Jiang Ning was only planning to make a joke with Yan Yixie, and never thought that he would jump down.

    She hurriedly poked her wet head out of the water: “Hey, I’m here!” She

    quickly pushed aside the river and swam towards Yan.

    It can be seen that the teenager had undergone professional training before his legs became disabled, and his water quality was excellent. Now he has no sensation in the part below his knees, unable to focus on the water, and quickly found Jiang Ning’s position.

    After a while, the steward in the distance found that something was wrong, and when he hurried to arrive with the blankets in his arms, the two of them were already sitting on the shore.

    Both of them had drenched hair, and their bodies were dripping with water, just like two roosters.

    Jiang Ning felt that he was playing off, and he didn’t dare to look up at Yan Yixie.

    Yan Yixie’s forehead was hung with drops of water, which kept dripping down, like a water ghost climbing up.

    The boy’s already fair complexion became paler now, and his black eyes became as black as ink and cold as frost.

    He gave Jiang Ning a fierce look: “This kind of joke can also be played?”

    “I didn’t expect you to jump down.” Jiang Ning quibble: “This is called care, you care about me.” The

    teenager was furious: “I care. You fart, your hands are broken? Don’t you wring out your clothes quickly?” The

    housekeeper shook off the blanket and put it on Yan Yixie. Clothes.”

    Yan Yixie pulled down the blanket on her body, kneaded it into a ball, and threw it onto Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning picked up the blanket and stuffed it back into his arms, because he was afraid that he would scold himself, so he didn’t dare to look at him: “I think you need it more.” After

    stuffing it, he took two steps back.

    Yan Yi thanked him and said, “Come here, I promise not to kill you.”

    Jiang Ning felt that he looked like he was about to copy an umbrella, and said coyly, “No.”

    As soon as the voice fell, her eyes went dark, and the blanket was thrown on her body with a flapping head and face.


    Jiang Ning hurriedly pulled down the blanket that was about to be dragged to the ground: “You–” The

    old butler was anxious, and said: “You both need to dry the water quickly!”

    Jiang Ning also Fearing that Yan would thank you for catching a cold, she remembered the old housekeeper saying that after the young man’s legs were injured, his body was weaker than before.

    So she wrapped in a blanket and walked a few steps forward, and under Yan Yixie’s gaze, she sat down on the bank of the river next to him with no qualms, and wrapped both of them in a large blanket.

    Then he picked up the blanket on his side and began to wipe the water from his hair and neck.

    When the girl leaned in with a warm, wet body, Yan Yixie’s body became stiff.

    He glanced at her in astonishment.

    However, she didn’t notice anything. She was like a small animal, leaning over without any vigilance.

    The wind from the wilderness passed through the reeds and across the river bank, but was cut off by blankets.

    Under the blanket, it seemed to be a small world.

    Time becomes very slow in that moment, very slow.

    Yan Yixie’s body was stiff, and he could only feel that the heavy blanket seemed to have brought Jiang Ning’s body temperature, warmly wrapped around him.

    The setting sun in the distance fell on her face, and he could see the lovely fluff on her white face, with a halo of temperature.

    There is also the smell of clean cherry detergent in the air.

    The surroundings are very quiet.

    The beating in Yan Yixie’s chest seemed to be exceptionally abrupt and violent.

    Seeing Yan Yixie still staring at her, Jiang Ning widened his eyes: “? Want me to wipe it for you?” The

    young man returned to his senses in an instant, and looked away hastily.

    With a cold face, without a word, he pulled up the blanket and rubbed his short black hair roughly: “Xiao Ming’s grandfather lived to be a hundred years old. Do you know why? Take care of yourself.” A

    few minutes later, the blanket finally put the two on them. The water was almost absorbed and became heavy.

    The butler quickly took the blanket over.

    Yan Yixie said: “Go back.” The

    housekeeper pushed the wheelchair over, and suddenly paused. His expression changed, and he looked at Yan Yixie’s ankle: “Master, are you injured?” They

    just came out of the water. The whole body was covered with water, and Jiang Ning didn’t notice. At this moment, he discovered that there was bloodshot in the river water on the bank, and the source was Yan Yixie’s ankle.

    He lifted his legs out of the river, and under the action, blood immediately leaked from the white trouser legs.

    “Did it cut in the river just now?” Jiang Ning’s guilt suddenly became heavier.

    Yan Yixie glanced at her and didn’t care, but his tone was not as cold as before: “It’s not a big problem, go back and deal with it.”

    “Okay, go home quickly.” Jiang Ning hurriedly stood up.

    Yan Yixie remained motionless, staring at her: “Turn around.”

    Jiang Ning: “?”

    Jiang Ning didn’t know what he was going to do, it can be seen that he was injured, so don’t gag him and waste time at this time. , So he turned around obediently and turned his back to him.

    Yan Yixie was supporting with both hands and struggling to climb into the wheelchair. He is a man, and he is determined not to let the housekeeper princess hold him, so for so many years, whether he gets out of bed or enters the bathroom, he has come by himself.

    Jiang Ning, with his back to him, heard the movement and had already guessed it.

    “…” When is this! Should I have such a strong self-esteem?

    That night, Jiang Ning took a bath in Yan Yixie’s villa, waited for her clothes to dry and put them on, and drank a bowl of ginger soup made by the housekeeper, which relieved her chill a little.

    Yan Yixie started burning.

    I don’t know if it was because of the drenched body and cold wind blowing on the way back, or the infection from a wound cut by a rock in the river.

    After dinner, the housekeeper hurriedly called a private doctor and infused the boy with fluid. The boy began to lie down in bed and fell asleep. He was groggy and had a high fever.

    Jiang Ning blamed herself terribly. When she was by the river, she just saw Yan thanking her for duplicity, and deliberately wanted to make a joke with him, but she didn’t expect such consequences.

    The private doctor was still in the room with an infusion, and Jiang Ning wandered outside Yan Yixie’s room.

    The housekeeper walked over with the fever-reducing alcohol and comforted her: “Don’t blame yourself too much. Since the accident, the young master has been weaker than ordinary people. In the first few years, he has been lying in a foreign hospital and has undergone several operations. Secondly, he still failed to repair the nerves in the legs. After that, he was prone to infection and fever. He took medicine all the year round, but recently he has often stopped taking medicine, which has led to a decline in his resistance. This is also part of the reason. In short, it is not all your problem.”

    Butler It was kind of comfort, but Jiang Ning felt even more guilty, and asked in a low voice: “Did he often have a fever like this

    before?” “Before?” The housekeeper smiled bitterly: “In the first few years he was injured, he refused to admit his life and kept tossing. Two years…” The

    butler did not continue.

    After the private doctor left, the housekeeper escorted him out.

    Because he couldn’t get a taxi here at night, the butler drove him to let Jiang Ning look at the young master for a while.

    Jiang Ning took the alcohol iron plate and gently pushed the door in with his shoulder.

    The boy on the bed closed his eyes tightly, and gauze could be seen vaguely around the trouser legs, which should have been wrapped in white gauze.

    His face was pale, and his forehead was dark and messy.

    The boy lost his chill when he was asleep, but his lips were still pressed tightly, and his frowning eyebrows were fragile.

    Jiang Ning gently placed the iron plate on the head of the bed and looked up along the needle in his right hand. He saw that there were two bottles of potion after the bottle was finished.

    “I’m sorry.” Jiang Ning couldn’t help but say.

    She reached out and touched the boy’s forehead, which was terribly hot.

    Jiang Ning felt a little guilty and decided to take responsibility and wait until Yan Yixie’s fever subsided before leaving.

    She left the room, called Lan Zhenzhen and Zheng Ruonan separately, and told Zheng Ruonan that she would review her homework at Lan Zhenzhen’s house tonight and go back a little later.

    Before, Jiang Ning often played at a good friend’s house. Zheng Ruonan didn’t say anything, but told her a few words.

    Hanging up, Jiang Ning returned to the room.

    She was sitting on the carpet next to her, lying on the side of the bed, waiting for the teenager to get rid of her fever as soon as possible.

    After a high fever, Yan Yixie fell into his nightmare again.

    He became upset, not knowing whether it was because of the heat waves that were about to burn people to death, or because of the powerlessness and despair that came from the past.

    He seemed to have fallen into the extreme darkness, that terrifying nightmare was repeated again and again, and he seemed to have stepped into an infinite loop, never finding a way out.

    Because of the legs that could never stand up, all his dreams were deprived. He could never run, skydive, ski, surf like a normal person…

    His world became black and white, and he lost the right to the future.

    Everyone can imagine what the future will be like, but he can only face the pale walls of the hospital day after day, trying to accept that he will become a crippled man with crippled legs.

    On the day he was discharged from the hospital, his most familiar relatives said to him guiltily that it was regrettable that such an accident happened. They did not protect him, but things have become like this. The cutting-edge medicine can’t save everything, and they can’t. .

    They can only train new heirs, send him here, and give him a lot of money.

    Does he not hate?

    Isn’t he desperate?

    But what about it, once it becomes weak, it can only be abandoned.

    Besides, he became disabled.

    Disabled. Disabled. Disabled.

    The nightmare was like a lock, tightening Yan Yixie’s throat tightly. He could not breathe in the nightmare, and ran non-stop.

    But at the end, opening that door will never be a way out.

    It was the expression of his parents covering his mouth in astonishment after the doctor lifted his trouser legs and saw his legs with ugly scars.

    After that day, he was given up.

    The boy’s face became paler and paler on the bed, and his whole body was sweaty.

    Suddenly, his eyelids twitched and he opened his eyes suddenly.

    Like a cub that stepped on the catching clip many times and no longer believed in anyone, he fiercely clamped the hand that fell on his forehead.

    Jiang Ning was startled, his wrist hurt.

    The alcohol tablet she wiped his forehead in her hand fell on Yan Yixie’s pillow: “What’s wrong?” As

    if realizing that it was her, the hatred in Yan Yixie’s eyes slowly dissipated.

    He became a little awake and let go of her hand.

    The light fell in his eyes, and he looked at her quietly, trying to free himself from the hostility of the nightmare.

    His dark forehead was on his forehead, and there was no sound.

    “Is it better? Did you have a nightmare?” Jiang Ning picked up the alcohol swab and asked.

    Yan Yixie stared at her, her voice dumb after fever: “Why are you still here?”

    Jiang Ning said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be joking with you.”

    Yan Yixie looked at her: “It’s okay.”

    If only his legs are good, everything shouldn’t be like that.

    He will rescue her from the river.

    It will not lie on the bed like a waste.

    The weakness and pain in the dream seems to have come to reality.

    Yan Yixie suddenly stopped the beginning, looked to the other side, and said to Jiang Ning lightly: “If there is nothing wrong, go back soon.”

    Jiang Ning was still worried, and whispered: “The doctor asked the doctor to change the medicine before leaving. The housekeeper is out, can I help you change it?”

    Yan Yixie was dizzy, did not hear clearly, only frowned and said: “I’m fine, you go back.”

    Jiang Ning only thought he was not awake. The changed gauze leaned over gently and lifted his injured ankle.

    However, Jiang Ning couldn’t help but widen his eyes at the moment his trouser legs were lifted.

    What a pair of scarred leg bones that people can’t even think of!

    Wrapped by skin that was so pale that it was not like a normal person, he was scarred everywhere. Although he had healed a long time ago, he could still imagine the blood dripping at the time.

    At first glance, it was shocking, weak and fragile.

    Jiang Ning’s heart was twisted fiercely, and her voice trembled involuntarily: “This is…” What happened to the accident?

    Yan Yixie did not feel below his calf, nor did he feel Jiang Ning pulling up his trouser legs.

    When he heard Jiang Ning’s startled voice, he suddenly realized something and suddenly turned his head back.

    His head buzzed.

    Did she see it?

    Yan Yixie’s blood rushed to his head and said angrily: “What are you doing?” At

    this moment, he hardly dared to look at the expression on Jiang Ning’s face.

    As if the ugliest and hideous part of his body was seen by the person who least wanted to see it, he couldn’t imagine whether her face was as surprised, sympathetic, or…disgusting as others.

    Yan Yixie struggled violently.

    Jiang Ning had never seen him resist him so much, so he had to take a step back and said: “The doctor said you need to change the medicine once an hour. I just wanted to help…”

    She saw it.

    “You go out.” Yan Yixie interrupted her in a deep voice.

    Jiang Ning tried his best to let the picture that had just come out of his mind.

    She calmed down and said, “It’s just to help change the medicine. If you get used to the housekeeper, I’ll call him over.”

    Yan Yixie felt that her self-esteem had become fragmented in an instant.

    He took a deep breath and clenched his fists. Without looking at Jiang Ning’s expression, he tried his best to calmly     say : “You don’t want to come again.”

    Jiang Ning asked in amazement, “Why?” The

boy said coldly, “I don’t want to see. It’s you.”

    Jiang Ning was talking nonsense only when he had a fever, but Jiang Ning was still a little injured…it seemed that the relationship suddenly fell to the original point.

    She said: “But these days, we have become friends, aren’t we very happy?”

    “Happy? Only you are happy.” Yan Yixie said.

    Jiang Ning was taken aback.

    Yan Yixie sneered: “What do you think you are doing lately? See me being poor, so come to redeem me? I don’t need sympathy, and I don’t need you to come for relief! Do you think this is a play house game, and you Are you helping a disabled person?” At

    this moment, the boy hated himself deeply, but he became more and more smashed.

    He said: “Seeing my legs, they can’t walk, they can’t even stand. You must have a deep understanding of what is disabled.”

    Yes, she lifted his trouser legs, showing the expression of consternation that those people had shown, even if he didn’t drive her away, she would abandon him like those people.

    It’s better to leave yourself a little bit of self-esteem.

    Jiang Ning opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

    But the boy’s tone was so cold that he couldn’t be colder anymore. He said, “Do you know how much trouble you caused me? You helped me, and I helped you.”

    “It’s cleared up, I hope you don’t show up again. “


    don’t know how long it took, and finally a dead silence in the room returned.

    It was as silent as if no one had been here before, and Yan Yixie was the only one from beginning to end.

    The silence was… terrifying.

    Yan Yixie was lying on the bed alone, his forehead was soaked with sweat, he looked at the ceiling, the sharpness and thorns in his eyes receded, gradually becoming at a loss.

    He couldn’t help but clenched his hands into fists, and slammed his unconscious leg. Why would I be disabled?

    The boy thought, after this night, Jiang Ning should never come again.

    That’s okay, he cut the mess with a sharp knife, he wanted to drive her away a long time ago.

    This is better than waiting for her to disappear after he starts to breed hope.

    But the next day, Jiang Ning did not appear again.

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