When Jiang Ning went upstairs, Jiang Fan sucked his nose and turned his back in a panic.

    Jiang Ning felt amused and deliberately said: “I almost broke my leg because of a certain kid, and a certain kid didn’t even look at me.”

    Jiang Fan pinched the corner of his clothes and turned around awkwardly.

    When Jiang Ning saw him like a little daughter-in-law who wanted to talk but stopped, he said, “Don’t say thank you, you will study hard next, and you will be rewarded me by being admitted to Tsinghua University.”

    It is Tsinghua again, Jiang Fan’s eyes are black. It’s hard for him to read three books in the future. Isn’t Jiang Ning a daydream? He snorted and whispered: “Who said I want to repay you? You are my sister. This is what you should do.”

    Jiang Fan didn’t communicate with his family at all in his previous life . He put down his schoolbag and ran out with a group of friends. Playing games, and now being able to act like a baby to himself, Jiang Ning couldn’t help but feel some relief in his heart.

    “Let’s do it.” Jiang Fan seemed to have broken his wrist: “For you, I won’t frustrate my future brother-in-law. I can also bring you two to the swimming pool this weekend.”

    “Brother-in-law, you are so big.” Jiang Ning was almost choked with anger: “If you call me like this, you will break your leg.”

    …Wait, interrupting the leg seems a bit familiar, I heard it somewhere.

    Last time Jiang Ning said this, Jiang Fan didn’t take it seriously. He felt that she was being bullied by Xu Mingyi again. The whole hutong knew that she was Xu Mingyi’s little follower. She had been with Xu Mingyi for almost ten years.

    But this time.

    He looked at Jiang Ning in surprise, his sister knew it for himself. How did he feel that Jiang Ning was indeed not joking, but really full of resistance?

    Jiang Fan hasn’t recovered yet.

    Jiang Ning said, “But you do have something to help me.”

    Jiang Fan is the king of children in the hutong. It would be much more efficient to ask him to find a few children to help.


    Xu Mingyi waited here for a whole night, but didn’t even see Jiang Ning’s shadow. Instead, a lot of people were coming.

    He has a good relationship, has money at home, and is very popular in school. Even people who have not been invited by him are willing to come over to celebrate at his own expense.

    If Xu Mingyi had nothing to do at first, he could still be distracted to chat with Zhong Congshuang who came to him to talk about the competition the day before yesterday.

    Si Xiangming could clearly feel his air pressure getting lower and lower.

    “What time is it?” Xu Mingyi asked.

    Si Xiangming said: “It’s eight o’clock, Tan

    Pengxing said he will go singing later, are you going?” Xu Mingyi said, “You use your mobile phone to call Jiang Ning.”

    “Why are you calling her?” Si Xiangming For a moment: “Are you looking for her for something?”

    Xu Mingyi didn’t know what was wrong with him.

    Whether Jiang Ning was in a cold war with him or ignoring him, he shouldn’t care. He has so many friends. There are not a dozen or so friends since childhood, and there is no shortage of Jiang Ning.

    But he has been in a strange mood these days, as if the toy that accompanied him from childhood to adulthood disappeared without warning.

    To participate in the competition, Jiang Ning did not send him off, which caused him to suddenly break a link in the steps he had been accustomed to for more than a decade.

    When playing basketball, there was no squeaky noise from Jiang Ning, and it was more like a little voice-over.

    Xu Mingyi told himself that the reason why he was irritable about this little thing was only because Jiang Ning was a little follower who followed him since wearing open pants, and he is more affectionate.

    Anyone who has been ignored by a good friend for many years will have the same reaction as him.

    So… this is normal.

    “Yes, if you have something to find her, you use your cell phone to call her, don’t mention me, just ask her why she didn’t come to Xu Mingyi’s celebration banquet tonight.” Xu Mingyi said with a cold face.

    Si Xiangming felt confused. He always thought Xu Mingyi was impatient and Jiang Ning ran with him, but now it seems…it doesn’t seem to be the case?

    He wanted to tease, but he swallowed back when he saw Xu Mingyi’s face.

    Si Xiangming obediently took out his cell phone and called Jiang Ning.

    Xu Mingyi stared at his mobile phone screen for an instant.

    After about three seconds, the call was made.

    “Jiang——” Si Xiangming was about to speak.

    The phone was hung up.

    Hanging up…

    Si Xiangming looked at Xu Mingyi with embarrassment: “What’s the matter with Jiang Ning, she didn’t answer my phone.”

    Xu Mingyi’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

    In order to ease the atmosphere, Si Xiangming said to Xu Mingyi: “Could she not see the news in the group at all? I heard that she was busy with Jiang Fan’s transfer for the past two days.”

    This is not impossible, Jiang Ning has always Careless.

    Hearing this, Xu Mingyi’s expression slowed down.

    However, on the other side, Tan Pengxing heard what the two said, and subconsciously took the stubbornness: “It’s impossible, I posted it in the space, and asked who else was coming, she gave me a thumbs up.”

    Si Xiangming: “…… …”

    Looking at Xu Mingyi’s face again, it was even more ugly than the outside school basketball team came to provocatively.

    Just as Si Xiangming wanted to say something, Xu Mingyi picked up his jacket and strode away with a black face. “The account is closed. You play slowly.”

    Si Xiangming couldn’t help but turned his head and glared at Tan Pengxing: “It’s just you talking a lot. .”

    “No,” Tan Pengxing was confused. “What is he doing? If Jiang Ning is not here, isn’t the atmosphere more harmonious? See how happy everyone is. Zhong Congshuang is here too. I thought he would send Zhong Cong. Shuang

    goes back.” Zhong Congshuang can’t live in the city center, his home address is relatively remote.

    When she first transferred to school, she was a poor student with blue shoes and red checkered sweater. It was inevitable that she would be stared at by children from good backgrounds in Hengchu. Xu Mingyi Sunshine’s recklessness, the most uncomfortable with the family situation theory, flattened the person who bullied her, and helped Zhong Congshuang many times with a small effort.

    With his help, Zhong Congshuang gradually integrated into the collective. The changes in the past two years have been very great, and it is hard to see that he was born in poverty.

    She gradually began to participate in many activities in the class, including national Go selections and various subject competitions. And because she was very tenacious, she gradually followed Xu Mingyi’s footsteps and bloomed with excellent light.

    The two are both rivals and friends, walking together with light and shadow.

    Many people in the class think she and Xu Mingyi are a natural match.

    Including a few minutes ago, Hu Qiqi was still making things difficult for Zhong Congshuang, and muttered with the people around him: “I really thought that good grades would be great, and I can be with Xu Mingyi.”

    This was passed to Zhong Congshuang’s ears. Here, Zhong Congshuang just smiled generously: “Xu Mingyi and I are only studying the relationship between the committee member and the monitor, but because of the competition, I have more contact. I never thought about falling in love while I was studying.”

    Hu Qiqi looked at her pretentiously . Son, I’m so angry, my heart said that it’s better to count down the grades. Where is Jiang Ning, who is flaunting his teeth and claws.

    However, she did not regard Jiang Ning as an imaginary enemy. In Hu Qiqi’s view, Zhong Congshuang was more competitive.

    Everyone knows that Xu Mingyi appreciates girls with excellent grades and brains.

    Jiang Ning is pretty good-looking, but her grades are in a mess. Xu Mingyi had made up lessons for her before but didn’t help her up. Besides, after having known each other for so many years, Xu Mingyi should only regard her as her younger sister.

    On the contrary, the girls in Class 1 could not bear to be bullied by Zhong Congshuang. Hu Qiqi said, “You are the elder in the other class, so come to have a

    meal .” Hu Qiqi was angry. She and Si Xiangming were young, Si Xiangming and Xu Mingyi. She is a good friend, rounded up, she has known Xu Mingyi longer than Zhong Congshuang. She actually said she was eating rice?

    The girl said triumphantly: “Xu Mingyi will have to send Zhong to go back from Shuang later.”

    After saying this, she saw that the door of the box was opened. Xu Mingyi didn’t know what happened, so she didn’t say hello. He left the scene early.

    Everyone here: “…” The

    girls on Zhong Congshuang were a bit embarrassed, but Hu Qiqi was happy and laughed: “Some people are really bragging and not afraid to blow to the sky.”

    .. ….

    Xu Mingyi came out with his coat, intending to blow the cold wind to relieve the dryness in his mind.

    As a result, as soon as I left the hotel, I saw a few familiar figures on the opposite street.

    Not Jiang Ning, who is it?

    She seemed to be saying something to Jiang Fan and some of Jiang Fan’s friends.

    ……So it’s actually here, but I didn’t come in.

    When Xu Mingyi looked over there, the dryness and uneasiness in his heart dissipated a little.

    When he was looking over there, Jiang Ning happened to look over.

    Jiang Ning was taken aback, why was Xu Mingyi here?

    Then I remembered that tonight seemed to be his celebration banquet.

    Xu Mingyi pursed his lips, and decided to lower his head first to end the inexplicable Cold War.

    In any case, I am a boy, so I should be more generous and let Jiang Ning down the steps first.

    Thinking of this, he sullen his face and walked over there on his own initiative.

    But Jiang Ning looked away from him after taking a look at him.

    Xu Mingyi:? ? ?

    Before he could react, Xu Mingyi was hurriedly overtaken by Zhong Congshuang from the hotel and grabbed his sleeves from behind: “Xu Mingyi, what happened?”

    Zhong Congshuang didn’t know why Xu Mingyi left before he finished eating. NS.

    Tan Pengxing and the others roared that Xu Mingyi would send her back after the celebration banquet was over. Zhong Congshuang thought so too. But who knows that Xu Mingyi left the scene early with an ugly expression, and didn’t say a word.

    The atmosphere in the box became awkward.

    Zhong Congshuang thought he might be something at home, so he was a little worried, and just caught up with him without taking his schoolbag.

    At this moment, Xu Mingyi was only ten steps away from Jiang Ning. The light in front of the shop illuminates him and Zhong Congshuang very brightly, and Zhong Congshuang’s hands are also dangling his sleeves brightly.

    Jiang Ning’s gaze fell over.

    Almost subconsciously, Xu Mingyi immediately looked at Jiang Ning and tried to throw Zhong away from Shuang’s hand.

    However, in the next second, Jiang Ning turned away his eyes blankly.

    As if she hadn’t seen it, she directly took Jiang Fan who was staring here and walked away.

    Xu Mingyi: “…”

    Xu Mingyi quickly pushed Zhong Congshuang away, but only Jiang Ning could be seen from behind.

    Xu Mingyi knew Jiang Ning very well. She had seen something like this before, even if Hu Shanshan was ten feet away from him, she would have to rush to make it clear.

    But the look that she had just turned away indifferently was clearly…not caring.

    At this moment, Yan Yixie is sitting in the courtyard, wearing a coat and holding a mobile phone in his hand. It’s like waiting for something, and it’s as if nothing has happened, just looking at the moon boredly.

    Summer is about to end, and the courtyard is not comfortable. Although sandalwood is lit under the tree, there are occasional flying insects, but the housekeeper noticed that the young master often stayed here and waited recently.

    He didn’t know why the young master hadn’t slept at this point tonight, and he came out with the blanket to remind: “It’s already late, and the night is heavy, don’t you take a rest?”

    Yan Yixie said, “Are you ready for supper? The

    butler was taken aback: “Supper, you never eat supper.”

    Due to physical reasons, Yan Yixie’s daily routine and diet are all regular, day after day like a sophisticated instrument.

    Yan Yixie turned away and said, “Get ready, I suddenly want to eat.” The

    butler figured out something was wrong, and asked: “What do you want to eat, Master?”

    Yan Yixie coldly started like a robot with no emotions. The name of the dish: “Tangyuan, stir-fried meat with asparagus, and fungus, a little bit of each.” The

    butler smiled and said, “Eating so much at night is not good for your health.”

    Yan Yixie frowned and glared at him: ” What are you laughing at?” The

    butler quickly narrowed his smile: “I didn’t laugh.” The

    butler went in to prepare for supper, Yan Yixie continued to sit in the courtyard and glanced at the time. It was ten o’clock.

    After a while, he glanced at the time again, and it was ten ten.

    After a while, at a glance, it’s half past ten.

    Yan Yixie frowned, opened the SMS inbox again, and took a look.

    The first text message was lying in the empty inbox. The other party sent: “Are you asleep at half past nine in the evening? Can I go over and show you something good.”

    What good thing? Yan Yi thanked her heart, this time she would break her leg if it was a spider caterpillar again.

    Or maybe she forgot after sending the text message and won’t come at night.

    Even though he thinks so, Yan Yixie still sits in the yard with a cold face, and the moonlight falls on his handsome face, like a layer of frost.

    At this moment, there was a little noise outside the villa courtyard, and a familiar figure ran over the carved fence holding a flashlight. As he ran, he yelled at him: “Yan Yixie, look.”

    Yan Yixie adjusted his expression and looked over there coldly.

    He was suddenly startled slightly.

    I saw a bunch of fireflies slowly flying out of the schoolbag in Jiang Ning’s arms.

    The faint green fireflies are like dots of stars, damp in the late summer, lighting up Jiang Ning’s crescent eyes. As she ran, she came towards him with light.

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