Jiang Ning said to transfer Jiang Fan to another school, but no one in the family took her seriously.

    This fourteen-year-old girl thought that she would be able to go to school and take tutoring classes very well!

    And even though Jiang Fan promised his sister to change his mind and study hard, when he thought that the key to transfer was not his own grades at all, but the complicated procedures, what was the use of putting up the grades by himself? He was withered, and he had an excuse to continue playing games with some of the students in his class at the Internet cafe.

    When Jiang Ning saw that the few people who hooked Jiang Fan on their shoulders, they were still the little bastards who dragged Jiang Fan to the vocational high school in her previous life. Her brain hurts. The tragic ending of Jiang Fan’s imprisonment in her previous life was like a knife. Her nerves.

    The transfer of schools must be put on the agenda quickly.

    After school the next day, Jiang Ning wore a small sun-shading hat, got on the ferry, and went to find Ouyang Bo with the address given to her by Teacher Wang.

    She didn’t know if she could see Ouyang Bo. After seeing Ouyang Bo, she didn’t know if she could ask him to sign the transfer procedures for herself.

    But no matter what, she must be a dead horse as a living horse doctor. She can’t sit still like she did in her previous life.

    The weather was a bit sultry, and she got seasick when she got off the ferry.

    The old community where Ouyang Bo was located was remote and quiet. Jiang Ning took a bus and walked for almost half an hour.

    If it was Jiang Ning from the previous life, he would have been unable to stand the fight and go back now.

    But Jiang Ning was not so squeamish.

    She took out a little change from her change purse, bought a bottle of ice water from the canteen at the gate of the community, and put a post on her hot face with the ice water, which made her feel better.

    Jiang Ning remembered Ouyang Bo told himself that in the years before he went abroad, he had to take care of his seriously ill son. He was financially stretched and should not be able to afford a car, so he would still ride a bicycle.

    But after waiting for a long time, I didn’t see a bicycle riding over.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help wondering if he could wait for someone else if he waited here.

    Seeing the slightly older girl holding her schoolbag and looking around, as if looking for someone, the guardian was worried about which child she was missing, and couldn’t help holding the fan out: “Little girl, are you waiting for someone?” “

    Jiang Ning has discovered the advantage of being fourteen years old, that is, you can ask an adult for help if you can’t do it.

    She glanced at the uncle with bright black eyes, immediately showing some panic and grievance, and said to the uncle guard: “I am looking for a teacher named Ouyang Bo. Our teacher is his friend. Let me give it away after school. Give him the information.”

    Jiang Ning patted his schoolbag and showed the corner of the test paper to the guardian.

    “Say it early, come in.” The uncle guard was not wary of the pretty little girl.

    What kind of bad thoughts can this little girl who is still in the cardamom years have no trouble.

    He opened the door and said, “If I remember correctly, Teacher Ouyang is resting today. You can’t wait for him here, so go straight upstairs to find him.”

    Jiang Ning entered the unit building smoothly and quickly thanked him.

    The little girl has a sweet mouth, and at a young age, she knows how to be so worldly. The doorman is very useful and let her go up with a smile.

    Jiang Ning stood at the door of Ouyang Bo’s house. She didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. She stood on tiptoe and rang the doorbell.

    After a while, the door was opened from the inside.

    “Ouyang.” Jiang Ning looked at the man in his 30s with mixed feelings.

    The last time they met in their lives was after a hot pot meal with their agent, they said goodbye at the airport. They never expected to see each other again, and suddenly they became a reduced version of themselves.

    Ouyang Bo was unshaven, and as soon as he opened the door, he saw a little girl with a bigger beanie calling herself Ouyang profusely.

    He: “…Little girl, are you?”

    Jiang Ning then reacted and quickly changed his words: “Teacher Ouyang, I am a student of Teacher Wang from the second and third class of Hengchu Junior High.”

    “Oh, come in, what’s the matter?” Ouyang Bo walked over and poured Jiang Ning a cup. The water signaled Jiang Ning to change his shoes.

    When he turned around after pouring the water, he saw that the little girl had changed her shoes and sat down on the sofa.

    Ouyang Bo: “…” This is not self-familiar anymore! Entering a stranger’s house is a little wary anyway! Even if the other party is a professor!

    This little girl is really worrying.

    Jiang Ning went straight to the point and explained his intentions.

    What she fears most is not seeing Ouyang Bo, but once she sees it, she thinks he will help herself. As a good friend who has known each other for many years, Jiang Ning knows that Ouyang Bo is a soft-headed person.

    When Ouyang Bo heard the little girl’s tone like a little adult, he laughed: “Why did your family let a child as big as you run around? You actually found it here?”

    “Not really. To be honest, my dad is cheating, my mom is too busy with business and has no time to control my brother, so I have to come.” Jiang Ning told the truth, with a very sincere attitude: “You can look at his previous test papers. His previous results are indeed Yes,

    she is a good seedling.” Of course, it is also because she knows Ouyang Bo very well, knowing that this person is a bit mother-in-law, maybe because his own child is seriously ill, he always can’t see other children suffer.

    She specifically looked for words that would make Ouyang Bo sympathize with her and said: “Uncle, can you still give me another glass of water? I came by the ferry, and I was a little seasick.”

    Sure enough, Ouyang Bo looked at her up and down when he said this . , The expression is a bit unbearable.

    He quickly turned around to add water to Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning also called his old friend who gagged in the past to give him a cry of uncle, and felt his cold-haired arm.

    Ouyang Bo thought for a while, and said: “This is not a difficult thing. You are lucky. Now the quota is just loose.”

    “But the problem is, your brother has to raise his grades by himself, otherwise I will help. This is busy, he can’t make it. Also, besides me, you have to go to at least two or three places. Paying school selection fees and everything is troublesome.”

    Jiang Ning quickly said: “It’s okay, I’m too much. It’s

    okay to run a few times.” “You are only fourteen years old!” Ouyang Bo frowned: “No, you call your parents.”

    “I’ve already talked about the situation in my home.” Jiang Ning used that kind of thing. Looking at him like a pitiful rabbit.

    I don’t know why, when Ouyang Bo sees the little girl in front of him, he feels deja vu.

    But in his memory, he really hadn’t seen this kid.

    It feels like a flashback in a parallel world.

    “But I can’t just because you are a child, you come and beg me, I will do you this favor, otherwise there will be more people begging me, what should I do if they all cross the threshold of my house?” Ouyang still refused.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “Let’s see where I can help you?”

    Ouyang Bo smiled: “What can you do with a half-year-old child? Will you boil water?”

    Jiang Ning: ” ……” This is too despised.

    But Jiang Ning quickly remembered one thing. Ouyang Bo once mentioned that he was struggling when he was young when he was chatting in his last life.

    Originally, his career was very glamorous. Even in this year, the salary of the professor was not low, not to mention that he also received a second salary from the Education Bureau, but he had a son who was born into a respiratory monitoring room with a serious illness. , For this reason, his wife divorced him.

    There is no medical insurance for the newborn this year, and the critical illness insurance cannot provide insurance because the child is born with a disease.

    So most of his finances had to hang his son.

    Ouyang Bo himself is also looking for ways to apply for some programs that can reduce medical expenses for his children, but he is devoted to academics and is not very active, so he has been at a loss.

    Jiang Ning immediately thought: “The people my mother knew are operating hospitals. Although they are private hospitals, the medical measures are all very good. Maybe they can help you.”

    Even if it’s just saving a bed fee, I want to help Ouyang Bo In other words, it is also sending carbon in the snow.

    Ouyang Bo was shocked: “How do you know…”

    Jiang Ning pointed to the medicine bill on his coffee table, and quickly pushed the pot out: “Uncle, I accidentally saw this.”

    Ouyang Bo felt that way too. Still very surprised, this mind is too active, really fourteen?

    “You mean it is true?” He was a little skeptical.

    Jiang Ning quickly dialed Zheng Ruonan’s number in front of him.

    Jiang Ning briefly explained what happened to Zheng Ruonan on the phone. Zheng Ruonan was in business and responded quickly. She knew that the opportunity should not be missed. So after Jiang Ning handed the phone to Ouyang Bo, she chatted with Ouyang Bo. stand up.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know what they were talking about. Ouyang Bo went to the balcony, but she believed that Zheng Ruonan should be better at handling this kind of things than herself. And she has a business card, which is more trustworthy than a child herself.

    Half an hour later, Ouyang Bo walked back and agreed to meet Zheng Ruonan for a detailed discussion.

    Jiang Ning did not expect things to go so smoothly.

    As for what I was doing at this time in my previous life, I was full of the messy things that I was vying with Jiang Rourou for the adult’s favor. It was really naive in adolescence.

    The next thing has nothing to do with Jiang Ning. Once you have Ouyang Bo’s chapter, the rest will be easier to handle. It is nothing more than queueing up at the relevant place where the documents are processed.

    The next day, Zheng Ruonan asked the driver to take half of the formalities, and ran off Nanmeng and Hengchu separately, and there were two other places to stamp the stamps that should be stamped.

    When returning home in the evening, Zheng Ruonan patted a few stamps on the coffee table: “Look at this.” The

    whole family was shocked.

    “How did you get Ouyang Bo’s signature?” Father Jiang didn’t even read the news that he always wanted to watch. He picked up the transfer consent form on the table, and his eyes almost fell off.

    Zheng Ruonan looked at Jiang Ning, somewhat inconceivable, and said with a smile: “You have to ask Jiang Ning about this matter.”

    Jiang Ning has already told her about the process afterwards.

    She felt that Jiang Ning was too reckless. A child broke into someone’s house without authorization. What if the other person is a bad person?

    But I have to say that without Jiang Ning, she would not be able to catch this line. It would not be easy to get the address of Ouyang Bo from Teacher Wang Hengchu—who would know that these two were classmates?

    She asked Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning only said that it was checked online. Zheng Ruonan was surprised, but the joy of being able to transfer to Jiang Fan made her very excited, and she forgot to ask about it.

    Wang Sufen went to dance the square dance. She was not at home and could not see this wonderful scene.

    Before Zheng Ruonan gave out the transfer consent form, Jiang Rourou was still sitting next to Jiang’s father and told him how many students had taken the exam recently.

    But when Zheng Ruonan threw this blockbuster out, Jiang’s father had no intention of caring about Jiang Rourou’s achievements.

    He just looked at Jiang Ning with shocked eyes, wishing Jiang Ning to tell the story in detail.

    Why is a fourteen-year-old girl suddenly so capable?

    Jiang Rourou instantly became an outsider in the family.

    She sat there bewildered, a sense of crisis suddenly aroused in her heart.

    “Hurry up and ask if Ouyang Bo can help me, about my school project…”

    Jiang Shan didn’t know that Jiang Ning had quietly hired a lawyer, and he was still full of his project engineering. He said in a tone of order without even thinking about it.

    Jiang Ningli didn’t even want to pay attention to Jiang’s father. He turned to Zheng Ruonan and said, “Next, there are two more things. I think this money must be obtained. Mom, what do you think?”

    Zheng Ruonan could feel the changes in Jiang Ning during this period. She subconsciously regarded the fourteen-year-old girl as a negotiable person and touched Jiang Ning’s. Head: “Of course I got it! Even if it’s one hundred thousand three, you have to sell the car out in order to get your brother in!”

    Jiang Fan upstairs was a little sour.

    He always felt that no one in the family cared about him, but if his sister was willing to run around under the sun for his own affairs, she was only one year older than herself.

    Mom also said that for his own sake, even if it is one hundred thousand and three, she would be willing to sell the car…

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