“Swipe your card.” Wen Yu took out the card.

At this moment, the shopkeeper still stared at him incredulously.

Ten minutes later, Wen Yu left the flower shop holding a bouquet of ninety-nine roses.

The shopkeeper was standing at the door, looking at his back, tears streaming down his heart.

She could see that this man was really going to buy ninety-nine nine hundred and ninety-nine roses!

Moreover, the black card shows that he really can afford it! ! !

However… they don’t have a store! !

These are fresh roses delivered by air. There are only more than 100 roses in their store. This handsome guy wants to buy them now. In order to prevent him from not buying them, she just said good things and asked him to buy ninety-nine roses…

Woo woo woo.

Why is this world so unfair, why are there? Some people are rich and handsome!

No, she wants to know more now-what is the sacred girl who was thought by this handsome guy to give 99,999 roses!

Regardless of whether he likes flowers or not, he is willing to buy them, and there are men who buy so much money, so fucking envious!

If her man is so handsome, why don’t you need him to send roses? She sticks roses to him every day!

The shopkeeper at the door watched Wen Yu leave with tears, and then watched him get in a car——

Oh, the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

She didn’t cry, really!

“Mr. Wen, this flower is so beautiful.” Brother Wang glanced back and smiled.

Wen Yu looked down at the flowers and said nothing.

He is not a person who likes flowers. In fact, all he likes is work.

But this flower reminded him of Chi Zhengzheng, especially when her face was slightly red, she was even more beautiful than this flower.

“Miss Zheng Zheng will definitely like it!” Wang Ge said with a smile.

“Yeah.” Wen Yu tickled the corner of his mouth slightly.

The ninety-nine roses in his hand are already a very big bouquet, but he has been holding them, from the flower shop to the car, and from the car into the Wangjiang Manor, and returned home.

He was wearing a suit and a stern face with profound features, but he was holding a very unbalanced rose.

With a smile in his eyes, Wen Yu stepped into the house.

Sweeping his gaze, didn’t he? Seeing Chi Zhengzheng, he raised his head and looked at the second floor.

At this time, Wang’s wife hurriedly walked out from the side: “Mr. Wen, Zhengzheng has moved out!”

Wen Yu was taken aback.

“This afternoon? A very young boy was waiting for Zhengzheng at the door. It looks like he is about sixteen years old. He looks a little like Zhengzheng. I went shopping for groceries. I don’t know what they said. Found that Zhengzheng was packing up his luggage.” Wang’s wife showed a sad expression on her face.

Chi Zhouchen.

Wen Yu suddenly thought of this name.

His lips were tight, his hands held the rose tightly, and his fingertips were white.

After a while, he said in a hoarse voice: “Did she say something?”

“Zhengzheng just said don’t worry, this is her husband’s home after all, it’s not good for her to live all the time…” Sister Wang sighed as she said.

The strength in my hands was a little loose, and the ninety-nine roses were quite heavy and fell to the ground.

How many petals fell and scattered on the ground.

Wen Yu kept looking at the rose, his eyes were a little lost and motionless.

When he shot the Liu family this time, he didn’t hide his traces, and it was normal to make others suspect, especially Chi Zhouchen and the others knew that he lived in Wangjiang Manor.

If smart, he should have guessed his identity by now.

I don’t know when it started. It seems that he didn’t? He cared about Wenjia so much before, stared at Wenjia so closely, and didn’t even hide himself as before.

He paid more attention to this house in Wangjiang Manor.

His identity was found, it was only a matter of time.

Chi Zhouchen already knew part, so he would ask Chi Zhengzheng to say something, almost without guessing.

He must tell her what he did with the Liu family.

Because of this, Chi Zhengzheng already knew how cruel he was. Because of the contradiction with Liu Yuxiang, Liu’s family fell to where it is now. Because? Because I didn’t like Liu Yuxiang, I asked him to go abroad and never come back again…

She knew it all.

She was afraid of him, so she left?

Wen Yu looked at the petals on the ground, and an indescribable uncomfortable feeling rose in his heart.

It was an emotion that I had never had before, and it was uncomfortable.

Chi Zhengzheng dragged his suitcase and walked on the side of the road, staring at the sunset in the sky, a little lost.

It seems that the sky is about to change, it’s extraordinarily cold at the moment.

The Liu family was easily cleaned up by Wen Yu, and he acted quickly and quickly, cutting the grass and removing the roots without mercy.

Sure enough, he is the dominant hero.

But he wasn’t just the hero of the overlord, he was still… the hero without CP.

His character has been cultivated, even if she thinks he is gentle, he is also the dominant hero.

Will it…

Even if she thinks he treats her nicely, he is destined to be a male protagonist without CP and would not like her?

Is she sad because of this?

Are you afraid of this?

Because of this, he dare not approach, so as not to get hurt?

So she left Wangjiang Manor and Wenyu?

Is that so?

Of course not! !

Is she such a hypocritical person? !

A smile appeared on the corner of Chi Zhengzheng’s mouth, and he looked back in the direction of Wangjiang Manor with firm eyes.

She thought of Chi Zhouchen and said–

“You live with him now, are you really sure he has no other plans against you?”

How did she answer at the time?

Chi Zhengzheng looked up at Chi Zhouchen at the time, his eyes were full of stars, and he slowly smiled: “I don’t know if he has a plan, but Chi Zhouchen, I’m… plotting him.”

Chi Zhouchen froze in place.

Yes, she likes him, so she plots him.

After speaking, Chi Zhengzheng returned to Wangjiang Manor, then began to pack his things and leave the house.

Chi Zhouchen reminded her of Wen Yu’s identity.

—— Domineering protagonist, no CP protagonist.

He has no official match, and may even be born without the nerve of liking people.

As she lives in Wangjiang Manor, she may always be taken care of by him as a “fiancee”.

This may be responsibility, not necessarily love.

Chi Zhengzheng wants to move out, she wants to jump out of this identity, and then-plot Wenyu.

She is not a hypocritical person. When she knew that she had been planted, she calmly faced her heart-this heart that was tempted by Wen Yu.

How many times can a person have this fascination in his life?

It was the first time in her two lifetimes that she liked a person so much. She wanted to see him when she couldn’t see her. Her heart beat faster when she saw him, and she was so happy.

The sour, joyful secret love is a very precious emotion in life.

It is impossible for Chi Zhengzheng to give up so easily. She always tries her best to see if Wen Yu can like her.

If she does her best, no CP is still irreversible, and she will not regret her lack of effort in this life.

It’s not shameful or sad to like someone.

Is there such a good person to make her like, this is lucky.


Suddenly moved out, if Wenyu cares a little about her, should he call her?

“Beep toot–” The sound of the horn interrupted his thoughts.

Chi Zhengzheng looked over.

Wen Sisi rolled down the car window and looked surprised: “Why are you dragging the suitcase? Did you move again?”

“Why are you here?” Chi Zhengzheng was also a little surprised.

“It’s a hell coincidence that I saw you when I passed by!” Wen Sisi rolled his eyes and made a rough voice, “I’ll say how could you and Wenyu live in Wangjiang Manor? Can’t live now, and leave dingy again?”

“You have to take care of it.” Chi Zhengzheng also rolled his eyes.

She dragged the suitcase to continue walking.

I think I’m afraid I’ll have to stay in the hotel tonight and start looking for a house tomorrow.

Wen Sisi shouted: “Hey! Because of you, I didn’t get engaged with Liu Yuxiang. I will provide you with a place to live!”

She paused, and then said: “You must pay the rent at the market price!”

Chi Zhengzheng shouldn’t accept it, right?

This girl is also true, she still doesn’t go home after everything is like this.

Wen Yu is really a trash, even the fiancée brought out can’t be raised.

Various thoughts flashed in Wen Sisi’s head, Chi Zhengzheng had already ran towards her car with the suitcase, pulled the trunk directly, and put the suitcase in.

Then trot over, sat in the co-pilot, and smiled brightly at Wen Sisi: “That’s great, thank you!”

Wen Sisi: “???”


She really underestimated the face of Chi Zhengzheng now!

Wen Sisi really has a house, which was given at home during the coming-of-age ceremony.

It’s a duplex apartment in the city. It looks like 50 square meters, not big, but because it has two floors, it is enough to live in.

Wen Sisi doesn’t live here. The house has been vacant since it was renovated. When Chi Zhengzheng was picked up this time, he temporarily “rented” the house to her.

As she threw the key on the table, she muttered, “Chi Zhengzheng, I really convinced you. I’ve been like this. You still haven’t returned to Chi’s house! You are really awesome, it’s impossible for you to leave Chi’s house. In a lifetime?”

Chi Zhengzheng ignored her, and after putting his suitcases away, he looked at the house with satisfaction.

Although it is not comparable to Wangjiang Manor, for her, this kind of residence is already very good.

If it were a little bigger, she couldn’t afford it.

“Hey, Chi Zhengzheng, I’m talking to you! Are you full of food and support, but you have a good life at home, but you have to come out to endure hardships, did you get your head squeezed by the door in the car accident?” Wen Sisi was full of face. ridicule.

Chi Zhengzheng looked at her and suddenly said: “I think this is good. I am very satisfied with my current life. The conditions of Chi’s family are very good, but I am not happy to live.”

Wen Sisi was stunned.

Chi Zhengzheng raised his hand and patted her shoulder, and said, “You have provided me with a temporary place to live today, and if you need it in the future, I will also provide you with a transit place.”

It is impossible for her to let Wen Yu not take revenge. The Wen Sisi who had never ridiculed Wen Yu before will be destined to never have such a rich life as she is now.

At that time, she would also leave a place for her to tide her over and regroup.

The original story? In order to save the company, Wen Jia forced her to marry a middle-aged man as his wife, whose daughters were all as old as her.

She cried and married, then suffered domestic violence and committed suicide one night.

Chi Zhengzheng can’t change, nor will she change the ending of Wen’s family, but she will try her best to save Wen Sisi’s life.

Wen Sisi, although his mouth is poisonous, but his heart is not poisonous, he is… one of the few friends she has in this world.

When he met Chi Zhengzheng’s serious eyes, he was slightly taken aback when he heard the thoughts, and a mixed emotion rose in his heart.

She looked away uncomfortably, subconsciously? Consciousness continued to ridicule: “What nonsense, I won’t be as downhearted as you!”

After finishing speaking, she pointed to the key on the table: “The keys are here. You can live by yourself. Remember to rent the room to Lao Tzu. I’ll leave.”

After finishing speaking, Wen Sisi stepped on high heels, ready to leave from the back.

Chi Zhengzheng stretched out his hand, held her, blinked and widened her eyes, selling cuteness——

“Miss Sister, twist the bag and move in, should the landlord add the things that need to be added in it?”

Wen Sisi: “???”

It is not difficult to find out where Chi Zhengzheng is.

Didn’t she go back to Chi’s house, and after leaving Wangjiang Manor, she got in Wen Sisi’s car and went to live temporarily in a property under Wen Sisi’s name.

The address has been posted on his mobile phone.

Wen Yu pursed his lips and sat on the sofa blankly.

No one knew what he was thinking.

He just sat so quietly. The house has always been like this. It is almost impossible to see a person coming, but it didn’t take long before that person left again.

But she not only left by herself, but also took away the rare excitement of this house.

——At this moment, it is still as quiet as before, but suddenly seems lonely.

Nine p.m.

Wen Yu stood up with her lips pressed, took the key and walked away quickly.

When Chi Zhengzheng just went out to buy pajamas, he bought a mask by the way.

When I left Wangjiang Manor, I even forgot to take back the washed pajamas…


While she was putting on the mask, she was staring at the phone.

Why hasn’t Wenyu called her yet? Not even a single news…

Sadness flashed in her eyes.

Did she move out, he didn’t care at all?

This thought made her very uncomfortable, and her heart was sour.

Staring for a while, she sighed and picked up the phone.

Poke open He Wenyu’s dialog box repeatedly, but never a single message came…

Really don’t care at all?

“Knock, knock!” Someone knocked on the door.

“Who?” She walked over, putting her hand on the doorknob, but didn’t open it.

“Me.” A low but familiar voice.

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!” Wen Yu? !

“Open the door.” The voice at the door came with commands.

Chi Zhengzheng subconsciously opened the door immediately.

At the door, Wen Yu looked at her with a sullen face, eyes full of…wrong?

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Suddenly thinking of something, she looked down at her pajamas.

Chi Zhengzheng: “???” Damn! by! !

The newly bought pajamas are of the kind, green, with heads on, alligator.

Behind, fucking, dragging, a tail!


The door was closed again.

Wen Yu: “…”

I never expected it.

The author has something to say: Guess how long does Zhengzheng “run away from home”?

Guess when Wen Yu will take her back, hehe.

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  1. Clearly Chi ZhengZheng is being ridiculous. Get out of the guy’s house, ‘She didn’t even say she was going out…she just took her bags and bye’…
    And she still wants others to look for her, at least there’s no shame in her face

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