciously, “Right, is Mr. Wei in the company today?”

“Yes, our department manager went to him just now,” the clerk asked, “Sister Xixi is in a hurry to call President Wei in a hurry?”

He Xi smiled, “It’s nothing, just want to report the results to us.”

The two swiped their cards and walked towards the elevator on the first floor. The little clerk turned his head inadvertently, and suddenly caught a glimpse of a girl in a plaid skirt, exclaiming in a low voice, “Hey, does our company still have such beautiful employees?

He Xi smiled, and the staff immediately reacted, “Ah, I didn’t mean that, Xixi sister, you are also super beautiful”

He Xi smirked and followed her gaze, only to see a girl in a red and white plaid skirt, carrying a thermos bucket and talking to the lady at the front desk. Her skin is very good, and she can see a white and tender luster even from this distance. The facial features are exquisite and lucid, and there is a kind of fairy air that girls pursue nowadays.

He Xi glanced critically, with a casual tone, “I haven’t seen this person in the company. I guess it’s the family of which employee delivered food. Don’t look at it. It has nothing to do with us.”

“Oh” the little clerk looked back a few while walking with her to the elevator.

That girl is really beautiful, like a little fairy who can shine

Here, Ling Zhen was a little embarrassed. After she reported Wei Xi’s name, the young lady at the front desk said that she needed an appointment to see him. Ling Zhen thought, it’s so troublesome, it’s better to see you at home.

But she didn’t know that the brains of the young lady at the front desk were running wildly, guessing about her relationship with Wei Xi. Because she was too pure, the front desk subconsciously ruled out those bad identities.

Could it be that my younger sister doesn’t look like a girl, and his girlfriend, who seems to have no blood, tears, and emotions, also fall in love?

Then she saw the little beauty frowning in distress, lowered her head and dialed a number with her mobile phone.

The gossip heart of the sister at the front desk suddenly burned, pricked up her ears and listened carefully

“Hey” Ling Zhen whispered, covering her mouth, “I’m here.”

After saying something over there, Ling Zhen replied “Then can I make an appointment to see you now”

She didn’t want to be special. Since the young lady told her that everyone had to make an appointment, she also wanted to follow the procedure.

After hearing these words, Wei Xi couldn’t help but curl her lips, “Give the phone to the front desk.”

Ling Zhen obeyed “Oh.”

The sister at the front desk took the phone in fear and put it to her ear, and then heard their cold voice “Let her go to the 17th floor.”

What the fuck is President Wei

The front desk was so scared that he almost dropped the phone and said “Yes” immediately

Ling Zhen was still a little embarrassed when he was let go. She walked around the corner, just as the elevator going up was about to close, she trot over quickly.

In the elevator, He Xi and the staff were waiting for the elevator. When the little clerk saw Ling Zhen running over, he hurriedly pressed the button to open the door. Ling Zhen finally caught up, turned around and smiled at her “Thank you”

From a closer look, the little fairy’s skin is flawless, beautiful enough to be dizzy, and the little clerk, a girl, blushes, “It’s okay.”

He Xi’s thin eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he looked at Ling Zhen from top to bottom with his slanted eyes, and finally fell on the thermos barrel in her hand.

The front desk is really ok, even the family members who deliver the meal can be put in.

Ling Zhen took a breath after standing still, seeing that the keys on the 17th floor had been pressed, so he didn’t move. The elevator stopped several times and people got off one after another. The enthusiastic staff also got off the elevator on the 14th floor.

Only He Xi and Ling Zhen were left.

He Xi changed her posture, glanced at Ling Zhen, and said in the tone of a hostess, “Miss, are you coming to Qingxi for anything?”

Ling Zhen turned around and said politely, “Oh, I’m looking for someone.”

Seeing that she didn’t understand what she meant, He Xi’s tone increased a little bit, “The 16th floor and above are high-rise office areas. You can’t enter without permission.”

Ling Zhen blinked, feeling a little surprised. It turns out that Wei Xi is still the senior of this company.

In a few words, the elevator has reached the 17th floor.

He Xi is still saying “I am the manager here, you really can’t go in.”

“Ding Dong”.

The elevator door opened.

A man leaned against the marble door with his arms folded, his shirt sleeves rolled up to reveal texture lines, sexy and handsome.

He Xi opened his eyes in surprise, “Mr. Wei!”

Wei Xi’s eyes fell on the girl next to her, with a rare chuckling, and handed her a hand. “Come here.”

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