Chi Zhengzheng looked dazed, “I didn’t lie!”

Ding Yijun loosened her hand and complained: “Zhengzheng, you are telling a decent lie. Can we know what is the relationship between you and Wen Sisi? You two are enemies, and we need to find a reliable way to make up nonsense. Reason?”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She took a lot of effort to prove that she really lived with Wen Sisi last night.

In the morning, Wen Sisi transferred money to her because she tore her clothes.

Hotel monitoring can also prove that she went in with Wen Sisi last night, and came out with Wen Sisi.

“…If you still don’t believe it, go to the hotel to check the surveillance. It really doesn’t work. You can call Wen Sisi and Wen Yiran, and they all know.”

Chi Zhengzheng sighed weakly, and continued: “I know you dislike Wen Yu, but he is not that kind of person, and… and Wen Yu is not as unpromising as you think. You don’t like him, so don’t toss him. , Provoke him?”

A year later, our Chi family was already miserable. If you jump a little more, maybe it’s worse than Wen’s…

That is so desperate!

Chi Zhengzheng was sincerely persuading him, but Chi Yan and Ding Yijun obviously misunderstood.

Ding Yijun suddenly said: “Zhengzheng, tell me, you don’t really like Wenyu, do you?”

She has a serious look and frowns.

Chi Zhengzheng: “???” What?

Before she could speak, Chi Yan frowned and said coldly——

“Forget it, if you really like him, and now you have a marriage contract, you can get along well. Although Wenyu is not promising, it is a good thing to hear about the marriage of the two families later, let your brother pull Wenyu some more in the future.”

The mouth is full of disgust for Wen Yu.

But thinking that he was not with Chi Zhengzheng last night, Chi Yan was not as angry as before.

——Except for character problems they can’t accept, it’s easy to talk about others.

After a pause, Chi Yan said: “If you can snatch Wen Yiran back, he is the most suitable person for you. But if Wen Yiran doesn’t like it, you should stop pestering him or spreading rumors. , Can’t make enemies.”

How crazy his daughter was about Wen Yiran before, they all saw it.

After a car accident, she said she didn’t like it, but they didn’t believe it.

Compared with Chi Zhengzheng’s dislike of Wen Yiran, they believed that it was her anger that made her angry.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” She opened her mouth and really didn’t know what to say.

Knowing everything, when she talks to Chi’s family, there is always a sense of powerlessness when talking to a duck.

In the Chi family’s view, Wen Yu is just smelling superfluous, a worthless waste.

Compared to An Qinru, they actually wanted her to marry Wen Yiran more, but if Wen Yiran didn’t like her, they hoped that she would not stalk her like before and avoid feuding. If you can’t be with Wen Yiran, you can get the second best. If she wants to, she can marry Wen Yu.

——This is the attitude of Chi’s family.

But in Chi Zhengzheng’s view, it’s best for Chi’s family to be less involved with Wen’s family, and less likely to jump around in front of Wenyu. After all, Wenyu hates Wen’s the most. In this way, after a year, Chi’s family may be able to hide. Survive through the crisis.

Thinking that Chi Yan and Ding Yijun are the parents of this body, she thought for a while, and said, “Is the Chi family cooperating with the Wen family? Dad, I hope you’d better think about it…”

Chi Yan looked impatient and interrupted her: “Chi Zhengzheng, you are not responsible for the company’s affairs. You have recently been at home to reflect on it, and don’t make trouble anymore.”

After speaking, Chi Yan glanced at the time, “I still have business to deal with, so go to the study first.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” is really full of powerlessness.

Chi Zhouchen was from Chi’s family. He was still young. Chi Yan was afraid that Chi Zhengzheng would have a big heart. In the future, because of the family property, he would never let her touch commercial affairs.

It’s a long time to prepare for the cooperation between the two companies. It is also a long time ago that the two companies have devoted all their efforts to cooperation. Nowadays, they have invested a steady stream of capital into it. Don’t say to persuade Chi Yan to withdraw at this time, just to mention one sentence. You can only get one sentence-it’s not something you should be in charge of.

Tell them Wen Yu is Yu Ding’s boss?

Not to mention whether Chi Yan believes it or not, as long as Chi Zhengzheng says it, Wen Yu will be able to “click” her off first.

Moreover, Wen Yu is the hero of the hegemony, and the destruction of the two families is only the starting point of his road to hegemony. After exposing Wen Yu, he may not be prepared to lift up and fall, but directly attacked. .

In that case, the result is the same, and one year’s buffer is missing…


This feeling of knowing that there is a cliff ahead, but can’t stop it, is really… helpless.

Moreover, she and the Chi family have no feelings, so there is no trust.

Chi Yan left, and Chi Zhengzheng sat weakly on the sofa.

Beside, Ding Yijun approached her and said in a low voice—

“Zhengzheng, you also know that Wenyu is in Wenyu’s position. He won’t get anything from Wenyu in the future, and he doesn’t have any abilities. Mom doesn’t want you to jump into the fire pit. So you should stay away from Wenyu and find someone later. At the right opportunity, let’s break the marriage contract.”

In the end, she still hopes that her daughter will be able to marry a suitable person in the future, even if it is a marriage, the rest of her life will be better.

“Oh.” Chi Zhengzheng replied feebly.

Quite perfunctory.

When Ding Yijun saw that she had responded, he was immediately happy. After thinking about it, he couldn’t help saying: “Zhengzheng, there is also the matter of your cousin…”

Hearing this, Chi Zhengzheng opened his eyelids and looked at her.

“You have been at odds with Qinru since you were young. Now that you have grown up, you can no longer make unreasonable troubles like you did when you were young. Regardless of when Qinru was with Wen Yiran, Wen Yiran really doesn’t like you, since he likes Qinru. In the future, if Qinru can marry him, you and Qinru will have a good relationship, and you will be able to help each other.”

Ding Yijun was a little sad and sighed, “Wen Yiran has already joined the company. In the past two years, Wen’s family has gained momentum. Your brother is still young. Seeing that Chi’s may be left behind by Wen’s family, this cooperation is all about Wen’s family. Slightly accounted for the bulk…”

“So what?” Chi Zhengzheng sneered.

Ding Yijun was taken aback for a moment, and her sad face slowly showed a daze. She didn’t understand that she was thinking for her daughter, why did her daughter have this attitude?

Chi Zhengzheng stood up and didn’t look at her, “You really have a big picture. An Qinru hasn’t married Wen Yiran yet, so you want me to start to please her? Even if she has hooked up with her cousin’s fiance? Oh, let alone Wen Jia Whether I can grow in the future, even if I have nothing, I will not please people like An Qinru.”

After finishing speaking, he took two steps and stopped again, with a mocking voice: “Mom, when An Qinru and I were born, did they hug the wrong one? Why do I think she is your daughter?”

——She spoke out the question that had not been asked for the original owner.

Ding Yijun froze.

Chi Zhengzheng had already left, and went upstairs to his room.

Ding Yijun trembled slightly, her eyes flushed, and tears flowed out.

She really likes An Qinru. After all, she is sensible and obedient, and still attached to her. She also looked at the girl who grew up since she was a child. She must have been a little sincere.

But how could it be more important than a daughter?

Zheng Zheng really hurt her to say so. She wants them to reconcile, isn’t it all for Zheng Zheng?

Zhengzheng has a very bad reputation in the circle, but Qinru has many friends. Now Wen Yiran is not Zhengzheng’s fiance, and it is possible for Qinru to marry Wen Yiran in the future.

Isn’t she doing this for the sake of Zhengzheng’s future?

Qinru is generous, as long as Zhengzheng no longer targets her, they will definitely get along well.

Ding Yijun cried thinking of her daughter’s incomprehension.

“Mom? What’s wrong with you?” Chi Zhouchen’s voice was tentative.

Ding Yijun wiped his tears and shook his head: “It’s okay…”

Chi Zhouchen frowned: “Is Chi Zhengzheng angry with you again?”

“Your sister…oh, when will she be more sensible.” Thinking of Chi Zhengzheng, Ding Yijun’s eyes turned red again.

Chi Zhouchen was immediately angry.

“Humhhhhhhhhh” ran upstairs and patted Chi Zhengzheng’s door wildly.

Chi Zhengzheng opened the door and frowned.

Before she could speak, Chi Zhouchen said angrily: “Chi Zhengzheng! Can you be more sensible, do you know if you cried your mother? How many times have this been, you always make her angry, why am I A sister like you, you simply—”

The voice gradually became smaller, and Chi Zhouchen’s words could not be said in her eyes.

Chi Zhengzheng in front of him neither jumped nor refuted. She just stared at him with those big eyes indifferently, like… at a stranger.

“Are you finished?” Chi Zhengzheng asked.

Chi Zhouchen opened his mouth and suddenly seemed to lose his confidence.

Chi Zhengzheng expressionlessly: “You are sixteen this year, not six years old. You can ask what mom said to me just now, and what I said to her, then come to me.”

After speaking, she went out sideways.

When she walked to the hall, Ding Yijun looked at her with a complicated expression.

Chi Zhengzheng stopped for a while and said, “I’ll go out and go around and come back at night.” So instead of running away from home, I don’t need to look for her with great vigor.

After speaking, Chi Zhengzheng left in stride.

She really couldn’t stay in the house of Chi’s family.

Go out, stop the car, all in one go.

“Where to go?” the taxi driver asked.

Chi Zhengzheng was a little at a loss. She didn’t know where she could go.

This world is still a strange world to her after all.

She has no friends and no place to go.

Family… Is it family?

“Where to go?” The driver looked back and asked again in surprise.

She thought about it and reported an address.

The car drifted away.

Chi Zhengzheng went out again. This is not the first time. In the past, she would go out after quarreling with her family many times.

But this time was different from before. This time she didn’t jump her feet or abuse her feet. She just said a few words with Ding Yijun and Chi Zhouchen indifferently.

She seemed so calm, but the two in the family couldn’t help being stunned, and they couldn’t help but raise a complex emotion in the bottom of their hearts.

Chi Zhouchen went downstairs blankly, looking at Ding Yijun who was also blank, he finally asked——

“Mom, what did you talk to Chi Zhengzheng just now?”

This was the first time that Chi Zhouchen took the initiative to ask them what they said. He suddenly wondered why his mother was so angry that Chi Zhengzheng was crying, and why did Chi Zhengzheng react that way?

Is it because Chi Zhengzheng is making troubles unreasonably and making troubles?

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