Yan Dahang hurriedly said, “No, I’m here to ask if you want to participate in the winter camp. Look, I just wrote your name for you.”

    Jiang Ning glanced at the winter camp roster, and the bottom was indeed added just now. Got his own name.

    She breathed a sigh of relief and quickly said: “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay.” Yan Dahang was in a cold sweat under Yan Yixie’s gaze, and didn’t dare to say anything other than “It’s okay.”

    He wiped his forehead and said to Jiang Ning, “Then I will put the form with you first. You can consider whether you want to participate. If you want to participate, you can sign it. You can give it to me before school today.”

    Jiang Ning picked up the roster. The table, the above did not introduce the winter camp projects. She remembers that each class is different every year. Before the third class, it seemed to go to a homestay for vacation, and only need to take a car. I don’t know what the first class is this time. She asked directly: “Can you ask what kind of activity it is?”

    “Climbing the snow mountain.” Yan Dahang replied.

    Jiang Ning’s heart was tight, and he subconsciously glanced at Yan Yixie with the left side of the light.

    The boy’s eyelashes were drooping, and Jun had no expression on his face, and he couldn’t see what he was thinking.

    Yan Dahang thought Jiang Ning was afraid of tiredness. Jiang Ning is a new transfer, and it is also the little Qingmei of Xu Mingyi, the chairman of the student union, so it is not good for her to be alone.

    So Yan Dahang said to Jiang Ning again: “It’s not too tired, it’s Wuming Mountain at a relatively low altitude. Our class has set up an inn on the top of the mountain. You can watch the stars at night, and you can watch the sunrise the next morning. It should snow at that time. , The scenery will be beautiful.”

    “Okay,” Jiang Ning came back to his senses and smiled, “I will send you the roster before school. It’s hard work.”

    Seeing Jiang Ning smile at him, Yan Dahang blushed inexplicably and touched him. Touching the back of his head: “Yeah.”

    This episode just passed. Although the people in Class 1 didn’t know why Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie were familiar with each other for a long time, they could only quietly say from behind that Jiang Ning was not afraid of death. .

    Xu Mingyi was rather unhappy, playing basketball frantically on the playground.

    Si Xiangming sat aside holding the mineral water, Jiang Ning stopped seeing Xu Mingyi playing basketball, and stopped giving Xu Mingyi mineral water, the only one who did this was him. He was puzzled: “Did Jiang Ning deliberately?”

    How could there be such a childhood sweetheart for more than ten years?

    Xu Mingyi knew that she was going to turn around, and prepared a seat for her. She turned a blind eye to it, and even became familiar with “that”-if it is close to any other boy, it would be easy to handle, Xu Mingyi went directly Just warn the other party.

    But it happened to be the one who lives halfway up the mountain by the sea.

    Xu Mingyi’s family is in a good family situation, but it is only a Kochi family, and he does not have the confidence to face it head-on.

    As a result, Xu Mingyi’s heart was frustrated, but there was nothing to do.

    Si Xiangming thought about it, but couldn’t figure out why.

    Except that he and Tan Pengxing sometimes have a lower mouth, Xu Mingyi doesn’t seem to have anything to apologize to Jiang Ning. Why did Xiao Jiangning ignore Xu Mingyi and ignore Xu Mingyi.

    Xu Mingyi smashed the basketball and said angrily: “I don’t know what medicine she took wrong.” What

    he felt was that Jiang Ning had been inexplicably separated from him for two months.

    What she maintained has become someone else.

    He didn’t even know when Jiang Ning met Yan Yixie, and suddenly Yan Yixie came to school with her.

    The two were talking, and a girl on the edge of the basketball court called Xu Mingyi to let Xu Mingyi pass. It was said that the student union was holding a meeting temporarily, and Zhong Congshuang waited for Xu Mingyi to pass.

    Xu Mingyi raised his eyes, and Zhong Congshuang stood far away from the steps of the stand.

    Si Xiangming looked at Xu Mingyi and said, “I’m calling you.”

    Xu Mingyi was a little impatient in his heart, kicked Si Xiangming lightly, and said to him: “You go over and tell him that I have something to do in the afternoon and that I will not go to the student union. Let her represent our class.

    Let’s do it.” “I’m just a donkey running errands.” With that said, Si Xiangming still ran to pass a message.

    Xu Mingyi continued to turn around and took the shot.

    The girl next to Zhong Congshuang gave Xu Mingyi a strange look at the basketball player in the distance, and said to Zhong Congshuang, “Weird, why do you feel that the monitor has been avoiding you recently? You quarreled?”

    Zhong Congshuang pursed his lips and tried his best. Don’t let his loss reveal: “No, he just had something in the afternoon.”

    In fact, during this time, the whole class felt that Xu Mingyi was avoiding Zhong Congshuang.

    Everyone didn’t know why, Xu Mingyi suddenly avoided Zhong Congshuang for fear, only Zhong Congshuang vaguely guessed why.

    The last time she was prevented from coming to Taiwan by Jiang Ning in Class Three, Class One also spread.

    Because the people in the first class spent a long time with her, most of them were on her side, reprimanding Jiang Ning for being conceited and bullying for her.

    But two things have happened recently.

    First, Jiang Rourou turned out to be the illegitimate daughter of Jiang Ning’s family, which caused some class 1 students who heard about this incident to sympathize with Jiang Ning secretly.

    After all, there are still most normal people in this world, and not many people will have sympathy with an illegitimate girl who lives in someone else’s home and eats someone else’s home.

    Second, Jiang Ning changed classes without warning and became a member of their class. After Yan Dahang and Jiang Ning finished speaking, their faces were a little red.

    The people in Class 1 suddenly felt less disgusted with Jiang Ning.

    They no longer feel sick to Jiang Ning, which means that many people are beginning to think that the last time Zhong Congshuang’s incident at the Sanban Xihui was indeed a shame for herself.

    Zhong Congshuang looked at Xu Mingyi’s avoiding figure in the distance, his heart was full of dark clouds.

    Yan Yixie is not used to being defended like this, and Jiang Ning also defended the wrong person. He felt a little awkward.

    But seeing Jiang Ning’s awkward look, he couldn’t help but twitched the corner of his mouth.

    Moreover, the mood is better than imagined.

    Yan Yixie sent a text message to the housekeeper while Jiang Ning was going out.

    After receiving the message from the housekeeper, Yan Yixie frowned.

    After a while, Jiang Ning returned to the seat and sat down. The people beside him did not say a word, flipping through a book absently, without raising his eyes to look at her.

    Jiang Ning felt a kind of low pressure inexplicably. She stretched out her hand and shook it before Yan Yixie’s eyes: “Did you read the book?”

    Yan Yixie raised her eyes and gave her a faint look.

    “What’s the matter?” Jiang Ning said amused. It was the first time that she saw Yan Yixie’s expressions.

    Yan Yixie withdrew his gaze, as if to mention it casually, and said without a trace: “You never said that you and Xu Mingyi are childhood sweethearts.”

    Jiang Ning suddenly felt a little vain , but then he thought about it. Now Yan Yixie does n’t like her anymore. It’s still a friendly, pure and innocent friendship, she has a guilty conscience.

    She grinned and said: “We all grew up in the hutongs. According to this, Si Xiangming and Tan Pengxing’s nasty ghosts, aren’t they my bamboo horses?”

    Yan Yi thanked him without saying a word.

    With Jiang Ning’s personality, he will of course know many people since childhood, and have all kinds of friends. He has long known this. But he still—just like the sugar on a summer day was divided away.

    But then he heard Jiang Ning say: “But now we are too.”

    Yan Yi thanked his fingertips.

    Jiang Ning leaned over immediately, leaned on his table, looked up at him from the bottom up, doglegs said: “Now we are also childhood sweethearts.”

    Yan Yixie said coldly: “What kind of childhood sweethearts are we, let’s go ahead. I didn’t know each other soon.”

    “I knew each other at the age of fourteen. If I could live to eighty, I would have known each other for 67 years, accounting for 83% of my life. Isn’t this still a childhood sweetheart?” Jiang Ning Looked at him persistently.

    Yanyi snorted and pushed her head away: “Who will continue to know you for sixty-seven years?”

    Although he said that, the young man’s heart trembled slightly at that moment.

    Sugar was tucked back into his arms again.

    How could Jiang Ning be so capable.

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