SFTAB: Ch 13

 Lu Qiming thought that Jiang Miaomiao would retreat in less than half an hour and come back to ask for help.

    Then he can just blackmail.

    For example, all the bowls will be washed by her in the future.

    Such as helping him wash clothes.

    For example, don’t laugh at him anymore.

    However, the progress of the matter exceeded his expectations, and after waiting for all morning, Jiang Miaomiao did not come out.

    Later, the knocking sound disappeared, and he couldn’t help looking down, and saw a small white shadow squatting in the corner in the dark basement, motionless, like a ghost.

    Lu Qiming coughed twice, walked to the shelf, pretended to take something to eat, glanced at her as he passed by, and deliberately asked:

    “Have you dug the soil yet?”

    Jiang Miaomiao was angry when he mentioned this.

    The city is located in the south, and the spring tide is very strong.

    The owner of the villa laid a thick layer of moisture-proof layer in the basement in order to prevent moisture, but she broke her hand and couldn’t make a hole.

    If you want to dig soil from here, you have to dig until the year of the monkey.

    She clutched her forehead and sighed deeply.

    Lu Qiming unpacked Oreo and ate his mouth black, like gnawing on briquettes.

    “I can help you dig the soil in the yard, as long as you promise me a few conditions.”

    Jiang Miaomiao got up and walked out with a cold expression.

    “Thank you, no need.”

    He followed unexpectedly.

    “Are you not going to grow vegetables?”

    There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to give up.

    What’s the use of reluctantly growing some vegetables? When Lu Qiming left and finished her food, she didn’t dare to go to the supermarket alone, she was still a dead end.

    In that case, it is better to lie down comfortably and die.

    The word struggle has nothing to do with her since she was born.

    Jiang Miaomiao figured it out, washed his hands, lay on a chair and flipped through the supermarket sales brochure.

    She brought it back from the supermarket before, and there were many products printed on it.

    Although many products are not available at all today, it is quite cool to have an eye addiction after taking a look.

    Three yuan a catty for oranges? It’s so cheap, I should have eaten it for three to five catties overnight.

    Three pineapples for ten yuan? Oh my god, it’s free, why didn’t she pay attention to it before?

    An egg is seven cents, ooh… She hasn’t eaten poached eggs for a long time.

    In order to satisfy the appetite, Jiang Miaomiao brought a few bottles of chewing gum.

    Tangerine and pineapple can’t be eaten, but she can eat orange-flavored gum and pineapple-flavored gum.

    After Lu Qiming came out, he went to fill the gaps in his bedroom, and after more than an hour came out to cook lunch, he saw her leisurely flipping through the booklet, chewing gum in her mouth, and blowing big bubbles from time to time.

    He washed the rice and cooked, and saw the germinated seeds, and asked:

    “You really don’t plan to plant them? They are all germinated. It’s a waste.”

    “Waste is a waste . There are a lot of commodities on the street, no one cares about it.”

    “You can plant fresh vegetables and eat.”

    “I and it can’t tell who will live a long time, thinking about those who can’t count on it.”

    Lu Qiming nodded, “All right, you don’t want me to throw it away.”

    Jiang Miao Miao turned the pamphlet’s movement to a halt, holding back the heartache.

    “Throw it.”

    With a bang, the seeds were thrown into the trash can along with the wet tissues.

    Lu Qiming cut vegetables for cooking, the procedure became more and more proficient, and soon he made two dishes.

    After eating, he took a short break and sat on the window sill with his long legs bent, sipping a pack of pecan-flavored sunflower seeds.

    After the dumplings that failed yesterday, Jiang Miaomiao was aroused to fight, and determined to eat the delicacies made by himself before he died.

    Dumplings are too difficult, so she weighed it for a long time and decided on pancakes.

    This is simple. I have seen others do it before. Just add water to the flour, add salt, and add ingredients according to your preference, such as leeks and eggs. Wait for the pot to heat up and pour it in.

    There were no chives and eggs on hand, and all the bean sprouts were all eaten, so she soaked a handful of black fungus, cut into shreds, poured them into the flour together with shredded ham, and stirred with water.

    The amount of water is a key point, so you can’t be careless.

    Jiang Miaomiao took out his concentration during the exam and poured water cautiously.

    Lu Qiming licked melon seeds and said cool words: “Don’t waste your effort, you are not this piece of material at all.”

    She was upset when she heard it, and then yelled back:

    “Shut up, stop talking, are you a hamster?”

    Lu Qiming I was wronged and went back to the room with melon seeds.

    When he finally calmed down, Jiang Miaomiao turned the flour into a paste, heated the pan, spread a thin layer of oil, and poured it into the batter.

    As soon as the batter met the hot oil, it sizzled and made small bubbles. The edges become solid visible to the naked eye.

    For fear of scorching, she hurriedly turned over, but she didn’t know the time and turned it too early, causing the batter to fall apart, and finally turned into a half-baked sticky ball.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a taste, frowned, and picked up the spatula.

    Come again!

    Lu Qiming took a nap in the room and was awakened by a burst of fragrance, curious about the underground floor.

    Jiang Miaomiao sat beside the dining table, with a white porcelain plate in front of him with several cakes of different sizes, and looked at him triumphantly.

    He pretends that he doesn’t know anything, “What did you do? Does it look good?”

    “That’s, someone said I’m not this piece of material at all, and I’m going to prove it to him. This kind of trivial matter is nothing to me. Difficulty.”

    “Really?” Lu Qiming glanced at the trash can that was filled again, shrugged, and stretched out his hand to eat the cake.

    Jiang Miaomiao tapped his fingers with chopsticks.

    “Who asked you to take it? This is mine.”

    He drew back in pain, frowning.

    “We share this friendship between you and me?”

    “Of course it will be divided. After all, before I asked someone to dig some soil for me, there is no friendship.”

    Lu Qiming knew that she was mocking her and sneered. Said: “Didn’t I say to help you dig it? You don’t want it.”

    “You don’t want to, why should I be boring?”

    Jiang Miaomiao picked up the plate and turned it around in front of him twice, letting him smell it. I couldn’t eat it, so I went upstairs to eat alone.

    Lu Qiming looked at the remaining flour and ingredients, and wanted to make one, so that she could see what is really good craftsmanship.

    But the window gap hasn’t been filled yet, so it’s important to do business.

    It took almost three days to fill in all the gaps in the entire villa. Unless the window was specially opened, no wind would come in.

    In the same way, the smell inside couldn’t be spread out, and it became a small world isolated from the world.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at the dark house and couldn’t help but say to him, “You have to restore me to the original state before you leave, you know?”

    She is not a bat, and she feels much worse if she is not in the sun for too long.

    It’s already the end of the world, and if you get depression or something, you can’t live.

    Lu Qiming couldn’t help shaking his head.

    “If you have not met me, and so the influx of zombies certainly not live to see the arrival of the next day.”

    She rolled her eyes, “I wish I never met you, I did those things to eat it now.”

    They who I couldn’t tell anyone, they put their middle fingers to each other, looking for things to do to kill the time.

    The villa is completely impossible to get out, so I can only engage in some indoor activities.

    Lu Qiming also started to knead the dough, not knowing what to do.

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t expect him to share it with himself, took the flashlight and walked around, and decided to open the door and look at the golden half-butt.

    The golden half-butt is really miserable.

    Half of his ass was bitten off when he became a zombie, and he has been bled by them these days, so weak that he loses his face.

    Thinking that it had helped them a lot, Jiang Miaomiao chopped a piece of bacon and threw it to him.

    If it is willing to eat other things to live, she might be able to keep it as a pet.

    But Jin Ban buttocks didn’t give a lot of face, so he sniffed the bacon and turned aside his face in disgust.

    “Don’t eat such delicious food, you deserve to be hungry.”

    Jiang Miaomiao scolded him and was about to go out, when suddenly he heard a weird howl in the distance.

    Jin half-butt also became restless, twisting his body desperately.

    What’s up? Today is not the night of the full moon.

    She didn’t have the guts to stay and fight alone with Jin Banhan, and quickly withdrew to lock the door, and subconsciously moved closer to Lu Qiming.

    Lu Qiming used to knead the dough in the kitchen, but he didn’t knead it at this time. He stood by the wall with his hands covered in batter, and seemed to be listening for something.

    Jiang Miaomiao walked over and asked, “Did you hear what happened just now?”

    He covered her mouth with his hand and wiped her mouth full of batter.

    “Shhh, don’t make a noise.” In

    an emergency, it’s not suitable for bickering. Jiang Miaomiao obediently kept quiet and put his ear to the wall.

    Learn all about it, all about it.

    It seemed that something was crawling on the wall, making a slight rubbing sound.

    Next to it was a window, which was tightly sealed by Lu Qiming with plastic wrap and paint.

    She wanted to go to the other side to listen, but she just walked two steps forward, only to hear a bang, and the glass splashed.

    A bloody hand jerked in from the window and grabbed her shoulder.

    Jiang Miaomiao exhausted all his strength to resist screaming, and his face paled with fright.

    With great hand strength, he pulled her out, and the roar of the zombies was close to his ears.

    She grabbed the window frame, thinking of what might happen next, tears came out.

    Lu Qiming was so fast that he ran to fetch a kitchen knife and slashed at his wrist.

    The human bones were too hard to cut off at once. He came again, slashing from the radius.

    The bloody hand released and fell to the floor. The nerve was not completely dead, and he dragged his broken arm for half a meter.

    The zombies outside the window screamed and hit the window like a beast.

    The glass shattered and fell on Jiang Miaomiao’s neck, and blood immediately flowed out, dyeing her white skirt red.

    She didn’t care about wiping the blood and ran away.

    The zombie’s strength was amazing, and in the next second he broke through the window and got in, his red eyes looked straight at her, exuding a bloodthirsty light.

    Lu Qiming picked up the chair she used to sit on and put her four legs on the window, just to hold the zombie’s head.

    The intact hand scratched him casually, grabbing a bloody handprint.

    He fought hard against the zombies, and

    turned back and shouted at Jiang Miaomiao: “Bring the hot oil on the stove.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was too frightened, his head was dizzy, and he couldn’t hear him clearly.



    She looked towards the stove. Lu Qiming had probably prepared fried oil cakes before, and burned a pot of hot oil, which was already smoking.

    She hurriedly brought the oil over. The blood dripped in the hot oil, crackling, and it seemed to splash out and land on her arm, but she no longer felt the pain.

    Back by the window, Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t start.

    “What to do?”

    Splash it over? Lu Qiming is also here, he will be scalded to death.

    Lu Qiming yelled in a deep voice: “Listen to my password, three…two…one, splash!”

    The moment the splash character exited, he drew back his chair and blocked him, relying on his long legs, and straddling two or three meters in the blink of an eye. far.

    Jiang Miaomiao tried his best to pour the oil forward, and then ran away after throwing the pot away.

    The hot oil poured all over the zombies’ heads, and the rotten skin resembled pigskin thrown into the oil pan. It exploded violently, even emitting a burnt incense.

    Lu Qiming ran to the stove, grabbed the empty plastic bottle for rolling dough, lit it with the fire on the gas stove and threw it over.

    With a boom, the flames skyrocketed.

    The zombies screamed in the flames, vaguely wanting to rush in.

    Lu Qiming took the mop and stabbed it hard in the chest, slammed it down the window, and landed on the grass in the yard.

    It rolled frantically on the ground and howled, and the other zombies became agitated and looked at this side one after another.

    Lu Qiming raised the wooden dining table for eating, and blocked the hole in the window with the tabletop.

    “Hammer and nails!”

    Jiang Miaomiao brought it to him to help withstand the table.

    He knocked frantically for a while and finally sealed the window again.

    Looking back at Jiang Miaomiao, she wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to push her, and she could take a rest, but she was bloodied and lost.

    “Where did you hurt?” Lu Qiming asked nervously.

    The corner of her mouth was pulled down, and she staggered into his arms, hugging his waist and crying.

    “Scared to death…oooo…”

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