Wen Jingsen frowned: “Chi Zhengzheng doesn’t like him.”

Xu Wei couldn’t help but smile: “They really spent the night outside, maybe Chi Zhengzheng will accept Ah Yu? Then the marriage between the two of them will be nailed down!”

Wen Jingsen was taken aback.

Using an extra person from Wen’s family to trap Miss Chi’s family, Wen’s family made a profit.

Thinking about it this way, Wen Jingsen also relaxed, no longer the tension that was just now.

After thinking for a while, he said: “Chi Zhengzheng doesn’t care, Sisi is still looking for it. My brother is just such a daughter…”

Dissatisfaction flashed in Xu Wei’s eyes and nodded: “Okay, I’ll help you find it again.”

Although Wen Sisi is only their family’s niece, Wen Jingsen actually dotes on this niece more than Wen Yu. He has no daughter, and his younger brother will come especially, which has always made Wen Jingsen love Wen Sisi very much.

Wen Yu is an existence that Wen Jingsen doesn’t want to see, and it is a stain to him, Xu Wei can bully at will.

But Wen Sisi is a girl who is very much loved by Wen Jingsen, and Xu Wei naturally can’t do anything.

Yu Ding.

After Wen Yu signed all the contracts he was about to sign, he looked down from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the bustling market below.

Even if he is working in the company, it makes him much happier than in the filthy place of Wen’s house.

——He likes office work.

At this time, the phone rang.

Wen Yu looked at the phone display and picked up: “Huh?”

On the other side of the phone, a voice respectfully said: “Ms. Wen, Ms. Chi Zhengzheng has not returned to Chi’s house.”

Wen Yu frowned, stood up subconsciously, reached out and picked up the car key.

But the other end of the phone said: “She and Ms. Wen Sisi are staying in room XXXX of XXX Hotel.”

Wen Yu was taken aback and repeated: “Wen Sisi?”

“Yes, the room opened with Ms. Wen Sisi’s ID card was taken by Ms. Chi Zhengzheng with Ms. Wen Sisi.” The phone replied.

After Wen Yu’s thoughts turned, he wanted to understand.

——She didn’t bring her ID card.

Can Wen Sisi hate Chi Zhengzheng? He often cursed her at Wenjia.

Thinking of the hotel where Chi Zhengzheng took Wen Sisi to go, he raised his brows and a smile flashed in his eyes.

Then he sat down calmly and said lightly: “Just find it, don’t continue to pay attention.”

——Just make sure it’s safe, and don’t want to pry into privacy.

So after hanging up the phone, Wen Yu turned on the computer and continued to work.


Not knowing that he was worried by some people, was speculated by some people, and somebody found out his whereabouts, Chi Zhengzheng, who had just finished washing up, was lying on the bed happily.

Next to him, Wen Sisi was jumping again: “Chi Zhengzheng! Are you really going to sleep in a bed with me tonight?!”

Chi Zhengzheng gave her a blank look: “What’s wrong with this? You haven’t lived in a bed with anyone? I didn’t dislike you with such a big bed, so I can sleep well. What do you dislike?”

Wen Sisi’s chest rose and fell violently, pointing her finger up, speechless.

She really hates Chi Zhengzheng very, very much, since she was a child!

The two have similar names, and they are both the existence of the envy of the little sisters in the circle. It was late that Zhengzheng grew better than her, and the words were annoying. Almost since they remembered, the two have been fighting each other.

But before, Chi Zhengzheng lost to her!

Chi Zhengzheng has closed his eyes and is ready to go to bed.

“You come down! I sleep in bed!” Wen Sisi finally angered.

She could go to open another room, but inexplicably, Wen Sisi felt that she gave up this room to Chi Zhengzheng, and she couldn’t beat Chi Zhengzheng.

How can this be? !

She can never lose to Chi Zhengzheng!

“What good things do you want?” Chi Zhengzheng gave her a blank look. “I’m sleepy. You like to sleep or not. If you don’t want to sleep, you can sleep on the sofa. Don’t be noisy.”

After speaking, she closed her eyes.

Hearing this, Wen Sisi, who was full and suffocated, rushed forward with anger, threw Chi Zhengzheng under the bed, and shouted: “The room I opened, the bed I sleep, you go to the sofa !”

Of course Chi Zhengzheng didn’t do it, and he turned her off as well: “Will you be annoying to Wen Sisi, can you not be so naive?!”

naive? !

Wen Sisi was so angry that she reached out and started to pull at her.

The two huddled together on the bed. Chi Zhengzheng still had some hands left at first, but with the expensive sweater being torn open, Chi Zhengzheng also exploded.

She is new to a strange world. She was embarrassed enough to accept a bunch of people she didn’t know. There are so many bad things, and a miserable ending a year later is hanging in the front. It is conceivable that she has not collapsed. It is her psychological endurance is extremely strong.

At this moment, aroused anger, and then moved towards Wen Sisi.

The two of you hit me, you bite me, and I tugged you, and beat me fiercely.

——”Wen Sisi, let me go!”

——”Chi Zhengzheng, let go of your fucking first!!!”

——”Let go of my hair!”

-“Ah, my ears!”

——”Wen Sisi! Don’t touch Laozi’s face! Is it ethical to fight a little?!”

——”Chi Zhengzheng, you are not allowed to touch my face! Damn! My hair!”

“Bang bang bang—”

“Kang, bang, bang—”

It was found that Wen Sisi had opened a house to live outside, and Wen’s family was relieved.

Early the next morning, Wen Yiran drove her to pick her up.

Although he hated her for being unrestricted, he was the cousin who grew up together. After a night passed, Wen Yiran was not so angry, and under the begging of his uncle, he drove to the hotel to pick up Sisi.

If Wen Yu can easily find it, Wen Jia can naturally find the location.

He went upstairs and walked directly to the room where Wen Sisi opened upstairs.

“Bang bang bang!” knocked hard on the door.

There is no sound inside.

Wen Yiran continued knocking impatiently.

A female voice finally rang out, hoarse and lazy: “Who! Tap it!”

——Apparently just woken up.

Wen Yiran paused slightly, don’t know why, he felt that this voice didn’t seem to be from Wen Sisi?

He shook his head, thinking that he had heard it wrong.

What lives inside is Wen Sisi.

“Wen Sisi, open the door!” Wen Yiran’s voice was a little heavy, with obvious impatience.

After a while, the door was opened.

“Wearing and thinking about you–” Wen Yiran’s voice stopped abruptly.

In front of him, it was clearly Chi Zhengzheng standing!

Wen Yiran was stunned.

Chi Zhengzheng had just woke up, her hair was messy and her eyes were still hazy. Although she was dressed, she didn’t look like much. It was just that she was so good-looking that even so, she was a bit amazing.

Seeing Wen Yiran, Chi Zhengzheng rolled his eyes invisibly and yawned and shouted inside: “Wen Sisi! Looking for you!”

After speaking, stepping on the slippers, “ta, ta, ta” entered the bathroom.

Wen Yiran was still standing in place with a shocked expression on his face.

Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Sisi live together? ?

“Brother Yiran…” Wen Sisi also came out, looking at him with some guilty conscience.

Wen Yiran retracted his thoughts, frowned and asked, “Why do you live with her?”

——The famous rival of these two people actually stayed in a hotel? This is a big bed room!

Wen Sisi’s brows tightened in an instant, and the anger under his eyes instantly burned.

Chi Zhengzheng would fight, and Wen Sisi fought so hard last night, but he didn’t succeed. Not only did he have a long meal, he almost fell asleep by being kicked to the ground by Chi Zhengzheng.

Fortunately, Chi Zhengzheng was sleepy, and fell asleep after restraining Wen Sisi.

Wen Sisi wanted to be ashamed, but his scalp was still aching, and he did not dare to attack Chi Zhengzheng for fear of being beaten.

In addition, she was indeed sleepy, so she pulled the quilt and went to sleep.

Yesterday was threatened by Chi Zhengzheng, and he had not fought again last night, and was completely abused by Chi Zhengzheng. This was a shameful thing in Wen Sisi’s eyes. How could she tell Wen Yiran?

So she twitched the corners of her mouth, and only said: “Coincidence…coincidence…”

Fearing that Wen Yiran would ask again, she hurriedly said: “I’ll clean up and go back soon.”

She can still take care of anyone who can’t run away from home.

In the room, the roar of Wen Sisi soon came out——

“Chi Zhengzheng, hurry up!!!”

In the bathroom, Chi Zhengzheng washed slowly, and ignored her at all.

After washing, he opened the door, and said to the angrily Wen Sisi who was standing at the door.

“You tore the clothes I just bought yesterday. It’s still there. Remember to lose money.”

Wen Sisi: “???”

Wen Yiran: “…”

Hotel entrance.

Wen Sisi followed Wen Yiran away with an angry face, and Chi Zhengzheng was in a good mood.

Even if Wen Yiran frowned and looked at her several times before getting into the car, it didn’t affect her good mood at all.

Although the neckline of the sweater was pulled out of the mouth, it could barely be worn.

She was happy because even though Wen Sisi scolded her, he lost her sweater money!

Last night, spending so much money made her feel distressed, but turned around and came back more than 6,000, which finally made her feel better.

The money is transferred to the card. Chi Zhengzheng is going to pick up some cash to take a taxi, and then buy a mobile phone. It is really inconvenient to have a mobile phone outside.

She was about to leave, and a strange car stopped in front of her.

The window rolled down, and the human in the car said: “Get in the car.”

——Wen Yu.

Chi Zhengzheng was taken aback, and immediately said: “No need!”

How dare she get in Wenyu’s car! !

Just heard his secret yesterday, who knows if he came to silence? !

Wen Yu didn’t speak, but just looked at her like that.

Chi Zhengzheng: “…” 嘤嘤嘤.

Silently, cautiously, stopped at one step and three times, and was forced to get into the car.

After getting on the bus, Chi Zhengzheng was afraid to speak, shivering.

Wen Yu didn’t speak, and drove the car silently.

As for where to go…

Chi Zhengzheng: I dare not ask anything, dare not say anything.

Soon, when waiting for the traffic lights, Wen Yu spoke first, took a box from the side and handed it to her: “Here you are.”

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