After feelings of failure in the previous life, Jiang Ning does not want to be so aggressive in this life.

    She sat on the bed and looked at the game screen, and dignifiedly put an orange petal into her mouth, and slowly analyzed Jiang Fan: “I think I have to figure out what kind of feeling he has for me before I act. Otherwise. What if I rashly confessed my confession and I get ridiculed in the end? The earth is so big that I cannot move to Mars if I am socially dead.”

    “Don’t think about it, it must be family affection.” Jiang Fan sat on the floor , He pressed the handle of the game console and the operation was fierce, without raising his eyelids, he said: “You two have known each other for a few years? It should have been shown that he should be throbbing with you!”

    Jiang Ning: “… Are you looking for death?”

    “Sister, can you not harm other brother Yan, just your three minutes of heat-when I was young, I said that I liked Xu Mingyi, and now I have moved on to a new goal, and when I go to university next year, I don’t have to change again? ? ” “

    you know head, you do not know anything. “Jiang Fan Jiang Ning back of the head to shining moment, Jiang Fan stick almost to fly.

    Jiang Fan was not annoyed, and smiled fascinatedly: “I’m different. I like Ono, so I think of her.”

    Jiang Ning sneered: “Really?”

    Jiang Fan is a sophomore in high school, and the adolescent boy is thinking about it. Huge piles. Recently, my pocket money has been consumed rapidly, and I often start to smirk on the balcony while drying my clothes.

    Jiang Ning relied on being a school girl and looked good. He asked some of the little boys in his class who often played basketball with him to eat a few ice creams, and then he inquired about the matter.

    Jiang Fan was chasing a girl named Zhao Xiaoye in the next class recently, but they didn’t pay attention to him at all. They liked melancholy guys, and they had no contact with single-cell athletic muscular guys like Jiang Fan.

    That’s fine, but the problem is that the last person who married Jiang Fan in his previous life was not called Zhao Xiaoye.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know what was going on either.

    Could it be because of the rebirth that he changed the fate of everyone around him?

    “Don’t fight, it’s bad.” Jiang Ning put down the game handle and walked away.

    I asked Jiang Fan to analyze it for me, but I couldn’t analyze it. He still couldn’t figure out his own affairs.

    She is a little worried now, because Yan Yixie’s feelings for herself have become different from her previous life because of her rebirth.

    If he is still the same time node as the previous life, he has already liked himself.

    Good guy, what’s going on, she can fall in love early.

    But what if he treats her as family?

    Jiang Fan said something reasonable. People who have known each other for many years generally have more elements of family affection than love.

    Jiang Ning fumbled on the bed, sometimes full of confidence and sometimes hesitating.

    Finally she rolled up with a carp, determined to sharpen her knife.

    Even if it is family love, she has to let the family love deteriorate.

    On the weekend, Jiang Ning did not go to the movies with the boy.

    She wanted to thank her with anger, and simply agreed to watch this movie. But then I felt that it was not mature enough to do so.

    Watching the movie really gave people hope that things will become more complicated at that time.

    But this does not prevent her from taking this opportunity to try Yan Yixie.

    When the housekeeper called to tell her that Marguerite in the yard was blooming, and asked if she wanted to pick up a few bunches to take home, she told the housekeeper in a cheerful tone that she had been asked to watch a movie today. Time, I will go tomorrow.

    This word immediately reached Yan Yixie’s ears.

    The boy was watering the flowers, and the shower sprinkled at the moment he heard it. The jealousy and dryness in his heart began to stack up from the love letter after studying in the evening a few days ago, and finally reached the top at this moment.

    He almost immediately wanted to find out which theater Jiang Ning and the boy had gone to, and rushed over. But-Jiang Ning is just watching a movie with the person who pursues her, what stand does he have to stop him?

    Yan Yixie desperately suppressed this thought in his mind.

    In the past three years, every time Jiang Ning made a new friend, his mood would drop a bit, but he was unwilling to show it, because he knew from the age of fourteen that Jiang Ning had her own life. It is impossible to belong to him completely, and she would not want to be hidden by him.

    The problem is not the enthusiastic and cheerful Jiang Ning, but he who possesses these perverted possessive desires.

    The problem he had been worried about since he was a young boy finally came. For the past three years, Jiang Ning has been with him, and he has also been with Jiang Ning.

    But two people will always grow up.

    Sooner or later, Jiang Ning will be in love with someone who she likes. She will go to a university with the person she likes. She will focus more on the person she likes and drift away from him.

    Maybe when she is in her twenties, she will still marry others and have a new family.

    He can restrain himself and send Jiang Ning climbing equipment to make her river flow happier. I can also control myself and don’t throw away the love letters that might be opened by her in Jiang Ning’s desk.

    But at this moment, thinking that she might blush and heartbeat because of others in high school, his heart still felt like being eaten by ants, very difficult.

    “Which movie theater is it?” Yan Yi asked, calming down.

    The housekeeper was holding his mobile phone, a little dazed, Jiang Ning and the other boys went to the movies? Is she in love? Does she want the young master?

    The housekeeper came back to his senses and saw Yan Yixie staring at him, and then quickly answered the name of the movie theater, and asked: “Don’t you know about this? What do you do?”

    “What do I do?” Yan Yi Xie lowered his head to continue watering the flowers, without any emotion on his face: “What does it matter to me that she is dating someone?”

    The steward said: “But—”

    Yan Yixie: “Call, let the cinema stare, and don’t let her be taken advantage of.”

    However, Yan Yixie thought that he was purely unnecessary. Although the boy’s tone was a bit frivolous, he was both good and academic. Excellent, not a bad boy.

    And…maybe very pleasing.

    Jiang Ning stayed with him, maybe a little more smile.

    “Oh.” The butler said that he knew, paused, and then asked: “This is over?”

    “What are you thinking about? Let me help them buy the dinner order for the date?” Yan Yixie threw the shower. Pushed the wheelchair into the house.

    Yan Yixie has been doing one thing all afternoon-trying to make herself ignore it, trying to calm herself down.

    If Jiang Ning had a wonderful experience of love at the age of seventeen or eighteen, he should be happy for her.

    It’s not a kid anymore, he can’t be so paranoid that he doesn’t want her to see anyone in her eyes, and even care about a caterpillar.

    He thought he did it. After all, he was sitting quietly by the window, flipping through a book, looking careless and nonchalant.

    However, he didn’t know that it was in the eyes of the butler. The young master turned the pages of the book in the early afternoon, and his eyebrows were full of gloomy gloom.

    At about four o’clock in the afternoon, Yan Yixie glanced at the time and estimated that Jiang Ning’s movie should be finished.

    He finally couldn’t hold back, and he planned to ask the butler to call her, and ask her what she did today and whether she needs to pick her up. In the evening, the chef here will cook a big meal. She can come anytime if she wants to eat. .

    As a result, as soon as I turned on the phone, I saw Jiang Ningfa’s circle of friends.

    The picture is two movie tickets.

    Copywriter: Hey hey the movie is very happy to watch^_^

    Yan Yixie’s cell phone creaked.

    Jiang Ning was lying on the bed, feeling a little nervous after posting the Moments, for fear that Yan Yixie would not be able to see it-after all, he was a person who rarely used a mobile phone.

    At him, it must be impossible.

    It’s too deliberate, it’s best if someone babbles in his ear.

    Jiang Ning planned to let Yan Dahang pretend to be at school tomorrow and mention it next to Yan Yixie, but he felt that Yan Dahang couldn’t hide things. He was stared by Yan Yixie, and he might just piss out, revealing that he didn’t even look at it. The movie is out.

    So she planned to eat dinner there.

    Now the question is-what to wear?

    Jiang Ning stayed with Yan Yixie for the past few years, very casual, sometimes she didn’t even dress like a girl. Even in summer, short-sleeved trousers are dominated.

    Although the forum often discusses that he is in good shape, Yan Yixie does not look at the forum at all.

    Jiang Ning suspected that he hadn’t noticed that in the past three years, her figure has become more and more graceful, and her skin has become more and more delicate. Why did she become a straight man when she grew up.

    Do you have to make him realize that you are a woman or a beautiful woman?

    Jiang Ning was picking left and right in the closet, but he didn’t find any good-looking clothes. Although living a wealthy life in the past few years, because she doesn’t have to be an entertainer like her previous life and needs to be photogenic, she is also casual in dressing, let alone a high school student, and of course she wears school uniform most of the time.

    As a result, there is only a beige knit dress that is more pinched at the waist and showing legs.

    Jiang Ning put on a knitted long skirt, put on a coat, looked in the mirror again, wiped some refreshing body lotion under the earlobe, and handed out the long ball that had been tied into the head.

    It seems that there are a lot of children.

    Jiang Ning carried the schoolbag on her back-forget it, change to a nice little bag, and then she went out with satisfaction, and planned to take some time to buy some nice clothes and pack herself.

    The butler was already downstairs waiting to pick her up.

    As soon as she opened the door and got into the car, the butler was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously felt that Jiang Ning was a little different.

    The habitually bundled hair has turned into a large, naturally curly wave, draped like seaweed on the shoulders, and the face is big, white and delicate, beautiful and moving.

    The clothes, bags, and shoes have all undergone subtle changes. They are still the ones that the students would wear, but if I had to say it, I changed from a sports department to a young girl.

    The butler muttered in his heart, it’s over, is the young master out? Jiang Ning, this is the dress from a date.

    Jiang Ning has known the young master over the past few years, and has always been casual when staying with the young master. When did she dress up carefully?

    The car quickly stopped outside the villa yard.

    Jiang Ning took off his shoes and ran towards the teenager on the sofa in the living room: “What’s delicious today?” The

    teenager turned his head to look at her, but his expression changed slightly without a trace.

    What does she do when she hangs out with others to dress up so nicely? ? ?

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