Chi Yan didn’t speak, he pressed his lips, his face was calm, obviously very angry.

What else Chi Zhouchen wanted to say, was stared back by Chi Yan.

Wen Jingsen picked up the teacup and said indifferently: “Brother Chi, this time is not the same as in the past? Isn’t the current Wen family really comparable to your Chi family. If you want to compare this project? Let’s go, okay, I won’t stop it, it’s up to you whether you are willing to accept most of the ancestor’s family business.”

Obviously, he took the posture of watching the show.

“You deceived people too much!” Chi Zhouchen couldn’t help but continued to anger.

Xu Wei mocked: “We Wen’s family is going to hold the wedding of Yiran and An Qinru. It is also to give you the face of Chi’s family, but you still come to the house to make trouble? So, you have the courage to stop cooperating.”

She looked at Chi Zhouchen: “Children, you should study hard, don’t you have a temper? You want to be so big.”

“Is there any place for you to speak here?!” Repeatedly? Again? And three were bullied to the head, Chi Yan was also angry.

He stood up, and looked at Wen Jingsen again, “Okay, the situation in the Wen family is better now, don’t you? Put us in the eyes of the Chi family, don’t you? Back then? Is it because the Chi family pulled out the smell? Home, can you have the present? Wen Jingsen, I have tolerated enough, let me tell you, if you must marry An Qinru and Wen Yiran, then our Chi family will really terminate our cooperation!”

Wen Jingsen’s face also changed slightly, and he sneered: “Then you are terminating, you are terminating, do you have to do anything? Arrived, Chi’s family is still suffering from vitality, but this? Project? Isn’t it possible to find others? The partners continue to invest.”

“You!” Chi Yan shook his hands with anger, and fell backward.

Chi Zhouchen hurriedly caught him, his eyes widened, his forehead bulging with blue veins, gritted his teeth, and stared at Wen Jingsen–

“Termination will terminate! I think we are terminated, do you hear about this? How can the project go on? It can go on! I tell you, unless you apologize to my dad, we will definitely? Terminate cooperation!”

After speaking, he and Ding Yijun helped Chi Yan to leave in angrily.

After they left, Xu Wei frowned and complained: “This Chi family is really guilty now. If it is terminated, I want to see if they terminate their cooperation, what can they achieve!”

Wen Jingsen didn’t look good, and said with a calm face: “This Chi Yan is getting more and more confused, especially his son Chi Zhouchen. He is impulsive, reckless, and can’t talk too much. Come out, see how they end up!”

Wen Yiran’s brows were also frowned tightly. He pursed his lips and thought for a long time, but he always felt that there was something wrong? Right.

However, he really couldn’t think of it for a while, so he could only say: “If they really don’t cooperate anymore, we will have more trouble next, and the entire Wen family will not be able to support such a large project. And the Chi family also has the resources of the Chi family.”

“They don’t dare to stop cooperating, but I want to see Chi Yanhui? No? Yes? Isn’t it stupid? Most of the Chi family’s ancestors’ family business did not get any benefits, just because of motivation? “Going so much, he definitely won’t do it! This time I won’t let go, even if he wants to make a round, I will use this to stop him, unless he makes profit again, otherwise…hehe.” Wen Jingsen sneered. .

As if already determined, Chi Yan will definitely come back and make concessions.

Xu Wei agreed, pouring tea to Wen Jingsen, and her voice became more ridiculous: “This Chi family is getting more and more confused. It would be embarrassing to cooperate with them. From now on, Wen Jia will definitely step on them, and what support will we say? Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng together? Oh, the Chi family is really crazy.”

The Wen family has been booming recently, and Xu Wei’s position in the wife’s circle is much higher than Ding Yijun’s. She even looks down on Chi’s family.

The mention of Wen Yu made Wen Jingsen’s face even worse? His face turned black.

After a while, he opened his mouth and said: “Look at Chi Zhouchen so you know that Chi’s family has no successors, and Chi Yan is getting older and more confused. I will watch them play well.”

Wenjia atmosphere is still quite relaxed.

Wen Yiran looked at the direction of the door, always feeling something was wrong? Yes, but he couldn’t catch it?

Next to him, An Qinru held his sleeves, looking at a loss.

Wen Yiran retracted his thoughts, he knew that Qin Ru must be uncomfortable and apprehensive at the moment because of the trouble of the Chi family.

He raised his hand and patted the back of her hand lightly: “Don’t worry, the wedding will be held as scheduled.”

An Qinru breathed a sigh of relief immediately, she was also confused, but since Wen Yiran wanted to marry her, she was finally relieved.

Seeing this, Xu Wei looked at An Qinru with a cold snort, and muttered: “Hazard.”

The voice is not small, everyone can hear it.

Wen Jingsen didn’t say anything. Although they agreed to the marriage between the two, half of it was for the sake of their children, and usually for Wen Yiran. They didn’t want to go to An Qinru.

An Qinru’s eyes were red.

“Mom.” Wen Yiran patted her and glanced at Xu Wei disapprovingly.

Suddenly, Xu Wei disgusted An Qinru even more.

At this moment, after walking out of the door of Wen’s family, the Chi family’s three people who got into the car angrily, their anger was instantly taken away.

Chi Zhouchenyan mocked: “This Wenjia is really getting more and more arrogant, and now even the chin is lifted to the sky.”

Chi Yan said calmly: “I know when they look at their situation, Wen Family will be finished sooner or later, even if it was Wen Yu’s shot, they would kill themselves.”

Prosperity is bound to decline, and Wen Yu really knows how to attack the heart. First hold them up, and then fall down violently. That kind of pain will only make people feel more tortured.

Ding Yijun sighed: “If Wen Jia doesn’t fall this time, can we? Just…”

“I’m more sure about their ending, they will fall.” Chi Yan shook his head. Sometimes he suddenly pulled out from the Vanity Fair to see it more clearly.

Chi Zhouchen nodded and said, “Dad, then you go to the hospital tonight? Leave it to me afterwards. If you can still show up, but you still have to terminate the cooperation, Wen Jia can be suspicious. “

Chi Yan hesitated and thought for a while. He said, “But if that’s the case, Chi’s stock will definitely fall, and your reputation will not sound good.”

Chi Zhouchen smiled bitterly: “As long as the cooperation is terminated, how can the Chi family’s stock fall? Can’t it? We don’t? Have we been prepared? Even the house is ready to be mortgaged. As for the reputation, it is not important? , As long as Chi’s family can pass this level. How many years will I have to join the company, and then others will forget it, besides, when Wen’s family collapses, maybe others will look at me high.”

Hearing this, Ding Yijun felt a little uncomfortable, she said softly: “Since you say Wenyu is so good, can’t you let him help us? He and Zhengzheng——”

Chi Yan hadn’t spoken yet, Chi Zhouchen had already interrupted her: “Mom, does Wen Yu? Investigate us and just let us go. Moreover, sister has not yet returned to Chi’s house, we have not been able to ask for her forgiveness. How can it be? Let Wen Yu help us? Even if he wants, we can’t? Can do such a thing.”

But maybe she was afraid that her mother would turn her face down to find Wen Yu and Chi Zhengzheng, and Chi Zhouchen said: “We have made a lot of mistakes, right? Sister Qi has made a lot of mistakes. Don’t I want to make mistakes again? Going on, as long as Chi’s family is still there, he can always get up, always better than now.”

Ding Yijun sighed. In fact, she was very worried about her daughter, and she was really shameless.

Chi Yan smiled rarely, and said, “Zhou Chen, you really have grown up.”

What ups and downs in life? Will it? Experience one?

Chi Yan himself has seen strong winds and waves. During the economic crisis, how many prosperous families disappeared?

He looked at the growth of Chi Zhouchen? He felt that this time he failed? He didn’t get anything. His son, the future heir of the Chi family, has really grown up, and he has succeeded in his mind and means. Grow up?

Isn’t Chi Yan’s own success a continuation of success, and the success of the next generation is needed.

This is the reason why Zhengzheng and Wen Yiran’s relationship with An Qinru were not wrong after their marriage was terminated before. It is because Chi Yan is too young to grow up yet, and hopes to get Wen Yiran’s help in the future.

But now, Chi Zhouchen has grown up on his own. This is more important than anything else.

Chi Jiahe? Why is Wen’s making trouble with Chi Zhengzheng? Concerned, she lowered her head to pick up rice, just didn’t? See Wenyu.

Wen Yu coughed, something uncomfortable? I apologized embarrassedly: “I was wrong.”

Hearing the words, Chi Zhengzheng gave him a fierce look, both fierce and cute.

Yes, he was wrong, but he didn’t change it! !

“Zheng Zheng… I was really wrong.” Wen Yu apologized again.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Then let’s sleep in separate rooms tonight.”

Wen Yu’s brows wrinkled in an instant, and the look in Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes was a bit wronged! It’s as if she did something maddening!

“No? I want to divide the room, I really don’t? What to do tonight.” Between dividing the room and sleeping honestly, Wen Yu can only choose the latter.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Is that too much difference?”

Suddenly, she was happy, and she didn’t watch him as she did just now.

But Wen Yu was not happy anymore. Of course, he was not happy about Chi Zhengzheng. He just pointed out that his mood was obviously lowered all of a sudden, and he also showed grievances from time to time.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

How can she stand Wenyu this? The look in her eyes? !

So she coughed: “Ahem, that?, or maybe we go on a date tomorrow? Right, we haven’t dated yet?”

Although the process of the two of them has fallen a little bit, but dating, not always? Can you date? Yeah.

Wen Yu blinked and then lit up slightly.

He has never arranged for a meeting, but as long as he is with Chi Zhengzheng, no matter what they do, he is very happy.

“Then I won’t go to work tomorrow.” Wen Yu said.

Chi Zhengzheng straightened up immediately: “No? No? You go to work first, and go to work well. It’s hot recently, and appointments are all in the afternoon and evening. When you get off work tomorrow afternoon, let’s have a date again.”

What meeting will I ran out at noon?

And… she has to prepare in advance.

Naturally, Wen Yu would? He refuted Chi Zhengzheng and nodded in agreement.

On the second day, Wen Yu was obviously in a good mood, and had a kind attitude all day long.

The company’s high-level group chatted again-

“The boss has been in a good mood recently, so I didn’t watch him lose his temper once, and said something serious.”

“But? No? Yes, I also made the mistake of being scolded to death. The boss just asked me to remedy it and didn’t scold me.”

“Boss, is the relationship going smoothly?”

“What’s the joke, he wrote all over his face? Is it happy? Okay!!!”

“No? Have you ever been in a relationship? The mood is always good and sometimes bad. When it’s good, it’s especially good, not? When it’s good, it’s particularly sad.

“Isn’t it last time? It started well, but after a while, it broke out and it was terrifying.”

“No? Speaking, I rushed to work, and finished it quickly, taking advantage of today’s good mood to give the boss a look.”

“Oh, when will we be able to get to know the boss’s wife, can you judge the boss’ mood based on their situation!”

“The most important thing is that the lady boss can help the boss smooth the hair!”

Wen Yu still? Knowing that “I’m in love” on his face made the whole company talk for a long time, not to mention that the company judges his love situation according to his mood, and even expects Chi Zhengzheng to come. The company is in charge.

He has been in a high mood all day today. Although he is still working efficiently, he has two distractions and has been watching the time.

——Chi Zhengzheng said that he will send a message to him then.

Until six o’clock, Wen Yu couldn’t wait? When he was going to go home to find her, a message from Chi Zhengzheng came over—

[Wen Yu, come to XX Square, I’ll wait for you here! 】

Not far away, it is the nearest square to Yu Ding.

The corner of Wen Yu’s mouth raised, quickly picked up the car key and mobile phone, and hurried downstairs, with a brisk footstep.

Within ten minutes, Wen Yu arrived on the square.

At this moment, there are not too few people in the square. The pedestrians coming and going are in a hurry. Wen Yu glanced at it, but he did not see Chi Zhengzheng.

His eyes were a little puzzled, and he took out his cell phone, but the call hadn’t been made yet.

Behind, someone patted him on the shoulder.

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: I will give you a surprise, do you want?

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