The brother asked Jiang Ning over there: “This notice is inexplicable. It must not be the case. Xiao Yu said that he may have offended your boyfriend. Lu Xiuran has always been in a smooth flow. How can he stand this? He can’t save face. You, my brother, I have to beg you.”

    “Everyone is classmates, don’t do things too terribly, Lu Xiuran just chased you, and didn’t do anything wrong…”

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but said, “Dare to believe that those rumors are not spread by Lu Xiuran. Going out? If it wasn’t for him, why are there always rumors saying that we are boy and girl friends?” The

    brother was speechless.

    Lu Xiuran hadn’t caught up with Jiang Ning for a long time, and it was inevitable that he would lose face. Therefore, I didn’t put the door on my lips, and sometimes deliberately said ambiguous things to make people mistakenly think that he and Jiang Ning were already together or had been together.

    One is to save face, and the other is to make everyone booze. In a booze atmosphere, it is usually easier for girls to agree.

    Unexpectedly, the more people around him made a fuss, the more Jiang Ning avoided Lu Xiuran.

    The brother had no choice but to lower his posture even more and said, “Jiang Ning, let Lu Xiuran apologize to you, okay? Can you help solve this matter? If you really go to Africa, Lu Xiuran’s delicate skin and tender meat, maybe

    I’m dead back.” “I’m not sure if it was mine. He has always been kind and can’t do such things. Maybe Lu Xiuran has offended some upper class and was cancelled the opportunity to study in the UK.” Jiang Ning said.

    Brother: “…”

    Kind? That’s really Lei Feng in the eyes of a lover.

    The senior brother couldn’t help begging, “Don’t be like this, grandma, at this critical time. This kind of favor is not Lu Xiuran’s, can I beg of you?”

    Jiang Ning said, “I can help as much as possible. But you have to let Lu Xiuran go abroad.” Before, I went to explain clearly one by one. He spread the rumors, broke the rumors and broke his legs, and asked him to defuse the rumors one by one. We have never been together at all, and I have never seen him a few times.”

    The senior brother responded hurriedly: “Okay.”

    Jiang Ning hung up and looked at a messy bathroom that hadn’t been cleaned. Some broken scenes after drunk last night appeared in his mind, and his eyes suddenly went dark.

    She felt that Yan Yixie must have misunderstood something.

    You have to explain clearly, the relationship is already precarious.

    She asked Xiao Sun to go out first, then closed the door, sat down on the bed with her bathrobe, took a deep breath, and called Yan Yixie.

    The sound of “beep—beep—beep—” was coming from the phone.

    Jiang Ning held his breath.

    Just when she almost thought that Yan Yixie would not answer, the beep in the phone stopped for a while, and was finally connected.

    There was a buzzing sound from there, and Yan Yixie seemed to be about to board the plane.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly asked: “Where are you going?”

    Yan Yixie said coldly: “There is something, I will be back in three days.”

    Jiang Ning felt relieved and was about to speak, but immediately afterwards, Yan Yixie’s voice froze her. There was a trembling: “Why, call to intercede for your unforgettable’boyfriend’?”

    Across the wire, Yan Yixie’s tone was extremely low and gloomy, and he could vaguely hear a bit of bitterness deep in his bones.

    The three words “boyfriend” were spoken by him through gritted teeth.

    The atmosphere between the two seemed to suddenly return to the time when they reunited.

    During this period of time after receiving the certificate, Yan Yixie’s hostility melted as if it was just Jiang Ning’s illusion.

    Jiang Ning held his forehead, a little bit about to cry without tears, and said, “Listen to my explanation.”

    “Oh, another explanation.” Yan Yixie’s tone was extremely distrustful, and there was a kind of “I see how you made up this time” mean.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “I was very drunk last night, and my mind was a little confused. The boyfriend I mentioned refers to you when you were young. It is definitely not Lu Xiuran.”

    “Very good explanation.” Yan Yi thanked her voice. Senran: “You are so painstakingly and lonely to plead for Lu Xiuran. You can lie in such a lie. Do you think I will be fooled again?”

    Yan Yixie’s tone couldn’t help but laugh at himself somewhat imperceptibly.

    He felt extremely humble.

    Three years ago, she said that she broke up, no matter what he asked, she never looked back.

    Three years later, he thought he could tie her to him with a paper marriage, but after she was drunk, she was thinking of another person in front of him, boasting another man “the best in the world”, and told him not to say that. people.

    Is he even unworthy of mentioning that person?

    Although it was very windy on the tarmac, Jiang Ning could almost hear the sound of the wind blowing up Yan Yixie’s black long windbreaker hunting, but somehow, under such noise, she still heard the sound in his tone. It’s kind of discouraged.

    Jiang Ning really felt that he couldn’t wash himself when he jumped into the Yellow River.

    Damn, why.

    Anxious in her heart, she blurted out: “Would you like to take a polygraph to see if what I said is true or false?”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie was also taken aback by Jiang Ning’s brain circuit. For a moment.

    Jiang Ning simply wanted to praise her wit.

    Since she and Yan Yixie reunited, the biggest root knot was not that she didn’t explain, nor was Yan Yixie’s indifference and hatred, but that she didn’t trust her. After experiencing the things of the year, Yan Yixie’s trust in her Has become as weak as borneol.

    A little shaking can make the warmth that the two of them worked hard to re-establish in an instant collapse.

    But if she can prove that what she said is true.

    See the phone over there hesitation in silence, Jiang Ning said:. “I wait for you to come back three days later, you can take a polygraph back”

    Unexpectedly Xie Yan, a Lengran: “Just today, you wait for me in place.”

    Having Yan Thanks for hanging up the phone.

    Dark clouds rolled over from the sky and pressed the whole city very low. It was about to rain. The blond foreign captain with a beard came over and asked him if he could fly now, and if he does not fly now, he will encounter a cold current in an hour. Can’t fly.

    Yan Yixie squeezed the phone and looked at the direction when he came, his face dark and complicated.

    Lie detector.

    Jiang Ning can also figure it out.

    But why did Jiang Ning take the initiative to offer a polygraph? Does she really have something to say?

    Yan Yixie stared at the call log with a gloomy expression.

    After a while, he called Xiao Shen and asked him to deal with matters in Germany.

    After hanging up the phone, Yan Yixie turned around and walked back.

    The wind blew up his black trench coat, and the tall figure moved faster and faster.


    Yanyi thanked Jiang Ning for letting Jiang Ning wait for him in the hotel, but Jiang Ning didn’t go anywhere. She continued to eat lunch, ordered room service, had the hotel room cleaned, and then she lay on the bed and held her head. .

    The waiting time is very painful.

    About an hour later, the door outside was knocked.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly jumped out of bed, ignoring wearing slippers, and ran over to open the door barefoot.

    Yan Yixie walked in, glanced at her bare feet and frowned imperceptibly. Fortunately, there was a carpet on the hotel floor.

    He dropped his coat casually and walked to the sofa without saying a word. The tall figure sat on the sofa without speaking, staring at Jiang Ning coldly.

    Jiang Ning closed the door, ran to him and slapped him for a while, and asked, “Where is the lie detector?”

    Yan Yi thanked me and smiled, “You really asked me to bring the lie detector? You think you have been tortured. Prisoner?”

    He really didn’t believe Jiang Ning in his heart, and he even used a polygraph to see her sincere impulse.

    But reason told him that he couldn’t do this.

    Jiang Ning has planted a thorn in his heart. He knows how painful this feeling is. If he wants to continue walking with Jiang Ning, he can’t also plant a thorn in Jiang Ning’s throat.

    Jiang Ning said: “If you don’t do this, you don’t believe me.”

    Yan Yixie just stared at her, her dark eyes were deep and her emotions were complex and difficult to distinguish. Ying’s eyebrows were tightly frowned, as if she was telling the truth of what she said. Pseudo.

    Jiang Ning was staring at him so that his scalp was numb, and she felt like a wife who had been caught cheating-but the problem was that she had never cheated.

    Jiang Ning thought for a while, took out his mobile phone, and showed him his WeChat.

    She searched for the keywords “Lu Xiuran”, “修”, “ran” in the WeChat records, and handed it to Yan Yixie: “Look, this is a three-year chat record between me and others. The number of times Lu Xiuran is mentioned is basically There are only a handful of them, and every time I mention it, I also express that I am entangled and impatient. Let alone like it, I don’t have the slightest impression of him

    at all .” “All I remember is your business, and I have never cared about anything. Things related to Lu Xiuran. What rumors are spread by others, it is that Lu

    Xiuran is spreading the rumors.” Jiang Ning said as he wittyly peddled high and low, expressing Yan Yixie’s most important meaning in his heart.

    Sure enough, Yan Yixie’s ugly face only eased slightly.

    He looked at Jiang Ning vaguely for a long while, and asked, “After you were drunk last night, it was really me that you said?”

    “Of course it’s you, can anyone else fail?!” Jiang Ning replied quickly, straddling Yan Yixie’s arms, and both arms actively climbed up Yan Yixie’s neck: “My husband, I love you, only you One.”

    Yan Yixie’s eyelashes trembled, and his body was unconsciously stiff like a log, but his face was not visible, it was still cold.

    Jiang Ning has nothing to do with Lu Xiuran. He believes that after all, the investigation shows that Jiang Ning does not have much contact with Lu Xiuran.

    But she said that she loves him. In this case, she ran the train and said too much. After saying that, she didn’t just abandon him like some rubbish in a blink of an eye.

    If he really believed, he would be stupid.

    Seeing that Yan Yixie was indifferent, Jiang Ning tried to take this opportunity to explain: “I know you don’t believe it, but I broke up three years ago. The explanation is really complicated. Do you know a teacher surnamed Ouyang… That’s why I am …”

    Jiang Ning said again about the day of the reunion, because he could predict Yan Yixie’s legs and forced him to break up.

    As a result, Yan Yixie’s face was still very cold, raised his eyelids and looked at her lukewarm, with a sarcastically written “Are you a fool?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning explained both times directly. Abandoned.

    She looked at Shang Yan Yixie’s eyes and suddenly realized that the crux may not lie in the breakup back then, but in Yan Yixie’s belief that she didn’t love him.

    Even if you like it, it will be hot for three minutes, give up halfway, and leave him at any time.

    Jiang Ning’s heart suddenly felt sore. Her two arms wrapped Yan Yixie’s neck tighter, and her head moved over, trying to press his forehead against his forehead.

    Yan Yixie did not resist, but did not move either, just raised his eyes and frowned at her.

    He came back in the dust, Ying Ting’s forehead was cold. And Jiang Ning’s forehead was warm and soft, she pressed it on, and the temperature quickly spread to his dry skin.

    “I have always liked you.” Jiang Ning looked at him directly, looking into his dark and complicated pupils.

    She tried to make him believe in herself, so she put out the most sincere tone and the most determined look.

    She originally thought that the estrangement back then could be slowly resolved, and the frozen heart could slowly melt away, but this time it made Jiang Ning realize that some thorns must be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, let it last for an extra second, and it will make it harder for the two of them to go back to the past.

    For three years, Jiang Ning didn’t want to miss it anymore, and she didn’t want to delay any longer.

    Yan Yixie’s pupils shrank imperceptibly.

    But he is no longer the boy who was in a mess because of his first love affair.

    He folded his arms and sneered: “Isn’t the last sentence saying that you only like me?”

    “Yes, you are the only one.” Jiang Ning said hurriedly.

    Yan Yixie stared at her and asked, “Xu Mingyi is not a human being?”

    Jiang Ning: “…………”

    How did she answer this? He never expected that Yan Yixie would be immune three years later, and would not take her practice at all.

    The air was quiet for a while.

    The room is soundproofed, and you can’t even hear the crackling rain outside.

    Yan Yixie’s gaze was like a cold knife, slowly gouging Jiang Ning’s facial features, and seeing her deflated, his mood became gloomy somehow.

    Although he knew that it was not good to turn the old account back, but thinking that she really had a good impression of Xu Mingyi when she was young, his heart was clouded, full of jealousy.

    Yan Yixie stared at Jiang Ning gloomily: “Don’t you speak?”

    Jiang Ning reacted and said sincerely: “Anyway, six years ago, three years ago, now, in the future, I only love you. “

    How much can Yan Yixie believe in her heart?”

    About not as much as a drop of water in the rainstorm outside.

    She received a marriage certificate with him, but she never thought about sleeping on the same bed with him, so she just moved things to the guest room.

    She said she loves him, but has she ever wanted to spend her life with him?

    Her current love, is he devoted 100% of his heart, and she can withdraw at any time?

    Dim light came in from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Yan Yixie’s dark eyes fixedly looked at Jiang Ning’s eyes.

    Jiang Ning was terrified by him.

    Jiang Ning was about to speak, but when Yan Yixie patted the bed next to him, he sneered: “Want to prove that you love me? Come to the bed to prove it.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Yan Yixie saw Jiang Ning’s expression in his heart. Suddenly when it was cold, I knew I was insulting myself.

    She was lying to him again.

    Time and time again, how many times did she lie to him.

    At this moment, Yan Yixie looked at Jiang Ning’s gaze almost to linger her.

    He woke up and suddenly lifted Jiang Ning off his body.

    He stood up, walked to the window, his slender fingers clenched and turned blue, trying to calm himself down.

    “I knew it.” Yan Yixie’s tall figure stood by the window, and the whole room suddenly became extremely dark, impervious to light.

    His chest was humming, it was difficult to breathe, and he gritted his teeth and said: “You can go…” He didn’t


    There was a sudden cold in the waist.

    The leather belt of the ironed suit pants was taken away by Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning happily stepped up to him and unbuttoned his two shirt buttons at once.

    Yan Yixie: “…?”

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