Chi Zhengzheng does not run away from home, and doesn’t she want to marry him? Wen Yu was happy.

She was also very happy, Wen Yu… Wen Yu and she confessed.

Her cheeks were red, she looked up at him, with a smile in her eyes: “You? You will say anything later, so let’s listen now.”

Although the roots of her ears were so red and even her cheeks were hot, she was still determined to look at him, wanting to listen to love.

Wenyu coughed, his eyes drifted away, and the roots of his ears turned red again.

“Say it.”

“I love you.” After Wen Yu finished speaking, his face was completely red, and he didn’t dare to look at her.

Chi Zhengzheng’s face was also flushed, but her eyes were full of smiles, and her eyes were sparkling. She raised her hand to cover her own face, feeling the hot temperature, and then whispered: “I love you too. Yeah.”

Wen Yu suddenly retracted his gaze and looked straight towards Chi Zhengzheng.

Inside, there was a fiery beast that was about to burn, and it was also a beast that could swallow her. The beast he worked so hard to suppress was awakened by a word from her and could not be taken back.

He opened his mouth, he didn’t know what he was doing? Then he said…


“what did you say??”

Chi Zhengzheng lowered her head, this time it was her turn to dare not look at him, the whole person was as red as the same as smoking.

Love doesn’t know where it started, but it keeps going deep.

Even if she never knows whether her efforts can be rewarded, even if she has thought about it, perhaps she will work hard, but in the end she still can’t change him? The fate of “no CP”…

But because she loves him, she is willing to try hard.

This lifetime of life is such a short time that there is no room for a moment to be wasted, and no regrets that can be left to death.

Love is love, like a raging fire, no need to hide, no need to dodge.

She slowly raised her head, and in those eyes, the stars were shining: “Wenyu, I love you too.”

Wen Yu’s body trembled slightly.

He never knew that a sentence could have such a great power. At this moment, his life seemed to be complete, and he was so happy that he did not know how to describe it.

It’s like all the sufferings in the first two to ten years, just let him accumulate enough luck to wait for this person to appear.

Wen Yu suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Chi Zhengzheng. There were countless emotions in his heart that could not be vented, and at this moment, he could not suppress it.

A pair of arms as hard as steel bars, hugged her tightly, and walked to the door of the master bedroom.

Wen Yu paused slightly: “Zheng Zheng, can you start moving to the master bedroom today?”

The voice was cautious and trembling again.

Chi Zhengzheng’s heart trembled suddenly. She raised her hand and hugged Wen Yu’s neck, with her head resting on his heart, full of smiles, and her voice softly: “Okay.”

The corner of Wen Yu’s mouth raised, and he stepped into the room.

“Bang—” The door was kicked.

Soon, a voice came from inside——

“Wen Yu! Wait, you? Haven’t eaten yet, eat first!”

“I don’t want to eat now.” Just want to eat you.

“Um…then you? Lightly…” The voice trembled a little.

“Good.” Trembling the same way.

At noon the next day, Wen Yu went upstairs with the food cooked by himself.

Chi Zhengzheng was still in the quilt, wrapped in the quilt, like a sleeping silkworm, motionless.

The corner of Wenyu’s mouth was smiling, and there was a smile in his eyes, even his footsteps were brisk, and his good mood was clear at a glance.

He walked to the side, put the food on the bedside table, stretched out his hand to pull the quilt, and Chi Zhengzheng’s blushing little face was exposed.

He bent down and pecked at her face with a gentle voice: “Zhengzheng, get up to eat.”

Chi Zhengzheng frowned uncomfortably, and with a choke, her head shrank. Obviously, she just wanted to sleep now.

Wen Yu couldn’t hold back, kissed her lips several times, straightened her somewhat messy hair, and said softly, “Get up and eat, you? Have no breakfast?”

Chi Zhengzheng was irritated by the noise, and he hummed, “I’ll go to bed again? I’ll go to bed in the morning.”

As he said, he turned over and turned his back to Wen Yu.

When she turned over, the quilt slipped down for a while, and her shoulders and back were exposed.

Oh, it’s not completely white, there are a lot of red marks on it, as the initiator, he? Of course he understood at a glance.

Wen Yu’s eyes suddenly became dark, and his voice was a little heavy. He? said in her ear: “You? If you don’t want to get up, then do it again…”


Again? !

These four words were almost like a sky thunder struck Chi Zhengzheng’s mind, and he was awakened even if he was sleepy.

She sat up all of a sudden, wrapped her quilt tightly, wrapped herself tightly, staring at Wen Yu defensively: “You don’t even want to think about it!”

Do it again, do it again, never ending!

She will never bury it in the future. It is short and without quality. She understands now. Sometimes, it is long and quality, which makes people even more desperate!

Seeing her precautions, Wen Yu couldn’t be real? Then? The beasts would not let her go.

Keke, he? This is the first time he has used meat, so he lost control a bit. He still cares about Chi Zhengzheng’s body.

He picked up the food and the spoon, and said in a petting voice: “I’ll feed you some food first, and then go to bed when you’re full, you didn’t eat breakfast.”

“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!”

“I’ll get you? Get mouthwash.”

“Um… well then.”

Chi Zhengzheng opened his mouth.

Wen Yu gently fed her, and wiped the corners of her mouth with a tissue from time to time. His face was pampered, and his considerate appearance made Chi Zhengzheng unable to forgive him.

——I didn’t say it, it was still different.

Before the two were ambiguous, they were happy and sweet, but also uneasy and uneasy.

Now that they understand each other’s hearts better, they are happier and sweeter.

Wen Yu is still human and knows to let her sleep.

After eating, Chi Zhengzheng comfortably slept until dinner, and then…because he slept well during the day, he would not sleep so early at night.

Wen Yu said, “I can’t sleep anyway, do something? Love it.”

So, it was like a pancake again, and it was tossed over and over all night, cooked on both sides.

The next day, I got up for dinner at noon, went to bed in the afternoon, and pancakes at night.

For three days in a row, Chi Zhengzheng was overwhelmed.

Suddenly realized! !

So at noon, there is no need for Wen Yu to say anything? She wore her pajamas and got up to eat like a wandering soul.

So sleepy in the afternoon as a fool, he also gritted his teeth and stayed awake.

“If you are sleepy, go to sleep.” Wen Yu persuaded her softly.

Chi Zhengzheng slapped him? On the back of his hand, he exclaimed: “I’m not going to be fucked by you anymore! And you? What do you want to know? It’s called recuperation, this kind of thing? I can’t do too much! “

This is clearly a “no CP” male protagonist. Why does he have the kidney and waist of the “H. Wen” male protagonist? ?

This he? Mom is unscientific! !

After receiving the invitation, Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu Xiaoxiao had a fight, and then in the next few days, they were busy dealing with this man who had just been driving like a wolf.

However, after receiving the invitation, Chi Jia immediately released remarks against it.

Wen’s family was taken aback, even An Qinru was at a loss.

She originally thought that she would marry into Wen’s family, will it be something that Chi’s family is looking forward to, even their alienated relationship, will they be relaxed because of this, and Chi’s will let her be the respected person again. Miss watch.

But never expected that the Chi family would object to it? !

The three of Chi’s family boarded the door of Wen’s family.

“Chi Yan, I heard that you are different? Yiqinru and Yiran’s marriage? What the hell is this? What’s going on?” Wen Jingsen asked immediately, somewhat bluntly.

He? He is not called “Chi brother”, but directly by his first name. Obviously, he doesn’t care about Chi family now.

Chi Yan’s brows wrinkled in an instant, his lips pressed and he didn’t speak, his face was ugly?

Ding Yijun looked? Look? An Qinru, with guilt flashing in her eyes, she still said with a straight face: “My family Zhengzheng hasn’t come back. We used to be confused and didn’t give Zhengzheng as the master. Let An Qinru make peace? Yiran carried Zhengzheng on his back and became a gangster. But now we are also sober. Zhengzheng is our daughter. I can’t agree with Yi An Qinru to marry Wen Yiran after betraying Zhengzheng.”

After a pause, she said: “Moreover, Wenyu is already Zhengzheng’s fiancé, and the two are going to get married in the future. Qinru and Yiran are also related to each other. We can’t agree with them to marry! If they are married, Wenyu and Zhengzheng are also related to each other, not very attractive.”

In fact, it doesn’t matter legally to get married, but Ding Yijun’s words are just considering face.

But this is all a trivial matter, and no matter what it is this time, they all want to use this to oppose it, and they must show their importance.

Although Ding Yijun didn’t believe that Wen Yu could defeat the Wen family, she had always listened to her husband and son. This time the three of them came forward together. The first explanation must have been for her to speak.

She still has some feelings for An Qinru in her heart, but her daughters and children are not as good as her husband or children, so how can An Qinru be?

So, even if she knew that she was sorry An Qinru, she still came and utterly opposed it.

“Aunt…” An Qinru looked at her incredulously, her voice trembling.

Ding Yijun didn’t look away and didn’t speak.

Wen Yiran was incredibly unbelievable, and asked: “So what you mean is that you are different? Yi Qinru married me?”

“Yes, we don’t mean it.” Chi Zhouchen said with a cold face.

He looked at Wen Yiran, and his voice was cold: “You? The betrayal of my sister at the beginning has been over in your heart, but we still remember it.”

Wen Yiran’s breathing suddenly stagnated. He never felt that he was sorry for Chi Zhengzheng, but recently, the more he thinks about it, the more he feels that he has done something wrong, because he is sorry for her.

“Men and women? Married? It is their own business? Love, you are not An Qinru’s biological parents, and can’t care about these things? Love? And, what? Rape? Don’t say things like that? Unpleasant.” Xu Wei also said coldly, her voice full of anger.

When Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yiran broke their marriage contract, they didn’t make trouble. What happened? Love had passed for so long, and they actually began to oppose them?

Could it be that Chi Zhengzheng never returned, that’s why they changed their attitudes?

Also mentioned Wen Yu…Are they really accepting Wen Yu as a son-in-law? !

Wen Jingsen thought about this too. Looking at Chi Yan and the others, they said: “Wen Yu doesn’t need to think about it. He and I have already severed the relationship between father and son. He will have nothing to do with my Wen family in the future.”

There was a flash of sarcasm in Chi Yan’s eyes, and he said: “What are we really? We can’t control it, but it’s absolutely different. I only have one girl. Since she has already watched her, we must support her The relationship between An Qinru and Wen Yiran is absolutely different from the Chi family.”

“Then what can you do?” Xu Wei mocked.

Wen Jingsen didn’t say a word, obviously he agreed?

Wen’s family has been in a good situation recently, and Chi’s can’t be seen anymore.

Chi Zhouchen was obviously angered and stood up and pointed at them: “You Wen Jiazhen is getting more and more rampant. Don’t forget, our two still cooperate!”

Being pointed at the nose by a junior, one can imagine how angry Wen Jingsen is.

He did not curse, but raised his head and smiled at the corner of his mouth: “Oh? What can you do? Stop cooperation? We have a contract? If you stop cooperating, would you be all involved? I can’t get it.”

“If you can’t get it, you can’t get it, Wen Jingsen, you? Wenjia is too rampant. Don’t forget that this project still needs Chijia. If Chijia terminates our cooperation, this project will be in trouble? You? Can the Wen family afford it?” Chi Zhouchen became even more angry, even impulsively? If you say you can’t get it, you can’t get it.

“Zhou Chen, don’t talk nonsense!” Chi Yan suddenly scolded him?

“Dad, they Wenjia are riding on the head of Chi’s house! Stop and stop!” Chi Zhouchen stared, his hands clenched into fists.

“Haha.” Wen Jingsen laughed twice, but what about that laughter? How do you listen? It makes people unhappy.

He said: “Brother Chi, you? You know, now that your Chi family leaves this project, not only can you not get anything, but you will also lose your vitality…”

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: Why is his waist and kidney so good? ! why! ! !

Rabbit (squinting smile): Are you unhappy? Then I turned Wenyu into kidney deficiency?

Chi Zhengzheng: …That’s fine.

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