SFTAB: Ch 41

 Jiang Miaomiao returned to the room and opened the small box Lu Qiming gave her.

    There are seven test strips and a matching urine test cup.

    She took a copy and used it in the bathroom. Following the instructions, she dipped one end of the test strip in the urine, and then took it out and lay it flat.

    Check the result after a few minutes. There is only a clear red line on the white test strip.

    Feminine, not pregnant.

    She checked and compared it again. She breathed a sigh of relief, and kept the rest for future use. Then she couldn’t wait to tell Lu Qiming the good news from the basement.

    The other party was also very happy to hear it, but insisted:

    “Test again in a few days, it will be safer. Until then, you’d better not leave the room, let alone run as fast as you do now.”

    She sighed.

    ”     I have found that I am not pregnant, so what are you afraid of doing? Don’t worry, we are not so lucky.”

    He frowned, “Miao Miao.”

“…Okay, okay, I’ll be careful.”

    She He smiled and leaned over to look at the pot, “What did you eat this morning?” There

    are only a few ingredients available. The two have a very fixed recipe, either noodles or rice, and the dishes are the same.

    Seeing that she was losing weight again, Lu Qiming wanted her to eat more, so he mixed a bowl of batter and poured it into a pan to eat.

    The noodles are thinly fried and fragrant, coated with a layer of locust nectar.

    Jiang Miaomiao gnawed two pieces in one breath and gave him a thumbs up.

    “Your craft is so good, how did you get it?”

    The cakes just out of the pot have been eaten. Lu Qiming continued to fry, holding the spatula and said:

    “When I was a child, there was always no one at home. I learned to use a coal stove in the third grade, so I started to make something for myself. Later, I went to a closed school. Accommodation and canteens are not tasty. The school is in a remote suburb, and there are no restaurants around. I am always hungry at night during my adolescence. A few classmates and I often go out over the wall and set up stoves in the woods to make fire and roast bird eggs. “

    Jiang Miaomiao listened, and a picture emerged in his mind—

    thirteen-four-year-old Lu Qiming was thin and small, and a few similarly thin monkey-like classmates stepped out of the high wall in the middle of the night, and the teenagers ran like a gust of wind. Cross fields and graves, scramble for a few small bird eggs in the woods.

    She felt a little distressed suddenly, looked at the uneaten cake in her hand, and fed it to his mouth.

    Lu Qiming asked, “What?”

    “I’ll give you something to eat. You are a chef, and you work hard, hehe.”

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at his broad shoulders and slender legs as he spoke. It was hard to imagine, in such a difficult environment. Here, how did he grow so tall.

    In contrast, she was born in an ordinary family, who had never been rich but had never suffered, her height is simply ashamed of the food she ate in those years.

    Lu Qiming finished eating the cake with her hand, and the heavy heart that was suspected of being pregnant was relieved a lot.

    Three days later, Jiang Miaomiao took another test.

    The result was the same as last time, it was negative again, without pregnant.

    And the aunt came that night.

    Now they were completely relieved and no longer had to worry about Jiang Miaomiao’s life safety, but they were more cautious because of this.

    Here they bothered about contraception, and over there the old and white couple hatched their eggs seriously.

    Half a month later, a bird egg broke its shell first, and a faint cry was heard.

    Then came the second and the third… The six eggs hatched four birds in total, and two of them were stinking.

    When Jiang Miaomiao saw the little crow for the first time, he didn’t want to touch it.

    The head is big, the wings are small, the belly is big, and the butt is fat.

    The hairs on the body are sparse, and the skin is ugly blue-black, as thin as spring roll skin, and the internal organs can almost be seen.

    They have very big eyes and big mouths. After breaking the shell, he does nothing but waits for feeding with his mouth open.

    Once the feeding is late, the four birds will bark together, so noisy that people don’t want to step into the room at all.

    Lao Bai was so tired to take care of them, he visibly lost weight.

    Lao Bai’s husband is quite responsible. He always takes the baton when he is tired and continues to feed the child.

    Jiang Miaomiao was worried that he would raise the little one and starve to death, so he made a confinement meal for Lao Bai.

    The ham sausage, milk powder, green vegetables, etc. are stirred into puree and fed to a bird specially.

    Lao Bai became fuller by the day, and the little crow began to grow hair.

    Not long after they came out of the shell, they had gone from being ugly to a little freak who couldn’t bear to look straight, and became a little bit birdy.

    Jiang Miaomiao is a face control, since then, the more he looks at it, the more he likes it, and he often goes in and touches it.

    She has Lu Qiming, Lao Bai has a husband and children, but Jiang is lonely, always forgotten by everyone, standing in the corner wags his tail pitifully.

    When the little crows can walk all over the ground, the summer has passed.

    They finally don’t have to turn on the air conditioner 24 hours a day, and the electricity saved is shared with the induction cooker. In the future, there is no need to regenerate the fire, which saves a lot of trouble.

    Sometimes I’m too lazy to cook, so I turn out the electric stew cooker and cook a pot of shiitake mushroom scallop porridge with mustard pickles for a day.

    The little crows grow up very fast, and seeing that they will be able to eat meat soon, the two of them are facing a very troublesome problem.

    After all, the supplies in the supermarket are limited, so eat a little less.

    They consume rice and noodles very slowly, as long as they are preserved, they should be eaten for two to three years, but mineral water cannot last that long.

    Since installing the air conditioner, they have tried to minimize the number of baths and just keep their bodies fresh.

    When it rains, they will also find all the containers and place them on the balcony to collect water and use them to mop the floor and wash dishes.

    If so, the amount of water storage is still decreasing day by day.

    By October, the remaining water can only support them for another month.

    There is electricity and food here, and Jiang Miaomiao doesn’t want to leave.

    So the only way is to go out and find water to bring it back.

    Choosing a cool day, the two were ready to go out.

    Since moving out of the villa and coming to the mansion, Jiang Miaomiao has never been out, and he is nervous and looking forward to this matter.

    And because of previous lessons, she repeatedly warned Lu Qiming not to temporarily change his mind and leave her behind.

    The other party agreed that it was not enough, and she held his hand tightly during dinner and sleep.

    If you want to keep her in the room, unless you leave this arm!

    Under such strict precautions, Lu Qiming could not find the opportunity to leave early, so he had to fulfill the agreement and take her out together.

    At eight o’clock in the morning, the sun was shining brightly.

    The two stood by the window, each carrying a bag full of weapons and food on their shoulders, and they were tying ropes to their bodies, planning to leave the building using Lu Qiming’s previous methods.

    The old white couple were feeding the little crows in the bird house. Jiang Rourou noticed their behavior and walked around, wanting to walk with them.

    Jiang Miaomiao squatted down and gently touched the dog’s head.

    “Fuck, you stay at home and don’t run around, okay? I’ll bring you delicious food.”

    Although the whole city is soaked by water, there are always some locations that cannot be soaked, such as the building where Lu Qiming found solar panels before.

    Other foods have better sealing properties, such as canned foods, which have a long shelf life and should be edible.

    If you can’t find water, it’s good to find some new food.

    Jiang Miaomiao brought a large storage bag specially used to hold things.

    Soothing Jiang Rourou, she stood up.

    Lu Qiming had tied the rope and came to check the rope around her waist.

    “Are you sure you dare to climb down from here?”

    he asked, lowering his eyes.

    The supermarket is located on the 20th floor, with a height of more than 60 meters. They need to descend five floors, that is, climb from more than sixty meters to more than fifty meters.

    For Lu Qiming, this was just a common meal, but for Jiang Miaomiao, it was as difficult as going to heaven.

    She has no experience, physical strength, or skills.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a deep breath, raised his eyes and said,

    “As long as you are there, I will dare.”

    Lu Qiming raised the corner of his mouth, tied her backpack and rope a little tighter, and tied the two of them with a climbing rope. Waist, about three or four meters in length is left in the middle.

    In this way, even if she falls while climbing, he can hold her in time.

    After doing this, he opened the window, picked up a large bundle of ropes piled aside, held the tail and threw it out.

    The rope stretched out in the air, extremely long, hanging down to the windows on the 15th floor, swayed by the wind.

    Lu Qiming put this end in his hand on the shelf full of rice, tugged, and said to her,


    Are you really going to go down? so high.

    She stood by the window and looked down. The height she was accustomed to tomorrow, but now she was dizzy and her legs were weak.

    Lu Qiming noticed the look in her eyes, and took the initiative:

    “You still have time to regret it.”


    She refused, grabbing the window and saying, “Don’t seduce me anymore, I won’t give up.”

    Lu Qiming lightly Laugh, pat her ass.

    “I’ll go down first, and you

    will follow.” After speaking, he grabbed the rope and jumped down. When Jiang Miaomiao could see clearly, he was already on the nineteenth floor.

    “Huh… don’t be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of…”

    She can knock down zombies, carry the sofa, and raise crows. She is no longer the one she used to be.

    It’s just climbing upstairs, what to be afraid of.

    Jiang Miaomiao did enough preparations, bit his scalp and grabbed the rope… and slowly slid down against the wall like dumplings.

    Lu Qiming shouted below:

    “Don’t be afraid, I will catch you when you fall.”

    She didn’t want him to pick him up, she could do it.

    With her entire body hanging outside the window, Jiang Miaomiao tried his best not to look at the scene around her. Following the method Lu Qiming taught her before, he looped the rope around her arms and legs a few times.

    After the body has stopped, raise your hand to close the window.

    Jiang Rourou ran over and licked her hand.

    She was afraid that it would fall, and said hurriedly: “Go back!”


    “Goodbye, go back.” After

    finally letting Jiang Rourou leave, she closed the window and her back was already sweaty.

    Lu Qiming didn’t move. He was still waiting for her below. When she saw that she was starting to crawl down, he slowly slowed down following her.

    Jiang Miaomiao had never been so focused in his life. There were only ropes in his eyes, completely ignoring the possibility of falling into a pool of flesh.

    There is only one goal in the mind-to drop, to drop.

    She is like a big caterpillar, moving slowly on the climbing rope.

    I don’t know how long it took, and there was a chuckle from the top of my head.

    “Where are you going down?”

    She looked up and saw Lu Qiming standing behind the window, looking at her with a smile.

    After a few seconds, she reacted and asked in surprise, “Is it on the 15th floor?”

    Lu Qiming nodded and stretched out his hand.

    “Yes, you are better than I thought.”

    Jiang Miaomiao grabbed his hand and climbed up, landing on both feet, feeling extremely secure.

    “Hey, let’s go.”

    She walked forward with confidence, and after walking two steps, she found that the two of them were still tied with a rope at their waists, which was troublesome, and was about to untie it.

    Lu Qiming blocked her.

    “Don’t understand.”


    “What should I do if I accidentally lose it when I take the kids out?”

    She? Kid? I look down on people too much.

    Jiang Miaomiao curled his mouth in disgust, but drew his hand to untie the rope obediently.

    The two walked downstairs side by side with backpacks on their backs, and quickly left the building.

    October, early autumn.

    The sky is high and the clouds are pale, and the road without supervision for half a year is full of withered leaves.

    It is a pity that they missed the ripening period of the peaches.

    Now there are only savage weeds left in the green belt, and bushes that grow longer and scrawl.

    Since he didn’t wear protective clothing or wiped zombie blood, Jiang Miaomiao was very vigilant, and had no time to appreciate the scenery, always paying attention to changes around him, and preparing to draw his gun whenever there was a zombie.

    But after walking several hundred meters, not a single zombie was seen.

    The city soaked by water was deserted and quiet, as if it really became a dead city.

    “Did you meet zombies the last time you came out?”

    she asked Lu Qiming.

    The other nodded.

    “It’s weird, why didn’t I have any one today.”

    “I guess I knew you were going out, so I was scared away.”

    “…If you don’t sarcasm, I will die.”

    Lu Qiming was about to speak when he suddenly saw a convenience store. , Ready to walk in and go around.

    There are bottled water in convenience stores, and the bottled water is generally well-sealed. As long as it is not washed away by the flood, you can still drink it.

    The two walked in one after the other, and the store became completely unrecognizable after being ravaged by the flood.

    The shelves were all down, the paint was cracked and rusty.

    The food piles on the shelves are everywhere, like a garbage dump.

    She searched the left and Lu Qiming searched the right, always keeping a distance of about three meters.

    Jiang Miaomiao picked up a tin box of fruit candy, shook it, and opened it.

    The sugar inside is sticky into a big pile, all colors are mixed together, and the smell is pungent.

    She frowned and threw it away, looking at others.

    Potato chips, biscuits, candied fruit, chocolate… The snacks she once loved were either emptied by insects and soaked by the flood. Either it is so bad that it makes people afraid of bad hands.

    Not to mention the bentos and sandwiches whose shelf life is only a few days and there is no time to sell before the end of the world.

    Jiang Miaomiao had been whimsical.

    There is no one else in the city, and all the resources belong to her. As long as the zombies do not come back, maybe she can rely on these resources to live to the end of the end times.

    It’s naive to think about it now.

    The fact that the resource is not moved does not mean that the food will wait for her to eat as it is.

    Every day, countless foods will rot in the silence.

    At the current rate, if she has stayed here for several years in a row and has not found a substitute, she can only wait to starve to death.

    “Did you see the water?”

    Lu Qiming asked.

    She recovered and shook her head, “How about you?”

    Lu Qiming shrugged and said that there was no. Looking at the furnishings in the store, she found a door that was soaked in water, probably leading to the warehouse, and was about to walk over.

    There was a rope between the two, he moved, and Jiang Miaomiao also moved, walking faster than him.

    She stopped abruptly, her entire face wrinkled, as if she had seen something disgusting.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “There are zombies, vomit…it’s too stinky.”

    She pointed to the back of a shelf, blocking her eyes with her hands and didn’t want to look.

    Lu Qiming approached a little bit, and as expected, there was a rotting corpse lying on the ground, densely covered with maggots. The picture was quite heavy, no wonder she refused to look at it.

    He brought a billboard and planned to cover it, bypass it and continue to the warehouse.

    When he was about to start, he stopped and looked at the corpse motionlessly.

    Jiang Miaomiao asked curiously: “What are you looking at?”

    “This corpse… is a bit

    wrong .” “Is it?”

    She looked through her fingers, trying to ignore the disgusting maggots and observe the zombies.

    This should be a male with a height of over 1.7 meters and wearing a full suit, tie, and shoes.

    During his lifetime, he was either a financial elite or a seller of insurance.

    His flesh|body was almost eaten by maggots, only a little flesh on his face and fingers, and there were worms squirming in his leather shoes.

    The maggots are crawling all the time, occasionally revealing the bones underneath.

    The bones of the zombies have rotted for a long time, and most of them are gray-black, and a small part are white.

    He was faintly red, and he didn’t look like a zombie, like the big bones of pigs that were only sold at the stall in the vegetable market in the morning, giving people a very fresh feeling.

    There were maggots in front of him, and when the word “fresh” flashed in his mind, Jiang Miaomiao almost didn’t spit it out.

    She covered her throat and said, “Isn’t he a zombie, he’s a normal person who has just died?”

    Lu Qiming didn’t know. He took a few pieces of paper from the ground, took out a lighter to light it, blow it out, and smoke the maggots.

    They scattered and fled, Jiang Miaomiao hurriedly climbed to a high place and stood, for fear of climbing on him.

    The maggots dispersed, revealing complete bones.

    From the skull to the toes, everything is pale pink.

    The pale pink bones… why are they so familiar? Was it written in the original text?

    Jiang Miaomiao had a vague impression, but time passed so long that she couldn’t remember anything, and patted her head in annoyance.

    Lu Qiming watched for a long time without seeing any secrets, lost interest, and suggested:

    “Leave it alone, look for water.”

    “Okay.” The

    two opened the warehouse door and there were a dozen boxes full of them. mineral water.

    The plastic film on the outer layer was soaked and shattered when touched, but the bottled water inside was well preserved and was drinkable.

    Jiang Miaomiao was very happy.

    I found it so quickly, and it seems that I don’t have to go farther.

    A dozen boxes of water can give them an extra month.

    But… how do I get it back?

    Lu Qiming looked for boxes everywhere. She saw a handle in the corner, grabbed it and dragged it out. It was a single-layer trolley that used to see employees loading goods in supermarkets.

    The structure of the cart is very simple, with only four wheels, a heavy iron table, and a handle like a chair back.

    There is no chain, so it can still be used after rusting, but it is very slow to push.

    She called to Lu Qiming, who took out a screwdriver from the backpack and inserted it into the wheel to remove the rust on it.

    After a while, the trolley returned to its pre-rusting flexibility.

    They worked together, piled the water on the cart, and prepared to go back.

    When passing by the corpse, Jiang Miaomiao tried to recall the details in the book, but unfortunately found nothing, and then thought of other things.

    “A convenience store has so much stock of drinking water. Let’s find a few more stores and move them back. It will last at least another half a year.”

    Lu Qiming couldn’t help but laugh.

    “You nest in it every day, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

    “It’s not uncomfortable. It’s better to have food, drink, birds and dogs than I expected.”

    He nodded, “Well, it’s better to live than die. “

    The main thing is good luck. I found a supermarket that big without being flooded. If it were…”

    she said as she walked out, she suddenly saw a zombie rushing over here from the corner of her eye, she didn’t even think about it. Just take out the hand|gun from the backpack, aim it at it and pull the trigger.


    After the loud noise, she was driven to Lu Qiming by recoil.

    The bullet flew through the air at least ten centimeters from the zombie and hit the wall behind it.

    It was stunned by the loud noise, and then continued to charge after reacting.

    Lu Qiming sighed, let go of the trolley, held her gun with both hands, leaned her chin on her shoulder, and taught her to aim.

    “Don’t aim at your head, aim at your chest, the probability of hitting is higher, like this.” There

    was another loud noise, and flowers exploded on the zombie’s chest.

    His body was like a broken tree branch, instantly falling to the ground.

    The spine was broken and it couldn’t stand up, but it was not completely dead. It stared at them with muddy eyes and tried to crawl in their direction.

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t want to look, put the gun away and planned to leave.

    Lu Qiming remembered the strange bone, took out the knife and walked towards the zombie, stepped on the zombie’s hand with the sole of his shoe, and cut the meat on its arm to expose the bone.

    The faint pink is very eye-catching.

    The city is still quiet, and these scattered zombies are not enough to threaten their lives.

    But there seems to be a huge danger hidden around him, if you are not careful, they will be swallowed completely.

    The two went back to the building and used a rope to lift the water up a little bit and put it into the inventory.

    I originally planned to collect supplies in the next few days, but I didn’t expect heavy rain to begin the next day. It just saved the door and moved all the containers on hand to collect rainwater.

    After all, the area of ​​the basin and bucket is too small to receive much in a long time.

    Jiang Miao thought of a way and went to the office area to find a waterproof advertising cloth the size of half a wall, and use a fishing rod to open it.

    She and Lu Qiming held aside and handed them to the outside of the balcony.

    The advertising cloth has a large area and can receive a lot of rainwater.

    They put a bucket underneath, and the water flowed like a waterfall. After a while, they filled a bucket, and immediately replaced it with a new bucket.

    After such a busy morning, the results are very impressive. The inventory has increased by more than forty buckets of water, filling a whole room, which is just right for washing clothes and bathing.

    Both of them were exhausted, and no one had the energy to cook at noon and ate biscuits to satisfy their hunger.

    The heavy rain was still falling, Jiang Miaomiao sat behind the floor-to-ceiling windows, eating butter cookies and enjoying the rain.

    The rain is very dense, like a fairy pour water from the sky.

    Pour water… by the way!

    She slapped her thigh sharply.

    “I remember!”

    Lu Qiming, who was watching Journey to the West with a kindle, was taken aback by her, and turned around and asked,

    “What do you remember?”

    She finally knew why the bones of the two zombies were pink!

    In the original text, although the government led the people to flee the city temporarily, it has never given up the goal of returning.

    While relying on the army to establish a safe base, experts are also working hard to research drugs against zombies.

    The research is divided into three groups.

    One is a vaccine to help normal people fight off infection, the other is a special medicine to restore zombies to ordinary people, and the third is a toxin that accelerates the death of zombies.

    It is always harder to save people than to kill. The last of the three directions has made the fastest progress. Less than a year after the zombie outbreak, the first batch of products was developed.

    They selected a few cities with a small number of zombies as pilots for easy control. The toxin is dissolved into an aerosol and sprayed from the air by an airplane.

    The planes she saw more than a month ago were used to do this in all likelihood. No wonder it flew so low.

    Jiang Miaomiao finally figured out what was bothering him, his expression became more solemn, and he rushed to grab Lu Qiming’s hand.

    “We’d better not go out recently.” The latter was puzzled.

    “Why? Didn’t you go to find water after the rain stopped?”

    Jiang Miaomiao looked embarrassed, not knowing how to explain to him, but he had to convince him.

    After all, in the original text, the description of this pilot operation is a complete failure.

    She shouldn’t be a victim of the experiment.

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