SFTAB: Ch 17

Jiang Miaomiao raised the hammer and smashed it desperately.

    The other party raised his hand and easily blocked her with a surprised expression.

    “Hate me so?”

    She could not help but glance at the familiar voice, shocked.

    “Lu Qiming?!”

    Lu Qiming raised his eyebrows, “It turns out that I didn’t mean to murder me.”

    Jiang Miaomiao looked dazed, “Didn’t you leave long ago? Why are you back again?”

    “I…” He was originally. I want to make up an excuse. For example, there are too many zombies outside, for example, I need to rest for two days before leaving when I am sick.

    But looking at her eyes, he suddenly didn’t want to lie. He decided to tell the truth and sat on the ground and said:

    “I won’t go.”


    “I’m afraid that no one will open the gas tank for you after I leave. “

    He raised his head, the corners of his mouth were curved like a smile but not a smile.

    Because I lived in the basement for too long, my complexion was fairer than before, and he looked thicker.

    Jiang Miaomiao was silent for a long while, and asked uncertainly:

    “Are you really not going anymore?”


    “What about your friends?”

    “To be honest, I was not sure where they are now. I need specialization. Go find it, maybe the chance of staying alive is better.”

    Jiang Miaomiao stared at his face, repeatedly confirming that he was not lying, and his heart finally fell back to its original position, with a light and unreal comfort.

    Lu Qiming looked around, “Have you ever gone out after I left?”

    She shook her head and lay back on the quilt in frustration.

    “Why are you going out? Looking for death?”

    Lu Qiming rubbed his chin, and there was a layer of light blue stubble—he always carried only three things with him, cigarettes, lighters, and razors.

    “When I came back, I saw a house with solar panels on the roof. It should be equipped with a solar power system.”

    Jiang Miaomiao hummed, “So what? I still have a solar power bank in my hand. What’s the use.”

    “This is not the same level as your power bank. Looking at the area of ​​its solar panels, it will not be a problem to drive the home appliances in the whole house.”

    Her eyes lit up, she sat up, and looked at him expectantly.


    Lu Qiming nodded, his expression not very relaxed.

    “But that house is far away from here, and I haven’t figured out what’s going on inside. If it’s better than here, we can move in.”

    Jiang Miaomiao stood up and reached out to him, “Wait. What? Let’s go.”

    There is electricity there!

    If someone asked her what her dying wish was, she would definitely answer-blowing on the air conditioner, watching TV, playing games, ice cream in the refrigerator, cooking with induction cooker, bathroom heater in the bath, and lights in the room.

    To live such a comfortable life in the last days, she would be happy to live less than ten years!

    Lu Qiming frowned, “Are you going to go out like this?”

    Jiang Miaomiao was puzzled, “Yeah, didn’t you say that there are a lot fewer zombies outside?”

    Seeing that he is quite free in and out, there shouldn’t be any major problems, right.

    Lu Qiming raised a finger and shook it.

    “Less is less, but still there are. I didn’t get bitten by them because I ran fast. People at your speed go out and bite one by one.”

    “I…I sprint fast.”

    She didn’t. Convincingly retorted, facing the opponent’s gaze, his momentum became weak.

    “What do you do then? Are you going to live there alone? I don’t want to stay here, it’s too smelly and stuffy.”

    She looked pitiful, like a puppy about to be abandoned.

    Lu Qiming sighed and stood up and said, “I’ll go out and see if the golden half-butt is still there.”

    Jiang Miaomiao understood what he meant. He wanted her to smear the golden half-butt with blood.

    This kind of thing is really disgusting, I don’t want to experience it again after experiencing it once.

    But if she can really move to a new house with electricity, let alone Tu, even if she asks her to take two sips, she might be able to bite the bullet and agree.

    Lu Qiming went out, and she stood by the door nervously.

    Not long after he came back, he shook his head at her.

    “It’s gone.”

    It is estimated that he left with the tide of zombies.

    Jiang Miaomiao said, slid down the wall, extremely depressed.

    Lu Qiming ignored her and turned around in the basement looking for things.

    He must be ready to go. With a good house to live in, who wants to hide in the dirty basement? Jiang Miaomiao felt uncomfortable, and she hugged her knees and whispered:

    “You can take anything else, and leave the gum for me, okay? I want to taste the orange before I die.”

    Lu Qiming curled his lips and said nonsense. What? Come over and help find something together if you have nothing to do.”

    She puzzled, “What are you looking for?”

    “Plastic bags, sheets, either.” Lu Qiming already has a rope in his hand, “Since the golden half-butt is gone, then we will grab another golden half-butt.”

    These days, zombies are inexhaustible resources.

    Jiang Miaomiao was immediately happy when he heard this, and ran over to help find it together.

    The plastic bag was not found, and there was no bed sheet. The two took off the quilt cover and prepared to cover the zombie’s head.

    As long as you block its mouth, you don’t have to worry about it biting people.

    But capturing zombies is still difficult.

    The zombies outside are mostly in groups of two and three, with a large density, not as easy to solve as the golden half-butts that were alone before. Once you do something to one of them, the zombies next to it will definitely besiege, and you will not be able to protect yourself at that time.

    It’s best to keep them separate and deal with only one.

    Lu Qiming looked at the bathtub and figured out a way. He took a hammer and a spatula and started digging a hole behind the bathtub.

    Jiang Miaomiao knew that he was doing things for himself, so he was very diligent. He handed him a glass of water and food. He asked from time to time: “Would you like to help?”

    Lu Qiming looked at her thin arms and legs. She felt that she would break bones if she walked faster, let alone help digging holes.

    Digging a hole in the basement is not an easy task, it only took a day to dig out the moisture barrier.

    The next day he dug a half-person-high pit, jumped down and tried it, guessing that the zombies would not be able to break free after falling in, so he moved the bathtub a crack and stood in the dark waiting for the rabbit.

    As long as one comes in later, he closes the door.

    The zombie fell into the pit and couldn’t climb up for a while, just having time to trap it.

    It’s just that the idea is beautiful, and the reality is very skinny.

    Both of them stood numb in their legs, and no zombies came in.

    “The zombies these years are really not dedicated!” Jiang Miao made an idea, “How about we shout twice?”

    Lu Qiming glanced at her, opened his mouth and shouted: “Hey!”

    Jiang Miaomiao also shouted: “Come here! There are people here!”

    “Can you eat human flesh? No money if it’s not fresh!” The

    two shouted for a long time like a game, still quiet outside.

    Jiang Miaomiao was discouraged and wanted to go out directly.

    Lu Qiming suddenly picked up the knife and drew it on his arm.

    She was shocked, and quickly stopped, “What are you doing? I didn’t commit suicide.”

    “Who said I was going to commit suicide?”

    He rolled his eyes, cut a shallow knife, sucked up blood with a tissue, and threw it into the pit. Then find out the hemostatic spray and bandage that Jiang Miaomiao got from the pharmacy when he was injured before, and bandaged the wound.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at the bright red tissues in the pit and suddenly realized.

    “So you want blood, why don’t you tell me? I’ll just…”

    She blushed, embarrassed to continue.

    Lu Qiming made a silent gesture, “Hush.” ​​A

    sound of “Hoho” sounded outside the door, like an old man blowing a broken horn, hoarse and ear-piercing.

    The zombies came smelling.

    The two of them held their breath and looked at the door.

    After a few seconds, a hand reached in.

    When Lu Qiming waited for it to walk in completely, he immediately pushed the bathtub and closed the door.

    Jiang Miaomiao picked up the quilt and asked for it, but couldn’t find the target for a long time.

    “What about your head??”

    Lu Qiming looked down, very surprised.

    “Oh, it’s a little zombie.”

    He was about five or six years old, only half the height of an adult, and couldn’t jump out of the pit, but he screamed at them with teeth and claws.

    He took the quilt from Jiang Miaomiao’s hand and knocked the little zombie on the head.

    “Stop arguing, be honest.” The

    other party was so angry that he wanted to bite his neck.

    Lu Qiming wrapped his head mercilessly, tied his hands and feet with a rope, tied a beautiful bow on the back of his neck, lifted it out of the pit, and threw it on the ground.

    Jiang Miaomiao had never seen such a small zombie up close, and squatted curiously beside it.

    The neck of the little zombie was bitten off, so his head was tilted. The facial features are well preserved. If the skin tone is normal, she must be a little Zhengtai with red lips and white teeth.

    A gold longevity lock hung on its neck, with auspicious cloud pattern engraved on it, and the words “Sui Sui Ping An”.

    Jiang Miaomiao was a little distressed, because when he thought of his family giving him a long-life lock, he certainly didn’t expect it would end up like this.

    Lu Qiming is a butcher with no emotions, wiped his blade and wanted to cut his arteries.

    Jiang Miaomiao said: “Do you really want to use its blood? It’s still so small.”

    “It doesn’t have much strength when it bites you.”

    She thinks about it, after all, she knows how to pick tenderness when she eats roast chicken. It’s not guilty of the Virgin at this time.

    The little zombies become pork on the chopping board, allowing them to slaughter.

    Lu Qiming skillfully slit his thigh and let out a small pot of blood.

    Jiang Miaomiao pinched his nose and applied it all over, and Lu Qiming applied it too.

    The two covered their noses and mouths with rags and walked out of the basement.

    This is the first time Jiang Miaomiao has walked out of that damp and dark place in the past month.

    When the sun fell on her, she was so excited that she almost cried.

    As Lu Qiming said, the villa was badly damaged. The walls were full of big holes. The windows and doors were not spared, and they seemed to collapse at any time.

    Outside the villa, the number of zombies was significantly less than before.

    When I went to the villa last time, I could see at least thousands of zombies in groups after walking a few kilometers. There are only a few scattered around now.

    She took the zombie steps and followed Lu Qiming staggeringly.

    As I passed by the peach tree, I couldn’t help stopping.

    The peach blossom has faded, and the branches are covered with blue little peaches.

    She scanned it roughly and found dozens of them.

    Jiang Miaomiao swallowed, and secretly decided: If she is still alive in summer, she must come to pick peaches and eat.

    “Keep up.”

    Lu Qiming turned around and noticed that she was far behind, and whispered a reminder.

    She hurriedly chased him, walked with him across the street for more than an hour, and finally saw what he said was a solar house.

    It was a lakeside villa located in the city center. It was much larger than the villa she had rented before, and its appearance was much more luxurious.

    The roof is covered with black solar panels, and there is even a private swimming pool in the garden.

    Outside the community, there is a supermarket in front and a middle school in the back. On the left is the commercial area, and on the right is the government building.

    The backyard is connected to a small gravel road, and it is an artificial lake that is more than 100 meters away. The lake is inexhaustible.

    It’s heavenly!

    Jiang Miaomiao was so excited that he hugged Lu Qiming and kissed happily.

    The latter was stunned, with a faint blush on his cheeks.

    Lu Qiming coughed twice and wanted to speak, but Jiang Miaomiao released his hand and couldn’t wait to walk towards his new “home”.

    He had to keep up, thinking of the touch and temperature of her lips when he entered the door, and couldn’t help touching his cheek.

    The courtyard door of the villa was locked. Jiang Miaomiao tried it but couldn’t open it. He took two steps back and looked at the towering courtyard wall with worry.

    “Should we…”

    Before the words were finished, a light breeze blew around. Lu Qiming had climbed onto the courtyard wall, squatted there, turned around and reached out to her.

    She was stunned, gave him a thumbs up, and then grabbed his hand and tried to climb up.

    Lu Qiming dragged her up like a burlap bag.

    “Thank you.”

    She finally stood firm and raised her head to thank her. The other party had already jumped down and landed firmly on the ground.

    Jiang Miaomiao: …The legs are amazing.

    She grabbed the wall and crawled down awkwardly. Lu Qiming supported her under his armpit and hugged her to his side.

    He retracted his hand and lifted his chin triumphantly.

    “If I didn’t come back, you wouldn’t even be able to turn this wall over.”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s gratitude disappeared suddenly, raised her middle finger and walked towards the door.

    Halfway through, she looked at the closed door and suspected that the door was also locked, so she turned around, went around the back window, and crawled in through the window.

    Lu Qiming followed behind her and chuckled.

    “Finally, I’m a little bit more mindful. Ruzi can be taught.”

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t stand it anymore, squatting on the window sill and turning back:

    “You must either shut up or find your friend and choose by yourself.”

    She hopes to stay. A powerful partner, not a long-winded fly spirit.

    Lu Qiming sneered: “You have a guilty conscience, so you don’t allow others to say it.”

    She widened her eyes and looked like she wanted to chew others.

    He had to make an OK gesture, hugged her in, supported the window sill with one hand, and easily turned into the room.

    Jiang Miaomiao was already dreaming of a good life after living in the new house. Who knew that after entering, he looked around, as if he was splashed with ice water, and his excited heart was poured cold.

    “Here… why is there nothing?” There

    are white walls all around, not to mention the luxurious decoration, you can’t even see the small bench!

    Lu Qiming said: “It should have been just not long after construction, so there was no time for renovation.”

    She sat on the ground in frustration, very disappointed.

    There is electricity here, but there are no household appliances. What’s the use of electricity?

    Lu Qiming looked down at her, “Don’t you like it?”

    Jiang Miaomiao said, “No.”

    “Then, should we move in?”

    “How can we live in? No bed, no table or chair? , No stove, how to live?”

    Lu Qiming had planned, “We will only be around for two days, during which time we will be walking around. There are houses nearby, and the supermarket is close, so we can bring back whatever we need. How long will it take to meet the needs of normal life.”

    She said ah.

    “Go directly to someone else’s house? Isn’t that stealing?”

    The food in the supermarket will be spoiled if you don’t eat it, so I feel better to accept it. It always feels weird to go to someone else’s house directly like this, and it goes against the education she has received for so many years.

    Lu Qiming said: “It depends on how you choose. You can go back to the basement to grab food with the rats, and you can sleep on the floor here. You can also do what I want and take what you want.”

    She struggled in her heart. It is difficult to break through the moral bottom line. On the one hand, I really yearn for a life with electricity.

    A few minutes later, the latter defeated the former, Jiang Miaomiao stood up and said:

    “Listen to you, go get it now?”

    “No hurry, let’s go back now and bring back all the useful things.”

    Especially the little zombie, who has poor physical strength and low aggressiveness, is most suitable to stay by your side. Blood bag.

    The two went back again, and Jiang Miaomiao calmly reached out to him when he stepped over the wall.

    Lu Qiming helped her over the wall, his words couldn’t hide his pride.

    “Is it impossible to leave me?”

    She snorted and dusted her clothes.

    “Being a ladder, see what makes you happy.”

    Lu Qiming suddenly felt like eating shit, and he didn’t want to say anything.

    Jiang Miaomiao successfully smashed him, and on the way back, he was in a good mood and his steps were much easier than when he came.

    The two returned to the basement. The little zombie lay on the ground and twisted into a mud loach. He was even more restless when he saw someone coming.

    They didn’t care about it, they pushed out the carts they brought back from the supermarket, and put everything they needed in.

    Naturally, you have to bring food, no one will produce after the end, and eat a little less, even a slice of potato chips is very precious.

    The water is too heavy to move. Fortunately, there is a lake next to the new home, so there should be no shortage of water.

    The quilt clothes hadn’t been washed for a few months and it was terribly dirty. She would rather freeze to death than wear it on her body.

    Collecting and picking up for half an hour, the food is loaded in half a cart.

    Lu Qiming looked at all of their belongings in disbelief.

    “That’s all?”

    “Yeah, flashlights, power banks, paper and pens… and food, everything that can come in handy is here.”

    Well, fortunately, they will move immediately, otherwise the quality of life will be as good as before the end of the world. Beggars can’t match it.

    Jiang Miaomiao pushed the car, his eyes fell on the little zombie.

    “How to take it? Is it tied to the cart?”

    Lu Qiming shook his head, tore a piece of cloth from the duvet cover, tied one end to the rope tied to the small zombie, and held the other end in his hand.


    He pulled the cloth strip, and the little zombie staggered forward two steps.

    It roared, obviously dissatisfied with the treatment. But his head was so tightly draped that he couldn’t bite anything, couldn’t see anything, and could only follow the rhythm of the cloth strips and walk forward like a headless fly.

    Jiang Miaomiao pushed the car, Lu Qiming led the little zombies, dragged the family away from the basement, and rushed to the new home before dark.

    The night is the most dangerous time in the city. The zombies don’t have to endure the scorching sunlight, they have the strongest perception, and it is easy to detect their presence.

    Therefore, as soon as he entered the door, Lu Qiming locked all the windows and put the little zombie in a room alone, and he and Jiang Miaomiao went to sleep in a small room with no windows on the second floor.

    There is no stove or fuel in the house, and two pieces of dry noodles for one person for dinner.

    The weather is getting hot, so it won’t be cold without a quilt. But the floor was too hard, and Jiang Miaomiao’s wounds were crusted again. No matter how she slept, it was all awkward, and it was very uncomfortable to turn over and over again.

    Lu Qiming listened in the dark for a long time, suddenly got up, took off all his clothes and pants, leaving only a pair of small pants, and laid them on the floor and said:

    “You sleep here.”

    She touched, surprised.

    “Are you not wearing clothes?”

    “I’m hot.” Is the

    temperature that high?

    She touched her shoulders, thinking that it is better to have something to cushion than nothing, and lay down.

    Lu Qiming was lying naked on the cold floor, and soon there was a slight snoring sound.

    Jiang Miaomiao felt noisy before, but now the more he listens, the more he feels relieved, and soon he feels sleepy.

    Her upper and lower eyelids gradually closed, and when she almost fell asleep, she suddenly pressed a heavy body.

    The man’s sturdy arm rested on her chest, breathing so close to her ears, her ears became hot because of the warm breath.

    Jiang Miaomiao was so frightened that he immediately became sober, and asked vigilantly:

    “What do you want to do? Do you want to be a gangster?” The

    answer to her was a series of slight snoring.

    His skin was cold, like tomatoes soaked in well water in summer, and he was very comfortable to lean on.

    He smelled very stinky because he had wiped zombie blood and didn’t have the conditions to take a bath. But Jiang Miaomiao was also stinky, and the two of them had fifty steps to a hundred steps, and no one could dislike each other.

    It was uncomfortable without a pillow. She touched his arm and found that it was a very good substitute. She tiptoedly changed her position, slept with his arm resting on it, and pulled his other arm over and put it on her waist. Cover the belly button, and then fall asleep in peace.

    Early the next morning, Lu Qiming woke up.

    Through the dim light coming in from the crack of the door, he saw the girl lying in his arms, sleeping soundly, her blushing lips opening and closing slightly with his breathing.

    He held his breath and leaned in lightly.

    Jiang Miaomiao suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time, as if only remembering where he was, stretching his waist like a kitten.

    Lu Qiming hurriedly closed his eyes, pretending to be still asleep.

    She sat up, patted his face, “Wake up, are you a pig? You sleep early and wake up late.” Then

    he slowly opened his eyes, looked at her and said:

    “Did you sneak in the middle of the night? Chopped my hand?”


    “Otherwise, why can’t I feel its existence?”

    Old Jiang Miaomiao blushed and hesitated.

    “It may be that you have a bad sleeping posture, and I always do this. I will rub it for you.”

    She eagerly leaned over and rubbed his long arm vigorously.

    The blood gradually circulated, and Lu Qiming clenched his fist, his muscles sturdy.

    The two opened the door and walked out, pausing specially at the corner to listen to the movement outside.

    Fortunately, the windows and doors were intact, and the zombies did not come in at night.

    Lu Qiming went to check the situation of the little zombies. Jiang Miaomiao lay on the cart and turned over food for breakfast.

    The delicious food has been eaten, and the rest is either biscuits or instant noodles.

    To be honest, it’s okay to serve as a snack for a tooth-fighting festival. After eating for a few months, she feels vomiting now.

    I turned out two bags of braised beef noodles and two bags of scallion-flavored soda crackers, which were barely meaty and vegetarian.

    The two sat cross-legged in the empty living room. After eating the dry breakfast,

    Jiang Miaomiao clutched her neck in pain, “My throat is going to be cut…” I should have brought

    half a bucket of water yesterday, too. Silly.

    Lu Qiming also tried very hard to eat. The remaining half of the bag of biscuits could not be swallowed. He threw it aside and stood up and said,

    “Let’s go, work.”

    “Where to go?”

    He looked around and locked on a building not far away. Villa, lifted his chin.

    “Start there first.”

    Jiang Miaomiao wiped his mouth, first added a little zombie blood to his body, and then followed him to his destination.

    Unlike their new home, that house is occupied by people, and it should be rushed when leaving. The doors are not locked, and they are wide open. There is a white BMW X5 parked in the garage.

    Lu Qiming went to see the car first, and after a round, he couldn’t find the key, and sighed in pity.

    He turned his head and found that Jiang Miaomiao had already entered the house, and followed up, and saw her standing expectantly in front of a double-door refrigerator, her eyes bright as if filled with stars.

    The next second, she opened the refrigerator, was stunned for two seconds, and bends down and gags.

    The refrigerator has been out of power for a month or two, and the eggs, bread, meat, fish, shrimp, fruits, etc. inside are stored in a refrigerator comparable to a greenhouse, and they have long begun to rot.

    The odor has not been dissipated, it is held in it, the more it is held, the more

    it smells, and the moment it is opened, it rushes out… the smell is absolutely!

    Jiang Miaomiao regretted that he had grown a nose.

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