GSBVH: Ch 20

Ling Zhen’s head was very dizzy, and he couldn’t react to the meaning of his words for a long time, but subconsciously felt that his own thank you was really lacking in substance.

After all, Wei Xi helped her so much and gave her a studio. She couldn’t measure the value of a lot of things, but she also knew that it was not something that could be offset by a light thank you.

Wei Xi grasped her hand a little hard, Ling Zhen patted his hand to let him loosen, thinking slowly, “Then I will give you a gift.”

Wei Xi loosened her fingers a little, but didn’t let go, and approached her, with a playful look at “What gift?”

“For the time being,” Ling Zhen was forced to step back a bit by him, and touched his hot face, “I didn’t think about it, but I won’t treat you badly.”

Wei Xi stared at her with dark eyes, without speaking.

I don’t know if it was because of drinking, Ling Zhen felt a little hot.

And it seems that the atmosphere in the car is weird, and the invisible aura on Wei Xi’s body carries natural pressure, which makes her feel a little uneasy even if she is dizzy.

Are you angry? It doesn’t seem like

Do you think she is too perfunctory

After a moment of silence, Ling Zhen couldn’t stand the atmosphere and covered his face begging for mercy. “If it’s okay, we can go home and sleep. I’m really sleepy.”

As soon as she spoke, the inexplicable atmosphere was suddenly broken, and the end sound was like a soft hook, with a slight tremor.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes. She was scared.

After a few seconds, Wei Xi backed away, and finally let go of her pressing breath.

“Will you still drink next time?”

Ling Zhen was sleepy and a little scared, covering half of his face with bright eyes, “Don’t drink, don’t drink.”

“No,” Wei Xi leaned forward and opened the car door for her, “you can drink.”

“When I was there.”

When he got up the next day, Ling Zhen said that she would not drink anyone else.

The wine in the world is sweet, who knows that the consequences are so big, it is far worse than the fine wine in the fairy world. Ling Zhen woke up after rubbing his head for a long time and walked out of the room in his pajamas.

Wei Xi has already gone to the company. She left her breakfast on the table, freshly brewed coffee with butter pineapple buns, steamed dumplings with steamed dumplings and tofu nao. The table is full.

Ling Zhen””Is she a pig being raised?

But she could feel that Wei Xi treated her better than before. Although Wei Xi’s temper is still not very good, her attitude towards her has been different from the initial indifference to her seeming intimacy.

She has worked hard to appease the villain since she wore the book, and she has achieved some results anyway.

Xianwen will start up next week, and the filming location will be in the cinema in city b. During this period of time, she had nothing else to do, so she was familiar with the script and packed the baggage she was going to take this trip.

After eating breakfast, Ling Zhen put the rest in the refrigerator and cleared the table. Then she picked a dress and went out to take a taxi to the mall.

Once you have said that you want to give Wei Xi a gift, you have to choose it carefully. She doesn’t have the courage to be a big pigeon.

The last time I came to pick a gift for Wei Xi was just not long after I wore it, purely in order to arouse the conscience of the boss and save my life, I finally bought two hardcover chicken soup books. Looking back now, Ling Zhen felt that the effect seemed to be okay.

This time buying gifts will still have a headache. If you drop the money, Wei Xi may not be rare. Buying small things doesn’t show sincerity. Ling Zhen strolled around and found nothing, sitting on the bench in the rest area of ​​the mall, thinking hard.

After thinking about it, the inspiration flashed, and she simply asked Wei Xi what was missing. Of course, she couldn’t ask herself directly.

In the high-level meeting room of Qingxi, the department manager is making a project report for the last quarter of this year.

The man sitting on the leather chair in the center is in a black suit with two buttons on the shirt inside. He is unchangingly abstinent and handsome. Sitting next to him was Zhao Yan, looking at the projection screen intently.

Suddenly, the screen of the phone at hand lit up.

Originally, Zhao Yan just glanced casually, but when he saw the visitor accidentally, he was stunned.


“The focus of our investment in the next quarter will still be on TV dramas and movies.” He Xi is showing her curly hair, cape, red lips, and her confident and generous attitude is very charming. “At present, after investigation and data analysis, the investment value is the most valuable. ‘S script is the idol drama of Heart Wall”

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on the report, her expression focused.

Zhao Yan glanced at him, and said to his heart that these two guys are having fun, picking up the phone and replying “Little sister-in-law, what is the matter?

Ling Zhen still added Zhao Yan’s WeChat during dinner last night, but he didn’t expect it to be used today. She sent out “Are you busy?” and then went to buy a cup of milk tea while waiting for him to reply.

After Zhao Yan returned, Ling Zhen held his mobile phone and sent a message “I want to consult you about something”

Zhao Yan “You said you said it was cool”

It doesn’t seem to be busy

Ling Zhen’s typing speed is not fast, and he typed every word carefully, “That is, I want to buy a gift for Wei Xi, but I don’t know what to buy, so I want to ask you.”

Just sent out, the clerk shouted

“0256, the milk is ready to cover the oolong”

Ling Zhen quickly raised her head and went to the counter to get milk tea. This time one hand was occupied and unable to type, so I had to change the voice.

Zhao Yan pretended to look at the big screen, and He Xi was analyzing the advantages of the Wall of Hearts drama to Wei Xi and the managers. He nodded and opened the WeChat dialog box.

But he didn’t know that the latest message was a voice. When he touched his finger, the voice was played, and a female voice suddenly sounded in the conference room.

“For example, what is missing in your office?”

The meeting room was silent.

The voice was soft and clear, and even with a trace of noise, it sounded shocking.

But the most frightening thing is, how does this voice sound familiar?

The needle fell in the entire conference room, and he looked at Zhao Yan with pity.

Zhao Yan’s eyes were dull, and his face was earthy. Lifting his head, Manager Liu on the opposite side slowly showed him a look of care. Zhao Yan turned his head frame by frame, and met the eyes of the man on the main seat.

Wei Xi looked at him as if he was looking at a dead person, with a smile but not a smile, but his dark eyes filled with hostility, “She is looking for something to do with you.”

Zhao Yanhan rained “Mr. Wei, boss, listen to me to explain”

Ling Zhen didn’t reply after sending this one for a long time, she was a little strange. When she slowly drank the milk tea until she bottomed out, the other side finally returned the news.

“There is nothing missing, you can buy whatever you want. And”

“The boss said that next time you ask him about this kind of thing, you don’t need to ask others.”

Ling Zhen””

How did she think this tone was weird, not quite like Zhao Yan’s style of sending messages.

And he is too good at doing things, so how could he ask the person who was given the gift? What kind of surprises are there?

She thought for a while, “Then Mr. Wei, are you all there today, can the present be given today?”

Zhao Yan “is here.”

Zhao Yan “Sister-in-law, I have just been sent out on a business trip. Ask someone if you are destined to see you and cry.”

Ling Zhen””

But although Zhao Yan didn’t help much, Ling Zhen finally thought of what he could give. She went to Wei Xi’s office before and felt that the overall simplicity was more than simple but lacking in vitality.

Ling Zhen made up his mind and turned around and walked into a large flower shop.

The owner is a young man. When the wind chime rang at the door, a slender young girl wearing a mask came in. Although half of her face is covered, her brows are also very delicate.

The young man’s eyes lit up and enthusiastically introduced, “Does the girl buy flowers? Today’s hyacinths and irises are very fresh.”

Ling Zhen smiled and shook his head, pointing her white fingers to the corner of the flower shop.

“I want that.”

In Qing Xi’s office, Wei Xi sat behind her desk and looked down at her watch.

Already close to the end of get off work hours, people began to leave on the 17th floor.

not yet

Some people say that they will send gifts today.

After a while, the office door was knocked, and Wei Xi raised her eyes and “entered.”

The door opened, but it was not the one imagined. He Xi stood at the door with a few other executives and smiled and looked over, “Mr. Wei, my cousin’s restaurant is open today. Let us join in. Would you like to join us?”

Today, she wore a sexy red dress with a slim fit, outlined a hot figure, and looked at the several executives around her.

Wei Xi had no expression, and looked down at her watch again, “Go ahead.”

He Xi bit her lip, and said softly, “Why don’t you appreciate your face, because it is the Japanese food you like, I just wanted to invite you.”

The hearts of the people around the flowers were overwhelming, and they echoed, “Mr. Wei, you see that Manager He is dressed so beautifully today, so please take a look and sit down.”

Wei Xi frowned, with a slight impatience in her eyes.

At this moment, the elevator door opened with a “dingdong” sound.

A security guy from the company carried a large box and moved out of the office out of breath, “Mr. Wei, there is your package.”

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, “Send in.”

Everyone ignored the invitation for a while, and they were all curious about what this huge package was.

The security guy moved to the open space of the office, took a knife out of his pocket, cut the sealed tape, and a smell of grass came out.

Wei Xi stepped forward with a playful expression.

This carton box is assembled, and the whole is spread flat on the ground after being disassembled. Now they finally saw what was in the box

It is a huge, green, and vigorous rich tree

Wei Xi stared at the potted plant with an unpredictable expression.

He Xi had a keen mind, thinking of the voice in the afternoon meeting, he immediately realized that this was a gift from Ling Zhen to Wei Xi.

She covered her mouth and snorted and laughed out, “Who gave this to Mr. Wei? The taste is too upstart, right? It doesn’t match the style of Mr. Wei’s office.”

Other executives also thought it was amazing. Although the meaning of giving a wealthy tree is very good, the temperament of the flower of Gaoling, the president of Wei, is too, too, too conflicting.

Wei Xi didn’t speak, staring at the potted plant for a while, then suddenly smiled.


Then I saw Mr. Wei bend down, put his hands on the edge of the porcelain basin, and with a slight force, he picked up the wealthy tree.

Then he directly hugged the tree to the most eye-catching position next to the desk, and placed it firmly.


He Xi’s expression was ugly, she pinched the corners of her red skirt, and then grinned stiffly, “This tree is indeed auspicious to be placed here. Then if there is nothing wrong with Wei, I will go with everyone”

Wei Xi didn’t speak, and looked down at the phone. Someone sent him a message.

“Have you received the gift? Do you like it? Shy that tree is very alive. I will make you a fortune. I will make a table of dishes at home and wait for you to come back to eat.”

Wei Xi curled her lips, picked up the suit jacket on the back of the chair, and took the car key.

He Xi smiled, “Shall we go?”

Wei Xi strode away, “I will go home for dinner.”

When I got home, the smell of fragrant rice wafted from the kitchen.

Ling Zhen was wearing an apron and holding a large spoon, cooking soup. She has recently improved her cooking skills and can already make up a table of dishes.

Hearing the sound, Ling Zhen raised his head and smiled, “You are back”

Wei Xi entered the kitchen, leaned against the door, and looked at her with her arms folded.

Ling Zhen’s side face is very beautiful, his forehead is smooth and full, the bridge of the nose is straight and the tip of the nose is small, and the lip shape is just right. The apron on her body is also red, and the belt on the back is fastened tightly, drawing a thin waist, and also drawing the lines of the chest and abdomen.

Seductive without knowing it.

Wei Xi’s gaze fell on her, remembering the red dress that others praised He Xi for.

But in his eyes, this apron is not as good-looking.

Ling Zhen looked at Huohou, the soup was almost done. She scooped up the small spoon, blew it, turned around and handed it to Wei Xi “Try it.”

She suddenly got closer, and the unique fragrance on her body pushed away the fragrance of rice and poured into her nose.

The tall chest and the thin waist are in front of him, and the deep beauty is condensed into the collar under the snow-white and smooth neck.

Wei Xi lowered her eyes, her throat tightened suddenly.

Ling Zhen didn’t know it, moved closer, and fed him to his lips, “Whether it’s good or not?”

Wei Xi whispered, “It looks good.”

Ling Zhen “what looks good.”

Is her pot of soup?

Wei Xi lowered her head, her voice made a dumb “you.”

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