SFTAB: Ch 40

The two came to the supermarket, trying to find a cage for the new prey.

    Unexpectedly, this is a bit difficult, because no one keeps birds in the entire building.

    And this bird is so big that even if it finds an ordinary birdcage, it can’t be closed.

    Finally, Lu Qiming took a large plastic storage box and used a knife to make many two-centimeter-wide openings on it to act as a rough bird cage, and shut it in.

    The purpose of catching it is to raise it, so the first thing to do after closing it is to feed the bird.

    Jiang Miaomiao brought the half-bag of rice that had not been used up, and Lu Qiming poke the bird’s head with a knife to make it sober, and handed the small paper cup containing the rice grains to it.

    The big black bird didn’t even look at it, his round eyes rolled around, and he observed the surrounding environment. After finding that he had lost his freedom, he flapped his wings and screamed harshly.

    “Does it not like to eat rice? Let’s try something else?”

    Jiang Miaomiao suggested.

    Lu Qiming nodded, and took all the things that he thought could feed the birds, such as mung beans, dried corn kernels, millet red beans, etc., put them into paper cups and sent them in.

    Four or five cups lined up in front of the big black bird. It arched with a sharp beak. It was not interested, and continued to croak and bark, even hitting the cage with its head in an attempt to rush out.

    Jiang Miaomiao was shocked when he saw it, “It’s over, don’t eat anything, what can I do?”

    Lu Qiming said with a cold face:

    “I think it is not hungry to the limit, just leave it alone, let it hit it, so hungry. If you can’t stand it, you will naturally eat it.”

    She was dubious, leaving the bird cage in the supermarket and following him back to the room.

    Making dinner in the evening, Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t help but glanced over.

    I saw that the big black bird had already hit his head and was dying, full of bird feathers and bird feces, staying in the corner dying.

    She shouted immediately.

    “Lu Qiming! Lu Qiming!” Lu Qiming,

    who was carrying drinks by the shelf, walked over, “What’s the matter?”

    “Look at this bird, is it going to die?”

    If it can’t be raised, then it can’t be wasted, hurry up. Boil hot water to scald the hair and add a good dish to today’s dinner.

    Lu Qiming leaned over and glanced at it twice, then poked it with a chopstick.

    The big black bird’s half-squinted eyes suddenly rounded, and began to flutter again, hitting the cage.

    “Not dead, very good.”

    He put away his chopsticks and said.

    Jiang Miaomiao was very worried.

    “It didn’t touch these foods, didn’t drink water, and kept hitting the cage for a few days. It would definitely not be able to hold it after a few days.”

    “Birds are wild things. The pet dog you are close to is different. Wait a minute.”

    Although she was worried, she had no other choice but to leave it alone.

    Before leaving, she put some food in the cage, hoping that the other party could eat some food, but unfortunately the big black bird was rebellious and only wanted freedom, so she didn’t even look at those beans and millets.

    The so-called knowing oneself and the enemy can win all battles.

    They can’t even figure out what the other bird is, how can they keep it well?

    There is a small library in the hotel. That night Jiang Miaomiao walked in with a flashlight, hoping to find some materials that could help him.

    I don’t know if she was lucky enough, she actually found it.

    In a thick hardcover ornithology encyclopedia, she found a bird that looked very similar to the big black bird.

    The breed is famous-the crow.

    This is the crow? The crow that drinks water?

    The baby Jiang Miaomiao in the city opened his eyes, but if you compare it carefully, it seems that it is not the same.

    The book says that crows are of medium size, with a body length of about fifty centimeters and a weight of about 500-1000 grams.

    But the body length of the big black bird is 100% more than half a meter, with a pair of large wings, and the weight is estimated to be more than three catties.

    However, the appearance of the two is very similar, almost no difference can be found.

    Humans have different sizes. For example, she and Yao Ming don’t look like the same species. Could this big black bird be Yao Ming in the crow world?

    This is great.

    Everyone who chooses breeding pigs knows how to choose fat, and the same goes for birds.

    It is big, the egg that lays is big, the bird that hatches in the egg is big, the mother is taller, this is not to say casually.

    Uh… is it female or male?

    Jiang Miaomiao tried to remember, but couldn’t remember, and asked Lu Qiming, the other party was also at a loss.

    No matter what, everything is difficult at the beginning, they have a good beginning, so what are they afraid of.

    The night passed, and the first thing Jiang Miaomiao woke up in the morning was to pull Lu Qiming up to see if the birds had eaten.

    Fortunately, the big black bird didn’t hit the cage anymore, the blood on his forehead had solidified, the wound did not look too serious, and it should heal itself soon.

    Unfortunately, it switched to another method of protest.

    When the two people’s faces approached the cage, they only heard a “poof” and bird droppings splashed out.

    Lu Qiming had quick eyes and quick hands, pulling Jiang Miaomiao away, and could no longer hold his breath.

    “This damn bird!”

    He opened the cage, grabbed its neck and pulled it out, opened its mouth firmly with his fingers, and took the paper cup into his throat.

    Jiang Miaomiao said in surprise:

    “Can it really be like this? Will it hurt it?”

    “It was the one who asked for the injury.”

    Lu Qiming poured half a cup of rice in one breath and confirmed that the other party had swallowed it all, ready to put it. When I opened it, I only heard a few dry coughs and a bird’s beak, vomiting all the rice that I had finally swallowed, and then turned his head back and slapped him fiercely on the back of his hand.

    There was a bloody hole in his hand immediately, and the pain was so conditioned that he let go of it.

    The big black bird didn’t fly around, fluttered its wings and rushed into the cage, closing the cage door by himself.

    Lu Qiming: “…come out if you have the ability!” The

    big black bird drilled into the corner and pointed at him with his butt.

    His face was blue and white with anger. Jiang Miaomiao was very worried about his injury. He held his hand and blew, and asked:

    “Does it hurt?”

    There was a thin cocoon on the woman’s finger, which had been dry for nearly half a year. Traces left alive.

    The wind she blew with the coolness of mint in the toothpaste made his anger disappear.

    Lu Qiming shook his hand and said:

    “In all likelihood, it is unfamiliar, so let’s eat it, and grab two more to raise it another day.”

    Jiang Miaomiao also had this plan.

    Even if you don’t obey, you still bite, how dangerous it is.

    The two of them closed the cage, returned to the room, briefly treated Lu Qiming’s wounds, and began to work.

    After finishing today’s work, it is Jiang Miaomiao’s turn for lunch.

    She gnawed on a piece of ham, came to the front of the cage, and while eating, she wondered what kind of stewed bird soup would be better.

    The ingredients in my hand include fungus, shiitake mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots, tea tree mushrooms, dried shrimps, kelp, sea cucumber and abalone.

    By the way, there is also a ginseng with a price tag of 588,000.

    Would you like to make ginseng stew soup for everyone?

    Just do it.

    After making up her mind, she plans to boil water, kill birds and pluck their hairs.

    Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she found that the big black bird in the cage had been staring at her without blinking, and there was a hunger on her dark face.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a look and moved the half of the ham in his hand to the left.

    The big black bird’s head then turned to the left.

    “!!!” A

    few minutes later, she excitedly pulled Lu Qiming down.

    “I know what it likes to eat, look!”

    Lu Qiming fixed his eyes on the cage. The big black bird was eating a piece of ham, pecked it off with his mouth, and then swallowed half of it in one bite.

    “It has a good appetite. It has already eaten three roots. It is estimated that he was starving before.”

    Jiang Miaomiao said.

    He frowned.

    “It only eats meat?” “It’s probably


    “Can’t raise it.”


    “We don’t have any meat to feed it, what should we feed it?”

    In order to eat meat, raising a bird that eats meat is not an unnecessary act. What.

    Jiang Miaomiao said: “We have a lot of ham sausages. There are several large boxes. There are also a lot of canned food. It doesn’t matter if you divide it.”

    “It eats four ham sausages a day, and if you raise ten such birds, you have to eat 40 sticks a day. How many days do you have enough stock to feed?”


    Um …” Lu Qiming said: “I don’t think you should raise any birds. I wasted time and energy. It’s better to grab one and eat one. It’s more convenient.”

    He made sense, but looked at the big cages eating well. Blackbird, Jiang Miaomiao always felt that it was a pity to give up like this.

    “Or try to

    raise it first? Maybe it’s willing to eat something else in the future.” Lu Qiming said, “I don’t raise it anyway.” When

    he saw the wound on his hand, he was angry and wanted to stew it in soup.

    Jiang Miaomiao hurriedly said: “It’s okay, I’ll come, you don’t care about it in the future, just wait to eat.”

    This proposal was quite acceptable, and Lu Qiming nodded and went upstairs to wait for lunch.

    Jiang Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief. After watching him go away, Jiang Miaomiao looked back at the bird in the cage.

    The other party has eaten the fourth ham and wants the fifth one with his mouth open.

    She shook her fingers.

    “You can’t eat anymore, you are a bird, how can you eat more than humans? Good,

    let me have some rice.” She pushed the paper cup over, and the other party poked her head proudly, facing her with her nostrils.

    Jiang Miaomiao: “…Little ancestor, do I beg you?” The

    big black bird looked at her for a while, bowed his head, and reluctantly took a bite.

    She was enraged, saw hope, and fed more actively.

    Lu Qiming waited upstairs for a long time before eating, Jiang Rourou was also hungry, and went downstairs with him to see what Jiang Miaomiao was doing.

    Before I walked into the supermarket, I heard a familiar voice.

    “Little baby, one more bite, hey… awesome!”

    “Only the last bite left, open your mouth, ah.”

    “Great, you are the cutest.”

    Lu Qiming: “…”

    Jiang Miaomiao caught a glimpse of his figure and shook the empty cup in his hand to show off to him.

    “Look, it ate all a cup of rice, and I said it would eat something else.”

    It’s so peculiar about being coaxed by someone’s baby, and he can also eat it for him.

    Looking at the bird in the cage, Lu Qiming suddenly remembered the scene when the dog first arrived home, and felt a sense of crisis.

    Jiang Rourou stared at the ham intestines all over the floor, sadly, not knowing where he was worse than that black guy.

    Jiang Miaomiao succeeded in tame the big black bird, he was very proud of it, and he wished to show off to Lu Qiming three times a day.

    Considering that the cage is too small and the bird is too big, the other party no longer pecks people at every turn, so she cleaned up a room, put the big black bird in it, and changed it to a semi-stocked state.

    Big Black Bird owns a room of more than 30 square meters in this top-notch mansion that was once an inch of gold, fulfilling the dream that many little white-collar workers could not reach before the end of the world, and at the same time has his own name-Lao Bai.

    Like Jiang Rourou’s name, Jiang Miaomiao’s deep hope is pinned in it.

    “This bird is too ugly, so it will have white spots in the future, so that it can not only eat meat, but also become a beautiful landscape.” In

    many movies, when big scenes occur, the director likes to put a group of white pigeons to set off the atmosphere.

    They are people who live in the eschatological essays. Although they haven’t done any major things, they are not easy to survive. It is worth enjoying the treatment of the protagonist.

    Lao Bai stayed in the room for three days, gradually getting used to the new environment, and his daily diet became more regular.

    Jiang Miaomiao feeds it twice a day. The staple food is a cup full of white rice, half a ham sausage, a handful of mung beans, and a cup of water.

    Seeing that Lao Bai grew stronger day by day, her reproduction plan was also put on the agenda.

    It’s time to find a companion for Lao Bai. She dreams of eating poached eggs in her dreams at night.

    But… should you find a female or a male for it?

    Lao Bai is already fierce, if he catches a more fierce kind, I am afraid that murders will happen every day.

    Still have to distinguish.

    That afternoon, Jiang Miaomiao pulled up Lu Qiming, who was playing a game, and went outside the bird house, opened a crack in the door and looked at it.

    Lao Bai squatted to sleep in the corner with a gurgling sound in his nose, like snoring.

    The two walked in, closed the door, and grabbed it.

    Lu Qiming was a good man and acted as the main force. He walked up to it in a few steps. When he bent down and was about to grasp, the other party suddenly opened his eyes vigilantly, flapping wings into the air, landing on the ceiling lamp, holding the light bulb and not letting go.

    The light bulb has electricity. What a pity if it is electrocuted by a leak, she has bothered to raise it for a long time.

    Jiang Miaomiao hurriedly raised his hands and assumed a harmless posture to guide it.

    “Lao Bai, can you come down? We won’t arrest you, just want to see you.”

    Lu Qiming sneered: a woman’s mouth, a deceitful ghost.

    Old Bai blinked, still not moving.

    She took out half of the ham prepared in advance from her pocket and shook it in the air.

    It couldn’t resist the temptation of food and fell on her arm.

    The two immediately gathered together to study.

    feather? can not tell.

    The crows in the world are generally dark, where is the male and female.

    Mouth paws? It was as sharp as a dagger, and a touch on her face could disfigure her.

    At first glance they look more like males, but in nature females are often more aggressive than males, such as female lions and hens, so it is still difficult to distinguish.

    In the end, only the genitals were left.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at Lu Qiming, who shook his head straight.

    She had to take a deep breath, and personally pulled away Lao Bai’s tail feathers to observe the bird’s ass up close for the first time in her life.

    The small hole under the tail feathers is obviously for excretion.

    Besides…nothing? ? ?

    What about the genitals? !

    The two of you looked at me and I looked at you, very confused.

    Lu Qiming thought for a while, and suddenly reached out to touch the bird’s belly.

    Lao Bai, who was immersed in the delicious food and couldn’t help himself, was disturbed, screamed, and tried to fly away.

    Jiang Miaomiao quickly hugged it in his arms, patiently comforted it, and let Lu Qiming touch it carefully.

    The latter closed his eyebrows and touched it from top to bottom, his expression getting more serious and his hands shaking.

    She hurriedly asked: “Did you touch it?”

    He did not speak, and repeatedly squeezed the bird’s belly with his thumb.


    Lao Bai opened his mouth and screamed, and a gray-green egg with brown spots steadily landed in Lu Qiming’s palm.

    The egg is not big, one-third smaller than a normal egg, and it looks even smaller as set off by Lu Qiming’s palm.

    But Jiang Miaomiao was so excited that he couldn’t help himself.

    After half a year, she finally saw the egg again! Woo…

    it was obviously the female bird who could lay the egg. The two of them rewarded it with half a ham sausage, put it back, and went back to the room to discuss how to deal with the egg.

    Since you want to take the route of sustainable development, it is most cost-effective to keep the bird eggs and hatch them with other eggs in the future.

    But there is no male bird around Lao Bai, not sure if this egg is fertilized.

    If it doesn’t, it’s a waste of time to stay and wait for it to deteriorate.

    Most importantly… they really miss the taste of eggs.

    “Eat it.” Jiang Miaomiao said: “Fry into poached eggs, half per person.”

    “Poached eggs are too small to eat.” Lu Qiming was very distressed.

    “What should I do then? There is only one egg, so you can’t make two if you do it.”

    He stroked his chin and thought about it for a long time, “Steam it with water.”


    Jiang Miaomiao swallowed and went to find a bowl. Up.

    Five minutes later, the bird eggs were out of the pot.

    From a small egg to half a bowl of light yellow custard.

    The scent of the memory spread between her nose, and her hand with the spoon was shaking with excitement.

    When he was about to start eating, Jiang Miaomiao suddenly couldn’t get off his hand, gritted his teeth and pushed it towards Lu Qiming.

    “It’s better for you to eat, I don’t want it.” The

    latter was very surprised, “Are you evil?”

    “You did so much work before, and it was very hard. It’s yours to eat. My words…”

    She didn’t want a bite. Yes, it was really cruel, so he said, “Just leave a little bit for me to taste.”

    Lu Qiming sneered.

    “Don’t make yourself so pitiful.”

    “I mean it!”

    He looked at her suspiciously, “Are you sure you want to let me?”

    “Yeah.” She nodded, “People who contribute a lot deserve more enjoyment. “

    Okay…” Lu Qiming sighed and picked up the bowl.

    Jiang Miaomiao put aside his face, lest he feel heartache and regret.

    The next second, the bowl was handed back to her, and Lu Qiming’s smiling eyes appeared together.

    “Then I want to share it with you.”


    “Because I love you.”


    In all fairness, bird eggs are not as delicious as eggs, and they taste a bit fishy.

    But Jiang Miaomiao was happier after eating the Man Han banquet, and his smile was as bright as a flower.

    After eating, she was going to wash the dishes. Lu Qiming lit a cigarette and stood behind her and

    said faintly : “Speaking of crows, it seems to be a scavenger. There are so many zombies outside. In their eyes, it is probably the same as a buffet. After eating a lot, I grew up so big.”

    “…” Jiang Miaomiao stopped abruptly, and his stomach rolled.

    “It must have absorbed the nutrients of zombie meat when it lays eggs. We eat eggs, which is equivalent to eating zombie meat.”


    Jiang Miaomiao retched on the sink.

    Lu Qiming walked over with a smile and patted her on the back.

    “Okay, okay, I’m kidding. Even if they really eat zombies, they are already digested in the stomach.”

    “Oh…shut up!”

    That’s how he loves her?

    This is obviously hate! It’s the level of killing his father’s enemy!

    Jiang Miaomiao vomited for a long time and couldn’t come out. He could only pour a few glasses of water and force himself to stop thinking about it.

    The next morning, the two came to the top floor with tools again and began to catch birds.

    In the whole day, five or six birds fell down to eat rice, but none of them were crows.

    Alaska and Corgi can give birth to Alaska, but larks and crows cannot give birth to larks.

    Sometimes black birds fly by in the sky. They look like old white ones, but they just refuse to come down.

    The two waited for a day, but returned without success. They went back to feed Lao Bai at night, but they found something new.


    it yelled out the window.

    “Qua—Qua—” The

    same bird chirping came from outside the window, and the voice was rougher than it.

    Lu Qiming went to open the window, Jiang Miaomiao asked,

    “What are you doing?”

    He pushed aside the glass and raised his eyebrows.

    “My husband is here, and we have to reunite the young couple.” As

    soon as the voice fell, a black shadow flew in, circled for a while, and landed beside Lao Bai.

    The new bird is a circle smaller than the old Bai, and looks very flexible, but his eyes are full of guard, watching them sternly.

    Lu Qiming was about to close the window, when the new bird suddenly screamed, flapping its wings, as if to leave.

    Lao Bai also yelled twice and pushed the paper cup with rice grains in front of it.

    The two birds communicated for a while, which was incomprehensible to humans, and finally the new bird lowered its head and began to peck rice.

    The two exited the room and closed the door.

    Jiang Miaomiao was completely relieved, and joked:

    “Unexpectedly, Lao Bai is quite attractive, and there are boyfriends who are in the house to find him.”

    Lu Qi understood her.

    “Crows are famously dedicated to birds. They have only one partner in their life. If the other person dies, they will be lonely and old.”

    She was surprised, “Really? How do you know?”

    “This is not important, the important thing is…”

    He lowered his head and stared at her intently. “Will you be as dedicated as they are?”


    “If one day I die or disappear, you will Remember me for the rest of my life and miss me for the rest of my life. Or… immediately go find someone else who can help you?”

    Jiang Miaomiao frowned, unable to understand why he asked like this.

    Worried about being abandoned? Did he get the position wrong?

    Obviously, judging from the strength of the two, she should be the one to worry about this issue.

    Lu Qiming waited for a long time without waiting for the answer he wanted, his eyes gradually became disappointed, and he turned and left.

    Jiang Miaomiao chased up and grabbed his hand hard.

    “What do you do?” he asked a little impatiently.

    She hooked his neck, made him bow his head, then stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the forehead.

    Lu Qiming: “…”

    She touched his head, raised her mouth and smiled.

    “Look, you were stamped by me.”

    “You didn’t sleep, so you started talking in sleep?”

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t get angry at all in the face of his cynicism.

    “Don’t pretend, I know you are insecure. Is it because of your parents’ divorce? Oh, why are you as vulnerable as a child after a 1.9-meter person? Come on, sister hug.”

    Lu Qiming flushed. Push her away and go forward.


    She bounced to block his way, sighing deliberately.

    “I’m lazy. I’m lazy to work, and I’m lazy to start new relationships. You have helped me so much, so please help me again? Don’t die, don’t leave, so I will never have the opportunity to choose others. “

    Lu Qiming curled his lips and said, “I say nothing.”

    “What should I do? Now that the Civil Affairs Bureau has no one to work, I can’t help you get the certificate.”

    He looked at her for a while, and suddenly put her on his shoulder. Carry.

    “You are done stamping, now it’s time for me to change.”

    “Ah…Help…” The

    scream was shut behind the door, and it didn’t take long before it turned into a moan of enjoyment.

    Lao Bai and his wife worked very hard. Within half a month of living in the house, they laid a nest of eggs.

    The two ate two, leaving five or six in their nest made of cardboard and cotton wool, so that Lao Bai began to incubate.

    The incubation period of crows is very short, 16-20 days, which means that as long as you wait for another half a month, the family will welcome a new group of young members.

    At that time, I don’t know how many will hatch, but no matter how much it is, it is good news for them.

    Lu Qiming thought Jiang Miaomiao would be very happy, after all, he was about to eat meat.

    Unexpectedly, the other party was so melancholy all day long, he ran to the toilet from time to time, refused his invitation at night, and fell asleep.

    That night, he caught her coming out of the bathroom, ready to ask.

    “Did you steal the expired snacks again?”

    He emphasized several times, don’t eat the expired things, throw them away.

    But this woman is always reluctant to throw it away, and hides it when he doesn’t pay attention, as if she belongs to a hamster.

    Jiang Miaomiao denied, “I don’t have it.”

    “What do you keep running to the toilet without? Isn’t it because of diarrhea?”

    “I ran to the toilet because…because…”

    She refused to continue halfway through. Lu Qiming asked, “Because of what?”

    “Because…” Jiang Miaomiao bit his finger anxiously, wondering whether to tell him or not.

    Come on, if it’s a misunderstanding, it would be embarrassing.

    But let’s not say, this is another two people’s business, the other party will know sooner or later.

    Thinking of this, she gritted her back molars and told her the guesswork that had troubled her for several days.

    “I may be pregnant.”

    Lu Qiming’s eyes rounded suddenly, and he didn’t move for a long time.

    She waved her hand, “Don’t be stupid, what should I do? I will die when I give birth to a child.”


    Lu Qiming made a calm gesture, but he was anxious to grab his hair. “This… how did you know?”

    She frustrated: “My eldest aunt hasn’t been here for more than 40 days.”

    Before working every day, there was no time to calculate. Take some time off these two days, and give her a shock.

    Both of them wear the condom every time, but wearing a condom is not 100% effective.

    If you are really pregnant… then you can hardly think of the result.

    I blame Lu Qiming, what is the technology so good? She couldn’t find an excuse to refuse.

    Lu Qiming asked: “How many days did you do it in the past?”

    “It used to be irregular, sometimes more than 20 days and sometimes more than 30 days. But the situation is different.”

    “Where is it different?”

    “I didn’t have it before. Sexual life.”

    She blurted out, and the atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing.

    Lu Qiming bit his lip and didn’t speak. Jiang Miaomiao coughed twice and asked tentatively:

    “Do you have experience?”

    “What experience?”

    “Pregnant, what are the symptoms of the first pregnancy? Tell me to compare it.”

    He was very speechless, “Where do I have that function?”

    “Of course you don’t, your ex-girlfriend has it. Have you ever been recruited by accident? ?

    ” ” …… “

    she looked at him for a moment, he bursts out laughing.

    “Is it your first time in love? Oh my god, I really can’t tell haha.”

    Lu Qiming touched his nose and said

    in a deep voice, “Don’t change the subject.” She is the one who is in danger now, and she still has thoughts. Laugh, it’s heartless.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at him so serious, and quickly reduced his smile.

    “You have no experience, and I have no experience. Now there is no hospital to go to. I can’t even tell if you are pregnant or not, alas.”

    Lu Qiming thought for a while, and suddenly walked out.

    Jiang Miaomiao asked: “Where are you going? It’s night.”

    “I have to find something.”

    “Couldn’t you be looking for…pregnancy test stick?”

    He didn’t say a word, obviously he got it.

    She sighed, “There is no pharmacy in the building. Where can you find it? Even if there is one outside, it won’t be used after being soaked in water. I think I should wait another two months. If I get a big belly, it means I’m pregnant. “

    What if you are in danger before you confirm it?” For

    example, eating the wrong thing, such as wrestling, or taking anti-fever medicine for colds.

    These things that are not usually important can be fatal to a pregnant woman.

    The more Lu Qiming thought about it, the more confused he became, and he habitually smoked. But he put his hands in his pockets, he looked at her flat abdomen, and immediately pulled it out consciously.

    “I’ll try and find it.”

    “I’ll go with you.”


    “When do you have to find it alone? You may not be able to find it at dawn, and you can’t sleep anymore?”

    Lu Qiming looked back at her, his eyes deep.

    “I’m going to find, you rest, be good.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was defeated and watched him leave, lying on the bed alone.

    The moonlight was cold, she hugged the pillow and touched her unchanging belly, thinking in her mind.

    Will there really be a little life there? Is it her and Lu Qiming?

    Is he male or female? What does it look like? Do you like liberal arts or science? Want to be a teacher or a scientist when you grow up?

    Countless questions popped up in my mind, but they were all trivial.

    There was only one question that she didn’t dare to think about-if it did, is it going to be born or not?

    Lu Qiming looked for it all night, and came back with an opened small box at dawn.

    “This was found in an employee’s position. It hasn’t expired. Try it.”

    She nodded, took it and looked over and over in her hand.

    Lu Qiming asked, “Why don’t you go?”

    Jiang Miaomiao raised her head, “I’m a little hungry, let’s cook first.” After

    she said she wanted to get out of bed, he stopped her.

    “You lie down, I’ll go.”

    ……I didn’t know whether she was pregnant or not, so he treated her as a pregnant woman?

    She returned to bed and Lu Qiming went downstairs to cook.

    The air conditioner is still turned on in the room, and the bulletproof glass keeps the hot air out.

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t want to be alone, brushed his teeth, and decided to go and help.

    When she came to the supermarket, she saw Lu Qiming standing in front of the shelves of maternal and child supplies, holding a pair of small white baby shoes in her palms.

    The shoes are packed in a transparent box, exquisite like a work of art.

    He looked down, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and his face showed a gentleness that had never been seen before.

    Does he like children very much?

    Jiang Miaomiao was about to walk over, but saw him put the shoebox back on the shelf, and whispered: “I really want to see you, but now is not the time. So please, don’t come to torture her.”

    She froze. , Stop in place.

    An unspeakable sense of sourness spread in my heart.


    Refer to the comments in the comment area, Lao Bai’s personality is not suitable for the current male and female protagonists, so the settings are slightly modified, and the main line is not affected , Some interactions between the male and female leaders are also advanced.

    Other roles will appear next, but not to grab supplies, but to solve a potential problem.

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