In fact, Jiang Lu knows that his will is very strong, and he hasn’t been depressed since he was a child in such an environment-he is just a little bit paranoid.

    Qi An’an didn’t make any tough demands either. Forget it, Jiang Lu’s affairs have to be taken slowly, and it is not always possible to heal them in a hurry. She will look at him in the future and treat him better.

    It’s a pity that the two of them slept too long this day, and they waited until 11 o’clock in the evening to turn off the lights and go to bed again, lying in the silent night, none of them slept.

    Very sober, not quite right.

    The atmosphere on this dark bed, where the opponent’s outline was faintly visible, gradually became ambiguous.

    “Jiang Lu, are you sleepy?”

    Qi An’an finally broke the silence first. She didn’t know whether Jiang Lu was sleepy, only that he was not asleep. Anyway, I slept enough during the day, and now I am not sleepy at all.

    Of course Jiang Lu didn’t feel sleepy at all. Although he hadn’t slept much before, he slept for seven or eight hours during the day. He is young and has a good foundation. In just a few hours, he made up for the deficits of the two days. , Now his spirit is sharp with five senses.

    Usually Qi Anan leaned against him, he could feel her body warm and soft, and besides being peaceful and pitying, he had no other thoughts in his heart. But today it may be because of being too energetic, Qi Anan’s breath made him feel distressed.

    Jiang Lu said ambiguously: “It’s okay.”

    Qi An’an asked, “Fortunately, is it a little sleepy or not?”

    Jiang Lu couldn’t help but laugh, and thought for a while and said: “It might be… sleepy little bar. ” “

    deceptive, “do not believe Qian an, a little proud to say,” you see you, who talk so clearly, like me, he did not look sleepy. “

    Qian an and rub the inside to Jiang Luhuai Rub, the voice sounded sweeter and softer in the dark night: “Jiang Lu, the two of us slept too much during the day, and now we can’t sleep at all, or do something else.” The

    conscience of heaven and earth, before Qi An’an said this, Just thinking that two people can get up to watch a movie, or chase a variety show or something, after she said this, she obviously felt that Jiang Lu was breathing.

    Even she herself felt that what she said was very ambiguous.

    Qi An’an dryly explained: “I…I mean…I…”

    Jiang Lu smiled, and he rubbed Qi An’an’s somewhat disheveled hair: “It’s okay, I know what you mean. Otherwise, we Watching a movie?”

    Qi Anan felt that something was wrong again. She explained that Jiang Lu followed empathy again, as if she…she didn’t want to.

    She got close to Jiang Lu little by little, shrinking on his chest, feeling the hotness in his arms: “Jiang Lu, I am yours, you can do anything to me… I know you love me, I am willing…”

    Jiang Lu’s breathing suddenly became heavy, and she couldn’t laugh or cry in her heart. She was so serious and straightforward, do you know what kind of teasing it was?

    In the darkness, he tensed his body slightly, and his heart was ashamed of helplessness-his eyes had indeed seen a lot of filth, and the reality of the love between men and women, he could never normally look at it.

    Even when facing the beloved girl, he has an uncontrollable man instinct, but he still dare not use his own body to defile her.

    “An’an, I…”

    Qi An’an suddenly reached out and blocked Jiang Lu Weiqi’s lips. In the dark, her eyes were as bright as stars.

    “Jiang Lu, I know there is a hurdle in your heart that you can’t pass,” she whispered, her voice gentle and firm, “but I want to tell you that you are not dirty at all.”

    Jiang Lu’s clenched fist suddenly loosened.

    His eyes were slightly wet, and his lips tightened to swallow the soreness back.

    Qi An’an’s voice continued: “You are the best, I love you, and you are also worthy of my love. I don’t allow anyone to despise you, and neither can you.”

    She loves him, not only his arrogance and arrogance. Gentle, and love his sensitivity and low self-esteem.

    Jiang Lu laughed silently.

    After a long while, he kissed Qi An’an. The soft and thick hair scattered beside the pillow: “I know.”

    He knew it, she loved him. When all the truth was before his eyes, he knew how much she loved him when she recalled the moment she appeared in the hospital today.

    Jiang Lu laughed softly, his chest trembled slightly: “An’an, your eyesight is a bit short, but I dare not let you down. You don’t despise me, and I won’t…” The

    unfinished words were silent in his mouth, she Obviously I have seen his life, but I still choose to love him without hesitation. She enshrines him as a treasure, and he will never be conceited again.

    Jiang Lu held his breath slightly, and the big hand that was originally placed on her waist finally moved up slowly.

    Qi An’an closed his eyes, relaxed his body, and accepted the man’s pitying kiss.

    In the quiet and dark night, the sound of heartbeats became clearer and mixed with each other. Qi An’an gently bit his lip, staring blankly at the handsome outline ahead, and clinging to his neck with both hands.

    Jiang Lu kissed her white wrist and leaned over again.

    A quiet and bright moon outside the window.

    Qi An’an’s thoughts were vague. When he was about to fall asleep, he heard someone whispering in his ear: “I love you.”

    The man kissed her bewildered tears, and replied in a soft voice, “An’an, I love you.” “


    This winter is not too cold, and there hasn’t been a single snow.

    Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. There is nothing to do during the day. Qi An’an called Ji Ruomeng to share her little secret.

    Ji Ruomeng didn’t want to say anything, Qi An’an and Jiang Lu let her lead the same caressing life as an old mother in advance: “You’re worthless. . the “

    end, she reminded calm:” I remember prepared pregnant, so they can fool. ” “

    he, he did not …… “Well, Qian An do not understand, too embarrassed to go into detail, the subject said:” Renee, How are you seeing the parents?”

    “Hurt, it went so incredibly smoothly, and smoothly is boring. Yu Tianyang and his parents are very nice. They gave me a big red envelope and even kicked Yu Tianyang with both feet to make him well. To me.”

    Ji Ruomeng’s tone sounds very happy, “My family also likes Yu Tianyang, you also know that dog and stuff

, Has a mouth that speaks and speaks, which is especially pleasing to the elders. My dad also praised Tian Yang for being young and promising, he almost didn’t go up to the sky. “

    Qi An’an was also very happy to hear: “That’s good, I know it will go smoothly. You are a large exempted graduate student. Yu Tianyang is also doing a good job. You two must be satisfied with each other.” “

    Ji Ruomeng laughed a few times. She knew the situation of Qi An’an and Jiang Lu, and didn’t say much on this topic: “By the way, I went to visit the teacher with Yang Ge the day before yesterday. Teacher Jin also asked about you this year. Why didn’t I go back with Jiang Lu? I miss you. “

    Qian An’an didn’t expect Teacher Jin to mention them specifically: “I originally wanted to pay a New Year’s greetings during the New Year, so I would call him Jiang Lu in the evening. “

    Ji Ruomeng said: “Okay, he must be happy to receive your call. You two remember to call Teacher Yang too, otherwise you should be jealous again.” “

    Okay, I know.” “Qi An’an and Ji Ruomeng chatted for a while, and after thinking about it, they will be able to tell what happened to Qi Zhen.

    She didn’t say anything too complicated, only that she went out to exchange and study a few days ago, and Qi Zhen used it. Something made Jiang Lu think that she was in an accident, and she had been sick for the past two days.

    After all, Jiang Lu was almost depressed and Qi An’an was extremely distressed and could only talk to her best friend a little bit.

    Ji Ruomeng exploded as soon as she heard it: “This bitch! The last time I saw her, there was nothing good about it, so she actually used such a trick, did she have a brain disease? Jiang Lu cares too much about you, even her pawns can be used. It’s okay An’an, don’t worry too much. You can do well now. Jiang Lu has such a good physical fitness, and no matter how serious a cold and fever are, it will be fine within a few days. “

    She thought that being sick was nothing more than a cold and fever. Qi An’an didn’t explain much, just nodded earnestly: “Well, it will be okay.” “

    What about that big mouth?” Just let her forget it? Damn, if I wait for a chance to see her, I must tear her mouth! Who is that, really has that serious illness. “

    Qi An’an originally hated Qi Zhen’s despicability, but she had already slapped her, and the two of them had already talked about it. Jiang Lu would no longer worry about those things. Qi Zhen would never be able to make another wave.

    She shook her head: “It’s okay. I won’t see you anymore. Jiang Lu said that Qi Zhen will not come to City A. Even if

    he does, he will never show up in front of us.” Ji Ruomeng didn’t understand: “Why is he so sure?”

    “That’s how he told me, there is definitely nothing wrong.” Qi An’an smiled. When Jiang Lu mentioned this to her, although there was no expression on his face, his tone was sure.

    They have a good understanding, Qi Zhen is just an insignificant person in their lives, and there is no need to worry about her at all. They just need to move forward, no matter if she is in pain or regret, it has nothing to do with them.

    “She’s lucky if she doesn’t see the best, or I can’t spare her.”

    Qi An’an said, “Mengmeng, when are you coming back?”

    Ji Ruomeng pondered: ” Brother Yang still has a job at hand, and he will return to City A in the third grade. I have to prepare graduation thesis and re-examination. I should stay at home until the seventh grade and leave.”

    “Okay, when you all come back, come to my house for hot pot.” “


    Hang up the phone, Ji Ruomeng smiled and didn’t know what he was thinking, Yu Tianyang looked up at Ji Ruomeng, and handed over a handful of pine nuts that had just been peeled: “The child is a mother, this time. You can rest assured, your daughter has a good vision, and found you a good son-in-law to eat pine nuts to cheer you up.”

    Ji Ruomeng glared at him: “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t be in front of Jiang Lu some day. Be careful to utter a son-in-law, then you will be wonderful.”

    Yu Tianyang laughed loudly: “Impossible, I can be cautious. I always treat Jiang Lu as my little uncle.”

    “Heh, it’s really a complicated relationship. ,” Ji Ruomeng rolled his eyes to spit, and then sighed: “Jiang Lu can be accompanied by An An, and God has compensated him. It’s a blessing.”

    Yu Tianyang’s eyes were dignified, and he hurried to the call: “It’s a good blessing to have you by my side!”

    Ji Ruomeng laughed, taking advantage of his parents cooking in the kitchen and not seeing this side, he leaned over to Li Tianyang’s face. Kissed.

    … In the

    evening when Jiang Lu came back, Qi An’an lay on the table looking at the two spring couplets, then turned around and greeted him: “Jiang Lu, which one do you think is better for these two stickers?”

    She sat on the chair dishonestly, the two of the chair. The front legs were raised high, maintaining a terrifying balance.

    This was the scene when Jiang Lu walked in. He was secretly startled and hugged Qi An’an from behind. The chair under her clicked and landed smoothly.

    I wanted to blame her for a while, but after hugging her, she was really not willing to say a word.

    Forget it, Jiang Lu put his chin on Qi An’an’s shoulder lightly, and his voice was low and magnetic: “Can’t be selected?”

    Qi An’an nodded seriously: “Yes, these two were given by Teacher Lin and a senior sister. I think the implication is good, which one to post?”

    Jiang Lu lightly clicked on Qi An’an on the right hand side: “This is it.”

    Ruyi’s family has Baifu, and his finger just fell on the word “home”.

    Qi An’an’s cheeks were a little hot: “Okay, then this, I’ll stick it now.” After saying that, she got up from his arms and bent over happily to move a chair.

    Jiang Lu smiled: “What are you doing?”

    Qi An’an blinked, and she understood, she handed him the spring couplets with a smile: “Then you can post it, I can’t reach it.” Jiang Lu

    leaned forward slightly, Qi An’an hugged. It’s not a cross-talker

The princess hug is a gesture like hug a child.

    He raised his head: “It’s here now.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but smile, blushing and pasting the couplet without saying a word.

    “After waiting for your brother to come back in a year, I will pay a formal visit.” Suddenly Jiang Lu said softly.

    “Did Yu Tianyang show off to you?” Qi An’an couldn’t laugh or cry. “Let’s not use it, you and my brother are already so familiar.”

    Jiang Lu said warmly, “This is a courtesy, it should be.”

    He was ready to be formal. About the visit, I just haven’t mentioned it to Qi An. Since Yu Tianyang told him, Ji Ruomeng must have also talked about it with An An.

    Jiang Lu thought about this level before he shared his thoughts with Qi An’an to make her feel at ease. Although their two situations are somewhat different from those of other people’s families, his baby is not inferior to others.

    The next day was New Year’s Eve. After Jiang Lu woke up in the morning, Qi An’an, who was still sleeping soundly, caught his eye.

    There were two undissipated blushes on her cheeks, and there were traces on the white skin under the slightly open neckline.

    For a moment, remembering that she cried aggrievedly last night, her sleepy eyes couldn’t open, but she was worried about his “depressive tendency” for fear of losing him, insisting on holding his neck and letting him do everything.

    Later, I lost my strength, and I didn’t forget to kiss him from time to time, and the kisses fell randomly, which made him funny and pitying.

    I bullied her last night, and…in the future, try to control it as much as possible.

    Jiang Lu leaned over and gently kissed Qi An’an’s soft cheeks.

    Qi An’an didn’t wake up, but he pursed his lower lip with feeling, as if to respond.

    Jiang Lu laughed and hugged her with affection. An’an, you don’t know how much I love you.

    Since that day, those nightmares of fear and horror have never disturbed him again. Jiang Lu thought, he should never have such a dream again, and he will remain stable for the rest of his life.

    Qi An’an stayed asleep until almost noon today. She is not usually a lazy person, but she was really tired last night and couldn’t wake up today. Even when she sits up now, she still feels her legs are weak.

    She moved her steps to wash, Jiang Lu heard the movement coming up, smiled and looked for a while, touched his nose and asked: “An’an, can I take you away, OK?”

    Qi An’an wore a slightly tousled hair and cheeks. Blushing, his eyes complained: “You…you laughed at me.”

    “I didn’t.” Jiang Lu smiled and hugged her up, carefully laying on the soft cushion on the bedroom floor.

    He turned around and returned to the bathroom shelf, took a toothbrush and squeezed the toothpaste, and returned to squat in front of Qi An’an, with a little smile in his eyes: “Come brushing your teeth.”

    Qi An’an looked at him incredulously: “Jiang. Lu, you are so spoiled…I don’t have any opinion, but if you are spoiled, you must not let me.”

    Jiang Lu lightly nodded on her forehead: “What nonsense? How can I not want you? “

    He gestured to her with a toothbrush in his hand, Qi An’an opened his mouth with a smile, revealing a neat little white tooth, which is terribly cute.

    However, he was still worried, and vaguely warned: “Jiang Lu, if you spoil me so much, you can’t do that when you have a child. If you spoil your child, it will be the failure of family education…”

    Jiang Lu Listening to her heart, she stopped her hands and bowed her head to kiss her chattering little mouth.

    “Um…toothpaste foam!”

    “I can’t help it.”


    New Year’s Eve must keep the year old and eat dumplings.

    In the past two decades, Jiang Lu had never experienced these New Year events. For him once, every day is no different for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and the New Year is just to make him look thinner and pitiful in the light of thousands of lights.

    As for the diet, he hasn’t been refined. He doesn’t have a lot of appetite, and he doesn’t bother to take care of himself carefully, but this year is different. This year, An An is by his side.

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an who was walking around in the kitchen, and couldn’t help but laugh: “An An, you go to eat and watch TV, you don’t need you here.”

    “What’s so good about TV, how can you look good.” Qi An’an is used to these words. Now it’s even more open.

    Jiang Lu pressed his hand, and a good dumpling skin was torn apart.

    He casually threw the crushed dumplings aside: “An An, if you are not hungry, or we will eat later…”

    Qi An’an quickly hugged Jiang Lu’s waist, rubbing his face against his shoulder, acting coquettishly Laughing: “Hungry, I’m hungry, you have to make me full…” She pursed her lips and smiled, resting her head completely on Jiang Lu’s back without speaking.

    Jiang Lu also smiled and continued to work on his hands.

    Maybe he does have a talent for doing things. He had never made dumplings before today. But fortunately, it’s not bad.

    The cooked dumplings are floating with white gas, and under the bright warm yellow light, they show an infinite warm feeling.

    Qi An’an utterly praised: “Lu Lu, you are such a treasure, I’m so lucky, I lied to someone like you!”

    She didn’t eat honestly, and poke Jiang Lu’s cheek with her empty hand: ” Looking so good-looking and so virtuous, I will definitely be envied by others.”

    Jiang Lu glanced over with a smile, Qi An took a meal, took it back with a smile, and ate obediently.

    Compared to her, Jiang Lu would not say such a thing. He picked up vegetables for Qi An’an and said softly, “If you like, eat more.”

    He reached out and tucked the broken hair from her temple behind his ear, pointing The warm and smooth touch made his heart slightly hot. 

There is one more person by my side, and that is better than countless laughter.

    It turns out that this is the feeling of the New Year.

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