——She is retreating to advance!

——First follow him to dissolve the marriage contract, and then spread rumors to slander him and make other women give up the idea of ​​beating him, and then she will approach Wen Sisi and plot others.

Heh, Chi Zhengzheng, after a car accident, he became smarter, no longer stalking, and changed his strategy.

Hearing the thoughts, he paused slightly.

Pester her? What bad idea? 

She gritted her teeth: “It must be!” She definitely wanted to piss her off!

She was wrapped in a quilt last night and caused her to catch a cold.

That dead girl is really insidious!

Wen Yiran looked “Sure enough” and sneered–

“Sure enough, Jiang Shan is easy to change her nature and hard to change. After hearing Sisi, no matter what bad idea she makes, you are not allowed to lead her to me. I don’t want to see her again.”

Chi Zhengzheng, no matter how many ways you go around, I won’t like you!

Too much.

Chi Zhengzheng put down his chopsticks and raised his head: “Are there any more vegetables?”

“Have you eaten?” Wen Yu also put down his knife and fork.

The opposite woman nodded contentedly and wiped her mouth and said: “I have been eating, how many dishes did I order? Why can’t I finish it?”

While she was eating, new dishes kept coming up.

Just now she wanted to say no to eat, but every time a new dish looked extra delicious, she thought–

Don’t waste your money, just order them and eat.

As a result, I was struggling.

No matter how delicious it is, I can’t eat it anymore.

Wen Yu lost a smile, wiping his hands while replying: “Nothing.”

Glancing at the waiter next to him, the waiter hurriedly made another gesture. The waiter who was coming over with the food nodded and immediately returned with the food.

Chi Zhengzheng breathed a sigh of relief and thought, “It’s okay if there is no waste.”

Just after eating so much, I’m afraid it’s… it’s not cheap, right?

I don’t know if the money she squeezed out of Wen Sisi is enough for food…

Otherwise, she won’t give this meal, let the boss treat him, wait until she saves money, and then ask the boss to eat it back?

Otherwise, when you check out later, if you don’t have enough money in your card, you will be really embarrassed.

However, the opposite Wen Yu did not make any gesture.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”? ? ?

The big guy wouldn’t be so picky, right? !

While thinking about it, she took out the card and said with a guilty conscience: “Swipe the card.”

The waiter was respectful and very polite: “Madam, you don’t need to check out.”

“Huh?” Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback.

There are overlord meals?

Although there is no one in this store and the business is not good, it is not free for customers, right?

Speaking of which the location of this store is good, the decoration is very elegant, the environment and service are very good, and the taste is also excellent, but there are no customers in the store…

Chi Zhengzheng has reason to suspect that this is because his home is very, very expensive!

Before the waiter could answer, Wen Yu stood up, picked up the clothes next to him and put on them, and calmly said, “This shop belongs to me.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “!!!”

Her first reaction was-I rely on, the big guy has a really big business!

The second reaction is-I know a secret of the boss again! !

Is it one step closer to being wiped out? !

Chi Zhengzheng also stood up. While putting on his clothes, he cautiously said, “Da…Wenyu, you do catering, it’s very good.”


——I just thought you were in catering. I don’t know that your company is actually a mysterious company Yu Ding that spans both virtual and real industries. It is very, very well-known and even known by both of them!

——So, I am not afraid at all!

Chi Zhengzheng smiled, his expression relaxed a lot.

Wen Yu took her out and replied: “I don’t do catering. I open a restaurant for the convenience of eating and banquets. I don’t like eating in other people’s places.”

After a pause, he continued: “I work in virtual industries such as finance, and I also take care of some industries. If you want to know, I can tell you in detail.”

After speaking, he found that Chi Zhengzheng had stopped.

He turned his head, his eyes revealed doubts.

Chi Zhengzheng pulled out a smile at the corner of his mouth, very stiff: “No, no need…”

She never knew that Wen Yu talked so much! ! !


I really don’t want to know! Not thinking about it at all!


Wen Yu sent Chi Zhengzheng to Chi’s door.

“Thank you for sending me back, goodbye.” Chi Zhengzheng smiled sincerely.

I have to say that when we get along with Wen Yu, we feel very comfortable in other aspects except for the fear.

He doesn’t talk much, but he also responds. It is very comfortable to get along with him. Although he is silent, he does not make people feel ignored.

The most important thing is-Wen Yu looks very handsome, just looking at the face is enough to be pleasing to the eye.

Chi Zhengzheng occasionally took a look at him, and he was so surprised that he thought to himself, he is indeed the overlord protagonist favored by the entire world!

Wen Yu nodded and pressed his finger on the phone screen. After that, Chi Zhengzheng’s phone rang.

She hadn’t read it yet, Wen Yu said, “I’m calling, if I have something to call.”

After speaking, the window was rolled up, and the car gradually moved away.

Chi Zhengzheng was slightly taken aback, standing there, staring blankly at the car leaving.

He already has her phone?

Yes, he bought all the mobile phones. Isn’t it easy to want a phone number?

It’s just that she feels a little bit magical.

Before, whether it was buying clothes or eating together, she didn’t think there was anything special. After all, if Wen Yu wanted to deal with Wen Jingsen, she had to show her “fiancee”.

But looking at the phone number on the mobile phone, she suddenly felt that-I was afraid that they would have more contact in the future.

Because of an “oral engagement” relationship, she and the male protagonist without the CP system were linked together.

“People have gone far, what else to watch.” Behind, a teenager’s voice sounded.

The voice was mocking, and it was quite unpleasant at first.

Chi Zhengzheng retracted his thoughts and turned his head to look at the person-Chi Zhouchen.

He was wearing a jacket and jeans with his hands in his pockets, his chin slightly raised, and his face was full of jealousy and sarcasm, as if he was talking all the time–

You wait for garbage.

This is her younger brother, really unpleasant brother.

Chi Zhengzheng rolled his eyes and replied, “It’s your shit, you won’t go to class?”

“Weekend.” Chi Zhouchen replied, and then looked at the direction where Wenyu’s car disappeared, and looked at her suspiciously, “You don’t like Wenyu anymore? From Wen Yiran to Wenyu, Chi Zhengzheng, How did your vision become so bad?”

Chi Zhengzheng rolled his eyes and said, “I didn’t like Wenyu, nor Wen Yiran, thank you. Also, do you think Wenyu is worse than Wen Yi? Your vision is bad, right.”

“Of course, Wenyu is not as good as–“

Chi Zhouchen paused, thinking of Wen Yu, he changed his words: “Except for a face, Wen Yu is worse than Wen Yi!”

He didn’t think that Wen Yu grew up well before. It was also because of Chi Zhengzheng recently that he suddenly discovered that Wen Yu turned out to be so good! And so powerful!

It’s really weird, why didn’t you notice his face before and thought he was super redundant?

For Chi Zhouchen’s words, Chi Zhengzheng just twitched the corner of his mouth and replied with two words: “Hehe.”

“Hey, Chi Zhengzheng, can you speak well?” Chi Zhouchen glared at her, very dissatisfied.

He also discovered that Chi Zhengzheng had changed since the accident.

The two of them didn’t get along well before, and they always quarreled when they met. Of course, Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t quarrel him.

But Chi Zhouchen also disliked Chi Zhengzheng very much. She looked at him with jealousy and deep dislike.

Chi Zhouchen has reason to believe that Chi Zhengzheng would rather have no younger brother.

Therefore, it is strange that he likes her.

He also thought she was stupid and annoying, and she was not worthy of being his sister!

After the car accident, Chi Zhengzheng changed a bit. The look in her eyes was no longer jealous and disgusting. On the contrary, the look in his eyes always made him feel that she was watching—

bad boy.

This made Chi Zhouchen even more unhappy.

“You take a mouthful of Chi Zhengzheng, no matter how big or small, you can speak well?” Chi Zhengzheng rolled his eyes again, raised his foot, and prepared to return to Chi’s home.

Chi Zhouchen ridiculed: “Okay, I’m too lazy to tell you, you go in, run away from home, stay at night, see how your parents scold you.”

Chi Zhengzheng kept on walking, leaving only one sentence–

“Boy, do your homework first before worrying about me.”

Chi Zhouchen: “…” Fuck.

Step into Chi’s home.

This weekend, because Chi Zhouchen was at home, Chi Yan was there.

Needless to say, Ding Yijun was also at home naturally, but she glanced away and did not see An Qinru.

When she saw her coming in, Ding Yijun was relieved first, then stepped forward and complained: “Zhengzheng, if you have something to say, how did you run out? Do you know what made me and your dad look like?”

Chi Zhengzheng changed his shoes and said nothing.

Chi Yan said with a sullen face: “Chi Zhengzheng! Where were you last night?!”


Ding Yijun’s complexion didn’t look good at once, and so was Chi Yan, and it went dark for an instant.

“Chi Zhengzheng!” Chi Yan stood up angrily.

Ding Yijun also patted his heart, with a sad expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Chi Zhengzheng was a little dazed. She was not in the hotel when she ran away from home, where could she be?

As if thinking of something, her eyes were helpless, and she spoke in Chi Yan’s angry gaze: “I wasn’t with Wen Yu last night. He sent me to buy clothes and left.”

Ding Yijun’s face was ugly. She stretched out her hand to sit down, resisting unhappiness, and said in a good way: “Zhengzheng, although we have appointed you a fiancé Wenyu, you also know that person Wenyu. There is nothing promising. As long as we hear that the cooperation between the two parties is stable, we will dissolve the marriage contract for you.”

Chi Yan sat down, put the tea cup in his hand on the coffee table again, and said, “If Wen Yu has a better future and he is willing to make progress, you are considered appropriate. But look at what he did? He did last night. I took you to the hotel just to tie up Chi’s family and not to be motivated!”

“You are also a naive person. You can’t see Wenyu’s crooked idea, and Wen Jia is looking forward to using Wenyu…” Ding Yijun muttered, full of dissatisfaction with Wenyu.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

She took a deep breath and said very seriously: “I really wasn’t with Wen Yu last night. The hotel I stayed at last night was the room that Wen Sisi opened. I stayed with Wen Sisi last night. You Don’t always misunderstand Wen Yu.”

“Chi Zhengzheng! You started to lie before I cleaned you up?!” Chi Yan became even more angry, his chest rising and falling with anger.

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