Jiang Miaomiao sat on the toilet for an hour. She didn’t dare to move. His legs were numb and he stood up wearing pants.

    The original owner does not care about his body. Sometimes, in order to go to work early, he washes his hair with cold water when there is no hot water in the dormitory. In winter, he also drinks cold water directly.

    There is no aunt’s towel, but fortunately there are more toilet paper. Jiang Miaomiao tore off the long strip, folded it into a small piece, and tucked it under her underwear.

    Toilet paper is not sticky and will move when walking. It is not waterproof, and once it is soaked, it will stain the pants.

    She didn’t dare to walk around at will, lying on the bed all day, never leaving the bedroom. Once it feels almost the same, change to new toilet paper as soon as possible.

    Lu Qiming hadn’t planned to take care of this, but seeing that it was dark, she hadn’t gone downstairs to eat anything except breakfast, and couldn’t help but feel a little worried and knocked on the door.

    Tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk.

    “Are you hungry? I made fried noodles.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was changing the paper in the bathroom and replied: “I will go down when I am hungry.”

    Lu Qiming did not force it, “Well, I will put the noodles on the coffee table. “After

    he finished speaking, he went back to the room. Jiang Miaomiao put on his pants and looked at the toilet paper in the trash basket with worry.

    Every piece of paper is soaked with blood, what should I do?

    In the past, garbage was thrown directly out of the window, but these are fresh human blood. Wouldn’t it be thrown out with a loudspeaker and shouting at the zombies: Come on, there are living people here to eat!

    After deliberation, she decided not to do two things, and burned them all.

    So he took the trash basket and went downstairs, found a small iron bucket, poured some diesel into it, poured paper in, and set it alight.

    Diesel fuel is particularly combustible, and the flames burst high.

    Afraid of burning the house, Jiang Miaomiao squatted by the side and waited for it to go out.

    When Lu Qiming heard movement downstairs, he picked up a stool as a weapon and went downstairs to check.

    In the swaying firelight, the girl was wearing a white pajamas squatting next to the iron barrel, her small and pale face was turned into different shades of light and dark by the fire light, and a cloud of blood was slowly smearing on her pants.

    “What are you doing?” He put down his stool.

    “Nothing, you go back.”

    She didn’t want to talk about it with a man who had only known her for a few days.

    “It’s night, and the hearing and vision of the zombies are at the peak. If you find a fire here, they will definitely gather.”

    She sighed, “What should I do?”

    “Extinguish it first.”

    Lu Qiming found a washbasin. The lid is fastened on the barrel, and the fire is quickly extinguished.

    Jiang Miaomiao was completely helpless, leaning on the chair to stand up.

    “I have to find one…” After

    squatting for too long, she continued to lose blood. When she got up, her eyes went dark and she fell straight back.

    Lu Qiming has quick eyes and quick hands, holding on to her.

    She slowed down for a few seconds before opening her eyes, her hands and feet were cold, and her body was wooden.

    “Thank you, I… I’ll go back to my room and lie down for a while.”

    Jiang Miaomiao pushed his hand away and walked upstairs by supporting the wall.

    Lu Qiming said, “You’d better change your clothes.”


    “Your pants…”

    He didn’t go on. Jiang Miaomiao touched back and touched the blood of a slap, and immediately understood what he meant. Blushing, speeding up, closing the door and never coming out again.

    The blood is burned, producing a peculiar smell. The smell floated out from the gap in the window, and the zombies were restless.

    Lu Qiming adjusted the spray with 84 disinfectant, sprayed every window and shut it tightly. Then carrying the iron bucket, he crawled out of the vent in his room.

    Because there was no aunt’s towel, Jiang Miaomiao slept unsteadily all night, and dared not move while lying down. Reluctantly squinted for a while, and when I woke up, I stiffened my neck, and my neck turned a little and grinned with pain, which made it worse.

    She hadn’t eaten anything yesterday and was half hungry. Touching her deflated belly, she decided to put her shame aside.

    What is aunt’s blood? This is the end of the world, human flesh is flying all over the sky!

    If the clothes get dirty, they get dirty. She wants to live a normal life.

    Jiang Miaomiao opened the quilt, and there was a plastic bag used to prevent leakage on her buttocks. She ignored it and strode out. From the corner of her eyes, she suddenly saw something on the bedside table. She fixed her eyes and was stunned.

    The thing is not big, it is a small cuboid, and the packaging bag is black, so the bold and enlarged color fonts on the front are particularly conspicuous.

    Sophie, 420 super fast asleep.

    This, this… where did it come from?

    Auntie’s towel fell from the sky?

    “Lu Qiming!”

    Jiang Miaomiao shouted, and Lu Qiming came over with a big bowl.

    “What’s the matter?”

    “You put this thing here?”

    He glanced and nodded.

    “Where did you get it? Did you go out in the middle of the night? How did so many zombies go out?”

    Lu Qiming said: “How could I go out? Isn’t that sent to death? I found it in the warehouse.”

    “How can there be a warehouse? I didn’t buy it at all.”

    “Maybe you forgot to buy it, or someone else delivered it wrong. If you have it, then use it. Is it possible that you return it to someone now?”

    Jiang Miao thought, waved his hand and said,

    ” Okay. ” , You go out… Oh, what are you holding the bowl for?”

    “Stewed chicken soup.”

    “…Where did we get the chicken? If you dare to touch my pickled pepper chicken feet, I will

    fight you desperately.” Lu Qiming sneered. “Who uses pickled pepper chicken feet to stew chicken soup? When I was looking for something in the warehouse, I found a chicken.”

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t believe it, leaned over and took a look. It was really fresh chicken.

    She hasn’t eaten fresh food for a long time, and she feels the smell of raw chicken, and she can’t help but lick her lower lip.

    “Why are there chickens in the warehouse?”

    “Probably from which hole they got in.”

    “Next time there are chickens coming in, you must never kill them.”


    “Keep them for laying eggs!”

    One day A beauty.

    Lu Qiming went downstairs to stew chicken soup, Jiang Miaomiao changed into a clean set of clothes, put on his aunt’s towel, cleaned up the room and bathroom, and felt revived.

    When the chicken soup was simmered, she drank two bowls in one breath, and then ate a bowl of rice with the chicken, which made her mouth greasy.

    Lu Qiming frowned, “You are eating, the zombies are scared.”

    Jiang Miaomiao ate and drank enough, leaned on the chair, touched his belly contentedly, and lazily said:

    “For your good workmanship, sister I don’t care about you.”

    He laughed, “Whose sister are you?”

    “Yours, not convinced? How old are you?”


    “Hey, I’m 27.”


    “No way, natural beauty, 27 looks like 17.” When

    she was full, she felt sleepy, and she yawned and went back to the room to sleep.

    Since that day, some good things have popped up in the basement from time to time.

    Three or four potatoes.

    Carrots secretly growing in the corner.

    The apple that’s wilted.

    There are also chickens, ducks, and rabbits. If there is a river nearby, maybe there are even fish.

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t help wondering if he had rented a feng shui treasure, otherwise how could his luck be so good?

    But when her aunt left, she recovered her strength and went to the basement to check in person. She didn’t encounter such a good thing, but found another thing.

    Her warehouse… why is it empty?

    Only a few packs of pitiful instant noodles remain on the shelves.

    Where’s her beef jerky? Where’s the snail powder? How about chicken feet with pickled peppers?

    “Lu Qiming!”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s heart trembled.

    The man ran down wearing a printed chubby.

    “What’s the matter?” “What about

    my stuff?”

    He said solemnly, “Maybe it was eaten by a mouse.”

    Jiang Miaomiao believed that he was a ghost, and thumped him with his fist.

    “Woo, you white-eyed wolf! I was kind enough to take you in, and you actually ate all my things! What should I do now? Waiting to starve to death?”

    Fortunately, when she was dizzy due to excessive blood loss two days ago, she was lucky. There is a personal care for me, but I didn’t expect to lead the wolf into the room!

    Lu Qiming’s muscles were not training for nothing, and he was beaten hard, but he did not hurt him, but it hurt his hands.

    Jiang Miaomiao lost his temper completely and returned to the living room blankly, sitting in a chair without speaking.

    Lu Qiming handed her a glass of water, and she opened her mouth to curse.

    “Go away, don’t bother me!”

    “Are you really angry?”

    Can you not be angry? She was not bitten to death by a zombie, but she wanted to starve to death, and it was painful to think about it.

    Lu Qiming said: “Why don’t we go out and find some supplies?”

    She sneered, “Go ahead, I will recite the Death Mantra for you.”

    “Don’t be so pessimistic, as long as we find the right way, we can come back safely. “

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t hear, “What can I do? Can you be friends with zombies?”

    Lu Qiming was very patient.

    “I have been observing them these days and found a pattern. When the temperature is high at noon, most of the zombies will automatically walk to the shade, and only about one-third of them are left outside.”

    There are thousands of people in this city. Ten thousand zombies, even if it is one-third, there are several million. What is the difference?

    He continued: “At that time, there will only be more than two hundred wandering in the community. As long as we are fast enough and use other things to attract their attention, we can leave the community. Do you know where the nearest convenience store or supermarket is? “

    There is a Meiyijia at the gate of the community.”

    “Okay, just go there.”

    “Wait!” Jiang Miaomiao asked hurriedly: “You said we need to be fast enough. We are one person with two legs, how can we get up quickly? “

    Lu Qiming pushed her to the window and pointed out.


    Outside the courtyard, a white sports car that was intact was parked impressively.

    Jiang Miaomiao: “…I lived there for a month or two, and I didn’t see a car there!”

    Lu Qiming said: “People always pay attention to what they want to pay attention to. It has been there, and it has been ignored by you.”


    “How many moles do I have on my face?”

    “…” Jiang Miaomiao stood on tiptoe to look.

    “There are no moles.” Lu Qiming said: “If you see every day, you can’t fully notice all the details, let alone the car parked outside the courtyard.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was persuaded by him and thought of another question.

    “What are you going to use to attract their attention?”

    Lu Qiming said and waited a while, walked into the bathroom, and came out with a few black garbage bags.

    The garbage bag was relatively thin. Jiang Miaomiao knew what was inside at a glance and almost vomited it out.

    “You are perverted!”

    She said how the changed aunt’s towel disappeared.

    Lu Qiming didn’t care.

    “Zombies have a keen sense of smell and are very familiar with the smell of human blood. Once they smell it, they will gather. We only need to use this to distract them, drive back quickly, and replenish supplies.”

    Jiang Miaomiao still feels sick. , Accept incompetence.

    Attracting zombies with aunt’s blood is as ashamed as taking off his pants and running naked.

    Lu Qiming said casually: “I remember that there are a lot of delicious food in the convenience store, potato chips, spicy bars, chocolates, and self-heating rice. By the way, self-heating rice has the flavor of braised pork, do you want to eat it? Braised pork in brown sauce?”

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t help swallowing, succumbing to his temptation.


    Yes .” At one o’clock at noon, the blazing sun hung high, and the dazzling sunlight pierced everyone’s eyes.

    Lu Qiming put the garbage bags into the bucket, climbed to the top of the villa, and threw the bucket away in the opposite direction.

    The smell of blood emanated, and all the zombies gathered around, including the little star and the golden half-butt who were always hovering outside the window.

    After confirming that there were no zombies beside the car, he returned to the living room and said to Jiang Miaomiao:

    “You can go.”

    Thinking of the horror of being killed, the latter retreated.

    “Why don’t you go, I won’t go. I’m so weak, it will only drag you back…”

    Lu Qiming moved the sofa away, opened the door, walked over without saying a word, and squeaked her. Clip it out.


    Lead: I really just want to be a salted fish…

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