The snow fell heavily on Christmas this year, and it lasted until the New Year, and the whole world turned white.

    During the New Year, the housekeeper swept the snow out of the courtyard. There were only two visitors in the villa. Jiang Ning dragged Jiang Fan to find Yan Yixie to play.

    Before Jiang Ning brought Jiang Fan over, he was worried that he would be at odds with Yan Yixie and would be driven out by Yan Yixie if he didn’t agree with him. But I didn’t expect that Jiang Fan would be conquered by those airplane models on the second floor in an instant. The look in Yan Yixie’s eyes became admired, and he became even more dog-legged than himself.

    Although Yan Yixie is not used to visits by strangers, Jiang Fan is Jiang Ning’s younger brother after all, so he can only be patient.

    Who knows that the two brothers and sisters are noisy than the other, and they will not be clean for the entire winter vacation unless they are missing one.

    Two teenagers, a young girl, and an orange cat that grew stronger every day, playing cards and eating ice cream around the fireplace, this winter has passed.

    Jiang Ning noticed that since his fifteenth birthday, Yan Yixie has become a little awkward, always avoiding his sight inexplicably, and talking to himself unnaturally.

    At first, Jiang Ning wondered if he had heard some foul language somewhere, and even questioned Xu Mingyi if it was Si Xiangming and the others who were demonizing again. After getting the answer of denial, Jiang Ning still didn’t believe it very much. Xu Mingyi was so angry that he couldn’t eat for three days.

    Later, Jiang Ning couldn’t find out the reason, so she had to be strong enough to lock the man – as soon as Yan Yixie avoided her sight, she stared at him vigorously, about to stare through his handsome face.

    In 30 minutes, he avoided 20 minutes, so for ten minutes the two were looking at each other.

    The boy was helpless by her, only trying to conceal his pounding heart, making himself look natural, and trying to get along with her as before.

    Apart from being a little inexplicable sometimes, the teenager hasn’t changed everything else. He even hired one more chef, so that the two chefs changed tricks every day to make all kinds of delicious food.

    Fortunately, Jiang Ning had a physique that did not gain weight since he was a child.

    This made Jiang Fan and Custard Pao feel painful and happy.

    Jiang Fan in his previous life was as thin as a pole during his adolescence, but Jiang Fan in this life has gradually grown into a chubby man. Fortunately, his vertical development is also relatively wild. He is only a meter and seven meters in junior high school, and he has become a relatively strong tall man. Otherwise, Jiang Ning is really worried that he will not be able to marry a wife in the future.

    Not to mention the custard bag, the physique that will gain weight by drinking saliva is more than ten catties at a young age.

    Since then, the housekeeper has a new task, chasing the custard bag every day, forcing the fat cat to lose weight.


    Time flies quickly, and three years have passed in a blink of an eye.

    Jiang Ning forced Zheng Ruonan to have regular physical examinations, staring more frequently than anything, so when Zheng Ruonan had a small tumor in his womb, it was discovered during the physical examination in time before it had any impact on his health. She underwent a minor operation, recuperated for more than a month, and regained her health.

    Zheng Ruonan’s body is Jiang Ning’s biggest heart disease. As long as Zheng Ruonan is healthy, Jiang Ning’s heart will be settled.

    Jiang Ning passed Hengchu’s transfer exam smoothly in the next semester of the Chinese New Year. After studying hard, his grades were like riding a rocket, so fast.

    In the end, although I didn’t get a class, it also stabilized at the upper level of the whole grade.

    And Jiang Ning did not participate in the dance competition of the Children’s Palace in this life, and did not meet the scout who discovered her in the previous life.

    Nevertheless, in the past three years, she started to smoke like in her previous life, and she became more and more attractive.

    In high school, at the age when the teenagers and girls are all enlightened, she has bright and exquisite features, black hair and snow-skinned face, big slap in her face, and a full smile. Even in plain school uniforms, she can’t hide her beautiful figure. In school Become extremely popular, almost become a figure of life, known as the goddess of first love.

    On holidays such as Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day, her table is filled with a pile of love letters and chocolates.

    In the past few years, campus forums have emerged, and Jiang Ning will definitely be dragged out and mentioned repeatedly every time there is a school flower appraisal.

    At one school New Year’s Day party, Jiang Ning performed a dance that astounded the whole school. It was directly recorded as a small video, which was played on the major forums of universities in Haicheng. So when he was sixteen, the scouts still approached Jiang Ning, wanting to sign a contract with her and send her to make her debut.

    However, Jiang Ning’s mood has changed in this life.

    In the last life, she entered the entertainment industry because Zheng Ruonan fell ill and needed money at home. In addition, she was rebellious at the time. Zheng Ruonan refused to let her do anything. She just wanted to leave the family as soon as possible, so she went to study abroad. Art.

    But in this life, all the never-ending quarrels in the family did not happen. Jiang Rourou’s three blood-sucking worms were kicked out early. Jiang Ning’s own performance is very good and she has always been among the best, so she no longer wants to go to the first life. Instead, I want to be admitted to domestic colleges and universities smoothly and spend more time with people I care about.

    The head teacher of her high school was also anxious to stop, for fear that she would put down her studies and go to the art exam. That would be a shame. Zheng Ruonan, like in his previous life, still disagrees with Jiang Ning entering the entertainment industry, hoping that Jiang Ning will study hard and be admitted to a prestigious school.

    After Jiang Ning bluntly rejected all the scouts who came to invite, her head teacher and Zheng Ruonan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    After the enthusiasm of this video dissipated, Jiang Ning resumed his peaceful campus life.

    In the past three years, the fallen leaves have turned yellow and green, and some changes have taken place in Yan Yixie.

    Teenagers are no longer so difficult to get along with. Although there are still many strange problems such as cleanliness, dislike of noisy, and thorny speech, they are still cold and gloomy, but at least they can accept to make some friends.

    Of course, there are still not many people he can tolerate approaching him. The housekeeper and Jiang Ning are counted as one, Jiang Fan barely counts as half. From junior high school, Yan Dahang, who was promoted to high school with him and Jiang Ning, and a few others, just do it. Add up to barely one.

    Under Jiang Ning’s persuasion, he began to regularly ask a private doctor to go to the villa to rehabilitate him.

    Although he had long lost hope about getting up again, he started crying as soon as he disagreed with Jiang Ning and howled without tears. The noise made his eardrum almost burst. In desperation, he had to go to the hospital to do it. A full set of rehabilitation training.

    Only after these three years of training, his legs still show no signs of recovery.

    The boy’s shoulders are getting wider and wider, and his eyebrows are getting more and more handsome. The deep facial features have lost some of the greenness and femininity, and replaced by more sharpness and sharpness.

    He sat there, if he didn’t talk coldly, didn’t hurt people, just look at the silhouette of the silhouette, and the snow-white complexion, I am afraid that there will be countless girls.

    It’s a pity that the whole school knows that the boy next to the school flower is disabled.

    Even if the family is rich and handsome, this cannot be changed.

    What’s more, just because of his cold personality, not many people dared to approach him.

    Nowadays in high school, the students in the school are not like the previous junior high schools. Seeing Yan Yixie, they feel frustrated. There are also some girls who think he may not be so difficult to get along with, so they are not afraid to put a love letter into his desk.

    It’s a pity that Yan Yixie has never seen these. In his words, “Aren’t they admirable?”

    Jiang Ning: “…” The

    housekeeper would clean up his desk every Friday, and he didn’t touch any of these things. Touch it.

    As for the housekeeper and the custard bag, the housekeeper hasn’t changed much, maybe a few white hairs have been added, but that can’t be seen.

    The custard bag turned upside down, completely becoming a three-and-a-half-year-old heavy fat man.

    After crushing a corner of the sofa, a new sofa was replaced in the villa.

    At the age of seventeen, Jiang Ning moved and moved to the new house Zheng Ruonan bought.

    There are too many memories of the past in the hutongs, and Zheng Ruonan doesn’t want to stay there anymore.

    As Jiang Ning said, the housing prices of the two houses invested in that year have risen a lot. Some neighbors bought the seaside house kings, which are as unfinished as they were in their previous lives. There are still people who are still clamoring to pay back the money.

    After moving, the intersection of Jiang Ning, Xu Mingyi, and Si Xiangming suddenly dropped a lot.

    Although they are still in the same class from junior high school to high school, after they no longer live together, the frequency of encounters at school and after school is greatly reduced.

    Besides, they talk less in class.

    So in this way, the former childhood sweethearts gradually became just the relationship of classmates.

    Xu Mingyi was angry, incomprehensible, and unreasonable from the beginning. Later, he finally realized the reality and knew that it was impossible to go back to the past.

    In the past few years of adolescence, he had many dreams.

    Sometimes I dreamed that Jiang Ning cried and apologized to him, saying that it was only because he liked him and because he was jealous, that he deliberately drifted away from him, hoping that he would pay more attention to her.

    Whenever he dreamed of this kind of dream, Xu Mingyi would try to restore the relationship with Jiang Ning when he was going to school and give her milk tea or sweets, but every time Jiang Ning returned back in a friendly and polite manner. Within a few times, Xu Mingyi’s self-esteem became unbearable, and he determined not to do such stupid things again.

    And sometimes, in his dreams, he and Jiang Ning still have a good relationship. Everyone went fishing by the river. Jiang Ning was wearing a skirt printed with sunflowers, walking by the river stem, pulling him hard. Clothes corner, for fear of falling into the water. But this kind of memory has gradually become weaker and weaker.

    He could not keep the memory from passing away, nor could he keep Jiang Ning from leaving his life.

    Another time, he dreamed of a car accident. In that dream, he and Jiang Ning were lovers and they were engaged. It seemed that many years later, because of Jiang Ning’s successful career, fans cheered all the way from the time he left the airport.

    And he kept his face calm-because just the day before, he found that there seemed to be a man behind Jiang Ning.

    Her tuition fees for the years abroad have always been paid from her mother’s company account, but Xu Mingyi found out that Zheng Ruonan’s company performance had begun to decline sharply in those years. In those few years, someone bought the sea market in a big way. It was a small company and continued to pay Jiang Ning’s living expenses and tuition from the original account.

    Xu Mingyi inevitably became suspicious, and thought that Jiang Ning had made any deal with another man, and he felt humiliated.

    On the way back from the airport, the car accident came without warning.

    He was driving at the time. Jiang Ning seemed to be sitting in the passenger seat. They attended a class reunion, met Zhong Congshuang, and took Zhong Congshuang by the way. So Zhong Congshuang sits in the back seat.

    I can’t remember why the truck was out of control in my dream. I only remembered that I was the only one who was slightly injured. After struggling to open the seat belt, he quickly rescued people.

    He saved first… He saved Zhong Congshuang first.

    At that moment, he could not distinguish his consciousness, saying that it was revenge or subconscious behavior, neither of which was comprehensive.

    Zhong Congshuang in the dream was wearing a white dress with blood all over it, very dazzling, crying for help… But Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning only looked pale, the truck was rear-end collision, Jiang Ning should be fine.

    Yes, he rushed to Zhong Congshuang in the back seat first.

    However, when he woke up from the dream, Jiang Ning stayed on the rescue stage and never came out again.

    Xu Mingyi woke up in the middle of the night, clutching his heart, feeling severe pain.

    He kept comforting himself, it was just a dream, just a dream.

    He thought that it was probably Jiang Ning who kept approaching Yan Yixie that he had such a dream.


    After Zheng Ruonan moved, the company became busier. She no longer just produced some silk scarves, but also began to expand her business and turned the company into a gift company. Zheng Ruonan and Xu Mingyi’s mother are close friends in the boudoir. Although the relationship is still as good as ever, due to the moving and busyness, the two can only make appointments once or twice a month for drinking tea and doing spas.

    However, Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi are like two straight lines starting from the same point.

    … According to

    reason, Xu Mingyi gradually disappeared from Jiang Ning’s life, and Yan Yixie should be happy.

    What’s more, his life is no longer as deadly as it was a few years ago, with some new friends and some new waves.

    But Yan Yixie has been in a bad mood recently.

    Students in high school are much more open than in junior high school. Almost every day after school, boys come to invite Jiang Ning to watch movies or go shopping. Jiang Ning refused one crop after crop, but still a thick-skinned boy came over.

    When Yan Yixie sat beside Jiang Ning with a cold face and folded his arms, it was better, no one dared to come over.

    But I don’t know who realized that Yan Yixie didn’t go to the evening self-study very much, so he started to block Jiang Ning after the evening self-study.

    For this reason, Yan Yixie started to go to evening self-study every day quietly.

    After the self-study teacher left that evening, another handsome boy came over and handed Jiang Ning movie tickets amidst the roar. He also spoke very well: “Jiang Ning, just give me a face. You refused three times. Anyway, you don’t have a boyfriend. No, I didn’t expect to be your boyfriend. Puppy love is not allowed in high school.”

    The students in the class laughed.

    The boy smiled and asked, “Just be a friend. Isn’t it okay to be a friend?”

    Jiang Ning packed his schoolbag and said irritably, “No, can you let it go?”

    The boy was still there, and the movie ticket refused to be taken back. Just about to say something, he stretched out a hand diagonally, pulled out his movie ticket, slowly tore it to pieces, and put it back into his hand.

    As if in slow motion, the boy was startled, and no one in the classroom dared to speak anymore.

    The classroom lights came down from above, and the young man in a wheelchair looked a little gloomy: “She said she didn’t want to go anymore.” The

    air fell silent for a while.

    The boy didn’t dare to continue molesting, touched the back of his head, pinched a handful of fragments, turned and ran away in a cold sweat.

    Yan Yixie glanced at the audience slowly again.

    Everyone was shocked and quickly dispersed.

    Seeing that Yan Yixie’s face was not good-looking, Jiang Ning hurriedly said, “I have rejected him several times, and the ghost knows how he is so persevering.” The

    boy did not say a word, and the light and shadow formed a deep eye socket on his eyebrows.

    He lowered his eyes and watched Jiang Ning’s actions to pack his schoolbags for a while before he calmly said: “Actually, I asked the housekeeper to check this guy. Although he is a fool, he has good grades and a good family background. If you want to go to the movies with him, you can go. It’s safe.”

    Jiang Ning’s hand shook, and his heart said bad. His company for the past three years won’t accompany Yan Yixie as a family member, right?

    He couldn’t hear any trace of jealousy! Instead, it looks like the role of the older brother.

    Is it because you have known each other for a few years and you have become a childhood sweetheart, so you can’t have the feeling of heartbeat you had in your previous life?

    Last time I pretended to be asleep, so did I get into his bed. He got out of bed immediately and went to the living room.

    It was late autumn, and the temperature in the living room was more than ten degrees Celsius. He would rather avoid himself in the cold.

    The more Jiang Ning thought about it, the more he felt uncomfortable. He yanked the zipper on his schoolbag and tentatively said to the boy: “You said it is true. Then I will go to the movies with him on weekends? Are you not angry?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t expect to test it. Jiang Ning really wanted to go to the movie with that kid. He became even more upset, but his face was still light: “Go, why should I be angry?”

    Jiang Ning suddenly half bent down and stared carefully. Hold his eyes.

    Yan Yixie retreated, frowning: “What are you doing?” The

    boy’s eyes were pitch-black and beautiful, inlaid on the snow-white and delicate face, like glass beads, but unlike three years ago, he is now more restrained.

    Jiang Ning watched for a long time, and the shining brilliance that drowned in his eyes quickly couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

    “I’m looking at whether you are angry or lie.” Jiang Ning mumbled: “If I go to the movies with him on weekends, you will have to take the milk yellow packet to get the vaccine alone.” The

    teenager sneered, ” Get the vaccine here.” You don’t need such things. Every time you go to the pet hospital, your attention is drawn to other cats, dogs, and cats. It’s always me who helps hold the custard bag.”

    Jiang Ning said angrily: “Then I will be true. Go!”

    “Go.” The boy grabbed his palm with his fingertips.

    The housekeeper still drove the car downstairs to wait. Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie got in the car. The housekeeper first sent Jiang Ning back, and then returned to the villa with Yan Yixie.

    After Jiang Ning moved, she was a little closer to the school and was only a ten-minute walk away, but she still liked being sent back by Yan Yixie, saying goodbye to the teenager, and going home.

    When saying goodbye on the street corner, she felt a secret joy in her heart. In the past three years, Yan Yixie has used the three words “see you tomorrow” to her.

    The butler glanced at the young master and Jiang Ning in the rearview mirror, and noticed that the two had fallen into a kind of weird atmosphere.

    Jiang Ning first glanced at the young master, but the young master’s eyes fell outside the window.

    Then Jiang Ning turned his head back and looked ahead.

    The young master seemed to be a little upset, so he glanced at her from the corner of the eye, but Jiang Ning looked ahead.

    What is this for?

    Look at each other?

    The housekeeper thought, it didn’t seem to be a quarrel. In the past few years, the young master was not as unkind as he just met, and basically let Jiang Ning, so the two of them had not quarreled in the past three years.

    But the atmosphere in the car is a bit weird.

    So silent all the way to Jiang Ning’s house.

    After Jiang Ning returned home, the housekeeper turned around, Yan Yixie turned his head and watched Jiang Ning go upstairs.

    “Master, what’s the matter?” The steward on the road couldn’t help asking.

    “Nothing.” Yan Yi thanked.

    As the car passed by the sea, he couldn’t help lowering a little window and looking at the sea not far away.

    The sea market has changed a lot in the past few years. This long road has been rebuilt and painted with white paint lines. However, the sea is still the sea, and the reeds are withered and growing again, and the reeds are still the same.

    Yan Yixie thinks of the love letters that will come out every day in Jiang Ning’s desk, the teenagers who look back frequently after seeing her, and the more and more beautiful Jiang Ning…the constantly flying street lights through the car window It fell on his snow-white face, and a dullness fell on his brow bone.

    He looked at Jiang Ning as if he looked at the moon in the sea.

    The moon seems to be within reach, but in fact it is far away.

    If you don’t have what you want, you won’t try hard. But once there is the moon that I want to pick up, toss, torment, anxiety and humbleness, it all comes.

    The butler looked at the young master from the rearview mirror with his chin supported by his hand, and looked out the window. Light and shadow flicked across his young and handsome face. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

    In short, his expression cannot be said to be so happy.

    The butler again saw a group of teenagers playing football happily on the beach on the right in front of the car, and laughter and laughter continued.

    He couldn’t help sighing softly in his heart. If it weren’t for the problems with his legs in the accident, the young master would have been a proud man of heaven.

    Over the past three years, with Jiang Ning’s company, Yan Yixie’s perverse temperament has been reduced a lot, and he has become more gentle with people around him. But the butler still often didn’t know what he was thinking.

    “It’s almost home, what are you thinking?” The butler couldn’t help but ask.

    “I didn’t think about anything.” Yan Yixie said.

    But after a long silence.

    The boy’s voice sounded again.

    “You say–“

    He stared out the window, and the sea breeze gently flicked his forehead.

    He seemed to be talking to himself, and he seemed to say to himself: “Will anyone really like a disabled person?”

    When she fell, he couldn’t pick her up.

    When she is in danger, she may not be able to get to her at the first time if she tries her best.

    In the long years to come, she will still be dragged down from his dark world, trapped her in restraints, and let her bear the vision and guidance that she does not have to bear.

    The moon always falls on the surface of the sea, not a mud ditch.

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