In the lively supermarket, customers stopped shopping by appointment, looking at the girl pushing the trolley in surprise.

  She was in her early twenties, and she was very beautiful, wearing a blue tracksuit and her long hair tied into a ponytail.

  The arms were thin as if they would break with a little force, but the carts in front of her were piled higher than her head.

  She bought biscuits, instant noodles, drinks…every food in the supermarket.

  The girl noticed everyone’s eyes and smiled embarrassedly.

  ”There are a lot of people in the family, eat a lot, haha…please give me a favor .” People quickly made way for her, and she pushed the car near the checkout counter, where three carts piled up at the same height were already parked there.

  Everyone was even more surprised now.

  What is the size of the family’s population to buy so much food at once?

  But the girl still didn’t stop, and after parking the car in her hand, she immediately pushed the empty car and walked to the shelf non-stop.

  50 barrels of instant noodles, 80 packs of biscuits, 30 bottles of drinks, 60 boxes of coffee…

  Jiang Miaomiao checked the quantity in his heart while looking at the shelves.

  But there is no way, the money on hand is so little, you can’t take care of it after you buy it, and you can use it.

  Anyway, with her strength, after the zombies broke out, it should not last three months.

  This is not the real world, but an eschatology. Jiang Miaomiao wore it after reading the book and became the cannon fodder Jiang Miaomiao with the same name as her in it.

  This Jiang Miaomiao is an orphan. He is studying at university. On weekdays, he works part-time to earn living expenses. He has already saved 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

  After the zombie broke out in the original text, she escaped from the city with the hostess of her school and was killed by a zombie on the road, which also triggered the first conflict between the hostess.

  When reading a book, Jiang Miaomiao felt sorry for this role.

  A girl who worked so hard, but because she didn’t have the protagonist’s life, she did not survive the first three chapters.

  She might as well find a place to hide from the beginning, and collect more supplies, which might last a few more months.

  So when he found that he was wearing that role, Jiang Miaomiao made a decisive decision.

  What to escape? Escape is also dead.

  It is better to spend all the money, buy something delicious, drink and fun, and spend the time before death happily.

  Tomorrow is the first day of the zombie outbreak, and she has to speed up.

  Jiang Miaomiao started trotting.

  Two hours later, she swiped her card to check out the shocked eyes of other people in the supermarket, pushed the cart to the service counter, and asked them to deliver the goods to the door.

  The employee printed out the list and asked her to sign and leave the address.

  Jiang Miaomiao finished writing, and handed it to her. She took a look and cast an enviable look.

  The address above is from a well-known villa district in this city.

  I live in a villa at a young age, and I’m so profligate to buy things. Rich second-generation, right?

  Jiang Miaomiao could only smile wryly—she originally lived in a school dormitory, so it was not convenient to collect food in advance. In order to choose a safe and reliable place with enough space as the base for herself, she specially spent 10,000 yuan to rent a two-story small villa with a basement and front and rear gardens near the suburbs.

  After the zombies erupt, humans will either run away or become zombies. So in theory, she could live indefinitely until she died.

  Leaving the supermarket, Jiang Miaomiao went to the only local electromechanical market, because there was still an extremely important item that he did not buy.

  That is the generator.

  She can’t go out in the last days, she must play mobile phone and computer, if there is no electricity then, it will be better than death.

  The weather in April was quite cool. Jiang Miaomiao took the bus to the electromechanical market. After getting off the bus, he looked for a shop selling generators and soon saw one.

  She pointed to the half-person high machine in the middle of the store and asked:

  ”Is this a generator? How much?” The

  boss nodded, “Thirty thousand.”

  ”Ahem… 30,000 or 30,000?” So expensive!

  ”Do you use it at home or for company use? There are small ones for home use, which are much cheaper.”

  ”Let me see.” The boss took her to a small generator, patted and said, “Here, this one. Only three thousand and five.”

  Three thousand and five are also expensive, she doesn’t have much money in her hand, and she hasn’t collected drinking water yet.

  But the feeling of running out of electricity is totally unimaginable. Jiang Miaomiao bit his head and said: “It’s cheaper. My neighbor’s will also buy it and introduce it to your house.”

  ”Then three thousand and four.”

“Three thousand will do?”

  Jiang Miaomiao looked at him pitifully, his eyes full of requests.

  If a bucket of purified water costs 5 yuan and the generator saves 500, she can buy 100 more buckets of purified water.

  The bargaining was dry, and the boss finally agreed to the price. Jiang Miaomiao paid the deposit and asked him to go to the villa tonight.

  Calculating the time, the supermarket delivery man should be almost there. She was too busy to catch her breath, and immediately took the bus home to pick up the goods.

  The time was just right, and the minivan came soon after I got home. The deliveryman helped unload the goods, opened the carriage and said,

  ”Why do you buy so many things at once? Do you want to open a small shop?”

  ”My relatives in my hometown are coming to play, there are many children, and I’m afraid I don’t have enough food, haha, can you help me move to the basement? Right.”

  Jiang Miaomiao rolled up his sleeves and worked with him. He was so tired and sweating that he unloaded a cart of goods and stuffed them into the basement.

  The pickup truck drove away, Jiang Miaomiao lay on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, and dialed a number written down on the road.

  ”Hey, is it Sweet Pure Water Company?”


  ”I want to order pure water.”

  ”Ok, how much do you need?”

  ”500 barrels, delivered tonight.”

  2500 yuan, yes She has the last deposit in her hand.

  The other party was shocked: “So much? Um… I’m afraid it won’t be available.”

  ”How many do you have now?”

  ”There are only 250 barrels, all filled this morning, do you see enough?”

  Where is enough, drink water? You need water for cooking, bathing and brushing your teeth. Nothing can be lacking without it.

  After the outbreak of the last days, the water plant was damaged, and the city soon stopped supplying water.

  Jiang Miaomiao sat cross-legged on the sofa, touched his chin, thinking hard, and asked:

  ”Do you have an empty bucket there?”

  ”You want an empty bucket? This is generally not for sale.”

  Jiang Miaomiao exerted his stalking skills and pulled. After talking with him for half an hour, he finally bought 300 empty buckets at a price of 3 yuan each, and they will be delivered tonight.

  When the time comes, she directly fills in the tap water, seals the mouth, and replaces it when the pure water is finished.

  It’s not clean, but it’s better than nothing.

  Besides, she bought a stove and fuel to boil water for drinking.

  Jiang Miaomiao could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and lay down on the sofa to take a nap, calculating in his mind that there was nothing left to buy.

  After careful calculation, there are actually quite a lot.

  The disaster broke out and people’s hearts were sinister. She had better protect herself with guns and ammunition.

  The generator may be broken, she had better have a spare.

  The climate in the last days is harsh and it is easy to get sick, so she had better store enough medicine.


  There is no too much stuff, but there is too little money in his hands, so I can only hold on to the food first.

  But she didn’t plan to live too long anyway, any time she lasted it. Life can be as short as a few decades, and as long as a hundred years, there is not much difference.

  At night, the generator and pure water were delivered.

  Jiang Miaomiao asked his boss to teach himself to use a generator, and found that this thing requires oil to work, so he went to a nearby gas station to buy a few large barrels of diesel.

  The basement was already full. She tidied out the living room, squeezed all the sofa and coffee table together, put the bucket against the wall, and took up half of the living room.

  Everything was done, and it was midnight.

  Jiang Miaomiao ordered himself a barbecue, which was super rich, more than 300 yuan, because after today, it is very likely that he will never eat it again.

  After eating a barbecue, she opened the software on her mobile phone and logged in to her live broadcast account.

  Since entering the book three days ago, she has registered this account to live broadcast her progress in purchasing supplies for the end times.

  She didn’t intend to escape, but what if anyone thought? If you affect them through your own video, let them prepare in advance, it can be considered a good thing.

  However, the world is peaceful at the moment, and such a video suddenly appeared. Although it attracted a lot of attention, most of them were laughing at her and thinking she was crazy.

  No, as soon as the live broadcast was turned on, there were people waiting to watch the excitement to speak.

  ”This neurosis is coming again, hahaha.”

  ”Sisters are so funny, what’s the use of preparing these crappy things? Anyway, you can read more eschatological texts.”

  ”Your family has food and I have guns, and your family is me. Granary! Sister! If you don’t have a gun, you have to have two kitchen knives.”

  ”You won’t find space anymore? Or is it an ability? Hahaha.”

  ”A woman is a woman, and there is no overall view.”


  Jiang Miao Miao shrugged and ignored them. After all, this video was not for them.

  Taking out the purchase list, she read it out the same way.

  Lucky tonight, the number of people watching the live broadcast exceeded 200,000.

  As the number of people increased, some people gradually came to support her, or found it interesting, and gave her a reward.

  At the end of her calculation, she actually made a small profit and could buy a lot more things.

  Jiang Miaomiao looked at the screen and said sincerely: “Tomorrow is the end of the world. I wish all fathers a successful escape and a healthy and smooth life with family and friends. This live broadcast ends here, goodbye.”

  Barbecue . One-third of it could not be eaten, Jiang Miaomiao put it in the refrigerator and walked to the window.

  The windows are equipped with anti-theft bars, which she specially selected when renting the house, hoping to hold on for a while when facing zombies.

  It was late at night, and the sky in the distance was still red, which should be in the direction of the city center.

  If I remember correctly, the first wave of zombies in the original text erupted there. In less than three days, the entire city became a hell on earth.

  About it was too nervous, Jiang Miaomiao stayed up all night, watching the dawn with his eyes open.

  At ten o’clock in the morning, people were living as usual when a small video suddenly appeared on a video website.

  ”A man on Haoshan Road bit a passerby in the street, suspected of having an attack of rabies!” The

  video was very bloody and attracted great attention in just half an hour.

  While the comments were still studying whether it was rabies or not, the second video came out.

  Followed by Articles 3 and 4…

  At eleven o’clock, the city center was out of control and people began to flee.

  The villa area was also affected. Many people ran home to hide, and supermarkets along the way were snapped up.

  Food, water, medicine and other materials were all looted.

  Numerous videos have been circulated to a great extent, and some people have speculated that this should be a new type of infectious disease.

  Jiang Miaomiao didn’t go out all day, sat by the window to watch the situation, and ate up yesterday’s barbecue by the way.

  That night, many vicious attacks occurred, with tens of thousands of casualties.

  The government sent troops to suppress it, but it was also infected. It had to use the remaining personnel to organize citizens to retreat to a safe city.

  The road was driven by army cars, and the citizens followed behind in their private cars.

  When the convoy passed the villa area, the neighbors next door kindly knocked on the door and asked if they needed to take their car together.

  According to the original progress, security is only temporary. It only takes more than a month. All major cities on the earth will fall. Survivors can only wander in virgin forests, deserts, and even oceans.

  Needless to say the hardships and thrills encountered during the period, in contrast, she would rather eat and drink here.

  Jiang Miaomiao took some food and medicine bottles for them, “Thank you, I still won’t go, I wish you all the best.” The

  other party was surprised, “Are you sure?”

  She nodded and watched the neighbor leave, then closed the door, locked it, and put the sofa down. Everything that can be moved, such as the table, is pushed over to block it.

  Finally, go upstairs and enter the bedroom, lock the door, turn on the computer and start playing games.

  Because it was too noisy outside, which affected the gaming experience, I also put on headphones.

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