All the complicated emotions were overwhelmed by Chi Zhengzheng’s clothes.

Wen Yu didn’t know why he came, or what he said, but all the unhappy emotions disappeared the moment he saw Chi Zhengzheng.

His voice was two-pointed with a smile: “Chi Zhengzheng, open the door.”

Inside the room, “Ping Pong Pong” rang.

After a while, the door was opened again.

Chi Zhengzheng still wore that pajamas, but the mask on her face was lost, leaving a clean and beautiful face.

She glanced at him, and immediately blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment, only showing him a crocodile head.

Ahhhhh! !

She wants to kill Wen Sisi now! ! !

This pajama was bought by Wen Sisi. The two of them just bought a four-piece bed suit. Chi Zhengzheng wanted to buy another pajama. Wen Sisi followed her into the store.

Wen Sisi, who had been ridiculing her taste, brightened her eyes and suddenly picked this one.

Chi Zhengzheng shouldn’t do it!

But Wen Sisi said: “If you buy this set, I’ll check it out for you.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…it’s a deal.”

Is she the kind of person who wears this kind of pajamas?

Under the premise of not spending money, of course it is!

She is so poor, Wen Sisi is willing to spend money on pajamas for her, will she still refuse? !

The four-piece set on the bed cost her a lot of money, and the rent is still owed, so it can be saved.

It’s very cold tonight. She is still in her menstrual period. This set is not very thick and can be worn completely.

Washed and dried.

To do a good job of mental construction, she put on the pajamas that didn’t cost much money.

However, she never expected Wen Yu to come!

How does he know she is here? !

Oh… he is Wen Yu, he wants to know when he can?

But he didn’t make a single call, so why did people come? !

Wen Yu put his fist in front of his lips and coughed: “Well, it’s pretty cute.”

Chi Zhengzheng’s head almost fell to the ground.

She maintained her image in front of Wen Yu for so long, but she broke her work because of a pajama! !

So angry!

“Well… why are you here?” Chi Zhengzheng, her voice sounded like a mosquito.

Wen Yu: “You just move away without saying anything, can’t I come and have a look?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Then shouldn’t you call and ask before I can start the second step of my plan? ?

Yes, Chi Zhengzheng had a plan. She dragged her suitcase and moved away. If Wen Yu cared about her, he would definitely call her or send a message.

If Wen Yu didn’t care, according to his personality, he would not ask Chi Zhengzheng why he moved.

She had made countless entanglements and speculations about whether he would call, but she never expected that he would come directly! !

“Let me in.” Wen Yu said.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

The hand holding the doorknob slowly loosened, and then moved around to make way for him.

Wen Yu swaggered in.

Sweeping his gaze over the big “slap”, his brows were suddenly frowned.

Look again? To the kitchen, empty and nothing.

His brow furrowed even tighter.

“Are you going to live here?” he asked.

“Well…it’s pretty good here…” Chi Zhengzheng still lowered her head.

At this moment, her mind was filled with only one thought–


Want to change clothes! !

She brought that white fairy dress!

Wen Yu frowned so much that the wrinkle on his forehead could catch mosquitoes, staring at the house, really? I can’t see how good this house is.

“Don’t live where you are thinking about it.” After thinking about it, he said so.

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback and looked up at him.

She knows that he hates Wenjia, but does he even dislike the place where she temporarily stayed at Wen Sisi?

Her big eyes looked at him innocently, her small face was wrapped in a hat, her cheeks were slightly red, and there was a big square pocket on her belly. When the tail moved, it was very…cute?

Wen Yushi did not hold back, stretched out his hand and pinched her soft face.

“Ahem.” He retracted his uncontrollable hand.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

Wen Yu: “Follow me? Go back.”

“Ah this…” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

Moving out of Wangjiang Manor, this was her first step in plotting Wenyu!

Wen Yu took a step forward, only a few centimeters left between the two.

Chi Zhengzheng’s breathing was stagnant.

Wen Yu raised a hand on her shoulder, lowered his head slightly, and hit her face with his breath: “Follow me? Go back.”

Completely imperative!

As if she didn’t agree, he would lift her back by the back of the neck!

They were so close, his deep and beautiful facial features were right in front of her eyes, and his breathing was in her ears.

“it is good……”

She didn’t even know what she was talking about!

The legs are soft!

The brain is also blank!

What the hell do you have thinking skills!

Wenyu smiled, pinched her face lightly, walked to her suitcase and packed her things.

Basically, her things have not been taken out yet, only… the sanitary napkins are placed next to the box.

Wen Yu paused, put her back, and put her changed clothes back.

“Hey! I changed my clothes!” Chi Zhengzheng exclaimed.

Wen Yu: “No need to change, very cute.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “???”

Wen Yu had already dragged the suitcase, reached out, picked up the phone she put on the table, and put it in his pocket.

“Big guy…let me? Change my clothes? How can I wear this clothes out?!” She was pitiful.

“It’s dark, the car is below.” Wen Yu said.

Once this dress is changed, he might not see it on her? See you.

——As punishment for her sudden “running away from home”.

And it was a bit cold outside. All she brought out were skirts, which were not thick enough. She was in her menstrual period and could not catch colds.

This dress is pretty good.

After speaking, Wen Yu dragged the suitcase with one hand, and stretched out another hand to lead the reluctant Chi Zhengzheng.

Chi Zhengzheng does not move.

Wen Yu looked back at her: “I? Hold you away?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…I will go by myself.” QAQ

So, Wen Yu, who was still in a suit, dragged a suitcase with one hand and…a little crocodile with the other?

The moment the door closed, Chi Zhengzheng burst into tears.

The rhetoric of the afternoon seemed to be still in front of her eyes. She was plotting Wen Yu’s plan, and just took the first step, and she—

Unfortunately died.

Her heart is broken.


With such a domineering Wen Yu and such a handsome face, he ordered her to follow him back. How could she refuse? !

Her legs are weak, how can she refuse it sensibly!

With his head down, Chi Zhengzheng mourned his bankruptcy plan.

Wen Yu walked in front, Chi Zhengzheng flicked his tail and walked behind him.

She lowered her head for fear of meeting someone.

Wen Yu looked back at her from time to time and saw her head down, showing only the head of the crocodile and the tail fluttering around. He couldn’t help but smile at the corners of his mouth and his eyes were full of smiles.

Think rua.

But bear with it first.

This girl has just “run away from home”, she has to be smooth, and she can’t let her blow her hair anymore.

There are really no people on such a night.

But by coincidence, when the elevator reached the tenth floor, a couple carrying garbage came up.

The little couple saw them, slightly stunned.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

She was so embarrassed that she blushed, moving small steps, moving around, hiding behind Wen Yu.

Wen Yu… moved a step aside.

Chi Zhengzheng was shocked, raised her head, looking at Wen Yu with a dazed expression, as if she couldn’t believe his eyes.

Did he move away? !

Wen Yu looked at her, his mouth twitched slightly.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

——Boss, how about being a man? !

Her small face wrapped around the crocodile’s head finally showed up, her big eyes looked at him incredulously, her small face bulged into a bun, and her cheeks were white and red.

The lights in the elevator are very bright, and the eyes are like two bright and dazzling stars.

Eyelashes are like two small brushes, flashing one after another, scratching Wen Yu’s heart.

He chuckled and pressed his hands hard, and put Chi Zhengzheng into his arms.

“Huh—” She let out a little voice in surprise.

Wen Yu stretched out his hand and pressed her head in his arms.

——He didn’t want to show others more? One glance at her.

In the elevator, the couple was in front and didn’t look at them, but kept their eyes meeting.

Chi Zhengzheng’s face was buried in Wen Yu’s arms, her ears were red and her face rose to pink.


The elevator doors opened.

Wen Yu was holding Chi Zhengzheng with his head hanging down, and he swaggered along.

Chi Zhengzheng could only follow him in small steps because the bottom of her pajamas was too low, with her tail fluttering behind him.

What a shame! ! !

I don’t know how those two laughed at her just now!

In fact, she didn’t know that after they left, the two people in the elevator came out in a trance.

“So kawaii,” the girl muttered, “She looks so pretty without makeup!”

The boy agreed and couldn’t help but look at Chi Zhengzheng’s back: “Really cute, her boyfriend is so happy!”


Reached out and grabbed the boy’s ear: “What did you say?!”

“Me?, Me? Just tell the truth? Well…”

“You! Look? Look at other people’s boyfriend’s face, look again? Look at yourself!!”

“Okay, okay, you are actually cuter than her!”

“Do you think I would believe?”

“I don’t believe it either…”

“You are looking for death!!”

Wen Yu pulled the co-pilot away and Chi Zhengzheng got into the car.

The tail was not easy to put, and she twisted her body and could only hold it in her arms.

Wen Yu sat in the driver’s seat, Yu Guang noticed her and paused.

“Chi Zhengzheng.” He said suddenly.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Huh?”

Wen Yu: “Keep this dress.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

No, I? Reject.

After going back and changing this dress, she didn’t want to see it again in her life? It’s here! !

Wen Yu’s hand was itchy again, he held back, and for a moment, as if he noticed something, he suddenly leaned forward and pressed it.

The body approached for an instant, and the strong masculine aura seemed to be right in her breath.


Chi Zhengzheng’s eyes were round, his hands holding his tail tightened, and he held his tail tightly.

“Ka.” Wen Yu buckled her seat belt, “remember to wear the seat belt.”

After speaking, he raised his hand and dropped it on her head, rubbing it lightly.

Seeing her looking at him with big eyes without blinking, he couldn’t hold back, he reached out his hand and pinched her face gently.

Chi Zhengzheng felt that Wen Yu’s small movements were a bit too many tonight, so that her heart was about to jump out.

The car started.

Chi Zhengzheng hugged his tail, buckled and buckled, almost piercing the cloth. For a moment, she asked: “Well, Wen Yu, you… why are you looking for me…”

She was just waiting for a call and then let him understand–

Chi Zhengzheng, and his “fiancee”, should be two identities.

What she wanted was his liking, not his care for the identity of “fiancee”.

“Chi Zhengzheng.” Wenyu’s voice was suddenly serious.

Chi Zhengzheng’s heart tightened, and her round eyes looked at him: “Huh?”

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: We quarreled.

Wen Sisi: Huh?

Chi Zhengzheng: We are reconciled.

Wen Sisi:? ? ? Are you fucking teasing me?

(Thank you, you are so accurate, I will go back to this chapter.)

Give everyone a unified explanation:

Zheng Zheng moved this behavior because she has her own mind. She is an independent individual with all kinds of minds. Some are very sensible and intelligent, and some may be a little stupid.

She has no emotional experience, a little worry and little Tsundere are common in the ambiguous period. It’s like Wenyu hides everything in his heart and doesn’t like to say, Zhengzheng will also make up in her brain, and then she will make up her brain to worry about herself, and then do some innocuous little fools.

It’s like having a crush on someone in school, and that person may have a crush on you, but he doesn’t say, are you just guessing? Is it possible to do a little stupid thing?

So I hope that when you read this article, you will be a little bit more tolerant of the heroine.

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