Yan Yixie heard that Jiang Ning did not go to the movies with others, and the depression that was stuck in his heart finally dissipated.

    But in the darkness, Jiang Ning slowly asked again: “Yan Yixie, are you jealous?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t know what her expression and tone meant—yes, he was a little bit in his heart these past few days. It’s not right, his mind has been damn wrong long ago.

    But if he answered “yes”, what would she think of him?

    There are many people who like her. She is at least worthy of a healthy, sunny person who can accompany her to the mountains to watch the sunrise.

    A person with disabled legs and no future dare to like her?

    Is he worthy?

    If he answers “yes” now, will she be awkwardly away from him, so that she will be less frequently?

    Since meeting and acquaintance, Yan Yixie has not anticipated many things.

    The first time he didn’t expect a custard bag to roll in at the door, and the second time he didn’t expect Jiang Ning to come with a sack of candy that summer. On his fifteenth birthday, he didn’t expect the “limited” Version” balloons.

    But he thought that there was one thing he had expected.

    That is, Jiang Ning could not have approached him because he liked him.

    At that time he had a weird temperament, and he stabbed everyone all over. Who would like him like that?

    That summer, he sat in this position on the sofa and asked Jiang Ning if he was sympathetic to him. Jiang Ning stammered wildly, trying to get around the topic. But he already had the answer in his heart-she was sympathizing with him.

    It’s just that after that day she has become unique to Yan Yixie. Even if she is accepting her sympathy, the young man wants to close his eyes, deceive himself and others, ignore his self-esteem, and firmly grasp the beam of light in his palm.

    If he were to sympathize with a disabled person and become friends with that disabled person, only to find that that person did not know when he had the dirty thoughts of possession, what would he think?

    And Jiang Ning is testing herself now?

    Yan Yixie couldn’t, and didn’t dare, easily confess the secret he hid in the bottom of his heart.

    He was afraid that if he took a wrong step, everything went bad.

    “I didn’t.” The boy pretended to be relaxed: “Jiang Ning, your brain is convulsed again? Thinking wildly all day long.”

    “I don’t believe it.” Jiang Ning said in Luyu’s tone.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    She suddenly stood up, went to turn on the light, and then walked back to Yan Yixie again, half leaning down, holding Yan Yixie’s face in her hand, trying to study his Microexpressions.

    When she got so close, Yan Yixie could clearly see her two rows of thick and slender eyelashes.

    I don’t know if she intentionally or unintentionally, her light breath fell on his face, making his face hot in an instant.

    Her fingers also rubbed the line of his jaw.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    This is going to be over.

    Yan Yixie opened her hand angrily and pushed the wheelchair away from the edge of the sofa: “You can stop joking.”

    Jiang Ning originally felt that Yan Yixie was a little jealous, but now he is a bit uncertain about his fierce reaction. stand up.

    He should be possessive of himself-from the age of fourteen when he reached out for the caterpillar.

    But is this possessiveness between friends or is there a like?

    She used to have a very good relationship with a girl from the dance troupe from Paris, and she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw that girl gave someone a gift but didn’t give it to her.

    Jiang Ning became a little embarrassed.

    Are you too aggressive? Do we have to cultivate relationships again?

    She is not actually a love mind. But when she saw a girl sending love letters to Yan Yixie after the third year of high school, she was also anxious.

    Jiang Ning pulled his toes out of the cotton slippers and quickly found himself down the steps: “Hurt, am I kidding? I mean-were you jealous during the meal just now? The chef didn’t do it. There are several vinegar dishes, vinegar potato shreds, hot and sour beef, etc. I ask if you have vinegar dishes?”


    Yixie : “…” It’s better not to find supplements. The air is even more embarrassing.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t bear the embarrassment. He took two steps back, picked up his delicate bag and ran away.

    Jiang Ning returned home soon, plunged into the pillow, wishing to smother herself to death.

    Forget it, has she done less embarrassment? There is no shortage of this one. Jiang Ning comforted herself so much. Now the key is that the person who invites herself to watch the movie is gone. How can Yan Yixie realize that the relationship of childhood sweethearts can become a lover relationship.

    In the past few days when Jiang Ning was racking his brains, the class had another monthly exam.

    Jiang Ning has the foundation before rebirth. In the past three years, he has been studying more seriously, so this time he is among the best. After the exam, the head teacher specially called her to the office and asked her to keep it. According to her current grades, If you don’t go abroad, then entering the domestic Top2 will be no problem at all.

    Jiang Ning came out of the office and just passed Xu Mingyi. Jiang Ning did not look at him, but he turned his eyes slightly and paused.

    After entering high school, Xu Mingyi is still a man in the school, giving many speeches throughout the school. His grades are comparable to those of Jiang Ning, and he is also the focus of the class teacher after each exam.

    After finishing the college entrance examination in his previous life, Xu Mingyi went to Tsinghua University. Instead, he was Zhong Congshuang, who had always had very good grades in junior high school. When he arrived in high school, he gradually struggled, and finally went to an ordinary 985 on the coast.

    At this point in this life, it seems that it has not changed much from the previous life. The exam clock has slipped from Shuang to the middle of the class.

    The class they are in is a key class, and almost all of them can go to key universities. Zhong Congshuang’s grades are still good in the whole school, but for her, it may be mediocre.

    Sure enough, when Jiang Ning passed by the window, she saw her holding the paper and lying on the table, with two girls comforting her next to her.

    Don’t think about it, it has nothing to do with me.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Ning’s thoughts suddenly paused-how about Yan Yixie from the previous life?

    Why doesn’t she remember which school he was admitted to?

    In her previous life, Yan Yixie rarely came to school, and she never came to the class reunion after the college entrance examination. She didn’t know his whereabouts was normal. But it’s not that there is no memory at all.

    Jiang Ning walked toward his seat, looked at the teenager who was quietly reviewing with headphones, and tried to recall the memory of Yan Yixie’s college entrance examination in his previous life.

    Her eyebrows jumped suddenly.

    She remembered that the reason she didn’t remember her whereabouts was because he had gone abroad in the semester before the college entrance examination.

    Jiang Ning vaguely remembered that the scene was very big that day. The Yan family personally came and took Yan Yixie back.

    Everyone in the school was talking about it.

    She and the girl at the same table went out to buy reference books. The last time I saw Yan Yixie, it was a teenager wearing a tailored suit and sitting in a black Pagani. The window of the car was lowered a little, revealing his white side face. And gloomy eyebrows.

    That day, she and Yan Yixie looked at each other for a short time for two seconds. Before she didn’t know why the teenager left the school, she looked at herself, and the car disappeared from her field of vision.

    Jiang Ning is a rousing spirit, isn’t it not far away from Yan Yixie’s departure?

    Jiang Ning didn’t know what happened inside the Yan family. Why did he try to find Yan Yixie after a few years after he left Yan Yixie at the sea market. But according to this calculation, the Yan family will definitely send someone over soon.

    She suddenly felt a sense of panic in her heart. After sitting down, she looked at the teenager sitting next to her, and suddenly tightly grasped his hand that was turning the pen.

    “Pada” Yan Yixie’s pen rolled to the ground.

    He turned his face to look at Jiang Ning, and a question mark slowly appeared above his head: “What?”

    “Suddenly miss you.” Jiang Ning looked at him and said sincerely.

    The two students, a male and a female, heard the conversation behind them and turned their heads in shock.

    Young Jun’s face slowly turned red, and he tried to withdraw his hand, but couldn’t.

    “You just went to the toilet. We were only separated for five minutes.” He said calmly.

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