After the two of them had breakfast together, the housekeeper went to pay the fee and was gone, so Jiang Ning started to pack the disposable lunch box and threw it into the trash can outside.

    After cleaning up, she went back to the ward and sat down on the bed.

    Yan Yixie thought she was leaving after breakfast, but she turned back and looked at the posture of sitting down, as if she was going to stay in the ward for a long time, so his brows opened up a little more.

    The heating is on in the vip ward, so the boy is only wearing a white long sleeve today. Although his face is not so pale, the white gauze and bandage are exposed from the slender neck.

    The chest was also bulging, all with circles of gauze.

    Yan Yixie picked up the book, and Jiang Ning stared at the red oozing under his gauze for a long time. It looked shocking, but it was indeed a reddish-brown ointment, and she was slightly relieved.

    Jiang Ning still feels uneasy. He didn’t have time to ask the doctor yesterday. Today, no matter what, he should ask carefully, so that he can relax.

    So after sitting down for a few seconds, before Yan Yixie could find a topic to talk to her, she took up her coat and went out again like a thorn on the chair.

    Yan Yixie thought she was really gone now, and felt empty as if a piece of the puzzle had been missing.

    He put the book down with a calm face, staring at the door, and began to wonder if Jiang Ning had anything else to do—did the butler say that she had asked for a day off?

    After a while, Jiang Ning came back again, pushing the door violently.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning sat down in the chair, and the two looked at each other.

    The frost on Yan Yixie’s face melted away without a trace, and then picked up the book again.

    Jiang Ning:?

    Is anyone here just now? What happened?

    How do you feel that he is a little uncertain?

    Jiang Ning has repeatedly confirmed with the doctor that Yan Yixie can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, and then change the gauze once a day and apply the medicine once a day. After about a week, when the wound becomes scabs, there is no need to apply the medicine again. The wound should not touch water for these seven days to avoid inflammation.

    As long as there is no inflammation or infection during this period, there is nothing serious.

    Jiang Ning’s heart fell to the ground, and the deep self-blame and guilt made it a little better.

    “By the way, has the gauze changed today?” Jiang Ning asked with concern.

    Yan Yi thanked him: “It’s been changed, when will you leave?”

    “Let’s go?” Jiang Ning wondered: “What am I going to leave? I took a day off today, and there is nothing wrong. You can stay here till night. I can stay even at night. My mother is on a business trip these days, so I don’t have to go back. I also brought test papers and a game console. After writing the test papers, I can play here.” After a

    pause, Jiang Ning asked, “You still have What do I need to avoid?”

    She saw the housekeeper on the phone when she came just now, as if she was talking to Yan Yixie’s family. Jiang Ning thought, if such an accident happened, although it was not a serious injury, no one in Yan Yixie’s family wanted to visit him?

    “What can I do?”

    Jiang Ning thought he was embarrassed, and said hurriedly: “It’s okay, if you need to see someone and need me to avoid it, I can go downstairs for a few laps.”

    Jiang Ning moved away. Moving her ass, Yan Yixie clasped her wrist and pressed her to sit down again.

    “Why stroll? Stay here.” The boy said awkwardly, with a little bit of anger.

    Jiang Ning was stunned for a moment, and finally reacted. He asked when he was leaving. He didn’t really ask when he was leaving, but he didn’t want to leave by himself.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help laughing, his eyes lightly shifted on Yan Yi Xie Jun’s face, and he whispered, “Well, I won’t go.”

    Yan Yixie’s heart throbbed, and at the same time, the roots of his ears were a little red. He quickly turned away, a little annoyed that he had expressed his emotions too clearly.

    The room was silent for a while. There were tables and chairs in the VIP ward. Jiang Ning moved the chair to the side of the desk, took out the test papers from the schoolbag and started to make up the homework.

    When I went back last night, she felt restless, did not sleep well all night, and had nightmares. Today, seeing Yan Yi Xie Sheng Long Huo Hu can still be cold and ironic. The anxiety in her heart dissipated, and she immediately felt drowsy and drowsy. It came heavy.

    But yesterday’s homework hasn’t been finished yet, Jiang Ning didn’t want to fall, holding his eyelid and lifting the pen, intending to take a nap after finishing the work.

    Yan Yixie was absent-mindedly playing the game console Jiang Ning had brought, but his eyes drifted to Jiang Ning from time to time.

    He likes this moment very much. The two people are in the same space, each doing their own things, listening to each other’s breathing, the time seems to be prolonged.

    It would be great if such time would never be disturbed.

    But unexpected guests came to bother.

    After a while, someone from the school came to visit, and the housekeeper called Jiang Ning out.

    Most teachers and students in the school don’t know what happened, only know that there was an accident in the school after the next night of self-study last night, which affected two students.

    But the students in Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie’s class saw that they had taken time off and did not go to class today, so they thought that the two students affected might be them.

    In addition, the dean also wanted to show his courtesy, so he picked two students from the class and asked them to send fruit baskets and flowers to visit.

    Who else can come here on behalf of everyone? Naturally, Xu Mingyi, who has always excellent grades.

    Yan Dahang was a little worried about Jiang Ning, but the spot was robbed by the boy who gave Jiang Ning the movie ticket that day.

    Xu Mingyi saw that Jiang Ning was fine, and Yan Yixie was the one who was in trouble, and he was relieved: “You are fine, what happened last night?”

    After all, he came to the hospital because he was worried that he had taken leave. Jiang Ning was not too cold to drive people away, so he took the fruit basket in his hand and said: “It’s a bit complicated. Anyway, don’t tell my mother about this. I don’t want her to worry about the matter.”

    “I know.” Xu Mingyi nodded. It is impossible for her childhood sweetheart to have such a tacit understanding.

    Last night his parents also heard a little wind, so he told his parents not to go and talk nonsense in front of Zheng Ruonan.

    Jiang Ning said, “Thank you.”

    Xu Mingyi looked at her, hesitated to say something, but he didn’t say anything at all.

    The door to the ward was ajar, and Yan Yixie on the bed could only see Jiang Ning and the two figures on the opposite side, but could not hear what they said.

    He stared at that side, and suddenly saw that the boy who had given the movie ticket last time had taken out another ticket and handed it to Jiang Ning. The string of reason in his mind was finally dying.

    Just as Yan Yixie was thinking about whether to use any excuse to drive the two away, Jiang Ning finally returned from the corridor holding the flower and fruit basket.

    Yan Yixie lowered his head quickly, pretending not to notice there.

    Jiang Ning put the fruit basket on the coffee table and said, “I can’t put it down anymore. Would you like to send some to other wards?”

    The people behind him didn’t say anything. She turned around and saw Yan Yixie reading the book blankly. .

    …I don’t know if it is her illusion, the boy’s mood index seems to have fallen again?

    Jiang Ning bent his lips, peeled an orange and stuffed it into his mouth, looking at him.

    Seeing that he kept not asking, Jiang Ning had to take the initiative to explain: “Xu Mingyi gave a fruit basket, He Zimo gave flowers, and a ticket to the music festival. The fruit basket and flowers were bought by the class and I accepted it. , But I confiscated the tickets for the music festival.”

    Yan Yi did not lift his head, as if he didn’t care: “Oh.”

    Jiang Ning walked over, dragged the chair over to sit down, leaned on his bed, and looked at him with his face in his hands. He: “Don’t you ask why I confiscated?”

    Yan Yixie suddenly asked, “Who is He Zimo?”

    Jiang Ning was stunned for a moment: “The boy from outside class who gave me movie tickets after self-study not long ago, you have a good memory, you can never forget it, why? I can’t remember people’s names?”

    Yan Yixie turned a page and said calmly: “You always remember people’s surnames and names firmly.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” That’s it

    , he lifted a rock and hit him in the foot. , I had known that I would not take the initiative to bring this up.

    Jiang Ning stared at Yan Yixie for a while, and saw that he didn’t look like he had eaten lemon, so he tore off a few orange petals and swallowed it, stuffing the rest into Yan Yixie’s mouth. Move the chair back to the table to continue doing homework.

    Yan Yixie: “…” The

    young man almost laughed, and stuffed his mouth if he didn’t want to eat?

    He slowly chewed the orange pulp, although it was sweet, his heart was slightly sour.

    After the accident that year, the disability of his legs caused him to bear all kinds of eyes. He was also shocked that his parents only regarded him as a tool to consolidate his rights. Once he was of no use value, he could be discarded at will like a bag of garbage. So he set up an airtight high wall in his atrium, not allowing anyone to come in, and entangled himself in breathlessness. Whoever wanted to approach him would be attacked by his bad words and cold scrutiny.

    No hope is placed, and in the end will not be disappointed.

    When he first saw Jiang Ning, he always thought this way, and even until the time he fell into the river for her, he thought mercilessly in his heart that if she never appeared in front of him again, it would be just as he wanted.

    However, Jiang Ning never played the cards according to reason. She burst into flames, no matter how bad, and never exhausted, like the candy she smashed on his window that day, unreasonably, she broke the defenses he had set up little by little, and then drove straight in. When Yan Yixie reacted, she had already squeezed into his heart, living in like a nail house.

    And for so many years, Jiang Ning has not let him down, and she has not left as he thought at the beginning. She stayed with him all the time, gave him time, and gave him all the warmth, and told him that she would never separate until his gray hair was given to him for his birthday.

    But he is still bitter and sad now.

    The reason was not in Jiang Ning, but in himself.

    He is too greedy, and what he wants is gradually deteriorating, not only for her time and company, but also for her love.

    If you can turn back time, you can avoid the disaster of a few hours, and now you can stand firmly in front of Jiang Ning. He will definitely go out in an upright manner and compare all the others who are pursuing Jiang Ning.

    But now, even moving from the bed to the wheelchair takes him quite a bit.

    What he wants to say, he is jealous of Xu Mingyi and He Zimo, and even more jealous of everyone who can bravely hand Jiang Ning a love letter. At the same time, he was embarrassed by the jealousy he shouldn’t have…

    Jiang Ning stretched his waist at the desk and said, “Yesterday’s test paper is finally finished.”

    Yan Yixie looked away, trying to feel uneasy . Some thoughts are suppressed.

    Jiang Ning pushed aside the chair and stood up, turned to look at Yan Yixie, and asked him: “I’m a little sleepy, I want to sleep here.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at the sofa, threw a blanket to her, and said: “You can sleep on the sofa for a while.”

    Jiang Ning hurriedly caught the blanket and sighed: “Although it is a VIP ward, this sofa looks very hard. Would you like to let me sleep on the sofa?”

    If it’s someone else, thank you Yan. Definitely immediately pull down his face, let love not sleep, sleepless roll away. But when it came to Jiang Ning, the young man thought for a while, but said: “Should I let someone add an extra bed? Or open another ward next door, so you can take a good rest.”

    Jiang Ning has been used to making every inch of it in recent years, and he didn’t notice that the teenager only had some expressionless pets for himself. She moved towards Yan Yixie’s bed in small steps, blinking and said, “I have to move a bed in? It’s too much trouble. When the ward is opened, I won’t be sleepy anymore.”

    “What do you want?”

    Jiang Ning fluttered on his bed, rolled around in a seal style, happily sniffing the soft duvet: “Anyway, the bed is one meter wide and big enough, so I can just lie down on the side.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yi thanked her for climbing up with her hands and feet, trying to get under her bed. His eyelids jumped instantly, reached out to hold her forehead, pushed her down the bed, and said angrily: “Naughty.”

    “You reacted so badly.” What are you doing?” Jiang Ning smiled.

    She felt a little dazzling, got out of bed, turned around and closed the curtains.

    The sunlight in winter is not strong at all. As soon as the curtains are closed, the room is dimmed suddenly, leaving only a circle of light orange and dim light on the floor, making people even more drowsy.

    Yan Yixie thought that she had given up climbing her own bed when she got out of bed. After she closed the curtains, she sat down on the edge of her bed and took off her little white cotton socks slowly.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    “It’s not enough to sleep alone, let alone two people?” The young man’s face was thin, and his handsome face immediately became hot. Seeing her take off her coat and crawling onto the bed in pajamas, he immediately angered: “Can’t you go down?”

    Jiang Ning coquettishly said, “I beg you, I’m so sleepy.”

    Yan Yixie gritted his teeth: “Be careful I will knock you off!”

    “You lift it.” You can’t bear it.

    Jiang Ning yawned and got into the warm quilt comfortably. She lay beside the teenager, dragged the two pillows he was leaning against on the bed by one corner, and put him on the pillow in time, saying, “You are under the quilt. Divide me a little bit, not too much, a little bit is enough.”

    Yan Yixie: “…” It’s kind of arranged.

    Yan Yixie leaned on the head of the bed and stared at Jiang Ning, who was already lying down next to him. He didn’t know what to say for a while.

    Jiang Ning smelled the scent of fluffy down and the familiar smell of dry washing powder on the teenagers, feeling very relieved, like hiding in a harbor that can shelter from wind and rain, no need to worry about anything, no need to think about anything, sleepiness Suddenly, it drowned toward her even more turbulently, and she blinked and became drowsy.

    Jiang Ning lay relaxed, his hands covering his chest.

    Yan Yixie beside her was extremely stiff, and her face that had always been calm and cold also lost her composure.

    The bed is not big.

    He moved out, Jiang Ning was still very close to him. Although there is no skin contact between the two of them, the body temperature of the other party is continuously transmitted. The distance is so close that they can hear each other’s breathing. This ambiguous atmosphere makes skin contact even more frightening.

    After stiffening for a while, his gaze fell slightly, falling on Jiang Ning’s hair, and then his eyebrows.

    …But saw that Jiang Ning had fallen asleep comfortably, her hair messed up.

    After a while, Jiang Ning rolled over casually, exposed his hand from the quilt, and slapped him on his lower abdomen. Then he hugged the boy’s strong waist and abdomen as if he was holding a pillow.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Almost laughed angrily.

    He suspected that Jiang Ning sometimes didn’t know what she was doing, how could he just get into a boy’s bed–or Jiang Ning just treated him as a relative and an older brother, and didn’t treat him as a dangerous opposite sex.

    Thinking of this, Yan Yixie became a little upset again.

    Yan Yixie took Jiang Ning’s hand away, and ran out of anger and thought, but Jiang Ning fell asleep in a daze, because he was too rested and even a little sleepy.

    But before she fell asleep, her consciousness was awake for a moment.

    Did she forget something?

    ——Before I came here today, I pissed myself out for a long time, saying that I wanted to do something.

    Thinking of this, Jiang Ning suddenly woke up again.

    She tried to lift her heavy eyelids and opened her eyes.

    As soon as she had a clear vision, she met Yan Yixie’s handsome face, which was a little too red.

    “Is it hot? Your face is a little red.” Jiang Ning subconsciously said, his voice still a bit vague.

    Yan Yixie’s whole body is a bit unwell, almost gritted his teeth. She drilled into his bed, turned and hugged him, and asked why he blushed?

    Jiang Ning suddenly sat up, rubbed his head, and said nonchalantly: “I’m telling you something.” The

    two were too close. Yan Yixie thought that Jiang Ning was sleepwalking, and walked away a few inches. , Asked: “What’s the matter?”

    “What I’m going to say next is what I thought a lot of geniuses said, don’t look at me easily speaking, but I also thought about it seriously.” Jiang Ning raised his eyes, trying to organize a little messy Language.

    Yan Yixie looked at her, not knowing why, but had a bad feeling in her heart.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “We have known each other for a few years? It has been three or four years.” Jiang Ning asked: “Yan Yixie, what do you think of me?” The

    curtains were drawn, and the room was extremely quiet, Jiang Ning turned upside down. Guang, Yan Yixie couldn’t see her expression clearly.

    Yan Yixie suddenly had difficulty breathing.

    What does she mean by this? Did she notice something?

    Perceived his excessive rigid body and excessive possessiveness?

    So ready for a showdown?

    After a long while, the boy’s voice was a little dull: “Jiang Ning, what do you mean?”

    Jiang Ning wanted to ask what Yan Yixie thought of her. If he said that she was regarded as a childhood sweetheart, or a family member who depended on each other, then she couldn’t confess it rashly…but Yan Yixie obviously didn’t understand her question.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but want to retreat for a while…

    but now he finally started to retreat , and then retreated, the next time he muster up the courage, I don’t know when it will be.

    How about rushing and rushing, regardless?

    Anyway, it’s all decapitated.

    After this accident, Jiang Ning didn’t want any more temptations.

    If later she confessed that she was rejected by Yan Yixie, she would not say “just kidding, don’t take it seriously”, but would tell him seriously, if he refused the first time, she would confess the second time. He refused a second time, and she confessed a third time.

    She has enough time and patience, and she is not that bad, she can always make him like herself as much as in the previous life.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Ning’s heartbeat was slightly fast.

    She sat up cross-legged, facing Yan Yixie, looking at Yan Yixie with her clean eyes.

    Seeing that she was so serious, Yan Yixie’s heart fell even more, and the magazine he held in his hand was almost unable to pinch.

    Jiang Ning suddenly said: “Yan Yixie, let’s end our friendship.” With a

    “pop”, the magazine in Yan Yixie’s hand fell.

    He seemed to have fallen into a cold pond in an instant, his whole body suddenly chilled, and his face suddenly changed.

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Ning came again: “Let’s be lovers.”

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