SFTAB: Ch 45

Lu Qiming’s expression was complicated, and his vigilance was mixed with hatred, which made Jiang Miaomiao unable to understand.

    She thought that the other party was angry because of her return, and explained:

    “These people are here to rescue us. His surname is Gu, Gu Changzhou. It was our last time…”

    Before finishing speaking, Gu Changzhou suddenly said:

    “I remember, you are…A63?”

    Lu Qiming didn’t say a word, and secretly squeezed the gun tightly, as if ready to fight at any time.

    Gu Changzhou looked at him with an incredible expression.

    “Didn’t you actually survived when you died? Ten years have passed, why haven’t you changed at all?”

    Huan Jiang Miaomiao was surprised.

    “You have known each other before? What more than ten years?”

    In the original text, she really hadn’t seen Lu Qiming before!

    Gu Changzhou glanced at her, and countless guesses flashed in his mind, only one thing was certain-this girl was indeed very ordinary, from the inside out.

    Seeing that he stopped talking, Jiang Miaomiao subconsciously looked at Lu Qiming and asked in a low voice:

    “Do you know him?”

    Lu Qiming did not answer either, staring at Gu Changzhou, not knowing what he was thinking.

    The atmosphere in the house was depressed and serious, which made Jiang Miaomiao suspect that he had done something wrong.

    The subordinates were as confused as her, looking at each other.

    After more than ten seconds, Gu Changzhou changed the subject.

    “You are hurt?”

    Lu Qiming was expressionless, “Even if I break my arm or leg, I have the ability to kill you.” These

    words were like a fuse, which made Gu Changzhou’s subordinates more alert, staring at him, guarding against all his actions.

    Gu Changzhou himself laughed lightly, and even put away his weapons in a harmless posture.

    “Don’t be so serious. I can’t tell you a sentence or a sentence. Let’s put it aside. I am here to save you and this little girl.” When

    he said those three words, his gaze turned to Jiang Miaomiao.

    The latter was looking at Lu Qiming, turned his head when he felt his gaze, and wanted to say something, but he had already looked away.

    Lu Qiming sneered, “Are you willing to save me?”

    “Why not? In this world, survivors must unite and help each other to survive. What’s more, I am now a professional soldier, and it is my duty to protect the country and citizens.”

    He still didn’t believe it. The expression is full of alienation.

    Gu Changzhou ignored him, and instructed his subordinates to “test him for infection.” The

    subordinates put away their weapons, took out a sealed test paper from his backpack, and walked towards Lu Qiming.

    The latter reprimanded in a deep voice: “Stop!”

    He felt the strong hostility on the opponent, so he had to stop where he was and ask Gu Changzhou for help with his eyes.

    Gu Changzhou looked at Jiang Miaomiao.

    Jiang Miao thought for a while, walked to Lu Qiming and hugged him, and persuaded him with a volume that only two of them could hear:

    “Let them take a test. If they are not infected, we can go to the base.”

    Although the base is not so good, it can’t compare to the carefree days of the two before, but it is better than waiting to die here.

    Lu Qiming was very upset.

    “You don’t care about me at all, you never listen to me.”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s fingers tightened.

    “If for a change, I became sick unto death lying here, would you go? You do not, so I will not. I was dying of what you are feeling, what I’m feeling now.”

    Lu Qiming was stunned, and a few seconds later said discouragedly:

    “Yes, just test.”

    He averted his face and stopped looking at the soldier.

    The soldier breathed a sigh of relief, and took blood from him and dripped it on the test paper as instructed to take care of Changzhou.

    After a few minutes, the results came out.

    The soldier shook his head at Gu Changzhou.


    The result of the test paper test has three levels of ABC.

    C, there is no infection.

    B, there is a possibility of infection.

    A, the infection has been confirmed.

    If they are in the base, they can use equipment to do further inspections, such as the degree of infection.

    But now the environment is special, and this preliminary result is enough for them to make a decision.

    Infected persons are absolutely not allowed to enter the base.

    After the soldiers returned to Gu Changzhou, everyone was already preparing to leave.

    Gu Changzhou was silent for a while, then suddenly ordered.

    “Take them along.”

    Jiang Miaomiao knew the level of the test when he read the novel, so when he heard the results, he was already discouraged and planned to stay with Lu Qiming.

    The other party gave such an order, not only was the subordinates surprised, even she couldn’t believe it.

    The subordinate said: “Captain, he has been infected! He is an infected person!”

    “I know.”

    “Then you also ordered to take him back? How much energy and effort did everyone spend to keep the base absolutely safe? He went in and spread the virus, didn’t he give up all his work?”

    Gu Changzhou asked, “Are you the captain or me? Captain?”

    “…You are.”

    “In this case, you just need to follow the order and take them back.” The

    subordinates exchanged a few glances, but no one moved, obviously they couldn’t understand the order at all.

    He frowned and was about to scold him when Lu Qiming spoke.

    “I’m not going to the base with you.” The

    subordinate seized the opportunity and said quickly: “Look, Captain, he doesn’t want to go, so what are we going to take the risk of? Let’s go!”

    Gu Changzhou narrowed his eyes and looked at Lu Qiming.

    “Are you sure?”

    He has already seen himself, he will die without doing anything?

    This is not his style.

    Lu Qiming sneered.

    “I won’t go to the base. There are too many idlers and it’s not quiet. I need you to provide me with a safer and more hidden place.”

    Gu Changzhou mocked: “Your virus seems to be in your head. It is so whimsical.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was puzzled: “Why are you saying this? It’s not easy for him to save us. Isn’t it too much?”

    “Don’t worry, it’s not too much. He is reluctant to refuse.”

    Lu Qiming looked like With confidence, she held her hand back with her big hand, quietly waiting for the answer from the other party.

    The two seemed to be playing a silent game, holding trump cards that were extremely attractive to each other.

    A few minutes later, Gu Changzhou gave in.


    Lu Qiming said thank you indifferently, and Chong Jiang Miao Miao made a look and motioned to help him out of bed.

    Jiang Miaomiao helped him to the ground, looking for bags to hold his things, clothes and shoes, and the most precious cigarette lighter.

    Under the gaze of a few pairs of eyes, he blatantly took out the gun and pinned it behind his waist.

    The eyes of the subordinates were all staring, only Gu Changzhou was indifferent, as if he didn’t care.

    One of the subordinates couldn’t help but pulled him aside.

    “Captain, let’s just take him away. How can we let him carry weapons? If there is any conflict on the road, don’t you ask for trouble?”

    Gu Changzhou said lightly: “Don’t worry, even if he wants to shoot. He will only     hit me, and won’t move you.”


He gave a wry smile and said nothing.

    At this time, Jiang Miaomiao had gathered everything together and helped Lu Qiming to walk outside.

    Because the two were close, she clearly smelled the increasingly strong rancid smell on his body.

    To be honest, she was not surprised when she heard the test results.

    When Lu Qiming was seriously ill and was about to drive her away, she had a vague hunch that he should be infected.

    I just didn’t have the courage to face this problem, so no one mentioned it at all.

    Why was bitten and not infected before, but infected this time?

    Is it because the virus in the zombie’s body is activated by the drug?

    Her poor amount of knowledge could not be explained at all, but she was very thankful that they were still not separated.

    Where is Gu Changzhou taking them? Did they never have a chance to come back in the future?

    Before boarding the plane, she looked back at the building where she had lived for several months, and the familiar city behind the building.

    Here obviously brought her many hard and thrilling memories, and she still feels unwilling to give up at this moment.

    What does the future look like? What will happen again?

    She could not imagine.

    I only know that the body temperature of the people around me is still there, and hope is still there.

    The plane closed the door, rose into the sky, circled half a circle in the air, and flew towards the distant destination.


    to Gu Changzhou, they have to fly for seven hours.

    It’s almost noon, which means you have to wait for the evening to get off the plane.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a fighter jet for the first time, and he was a little fresh, and looked at it curiously.

    The cabin is completely different from the passenger plane, more like a small arms warehouse.

    There is a row of fixed seats on the walls on both sides, and there are several large boxes in the middle, which contain weapons, ammunition, and emergency medicine, making this small space very cramped.

    In front is the cockpit, through the glass you can see the dense cluster of instrument panels, dazzling.

    There are no windows on the fuselage, and the lighting depends on the embedded cold light tube.

    The person sitting inside cannot see the outside scenery, and can only realize that he is high in the sky from the occasional small bumps.

    The pilot is Gu Changzhou’s three subordinates. He himself and the other subordinates are sitting on chairs in the cabin like Jiang Miaomiao.

    He didn’t talk, didn’t sleep, and watched them sharply like an eagle.

    “Cough cough.”

    Lu Qiming coughed twice, Jiang Miaomiao quickly patted him on the back, took out a thermos bottle from his bag and handed it to him.

    He sipped his mouth lightly, his face was so pale that he didn’t look like a living person, his body was covered with a layer of cold sweat, and his pulse slowed down.

    Gu Changzhou’s gaze swept over them, and suddenly asked:

    “Do you know how old he is?”

    Jiang Miaomiao pointed to himself, “Ask me?”


    “I know, what do you do?”

    “Nothing.” He smiled, because he looks very mature and always lets People think he has ulterior motives, “Are you a couple?”

    Lu Qiming interrupted coldly when she was about to speak.

    “What’s your business?”

    “It’s nothing to do with me. It’s just that I’m idle. It’s better to chat, don’t be so indifferent.”

    Gu Changzhou said, and then glanced at Jiang Miaomiao, “I couldn’t think of it at the beginning. A person like you would actually find such a gentle girl as a girlfriend.”

    Lu Qiming snorted, “I didn’t expect you to look so wretched when you grow old.”

    Gu Changzhou: “…you There is no need to lie to hit me, my appearance is obviously not a defect.”

    “Yes, blind self-confidence is.”


    He was silent for a few seconds and did not continue to argue.

    “Whatever you want, I have long passed the age of being troubled by such trivial things.”

    “What can trouble you now?”

    Gu Changzhou felt that he asked strangely, but still answered him.

    “Rejuvenate the country, eliminate zombies and the like.”

    “Give up, you are so old, you can’t see that day.”

    “…The zombies should bite your tongue.”

    Jiang Miaomiao watched the excitement next to him, overjoyed. However, thinking about their conversation carefully, she suddenly discovered a secret that shocked her.

    They met very early.

    Gu Changzhou is getting old, but Lu Qiming is not.

    Lu Qiming should be about the same age as Gu Changzhou?

    Are they about the same size? ? ?

    She looked at him in astonishment, with an unbelievable expression.

    Lu Qiming turned his head, leaned against her shoulder, and used the coldest tone to express the softest tenderness.

    “I’m cold.”

    Jiang Miaomiao loosened the seat belt a bit and hugged him in an awkward position.

    Lu Qiming leaned in her arms and went to sleep with his eyes closed.

    Gu Changzhou looked at it for a while and praised:

    “You are very courageous.”

    Not everyone dares to hold a person who may become a zombie at any time.

    Jiang Miaomiao smiled politely, “Your medal is very good-looking.”

    Gu Changzhou looked down at the medal, and didn’t move for a while, as if it had frozen.

    It wasn’t until Jiang Miaomiao was a little sleepy that he let out a sigh of relief, smiled self-deprecatingly, and leaned back in his chair to look at the top of the cabin.

    Jiang Rourou had no chairs to sit on, so he was locked in a cage and placed in a corner.

    It seems to be a little airsick, and has been lying on his stomach in a daze, occasionally spitting out two mouthfuls of sour water.

    Jiang Miaomiao wanted to ask the soldiers if they had medicine for motion sickness, but they laughed at him.

    Had to turn a piece of mint out of the bag, hide it in the ham and feed it to it.

    After feeding, she returned to her seat and continued to hold Lu Qiming.

    The latter is always sweating, so she wipes him with a tissue, and wipes a little if he takes any risk.

    Although I knew that it was not very useful, I wanted to try my best to make him more comfortable.

    After flying for more than three hours, the soldiers began to eat.

    They eat military field food, delicious and nutritious, and especially convenient. Adding a little water bubble is a hot meal.

    The cabin was just that big, and Jiang Miaomiao could not help swallowing when he smelled the smell of beef floating over.

    Gu Changzhou asked, “Are you hungry? Come one?”

    She shook her head.

    I brought my own biscuits, enough to satisfy my hunger.

    Lu Qiming obviously didn’t deal with him, she couldn’t betray him for stuttering.

    Especially since he is so uncomfortable that he can’t eat anything, and she can’t enjoy it alone.

    Who knows that someone who should have been sleeping in his arms came out.


    Gu Changzhou was surprised, “Do you have an appetite to eat?”

    “People have to eat while they are alive, and don’t eat for nothing.”

    He nodded and asked his subordinates to give them two meals.

    Lu Qiming got up from Jiang Miaomiao’s arms and sat up straight.

    The simple movements seemed to drain his strength and his shirt was soaked.

    Jiang Miaomiao has never eaten field food, but he has seen other people’s early adopters’ videos before and vaguely remembers the steps.

    Open the waterproof sealed bag, there are a total of 13 small bags inside, of different sizes.

    The largest package is the staple food. See the note is beef fried rice. Just pour water into the outer isolation layer, and it will become as fresh as it is just out of the pot in a few minutes.

    In the remaining packets, there are canned pork, fruit salad, dried vegetables, compressed biscuits, appetizing hawthorn slices, mustard pickles, chocolate bars to increase energy, and orange juice-flavored electrolyte beverage powder.

    The abundance of ingredients made her salivate after working hard for more than half a year.

    Jiang Miaomiao processed all the food, divided his own half into Jiang Rourou, then returned to the chair, scooped up a spoonful of rice with a spoon, and prepared to feed Lu Qiming.

    Lu Qiming originally wanted to refuse, but found that Gu Changzhou was looking at him, so he opened his mouth and swallowed the spoonful of rice.

    Jiang Miaomiao was very happy. “It’s great! Eat more.”

    He ate it bite after bite, looking like he was dying of illness, but he showed a little bit of sigh.

    What is it?

    Does he have a girlfriend to feed him? naive.

    Gu Changzhou rolled his eyes, speeded up the meal, and continued to rest.

    Lu Qiming ate all his share, and couldn’t hold up one more bite. Lean on the back of the chair and cover his stomach, trying not to let those things spit out.

    Seeing that he was not feeling well, Jiang Miaomiao took out his baby.

    “Do you smoke?”

    Gu Changzhou opened her eyes, “No smoking is allowed in the cabin.”

    She had no choice but to give up, put it away and said regretfully: “Be patient, and smoke again

    after getting off the plane.” Jiang Miaomiao finished her meal, yes. He opened his arms.

    “Come on, I’ll hold you.”

    Lu Qiming leaned in comfortably, although he was tortured by the living smell of her, but he felt comfortable in his heart.

    He couldn’t help wondering if he had taken the wrong medicine in the morning.

    Such a good person, how could he be willing to let her go?

    Fortunately, it didn’t work.

    The plane continued to fly smoothly, and time passed silently.

    Finally, the driver’s voice came from the horn.

    “Captain, we will be at the base in ten minutes.” The


    Jiang Miaomiao remembers the author’s description of it in the original text.

    It was a huge fortress transformed from a military base. The main body was steel and concrete, and the outer cover was a radiation-proof layer that could evade radar detection.

    The base is located underground, with a total height of more than 900 meters, equivalent to three hundred floors on the ground.

    The area is comparable to a small city, which is equipped with a complete set of power generation systems, water supply systems, and garbage disposal systems.

    People live in the central city and work in other areas.

    Clothing production, food manufacturing, and weapon manufacturing have become the most important industries in the base. Of course, there are also animal husbandry and breeding that humans will never do without.

    The once hot financial, real estate, and digital technology have disappeared. Bioengineering, agriculture, animal husbandry, and medical industries are thriving. They are the golden rice bowls in the eyes of the base people.

    Due to the recession of the entertainment industry, underground casinos began to rise. For this reason, the government specially sent a group of patrols to crack down on gambling crimes.

    This is a world that has been hit hard.

    It is also a world full of hope.

    Jiang Miaomiao was fascinated by it, and at the same time, he knew very well-the people who lived in it had to work hard to survive, and she couldn’t stand lazy people like her.

    Now, do you have a chance to see it with your own eyes?

    Gu Changzhou noticed the expectation in her eyes, unfastened his seat belt and stood up.

    “Want to see? Come with me.”

    Lu Qiming opened his eyes, and Jiang Miaomiao cast a questioning look at him.

    He retracted his hand and said coldly: “

    I’ll be back after reading it.” “No problem, I love you!”

    She rushed over and kissed, and happily followed Gu Changzhou to the cockpit.

    The latter seemed to be smiling but not smiling.

    “You have a good relationship.” After

    seeing each other for so long, she must have seen it even if she denied the other party.

    Jiang Miaomiao was too lazy to pretend, and only hoped that the two would not be so quarrelsome, so he said:

    “Others are really nice.”

    “I don’t think so.” Gu Changzhou said meaningfully: “If I were my daughter, I would never allow her to associate with that kind of person.”

    Jiang Miaomiao did not answer. , Because the attention is completely attracted by the scenery outside the window.

    She didn’t feel much when she was sitting in the back. Now that she saw the scenery outside, she really realized that she was in such a remote place.

    Not far away are the snow-capped mountains, with white peaks standing high and stretching endlessly.

    Below them is a wasteland, the gray-black grassland is covered with white snow, and occasionally goshawks fly by.

    and many more!

    what is that?

    A large dense cluster of things appeared in the field of vision. It should be a living thing, with the edges surging all the time, like maggots gathered together, looking very disgusting.

    Those things are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the number is unimaginable.

    They seemed to want to go in, but the overwhelming snow and cold temperature blocked their progress.

    Even if a few of them leaned in by luck, a plane would immediately come and wipe them out.

    The distance was too far. Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t see what they looked like. He vaguely guessed what they were, but couldn’t believe it, so he asked Gu Changzhou specifically.

    The latter is probably used to it a long time ago, and his tone is calm.

    “It’s zombies.”

    “So many zombies?”

    “They are like a swarm of bees. The survivors will be chased wherever they fled, and there will be zombies from other directions in the middle. We sacrificed a lot. This is the sixth establishment. The base, the first five are either unable to meet everyone’s survival needs, or they are damaged by the loopholes they find. If you can’t hold on here, there will be nowhere to go.”

    Jiang Miaomiao calculated the timeline in his heart.

    Less than a year after the outbreak of the end of the world, the base is still in the just-established stage. Many facilities are imperfect and there are many problems.

    Entrusted by the government, the heroine and heroine are flying around the world in airplanes, trying to rescue the trapped scientific research experts and other important figures.

    There is at least six or seven years of development gap between the current state of the base and the last scale in her memory.

    She knows the ending, so she is not worried.

    But Gu Changzhou cannot see the future, so he still has no confidence in being in a high position.

    Her eyes burned, “I believe it will get better.”

    He didn’t believe it, and squinted at her.

    “If you are so confident, would you rather hide in the city than retreat with the big troops?”

    Jiang Miaomiao said, “It is my own problem that I didn’t go, and it doesn’t matter whether I have confidence. Things have developed to this point, we still There are countries and governments, and no one has been given up. I think this is a good sign.”

    Gu Changzhou smiled, “I hope as you said.”

    She looked out the window again.

    The scenery is beautiful, and the number of zombies is shocking.

    But she was not interested, just wanted to guard Lu Qiming.

    Jiang Miaomiao returned to the cabin behind him and found that Lu Qiming stretched his arms and wanted to take a water glass from the bag at his feet.

    She rushed to help him get it, opened the lid and fed him a drink.

    The plane flew over the snow-capped mountains and landed in a certain col.

    The cabin door opened and the cold wind blew in. Jiang Miaomiao, who was wearing only thin and long sleeves, was blown silly, and her mouth could not be opened.

    Gu Changzhou asked them to give them two sets of snow-proof suits, and she quickly helped Lu Qiming put them on, and then put on her own.

    Jiang Rourou had no clothes to wear, so she simply wrapped it in her coat, tightened the drawstring at the bottom, and held it against her clothes.

    From a distance, the belly is as big as a pregnant woman with triplets.

    The soldiers moved fast and were already out of the cabin.

    With the dog in her arms, she helped Lu Qiming in her arms, carrying luggage on her shoulders, dragging her family and walking out in a difficult and funny way.

    There is a building outside the plane, most of which is hidden inside the mountain, with only a small opening exposed and covered with snow.

    The subordinates cleared a way, and Gu Changzhou walked outside the door, and said something to him without knowing where, the heavy metal door rumblingly opened.

    Everyone came to the house, the door was closed, and the wind and snow were isolated.

    There is heating in the house, and the ventilation system on the wall blows them gently.

    Jiang Miaomiao slowed down for a while, took off his mouthpiece and took a big breath, and asked Lu Qiming with concern.

    “Are you uncomfortable?”

    Lu Qiming shook his head and looked around.

    It’s like a private residence. When you enter it is the living room. There are two doors behind the sofa, probably the bedroom and the kitchen.

    The area is not large, at most more than 100 square meters, and the decoration is also very simple, only some essential furniture, the most technological thing is probably the wall-mounted TV on the wall.

    But the walls are very thick, strong and warm. In the last days, it is obviously a good place that money can’t buy.

    Gu Changzhou introduced: “This is my private refuge. Because work is too busy, I haven’t had time to live in yet. For the sake of our old acquaintances, you can live here temporarily.

    There is a warehouse in the kitchen for storage. Food is enough for you to eat for a month, and water and electricity are available. However, for safety reasons, my people will not stay, eat and drink and Lassa will solve it by themselves. The door will be locked, and if you become a zombie, I will immediately kill you.”

    Lu Qiming glanced at him twice and nodded.

    “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.” Gu Changzhou turned to Jiang Miaomiao, “How about you go back to the base with me? If he mutates, he won’t bite you because you are beautiful.”

    Jiang Miaomiao refused without hesitation.

    “Thank you, but I want to stay.”

    “Aren’t you afraid?”

    “Afraid.” She hooked Lu Qiming’s arm and pressed it closely, “But if he is alone, he will be afraid.”

    Lonely I stayed in this cave-like house, my body rotted and turned smelly day by day, waiting for death to come.

    She couldn’t bear that feeling even thinking about it.

    Gu Changzhou looked at Lu Qiming seriously.

    “You are really lucky.”

    “Of course, otherwise how could I stand in front of you alive.”

    Gu Changzhou shrugged and said to the two of them: “Since there is nothing else, I will return to the base for business. Yes. For other needs, you can use the video communicator on the wall, and my assistant will help deliver things. Goodbye, I hope you can still say hello when we meet next time.”

    He took his subordinates to leave, and the door opened and closed.

    The room is warm and quiet, and there are two worlds outside.

    It’s safe.

    Jiang Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief, put down everything and took off the heavy snow suit, sat on the sofa, ready to rest.

    Seeing that Lu Qiming was still standing, he hurriedly told him to sit too.

    His joints seemed very stiff when he sat down, and he staggered.

    Jiang Miaomiao supported him and suddenly smiled and said,

    “You look like an old man now.” He

    couldn’t eat, couldn’t walk, and was sick all day long.

    Lu Qiming laughed at himself: “It would be nice to be an old man. He has no teeth and can’t bite anything when he becomes a zombie.”

    She blinked, “Do you really want to eat me?”

    “What are you doing? So thin and wasteful of teeth.”

    He leaned on the sofa and raised his chin, looking at Jiang Rourou, “If you want to eat, eat it. The meat is full.”

    Jiang Rourou was still immersed in the cold and never recovered, standing stupidly, completely unaware that he had been missed by others.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at him for a while, couldn’t help but arched into his arms, rubbing against his chest.

    “I’m so happy, we are still together.”

    Who would be happy for someone around him who was about to become a zombie?

    I’m afraid she is the only fool in the world.

    Lu Qiming was sad and happy. He wanted to touch her hair. He raised his hand and saw that his palm was starting to turn black, and he drew back silently.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked up.

    “But you have to tell me the truth, what is the relationship between you and Gu Changzhou? You know each other before, right? Say it quickly!”

    Lu Qiming lowered his eyes and fell into a distant memory.

    “I did meet him, but that was many years ago…”

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