STYV: Ch 47 【END】

Oh oh oh , Shan brother first place!”


“Brother Shan, awesome!”

  ”I’m going to overtake!”

  ”Congratulations! Congratulations!”

  ”Brother Shan is amazing, you watch the sports class That kid looked

  dumbfounded !” The cheers around him were endless. Jin Qishan looked over the crowd and saw Su Xiaoxiao shook the mineral water in his hand at him not far away.

  Jin Qishan slowly walked to Su Xiaoxiao’s side, and Su Xiaoxiao held his arm. He bent his leg deliberately and pressed his body onto Su Xiaoxiao, pretending to fall.

  ”Ah.” Su Xiaoxiao held Jin Qishan in a panic. “What’s the matter with you?”

  Jin Qishan straightened up and rubbed Su Xiaoxiao’s hair: ” I am teasing you.”

  Su Xiaoxiao patted Jin Qishan fiercely . On the back: “You are crazy, you scared me to death.”

  Jin Qishan was not annoyed, took the water from her hand with a smile, and drank it slowly.

  Cai Meng looked at Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan, then looked at the water in her hand, and laughed at herself. Knowing that she had no chance, she couldn’t help but want to get closer.


  On June 7, the college entrance examination came as scheduled.

  During the math test, Su Xiaoxiao felt that his brain was blank, and finished a set of test papers dazedly.

  The same is true in English. Even my listening is not as clear as before. The questions are based on feelings.

  However, the college entrance examination is the state of mind.

  Even if he felt that he hadn’t played well, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t panic, and calmly finished the test.

  On the first day after the college entrance examination, Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan rode electric bikes to a newly built park in the northern suburbs of the city.

  Chengbei Park is remote and has just been built, so few people come to play.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan specially chose this place for a date, and here they can finally hold hands in a fair manner.

  The first time he held hands in broad daylight, Jin Qishan was a little excited, holding Su Xiaoxiao’s hand tightly, and sighing: “I think that’s it, holding your hand all the time.”

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded shyly.

  The two were getting close, and suddenly a group of girls who looked like junior high school students came over noisily.

  The girl who was the last one almost ran into Su Xiaoxiao.

  Jin Qishan pulled Su Xiaoxiao into his arms and held her shoulders.

  The little girl hurriedly lowered

  her head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” When she looked up, she found that the brother and sister were really good-looking.

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled: “It’s okay, hurry up and chase your classmates.” The

  little girl trot all the way and caught up with her friends.

  She glanced back at Jin Qishan and Su Xiaoxiao, and then said to her friends: “You look back quietly, the brother and sister are so beautiful. I’m so envious. I want to look so good too. A boyfriend who looks so good-looking.”

  Xiaoxue has always been in control, and when she heard that there was a good-looking person, she quickly looked back.

  I saw that the younger brother and younger sister were tall and tall, but they were a little familiar from the back.

  Maybe they noticed that someone was watching them, and they also looked back at Xiaoxue.

  After seeing the two of them clearly, Xiaoxue was shocked that all the lollipops in her mouth fell off.

  Damn, it’s actually Little Sister and Brother Xiaoshan… The

  little girl was stunned when she saw Xiaoxue, and said triumphantly, “How about it, isn’t it pretty?”

  Su Xiaoxiao also saw Sister Xiaoxue from the commissary and was shocked . He quickly retracted his hand, and even wanted to run away…

  Xiao Xue ran over while shouting: “Miss Ms. Sister.”

  Su Xiaoxiao said awkwardly.

  Xiaoxue circled Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan two times and asked, “Miss Sister, are you there?”

  Su Xiaoxiao blushed and didn’t know how to answer.

  It was Jin Qishan who took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand openly to prevent her from breaking free, and asked Xiaoxue: “Why, do you want to report?”

  Xiaoxue rolled her eyes and said with a smile: “If you invite us to dinner, I won’t inform you. .”

  Jin Qishan patted Xiaoxue’s head: “No problem.”

  So Jin Qishan invited the little girls to lunch.

  During the period, Xiaoxue and his classmates publicized the glorious history of Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan.

  At the same time, Xiaoxue asked Su Xiaoxiao very gossip about

The history of love with Jin Qishan.

  In order to stop Xiaoxue’s mouth, Su Xiaoxiao thought that Xiaoxue had asked her to borrow high school notes last time.

  Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to give it to Xiaoxue, because Xiaoxue was only in the second year of middle school, so she wanted to leave her books and notebooks to those who need it more.

  However, at this moment, in order to stop the gossip of Xiaoxue, she said: “If you pretend to see nothing today, then I will give you all my high school textbooks and notes.”

  ”Really? “Xiao Xue almost jumped up happily.

  Other students in the community who borrowed Su Xiaoxiao’s textbooks and notebooks have all improved by leaps and bounds. There are even rumors that Jin Qishan only read the results of Su Xiaoxiao’s notebook before mentioning it.

  Su Xiaoxiao nodded solemnly.

  Snow smiled and said: “Thank you, little sister, I wish you a long long time, a long life together, heart to heart, never tie the knot!!”


  Su Xiaoxiao was shocked!

  How come these words are so like blessing the married couple?

  Jin Qishan stunned Su Xiaoxiao and stood up, and dropped another hundred dollars to Xiaoxue: “I’ll buy some milk tea for your classmates later.”

  Xiaoxue held the money and nodded wildly: “Thank you brother and sister! I wish you an early birth and

  a full house of children and grandchildren…” Su Xiaoxiao covered Xiaoxue’s mouth: “It’s all right, you can eat.”

  Xiaoxue’s classmates are very envious: “You are so happy! They look so beautiful! , I’m so good to you!”

  Xiaoxue raised her head and said proudly: “Of course, Miss Sister likes me the most. I often buy duck necks and fried chicken for me!”


  waiting for many days, finally Check the results.

  Originally, Jin Qishan wanted to witness this moment with Su Xiaoxiao, but Su Xiaoxiao was ruthlessly kicked out.

  Jin Qishan was admitted in advance to the computer department of Q large a few years ago, so Su Xiaoxiao is under pressure now because she also wants to apply for Q large.

  Holding the phone nervously, Su Xiaoxiao bit his lower lip and stood up happily when he heard the results.

  Finally, finally… the

  wishes came true.

  Su Xiaoxiao opened the door, and Grandpa Su and Grandma Su rushed in: “How is it? How are the grades?”

  Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

  Grandma Su wondered: “How is it okay? ? which school “

  Su grandfather said:” it should be a good school and a small bar. “

  Su Xiaoxiao smiling to glanced Jin Qishan, nodded:.” not surprisingly, it should be no problem. ” “

  it’s the breath, really Good luck.” Grandma Su clapped her hands and happily turned around in the room, “Call Junhua and Xinyu and tell them that they have passed the exam for Q. Then call her aunt and grandma…”

  ”Grandma, I’m not sure yet.” Su Xiaoxiao stopped Grandma Su, “When the school scores come down, you can tell others. I will call my parents and mom later and tell me how many scores I got on the test. . ” “

  Ok. “Grandma Sue quickly agreed,” the most positive little idea. “

  Su Su Xiaoxiao grandmother is now the most heard words, and she did not culture Ayutthaya, is unclear who by common sense, but added that her granddaughter eyes comparable She is so much better.

  Jin Qishan never doubted whether Su Xiaoxiao could be admitted to the Q major, he only worried about whether she would be willing to go to the Q major with him.

  After Grandma Su and Grandpa Su were busy with each other, Su Xiaoxi and Jin Qishan went out for a walk.

  Grandma Su saw the figure of Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan going out together from the kitchen, and she was still thinking that the two children had a good relationship, just like brothers and sisters. If the two children go to university in city b in the future, they will also take care of each other.

  Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Qishan walked casually, and they came to the river.

  The sun sets in the west, the river is fascinating, and the summer evening breeze is blowing the weeping willows by the river.

  Jin Qishan took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and said softly: “Now when I go to bed every day, I’m looking forward to coming early the next day. I can’t help but want to see you, want to hold your hand, want to hold you, want to kiss you. . Every day I’ve been with you fills me with expectations.”

  “It’s really hard to imagine. I even hoped that I would never wake up when I fell asleep.”

  Su Xiaoxiao listened and thought of what happened to Jin Qishan in his heart. Sour.

  She raised her head: “If all your misfortunes are because of me, would you still like me?”

  Jin Qishan rubbed Su Xiao’s head and said: “The

Why are you so serious? Thinking about it now, I don’t think it was very bitter then. Moreover, I like my life now. “At one

  time, Jin Qishan also questioned why his fate was so unfair. He had never done anything bad, but suffered misfortune, was bullied and ridiculed.

  However, he is now relieved. It was Su Xiaoxiao who woke him up at that time. The best way to retaliate against others is to become good and strong.

  Su Xiaoxiao hugged Jin Qishan’s waist and leaned his head on his chest: “I appeared too late and failed to protect him. You…”

  Su Xiaoxiao thought for a while, and said firmly: “Xiaoshan, I will use my life to make up for my mistakes, and I will do my best to you in the future. “

  Jin Qishan thought of a few years ago, a little girl carrying his collar, and said domineeringly: “Hey, come in, I will be responsible for you in the future.” “

  Jin Qishan was amused by Su Xiaoxiao. He didn’t need her to protect him. He just wanted to protect her.

  Seeing Jin Qishan smiled, Su Xiaoxiao thought he didn’t believe her and said, “Really, what do you want to do in the future?” I will support you unconditionally. . “

  Jin Qishan leaned over her ear and said, “I just want to kiss you now, as many times as you want.” “

  Su Xiaoxiao became stiff, and I didn’t expect Jin Qishan to say this when he was so touching.

  However, the college entrance examination has passed, and the limit on the number of times can be cancelled.

  Jin Qishan kept looking at her like this, waiting for her answer.

  Looking at each other for a long time, Su Xiaoxiao stood on tiptoes, put his arms around Jin Qishan’s neck, and kissed them gently.

  Jin Qishan closed his eyes, hooked her thin and soft waist, and his heart was trembling.

  At first it was gentle. Slowly I felt anxious. When

  Su Xiaoxiao was on tiptoe and almost unable to support her, Jin Qishan picked her up and pushed her against the willow tree behind him.

  Su Xiaoxiao’s calf straddled Jin Qishan’s waist and couldn’t help holding her hand. Hold his face, immersed in it.

  When he stopped, Jin Qishan bit Su Xiao’s lips: “I love you!”

  Breathing together, Su Xiaoxiao kissed Jin Qishan’s eyes and nose: “Me too, I love you very much.”

  Jin Qishan: “I want to see you when I wake up every day.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: “Me too.”

  Jin Qishan Blushing: “Then let’s live together when we are in college.”

  Su Xiaoxiao: …? ? ?

  Jin Qishan said: “I have money!”

I have met you thanks to destiny.

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