“Qin Ru, what did you say?” Xu Jiahong asked?

She looked at An Qinru’s eyes, with unwillingness and jealousy hidden on her face, but her face was full of smiles, and her voice was kind of flattering.

An Qinru shook her head: “Nothing? What.”

The attitude was faint, and it was no longer the way to please Xu Jiahong and the others.

Of course she knows that Xu Jiahong likes Wen Yiran. In their circle, are you girls? People like Wen Yiran. At that time, Chi Zhengzheng was Wen Yiran’s fiancé, and it is recognized that she would marry Wen Yiran in the future. people.

So they gathered around An Qinru, and together squeezed out the arrogant and blatant Chi Zhengzheng.

Later, Chi Zhengzheng left. Haven’t they? Reunited as a group to squeeze An Qinru out. She is about to marry Wen Yiran.

Now that the Wen family is at its peak and flourishing, they can only please An Qinru.

Just like Xu Jiahong, no matter how jealous he is, he can only please her.

This makes An Qinru feel particularly good, and enjoys this kind of stare cast by others, and the kindness of others.

“Qinru, you today–” Xu Jiahong’s voice stopped abruptly, and suddenly it seemed to have changed a tune: “Chi Zhengzheng is here?!”

The ladies surrounding An Qinru were startled, and suddenly looked forward.

Sure enough, Chi Zhengzheng and Wen Yu were here.

An Qinru was stunned for a moment, then lifted her chin, and her smile became more visible at the corners of her mouth.

–She is coming!

But even God is fulfilling all her wishes!

Chi Zhengzheng, you must be crazy with jealousy right now?

Several of An Qinru’s little sisters immediately stood beside An Qinru, their faces sullen, for fear that Chi Zhengzheng would cause trouble.

“Qinru, surely she hasn’t come? There is something good, you are pregnant, get out of the way.”

“Yes, Qinru, avoid her.”

“Let’s let her go, you stand behind me.”

An Qinru shook her head, her eyes filled with smiles: “It’s okay, she’s not happy, she doesn’t dare to do anything in public.”

Lost your temper?

That’s great, it’s not her who is ashamed.

Not only did An Qinru not give way, but instead took two steps forward and smiled: “Sister Zheng Zheng.”

and so……

Chi Zhengzheng, what do you want to say? Jealous? Still crazy?

However, when Chi Zhengzheng approached, he unexpectedly grasped An Qinru’s hand.

Everyone was taken aback.

Chi Zhengzheng smiled brightly, and his whole body was full of excitement——

“An Qinru, you really got pregnant quietly and surprised everyone!”

Really fucking? Disappointing!

And she has already seen the circle of friends, An Qinru can’t wait to publish the marriage certificate!

They had a wedding today, but they had already proved it a few days ago!

The relationship between husband and wife recognized by the state!

An Qinru: “…”

She froze, her face full of disbelief, as if she couldn’t believe her ears.

Chi Zhengzheng released his hand, his smile still bright: “Happy newlywed, I sincerely wish you and Wen Yiran together forever and never leave.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

An Qinru is pregnant, so she should avoid jumping in front of the other person, and she will be satisfied if the blessings are delivered.

Happy, very happy.

After Chi Zhengzheng sent his “blessings”, he walked briskly towards Wenyu. Behind him, An Qinru and the people around her were already stunned, with a shocked expression on his face, watching her leave.

Wen Yu heard her blessing just now, reached out to hold her hand, and gently scraped her nose with the other hand, with a smile: “Bad guy.”

It is not a good blessing to be together forever and never leave.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Hey hey!” He smirked.

It’s bad!

Wen Yu lost a smile, his eyes?

The two walked away.

“Qin Ru…” Xu Jiahong opened her mouth.

An Qinru’s face was sullen, her face was extremely ugly, all the happiness and pride, because Chi Zhengzheng’s happiness, all disappeared.

How can Chi Zhengzheng be happy?

She is going to marry into Wen’s family!

Marry the person that Chi Zhengzheng has always wanted to marry!

No no no!

An Qinru didn’t believe it, Chi Zhengzheng must have pretended it!

Definitely is!

She adjusted her emotions and walked straight to the dressing room.

Chi Zhengzheng: “You don’t actually use it…” Although she was very happy, Wenyu might not be so happy to see Wenjia.

As if knowing what she was thinking, Wen Yu shook his head: “It’s all right, you are happy, I am very happy, and… I also want to see their last prosperity.”

There was a lot of traffic outside, guests were greeted constantly, and Wen’s family was all sought after, with smiles all over his face.

Look, what a wonderful scene.

Chi Zhengzheng: “Well then, let’s just have something to eat, and we will leave when we eat.”

Wen Yu naturally listened to her and nodded.

They came relatively late, and soon after they found a corner to sit down, the time was almost the same.

Chi Zhengzheng wore a pair of white short-sleeved jeans with jeans today. Is Wen Yuzai? When he reveals his identity, he always has “inconspicuous?” Buff with him. They are in the corner, almost nothing? No one can notice ?they.

All around, there was a lively scene.

Chi Zhengzheng’s ears moved, and he heard? Someone was talking about the termination of cooperation between the two companies a while ago? ——

“Do you know about Chi’s termination of cooperation? Right?”

“Of course I know that when Chi Yan was discharged from the hospital, Zheng Ye’s investment was in place, and a lot of resources were used. After Wen Yiran’s wedding, Wen’s new project will be officially launched.”

“Hey, by that time, the Wen family will be more prosperous, this An Qinru really married into a wealthy family? It’s extraordinary.”

“Why didn’t Chi Family? Come?”

“Where is there a face? After Chi Yan woke up, he severely beat up his ineffective son and locked it at home. Recently, the school hasn’t been there? Go.”

“What if my kid can do this kind of thing? See if I don’t break his leg!”

“Young people are just frizzy and impulsive, but you can forgive me.”

“Oh, most of a frizzy family has been destroyed, and now Chi Yan is still dragging the patient to deal with it.”

“I want to hear that the two families are side by side? Let’s take a look at the present, tusk… This is the difference between an ineffective junior and a successful junior.”

Chi Zhengzheng: “…”

Although she doesn’t have any feelings for the Chi family, but at the end of her surname Chi.

Most of the Chi’s family is gone, anyway, they have preserved their foundation, and then think about the future Wen’s family…

Chi Zhengzheng thought, this is not the difference between a son of the Chi family and a son of the Wen family. This is the difference between a son of the Wen family who is not a good boy and a son who is too good and has a grudge…

The music sounded, the discussion around? Muted, and the wedding officially began.

Chi Zhengzheng looked up.

An Qinru walked over from outside, holding her father Ding Shurong’s hand.

Ding Shurong was very incompetent. Ding Yijun didn’t bother to talk to him. An Qinru and her mother didn’t want to talk to her father, but it was a wedding at the end. Ding Shurong still came to support the scene.

Did An Qinru cry? She held her chin up and smiled at the corner of her mouth.

Chi Zhengzheng took a look at her? Can she imagine her good mood at the moment? It was probably all kinds of pride and joy.

However, I have to say that even if An Qinru, wearing a wedding dress, walks towards Wen Yiran in the blessings of the crowd, it is still quite beautiful to just watch the scene.

When women wear wedding dresses, they always look special.

Chi Zhengzheng couldn’t help thinking-I don’t know what he looks like when he wears a wedding dress?

Next to him, Wen Yu put his hand on the back of her hand, and the sound was soft: “Zheng Zheng, I want to see how you look like in a wedding dress…”

Yo, so heart-warming?

Her hand suddenly pulled back, the roots of her ears were red, but she glared at him? She was very firm: “Wen Yu, what do you think? It’s not that simple to marry me.”

Wen Yu’s face that had never been expressionless? suddenly became entangled and embarrassed.

Chi Zhengzheng was satisfied, and snorted proudly.

Don’t talk about falling in love, don’t make a grand proposal, so she shouldn’t agree to marry him!

Don’t think about talking about the wedding in such a perfunctory way? She promised to marry him, she didn’t want it!

With her expression? Wen Yu’s heart moved, and she whispered in a low voice: “No matter how easy it is, I want to marry you…”

“Humph.” Chi Zhengzheng snorted, and the corners of his mouth rose.

The wedding was still going on. Chi Zhengzheng didn’t show much interest after watching for two minutes. She rubbed her belly: “I’m a little hungry.”

“Then eat it.” Wen Yu said, holding her chopsticks and holding a small dessert.

They were in the corner, and they didn’t know anyone at the same table.

Yes, as long as Wen Jia pays more attention to it, there is a good location arrangement. And these people are watching the wedding, and standing up with their mobile phones to watch.

Chi Zhengzheng glanced at him and thought they could eat.

So, she picked up the chopsticks, and while eating by herself, she also served Wen’s family with food.

Wenyu couldn’t do it himself, but Chi Zhengzheng did it for him, and he smiled at the corner of his mouth and ate it happily.

On the stage, Wen Yiran didn’t say much, with a stiff smile on the corners of his mouth.

Just now, when An Qinru walked towards him, he suddenly saw Chi Zhengzheng coming over!

At that moment, he began to regret, and even an urge to flee by pulling his legs rose in his heart.

——He doesn’t like An Qinru anymore!

Wen Yiran couldn’t lie to herself anymore. As for who he loved, he already had an answer in his heart.

But Wen Yiran still stood there, smiling and putting a ring on An Qinru, smiling at the guests present.

An Qinru is pregnant, and the guests are here, so he can’t leave.

It’s time for the bride to throw her bouquet.

An Qinru took the microphone and said with a smile: “I want to give my bouquet to someone. I know she also has someone she likes. When I am happy, I also hope she can have happiness. , She is my cousin-Chi Zhengzheng!”

An Qinru clearly felt Wen Yiran’s hand tight as the voice fell.

There was still a smile on her face, but the sense of happiness faded in an instant, and her heart was uncomfortable.

Do not! She is still proud!

She married Wen Yiran and married into Wen’s family. From now on, she will ride Chi Zhengzheng!

Everyone looked at the big screen, and the lights and cameras were accurately found in the crowd. Chi Zhengzheng, I have to say that although Chi Zhengzheng is not conspicuous, it can’t avoid Anqinru’s constant attention. Her people.

That corner appeared on the big screen.


Chi Zhengzheng was eating happily. He nodded while eating, as if he thought it was good. He also fed it to the person next to him. Wen Yu also opened his mouth? After eating, the two smiled.

Everyone: “…” stunned.

Someone has already started eating without giving Wenjia’s face?

The two of them are so lonely, they are… so well matched.

The expressions of Wen Jingsen and Xu Wei suddenly became ugly, and they even glanced at An Qinru complainingly, not knowing why she named Chi Zhengzheng.

It is well known that Chi Zhengzheng is Wen Yiran’s ex-fiancée, and even more so because of Chi Zhengzheng’s unscrupulousness, everyone even knows that An Qinru is a junior high.

Isn’t it embarrassing for the newcomer to recite Chi Zhengzheng’s name on such an occasion?

What’s more, that Chi Zhengzheng is still so disrespectful to Wen Jia!

Wen Yiran stared at the big screen blankly, Chi Zhengzheng was still so good-looking, with an extremely attractive laziness and ease all over his body, which made him unable to move away from realizing it.

Obviously, Chi Zhengzheng didn’t hear An Qinru calling her on stage.

Wenyu heard it, but does he make sense?

It wasn’t until everyone around him was watching him that Chi Zhengzheng realized something was wrong.

and many more! Why are you looking at her? !

On the stage, An Qinru was trembling with anger, but still took a deep breath, pinched her nails in her palms, kept calm, her voice was gentle: “Sister Zhengzheng, I will give you the bouquet, I am very happy, I hope you Can also be happy.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether Chi Zhengzheng is happy, what’s important is to tell her-An Qinru is very happy.


Chi Zhengzheng shook his head suddenly: “No, no, I don’t want it!”

The bouquet of Wen Yiran and An Qinru?

Can this be? That’s damn bad! !

The author has something to say: Chi Zhengzheng: You must get pregnant quietly and surprise everyone!

An Qinru: Success.

Bankruptcy in the next chapter, why are you all looking forward to it?

Without laying the groundwork, you won’t feel bankrupt directly.

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