Jiang Ning Xinhu Lake seemed to be rippled by the wind, and rippled gently.

    She stood there, looking at the dizzy street lights along the road and the tiny flies around under the street lights, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but cock up.

    For the first time in history after being reborn, she felt so relaxed.

    The overwhelming boulder in her heart was finally removed for a while.

    Jiang Ning took out his mobile phone from his schoolbag and texted Yan Yixie: “Thank you.”

    The teenager on the mobile phone was still indifferent.

    Jiang Ning still smiled, and while continuing to walk towards home, his fingertips briskly jumped on the phone: “Yan Yixie, when will you go to school with me? I want to transfer to the same class with you.”

    After a long while, when she finally returned to the front of the courtyard, there was a cold reply in the phone: “You don’t want to be too big.”

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help laughing.

    Jiang Ning returned home with a good mood, and as soon as he entered the house, he looked for Jiang Fan everywhere.

    When Jiang Fan didn’t see Jiang Fan in Jiang Fan’s room, Jiang Ning’s eyebrows wrinkled immediately.

    This little bastard had promised to study well before, wouldn’t it be a bad check again, and then turned around and went to the Internet cafe after he separated from him?

    There is no cure.

    Zheng Ruonan came over with a glass of milk, lowered her voice and said with satisfaction, “He is doing homework in your room, and finally he calmed down and sat at the desk for a while, don’t bother him first, you go take a bath first “

    Jiang Ning was stunned: “Are you sure he’s doing homework, didn’t he sneak out through the window again?”

    Across the door, Jiang Fan said quietly, “Jiang Ning, I can hear you bad things behind your back.

    Yes .” Is it really in your own room?

    Last year, the boy Jiang Fan saw off the desk in his room with a saw in order not to do his homework. The whole family was very angry. Zheng Ruonan said angrily that he would never buy a desk for him again and let him do his homework. Just go to the toilet and write on the toilet.

    When this kid is irritating, he can really turn his popularity into smoke.

    “I’m coming.” Jiang Ning took the milk in Zheng Ruonan’s hand and pushed the door in.

    In the room, Jiang Fan really had two supplementary books and a collection of exercises in front of him. He twisted and sat there, biting his pen in pain.

    Jiang Ning walked quickly, put down the milk cup, opened the book on his desk, and tried to find the game console underneath.

    But… not really.

    The set of exercises has been turned over several pages. Although none of the questions is right at first glance, the handwriting is indeed the boy Jiang Fan himself.

    Jiang Ning was shocked and delighted in his heart, but still stunned, and asked extraneously, “You wrote it all by yourself?”

    Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Ning’s expression, feeling a little refreshed inexplicably. It turned out that it’s not so difficult to be motivated. , And the family’s attention to him has increased. He showed an arrogant expression: “Otherwise? There are ghosts in the room, can you help me write?”

    Jiang Ning slowly said: “You should indeed write it yourself.”

    Jiang Fan became even more proud, and continued to erect his ears. Waiting for Jiang Ning’s praise, if you put a tail on his butt, I’m afraid it will be up to the sky.

    Just listen to Jiang Ning again: “Because I am writing a ghost, it is impossible for ten questions to be neatly wrong.”

    Jiang Fan: “…”

    Ruthless, despise him.

    He wanted her to know what the prodigal son turned around.

    Jiang Fan continued to gritted his teeth and fought the problem set.

    Jiang Ning finally got a smile in his eyes, and went downstairs to Zheng Ruonan and said, “I will buy another desk for Jiang Fan.”

    “It’s up to you.” Zheng Ruonan has been arrogant for a long time. Recently, I don’t know what’s wrong. Both children seem to have changed their minds. Zheng Ruonan is refreshed at happy events, and his complexion looks much better.

    The old lady shook the fan in the yard and couldn’t help turning her head to look at Jiang Ning with a strange look.

    Can’t figure it out.

    The little girl really has two brushes.

    There are also neighbors who want to transfer their children to another school, but they are struggling to find a way out. Because their transfer procedures were completed, the old ladies who had danced the square dance together in the past two days were about to surround Wang Sufen and inquired about her.

    The old lady frowned and said to her old friends what was so difficult.

    She asked her daughter-in-law to help ask questions, but she didn’t mention a word when she got home… She and Jiang Ning’s relationship has never been harmonious, so she asked Jiang. Ning asked, didn’t he put his face up to let this girl beat?

    Seeing the mother and daughter over there beaming, the old lady couldn’t hold back the thought of stepping forward again.

    She got up and walked in and said to Zheng Ruonan, “It’s a good thing for Jiang Fan to study, but now he still can’t get up with his grades. Or let Rourou make up lessons for him? Rourou’s grades are good, every exam is always before the beginning Thirty, I can save some tuition fees.”

    Jiang Ning was so tired of the old lady that her mind was always on Jiang Rourou’s side, and she was always thinking of fighting for Jiang Rourou’s benefit.

    She said coldly: “I can help Jiang Fan, so don’t bother others.” The

    old lady’s face was straightened down: “Look at how your child speaks, where is Rourou? You and her are living under the same roof. After so many years, why can’t you become a sister? Your mind is really smaller than a needle.”

    Jiang Ning did not hesitate to sneer at each other: “My mind is small? Grandma, you know who this is, this is mine! Can you tolerate her living in? It’s almost ten years here, and my eyes are still small? If you say something more, I will throw her things out immediately.” The

    old lady’s face turned blue.

    The last time I saw Jiang Ning crying in front of Zheng Ruonan, she cried, thinking that her temperament has become soft. Who knows that although her hair has been cut, her face is clean, she still has that thorn in her bones.

    The old lady endured, she turned to Zheng Ruonan and said with a sullen face: “This is the good daughter you taught? There is no way to be polite to the elders.”

    Zheng Ruonan saw Jiang Ning’s recent changes. She has gradually realized that her daughter has become arrogant and that her family always favors Jiang Rourou. Maybe the latter is the cause and the former is the result.

    Jiang Ning didn’t have to open his teeth and claws, his whole body was prickly.

    She has gradually given up her reputation outside, even if others say that she bullies orphans, she can’t continue to wrong Jiang Ning.

    Zheng Ruonan glanced at the old lady and said lukewarmly: “It’s not you who came to find something first, so how can she be rude to you?”

    This is the case for her daughter and the same for her mother.

    The old lady glanced at Jiang Rourou, whose eyes were already red in the distance. She was almost so angry that she was so angry that she said angrily: “It was because of Jiang Ning last time that Rourou’s dance class was changed from a private class to a small group class. She came back and cried a lot. My god, the teacher in the dance class has a bad attitude towards her, how can you bear it?”

    Jiang Ning smiled: “Grandma, you can’t bear it. You spend money to let her go back to private lessons. What qualifications does Mi Chong have to choose? Four?” At

    this moment, Jiang Ning really felt like a vicious female partner who bullied Xiao Baihua, but when she thought of the things in her previous life, her anger only grew more and more vigorous.

    This war should have erupted on the first day of rebirth, but he had a lot of worries and had always endured it.

    She turned her head and swept the tea cups used by the old lady, Jiang Rourou, and Jiang Shan on the coffee table into the trash can. No one could stop her. Zheng Ruonan was stunned for a moment.

    Jiang Fan in the room heard the movement and ran out to look. Seeing his sister had the upper hand, he whistled suavely.

    “…” The old lady rushed up vigorously, and finally couldn’t help it, raised her hand, and slapped Jiang Ning’s face with a slap.

    Zheng Ruonan’s face changed, and he said sharply: “You are too much!”

    Jiang Ning didn’t lift his eyelids, and grabbed her hand: “Don’t touch me, otherwise you will be kicked out in the middle of the month, and now you will be early.”

    No one knew what she was talking about.

    The old lady did not expect that Jiang Ning, a little girl, would be so strong and so courageous, and in turn would make her wrists hurt. She said viciously: “It’s the opposite, I have to let your father judge!” The

    old lady shook off Jiang Ning’s hand, slammed the door and went out to find Father Jiang.

    As soon as Father Jiang came home from get off work, he heard the old lady throwing beans to him a lot of angrily. As soon as he entered the yard, he saw Jiang Rourou standing in the corner weeping.

    If it were in the past, Jiang’s father would have to reprimand Jiang Ning for disrespect for the elderly.

    But today’s father Jiang is uncharacteristic. He put down his briefcase in a hurry as if he hadn’t heard it, and called Jiang Ning to the study, his tone was even flattering: “Ningning, come in, dad has something to do with you. Discuss.”

    Now, the old lady and Jiang Rourou were dumbfounded.

    Don’t wait for Father Jiang to say it, Jiang Ning will know what he wants to discuss.

    Jiang Ning told Zheng Ruonan that since they asked Ouyang Bo for help, they should not tell other people Ouyang Bo’s contact information, otherwise, wouldn’t it mean that they would bother people over and over again.

    Zheng Ruonan is a very principled woman. She quarreled with Jiang Shan in the past two days. It should be because of this.

    Father Jiang was a little afraid of his strict wife, so he could only hit his daughter who was a little older.

    “You help Dad.” In the study, Father Jiang squatted down kindly and said: “If the project next to the university park can be approved, Dad will take you and Fanfan to the amusement park.”

    Jiang Ning looked lightly . His eyes were not warm: “Without Jiang Rourou, are you sure? Are you willing?”

    Father Jiang was inexplicably guilty by Jiang Ning’s look. He stretched out his hand and tried to hold Jiang Ning’s shoulder, but Jiang Ning turned his head to avoid him.

    “…” Father Jiang’s heart suddenly burst into flames.

    In the past, although he had no status in front of Zheng Ruonan, these children gave him a great sense of superiority. The children were eager for the father’s love and would fight for favor.

    But in recent days, Jiang Ning has appeared less and less in his field of vision, occasionally meeting him with cold eyes, as if looking at a stranger or looking at a mass of garbage.

    “Why do you look at me like this, I’m your father!” Father Jiang couldn’t help but exasperated.

    Jiang Ning ignored him and changed his naive look, saying: “I can help Dad, but Dad will sign for me first. I didn’t do well in the test last time, so I dare not ask my mother to help me. Sign it for fear that she will criticize me.”

    Father Jiang has been busy with the new project these days. For so many years, he has been instructed by the neighbors, saying that he is eating soft food. Now if he is fired, That’s really discredited. And when people reach middle age, there is no father-in-law who can arrange work for him. Where can he find a job?

    So he didn’t even think about it, and said anxiously: “Go get the test paper, and dad will sign it now.”

    Jiang Ning soon took a large stack of test papers and put the one with the best test on the top. Sandwich the one that needs his signature, showing only one corner.

    “How many tests are you taking?” Father Jiang asked incredulously.

    Is it zero points?

    Otherwise, how dare you not show him the score?

    Jiang Ning blushed all of a sudden, and pressed the test paper to not open him: “Don’t

    read it, I dare not let you see it.” Father Jiang eagerly asked about Ouyang Bo. He didn’t think the fourteen-year-old The girl had any thoughts, and he didn’t expect that his daughter would cheat himself. He was so anxious that he didn’t care about Jiang Ning’s zero or negative score, so he simply signed it.

    “Signed, and Dad promises not to tell your mother.” Father Jiang finished speaking, and went straight to the subject: “Do you have to help Dad with regard to Dad? Can you tell Dad Ouyang Bo’s contact information?”

    Jiang Ning quickly put away the test paper and said, “Well, Dad, I will ask Professor Ouyang first, and when he agrees, I will tell you that this will also leave a good impression on him, right?”

    Although Jiang’s father was impatient, I have to admit that Jiang Ning is thoughtful.

    “Don’t worry, Dad,” Jiang Ning blinked at him again: “Ouyang Bo likes me, I can definitely help you.”

    Jiang’s father suddenly felt bright, laughed, and squatted down to hug Jiang Ning. stand up.

    But I don’t know if it was his illusion, Jiang Ning just turned around, avoided his hug, and ran out: “Then I’ll go to do my homework first.”

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