When Jiang Ning rushed to the school, someone from the Student Union was checking the nameplate at the school gate.

    Hengchu didn’t pay much attention to ceremonies. Even if he didn’t wear a nameplate on weekdays, he could just sneak around. The group of students in the student union would not be very strict.

    But when Jiang Ning cat swooped in this morning, he was sturdy and bounced back. A heavy and angry voice rang in my ears: “Where did you go early in the morning?”

    The people around looked over.

    Not far away, Si Xiangming and Tan Pengxing also looked here with interest. Every time it was Xu Mingyi’s turn, Xu Mingyi was not interested in coming, but today they don’t know what’s going on. They are like blocking people. They have been at school. Wandering at the door. They bet whether Xu Mingyi waited for Zhong Congshuang or Hu Shanshan.

    Yes, now I know who he is blocking.

    It’s really strange.

    “What’s your business?” Jiang Ning squatted angrily to pick up the pencil case that fell out of the schoolbag.

    Xu Mingyi wanted to reach out to help her, but before her hand touched her pen, she quickly picked it up and hurriedly put it back into her schoolbag.

    Xu Mingyi’s fingers stiffened.

    He stood up straight, with the student union armband wrapped around his shoulders, and his face was even more ugly.

    Several times before, Jiang Ning was lost. He washed his cold face at 6 o’clock this morning and went to Jiang’s house, but he was still empty.

    Zheng Ruonan said that Jiang Ning was very diligent these days, and went to school very early, but by chance he had already left home.

    So Xu Mingyi quickly turned back to school.

    But looking at the watch, Jiang Ning arrived at the school at 7:30.

    This shows that she stayed elsewhere for at least an hour.

    “Aunt Zheng said that you have been up very early recently and asked me what time you arrived at the school.” Xu Mingyi moved out of Zheng Ruonan without changing his face.

    Jiang Ning closed the zipper of the schoolbag and frowned, “Go to classmates’ house for tuition, do you have to give a short report?”

    “How come I don’t know if you go to a classmate’s home for tutoring?”

    Xu Mingyi was a little angry for some reason . I don’t know when, Jiang Ning quietly withdrew from his life. Now I find the person who had to talk to him about everything. She is hard to trace.

    He said: “Which classmate’s house are you going to? I can help you with tuition.”

    “No need.” Jiang Ning interrupted him.

    “Jiang Ning, have you taken the wrong medicine recently?!” Xu Mingyi finally said angrily.

    It’s not that taking the wrong medicine can’t explain her recent behavior of alienating him.

    At first, Xu Mingyi thought that Jiang Ning was simply angry, and that he would be better in a few days, and he should be treated cold, but who knows how long it has been, she never came to him actively.

    This has never happened before in his childhood memories.

    Even when she saw Zhong Congshuang pulling his sleeve, she… walked away without looking back.

    “Don’t be okay.” Jiang Ning also said angrily: “I will be scolded for both being late.”

    Xu Mingyi took a deep breath and calmed himself down: “Let’s talk.”

    Jiang Ning looked at him complicatedly: “Then talk about it.”

    Jiang Ning picked a milk tea shop next to the school, and walked straight over. Xu Mingyi followed her, only feeling very uncomfortable… He suddenly realized that Jiang Ning was behind him before. , Looking at his back.

    It turned out that looking at the other person’s back and walking forward without looking back, it turned out to be such an insecure thing.

    After sitting down, Xu Mingyi had a cold face. He didn’t know how to speak. He couldn’t let go of his self-esteem and asked Jiang Ning why he suddenly alienated him.

    Jiang Ning was straightforward: “Are you treating me as your sister?”

    Xu Mingyi didn’t expect Jiang Ning to be so direct. After choking for a while, he said, “Yes.”

    “That’s just right, I just think of you as the older brother I’ve known since I was young. I used to be ignorant and always pestered you. Please forgive me.” Jiang Ning said lightly.

    Xu Mingyi: “…”

    Jiang Ning said again: “The adults joked that they want to have a baby, it’s all their business, we don’t take it seriously.” After

    rebirth, Jiang Ning never knew how to face Xu Mingyi, human feelings. Only once, it was wiped out, and it was completely gone. She couldn’t take another risk in this life. What’s more, the last thing that happened in her last life was also called Geying.

    But on the other hand, Xu Mingyi is still fifteen years old. He doesn’t know that he will choose to save Zhong Congshuang in a car accident in the future. Jiang Ning’s revenge on a teenager for the hatred of his previous life seems too much.

    Therefore, Jiang Ning chose not to owe him anything, and will go his own way and live his own lives.

    Jiang Ning fiddled with the milk tea jelly cup in front of him, looked into his eyes, and said, “Everyone has grown up and is no longer a child. I have my own business and the life I want to live. It’s impossible to run behind your ass all day like in the past.”

    “What are you kidding?” Xu Mingyi smiled.

    For some reason, there was a sting in his heart.

    She always pestered him, and when he wanted to play with him, he found her annoying.

    But when she suddenly matured a lot and didn’t play rogue to him anymore, he seemed to be empty and suddenly lost something.

    Xu Mingyi is inexplicably irritable: “Jiang Ning, stop making trouble. I’m not talking about this kind of talk. If I annoyed you some time ago, you can tell me directly. A bunch of game cards I bought have not been removed. Feng, you forced me to buy Super Mario last month, so you don’t want to come and play?”

    Jiang Ning looked at Xu Mingyi, but suddenly wanted to ask something.

    She still couldn’t figure out why Xu Mingyi would make such a choice in the car accident before the classmates reunion.

    At that time, she and Zhong Congshuang in the back seat had blood all over her body. Could it be that Zhong Congshuang looked more injured and her legs were suppressed, so Xu Mingyi chose to save her first?

    Yan Yixie’s car followed them and was also affected by the accident, but when Jiang Ning looked through the bloody glass, he saw him running towards him without hesitation.

    Jiang Ning could not ask what Xu Mingyi thought in her previous life. She could only be silent for a while, and asked the fifteen-year-old Xu Mingyi in front of her: “How did you feel to Zhong Congshuang when you were young?

    ” The term “younger” was used strangely. But Xu Mingyi did not react.

    He froze for a moment: “Zhong

    Congshuang ?” Xu Mingyi said: “She is different from you. She is from a poor family, but she is tenacious and hardworking. Someone in the class bullied her before. I couldn’t see it, so I helped twice. “

    Hearing the word “poor”, Jiang Ning didn’t want to listen further.

    Everyone is more pitiful than her Jiang Ning, she is the strongest one.

    Jiang Ning sneered: “

    Okay .” Xu Mingyi had to say something, but Jiang Ning went straight away.

    Xu Mingyi turned his head and looked at the milk tea jelly that Jiang Ning hadn’t touched on the table, feeling agitated.

    He just wanted to make everything back to the past.

    The current Jiang Ning made him too uncomfortable, as if an important thing in life was suddenly dug out.

    Jiang Ning’s words made him unable to understand, what has grown up, it doesn’t matter anymore… nonsense.

    Xu Mingyi recalled the conversation between the two.

    Is it because…

    Zhong Congshuang?

    On the one hand, he couldn’t help but complain that Jiang Ning was very careful when he was a child, and even he had to care about helping his classmates casually, but on the other hand, he was a little more at ease…

    If it’s because of Zhong Congshuang, is Jiang Ning still jealous?


    Jiang Ning was really late because of Xu Mingyi.

    After being dragged by the class teacher in the hallway, she criticized her heartbreakingly, “Just like you, you still want to transfer to the first class”, then she returned to her seat sullenly.

    At this moment, Xu Mingyi must have been greeted by a class of teachers with a smile.

    I’m so angry, how can the gap between people be so big.

    “When my next exam is soaring, Lao Wang will definitely regret agreeing to transfer me to the first class.” Jiang Ning sat down and opened the book, muttering softly.

    Lan Zhenzhen laughed out loud with a “pouch”, and reached out to touch Jiang Ning’s forehead: “This morning, why did you fall asleep

    Jiang Ning ?” Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning knows everyone is. What do you think of her.

    The group of friends around Xu Mingyi who have been playing since childhood, Zhong Congshuang, Hu Shanshan, classmates in her class, and the old lady and Jiang Rourou in the family, I am afraid that she can’t support the wall with mud, countdown all the year round, no different from Jiang Fan .

    So when she said she was going to make up for Jiang Fan, the old lady murmured behind her back, “Fifty steps say you want to help a hundred steps.”

    She would steam a bun without fighting for her breath.

    Jiang Ning determined that the next monthly exam must be done well, at least to make the old lady slap her face.

    So Jiang Ning never left his seat for the whole day, and continued to review the last time, looking dizzy and dizzy after reading the information book.

    But all the knowledge has been contoured in her mind, and now it’s just a review of it.

    So it’s also very fast.

    Before school is over, it is the evening meeting as usual.

    The evening meeting is the tradition of Hengchu. Every Friday there will be some free time, from a class of students with good grades to each class to exchange methods to improve their grades, and to give scores to each class.

    To be honest, Jiang Ning has always felt that this tradition is of little use except to improve the conceit of the top students.

    Because in just half an hour, students in other classes cannot get any effective information from top students in a class.

    But the school thought that such exchanges would help stimulate the upward trend of students, so it continued to high school.

    Jiang Ning suspected that Yan Yixie might not come to school because of such annoying school regulations.

    It’s harder to let him go to another class to talk about topics than to let him knock the school over.

    Today, there are a total of three students in Class Three who exchange English.

    Two of them happened to be Zhong Congshuang and Jiang Rourou.

    These three people are very fluent in English and almost kill the students in the third class.

    Jiang Rourou also knows the convergence of light.

    Zhong Congshuang is no more true. He fully exercises his school’s rights, frequently starting up the students in Class 3, asking them to read some slurred vocabulary, ask some more unusual grammar questions, and lower their heads to score on a small book.

    The third class is a bunch of waste wood, how can they keep up with their rhythm, the boys sitting in the back can’t even understand the questions they ask in English.

    A boy who was picked up by Zhong Congshuang couldn’t answer.

    Zhong Congshuang raised his chin and continued to ask in English: “This is what I learned in the textbook. Why can’t you answer it? Didn’t your teacher teach it?” The

    tall boy blushed.

    This is why the class at the end of the crane hates the tradition of school. Every Friday evening meeting is a terrible blow to their self-confidence.

    Another girl answered.

    Zhong Congshuang was still dissatisfied: “Your accent is too Chinese English.”

    After speaking, Zhong Congshuang read the answer fluently.

    The girl looked like she wanted to find a hole in the ground.

    Being criticized by a teacher is not the same as being criticized by your peers, especially in front of so many people in the class.

    This year, not everyone can afford to attend extracurricular tuition classes, foreign teachers, and tapes.

    The English accent means average family background.

    The girl’s eye circles are already red.

    Lan Zhenzhen lay on the table, fearing that Zhong Congshuang would be spotted, and whispered to Jiang Ning: “This class of people are too arrogant.”

    Jiang Ning frowned and brushed the question, noncommittal.

    Zhong Congshuang is indeed sharp and vigorous and does not know how to constrain, but Jiang Ning plans to engage in the dance acting industry in the future, and she is not on the same track as her, so Jiang Ning is not interested in being true to her.

    Zhong Congshuang’s sight swept towards her imperceptibly.

    Zhong Congshuang whispered to Jiang Rourou beside him: “How is your sister’s English?”

    “Not very good,” Jiang Rourou said in a low voice, “but you can’t point her to her. She has a bad temper. If you can’t answer, she wants to fuck you. “

    Jian Rourou still has lingering fears about the quarrel at home last night.

    She used to cling to Jiang’s father to please Zheng Ruonan, and can survive at home, but recently Zheng Ruonan has turned more and more towards Jiang Ning, saying that she changed her from a private dance class to a small group class.

    The family’s economic power is controlled by Zheng Ruonan. Jiang Rourou has no choice but to bear the humiliation and wait for the time when Jiang’s father asks Jiang Ning to pass.

    Zhong Congshuang was very disapproving. Jiang Ning has a bad temper, but she is calm and upbringing.

    But before Zhong Congshuang called Jiang Ning up, the teacher in charge of the third class at the back of the classroom couldn’t sit still.

    The whole class was so quiet as a chicken by the momentum of the first class of students, and he didn’t dare to lift his head. It was a shame to him!

    However, he did not have any good grades in his class, what should I do?

    The head teacher suddenly remembered that Jiang Ning came to his office not long ago, and he could understand the English letters at a glance.

    If a dead horse is treated as a living horse doctor, the big deal is to be ashamed again. Anyway, Jiang Ning has a thick-skinned boy.

    He coughed and said, “Jiang Ning, get up and talk to the outstanding students in class one.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” He

    was shot even when he was lying down.

    Jiang Rourou glanced at Jiang Ning in surprise. What’s the matter, the teacher in charge of the third class actually seems to regard her seriously?

    Since her own class teacher asked her to get up, it’s not deliberate to order her by herself.

    Zhong Congshuang smiled slightly and said: “Gang Ning from Class 3.”

    Jiang Ning had to stand up and looked at Zhong Congshuang blankly.

    She studied at the Royal Academy of Dance abroad, and she performed on stage plays every year. Why did Zhong Congshuang not want to proactively provoke her?

    Even if she wanted to pretend that her brain is empty, but those new concept English look like 1+1=2 to her, she can’t count it wrongly as 3.

    “Come on, read this, and then explain the grammar.”

    Zhong Congshuang deliberately picked a three-line complex sentence, which was mixed with many super long sentences such as “zaberni□□” and “floccinaucinihilipilification”. vocabulary.

    Lan Zhenzhen was nervous, as if it was herself who was about to face the moment of shame, she couldn’t bear to look at it, and buried her head behind the book.

    “Are you bullying? Let her read it by herself first.” The boy at the back table whispered angrily: “Jiang Ning, don’t read it. Instead of stumbling, it’s better to be cool and not open your mouth.”

    Who knows, next.

    The whole class heard a perfect and beautiful English tone.


    Everyone in the class raised their heads and looked at Jiang Ning with their mouths open.

    Jiang Ning paused, and then read along the section Zhong Congshuang gave her. His accent was no worse than those sexy voices in English dramas, beautiful and mellow, smooth and silky, making the class suspicious of his ears.

    After she finished reading, she constructed a long sentence casually and explained the grammar.

    Then, before Zhong Congshuang and Jiang Rourou on the podium could react, she glanced at Zhong Congshuang and smiled harmlessly: “I have finished reading, now you read it again? See if you are qualified to teach me? “

    His face rose to the color of pig liver and soon turned into Zhong Congshuang.

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