A few days later, Yan Yixie took Jiang Ning back to the sea market.

    When he revisited the old place again, his mood was different.

    The last time I came, I was in a kind of abandoned resentment, with a desperate mood, struggling in despair and resurgence, and wanted to ask for a result from that person.

    He walked in a hurry, looking at all the scenery, he only felt barren.

    But this time, the missing piece of the puzzle in his life was finally filled. He clasped Jiang Ning’s hand tightly, and his heart became contented. Finally, he was in the mood to slow down and see where he grew up with Jiang Ning when he was young. .

    After coming out of the airport, a black car slowly slid in front of the two of them, the door opened in front of Jiang Ning, and the driver hurriedly took over the luggage in Yan Yixie’s hands.

    Jiang Ning saw the driver a bit familiar, but couldn’t tell for a while, so he couldn’t help but stared at him for several times.

    Although the driver was not handsome, he was gone after throwing it into the crowd, but Yan Yixie was still a little bit unreasonable in his heart.

    He intentionally or unintentionally blocked Jiang Ning’s vision with his body, and said, “It’s the nephew of the housekeeper Zhou.”

    Jiang Ning suddenly realized: “No wonder they look a bit like.”

    “Their family is working for the Yan family, but the housekeeper is old. I’m old, and I have retired in the first two years.” Yan Yixie took Jiang Ning’s hand in the car: “Get in the car, and you will see the custard bag soon.”

    Jiang Ning reacted, and they were going to go next. See housekeeper Zhou. She followed Yan Yixie into the car, glanced at Yan Yixie faintly, and complained: “I thought you took it out of the country.”

    Yan Yixie fell silent and said, “It was really inconvenient

    at that time .” His whole world was so dark that he couldn’t even take care of himself.

    And after going abroad, most of the time is spent in the operating room, once anesthetized, it may take a long time to wake up. There is really no way to take care of a cat.

    He could only give the custard bag to the steward Zhou.

    In the year when his legs improved, he went to see Custard Buns, but after too long a time interval, great changes occurred in him. Being able to stand up with both legs and no longer sitting in a wheelchair, the taciturn boy became a man with a blank expression and a cold aura.

    Maybe it has changed so much, Custard Bao can’t remember him anymore, after all, the cat’s brain capacity is so big.

    When he leaned down, the custard bag bit him.

    When Jiang Ning heard him say this, he quickly grabbed his hands and glanced. Sure enough, there was a trace on Yan Yixie’s right index finger, but it has been more than half a year, and the trace has become very shallow.

    Jiang Ning rubbed his finger: “…It’s a sad story.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at Jiang Ning, with a smile, “Everyone said that the cat follows the owner.”

    “Nonsense, I am not so forgetful .” “Jiang Ning refused to memorize the “little sentimental” pot and threw the pot back confidently: “And I gave it to you, and you are the owner of it!”

    Yan Yi thanked her and saw that she still caught it. Holding his hand, shook it back with his backhand, smiled, and said nothing.

    Jiang Ning asked again: “Then when you saw it last time, did it have any changes? Are there any photos?”

    “Photos…forgot to take them.” Yan Yixie’s expression became a little weird: “Just see it. I know.”

    After a while, Jiang Ning finally knew what Yan Yixie’s weird expression meant.

    She stared at the big chubby orange man who was lying on the threshold basking in the sun, and she believed that it was a pig pretending to be a cat. Custard Bao didn’t seem to know her at all. After lazily opened his eyes and glanced at her, he turned over and continued to spread the flatbread.

    Jiang Ning: “…” After Mr.

    Zhou retired, Mr. Zhou took his savings and bought a house in a small town near Haishi, and led his wife to live in retirement.

    He heard the sound of cars outside the courtyard and greeted him quickly. When he saw Yan Yixie, he was immediately overjoyed: “Master.”

    Yan Yixie nodded to him and said, “I will take her over to see you.”


    The housekeeper suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

    He immediately looked at the cat teaser squatting not far away.

    In the sunset, the girl with dark seaweed curly hair shawl, wearing a loose sweater and jeans, stretched out a finger to fight wits with the fat cat, the delicate features are vivid and agile in the sun, it is not who Jiang Ning is.

    Before the college entrance examination, the housekeeper knew how Yan Yixie desperately wanted to be with Jiang Ning. He gave up his inheritance rights, tried his best to please Jiang Ning’s mother, and did everything that the arrogant teenager could not do.

    Because of this, Jiang Ning’s cruelty was beyond his expectation.

    He went abroad with the young master and saw him in his most difficult time. The young master kept himself in the ward without saying a word, as if he had lost his ability to perceive the outside world.

    It’s hard not to blame Jiang Ning in his heart.

    But I didn’t expect…After going around for three years, she was the one who made the young master persistent in the end.

    At this moment, the butler felt like he was hit by fate.

    Why is it all like that, and don’t let it go.

    His sight back, a look to the Yan Xie, sighed: “You really are ……”

    Yan Xie a housekeeper know what to say, interrupted his words:. “Was some misunderstanding, I’m sorry she did not,”

    he No matter what happened with Jiang Ning, it was only between him and her.

    Even in those three years, when he dreamed of her at midnight, a cold hatred filled his heart, and he never allowed others to say that she was not good.

    Not to mention now. She has returned to him, and what happened back then has been answered. He did not allow outsiders to judge her even more.

    For him, apart from Jiang Ning, the butler alone is considered half of his family.

    He didn’t even want his family’s butler to have a different attitude towards Jiang Ning.

    The butler’s expression was still a bit tangled.

    “Jiang Ning and I have walked all the way, and we have had a lot of twists and turns,” Yan Yixie said in a low voice: “I hope you treat her with a better attitude than you do to me.” The

    housekeeper looked at Yan Yixie. After a long while, only nodded.

    When Jiang Ning heard the movement here, he raised his head and saw the steward Zhou, and hurriedly stood up: “Uncle Zhou!”

    In fact, seeing Yan Yixie himself was completely relieved, there was nothing the butler could not let go of.

    Although I don’t know what the misunderstanding of what the young master said was misunderstanding, what the misunderstanding was, but the housekeeper decided to let it pass, and now it is most important for the young master to be happy.

    He turned his head to look at Jiang Ning and laughed, still using the same tone he used to say: “Miss Jiang Ning, long time no see, you are more beautiful again.” After

    three years of not seeing Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning was also very happy. Give a hug.

    The butler opened his hand.

    Before the two of them hugged, Jiang Ning was pulled away by Yan Yixie.

    Yan Yixie stared at Jiang Ning with dark eyes, stretched out his arms, and said coldly: “It’s the same as holding me, I can help you convey it to Uncle Zhou.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Madness.

    Butler: “…” The

    butler looked at the two and couldn’t help but smile, and the familiar feeling returned. Whether it was then or now, and only when Jiang Ning is by his side, the young master is alive and well.

    The housekeeper asked, “Master, Jiang Ning, will you stay and have dinner with me?”

    “No.” Yan Yi thanked: “We still have something to deal with.” It’s

    rare to get together. Hearing the young master said that he was leaving soon, although the housekeeper was a little disappointed in his heart, he couldn’t force it. Suddenly he remembered something, and thanked Yan Yi: “By the way, I have something to give you here.”

    Yan Yixie said to Jiang Ning: “I will take it with Uncle Zhou, you will wait for me.”

    Jiang Ning Busy nodded: “Go, I will play here with Custard Bao for a while.” The

    housekeeper led the way, and Yan Yixie followed him out a few steps.

    Hearing the funny cat laugh behind him, Yan Yixie paused and couldn’t help but glanced in Jiang Ning’s direction.

    The butler turned around to see him.

    The sunlight just refracted, shining on Yan Yixie’s handsome and perfect face, falling into his dark and quiet eyes. He looked at Jiang Ning’s gaze. In addition to greed and deep love, there was something carved into his bones. .

    The butler couldn’t help but secretly startled.

    When the young master was still a teenager, he felt that the young master’s desire and joy for Jiang Ning was a bit morbid. At that time, he thought that the young master might be better when he grows up, but after three years, such excessive emotions, Do not decrease but increase.

    The butler didn’t know whether it was good or bad for a while.

    What he is certain is that if Jiang Ning does not leave Young Master from now on, nothing will happen, but once something happens on Jiang Ning’s side, he is not sure what Young Master will do.

    The butler couldn’t help coughing heavily and said: “You asked me to save it for you at the time, and I sealed it with a box. Now those things are still intact.”

    Yan Yi thanked him and took a look at him. : “Let’s go.”

    Custard Bao is accustomed to being fed by the housekeeper, unfettered, and is unwilling to follow Yan Yixie and Jiang Ning as light bulbs. The two can only return empty-handed.

    Leaving from the housekeeper, Yan Yixie was holding a huge cardboard box when he got in the car.

    Jiang Ning poked his head curiously: “What is this?”

    Yan Yixie said, “The villa on the mountain has been unoccupied for several years. Some things will accumulate dust when left. After I go abroad, the housekeeper will help me clean it up. “

    Jiang Ning opened the box smoothly, and a drone placed upright in the corner came into view.

    It was the latest model at the time, but six years later, this drone is an antique.

    Jiang Ning was pleasantly surprised: “This is one of the drones you put on the top of the mountain when you came to me in the middle of the night.”

    Yan Yixie picked it up, and gave Jiang Ning a smile. I was taken to school by you, but I was broken by those people.”

    Jiang Ning smiled and touched the tip of his nose: “A good guy doesn’t mention the bravery of the past.”

    There are too many things like this, and she will get out of it one day. A spider jumped into the river and disappeared, making him pale with fright.

    However, for Yan Yixie at the time, Jiang Ning was unique in this world.

    What he lacked in his youth was not the insignificant Xi Han Wen Nuan.

    People who care about him and care about him are not without him.

    Even if it doesn’t, he can buy it with money.

    What he lacks happens to be someone who disrupts his world.

    At that time, his world was only black and white. Jiang Ning’s unreasonable cards, Jiang Ning’s troubles, and Jiang Ning’s recklessness were just like the paint knocking over him. Although it made him very embarrassed, it was also strong. The earth poured other bright colors into his world.

    He couldn’t help but was attracted by the color on her body. From then on, she would be like a nail, piercing deeper and deeper in his heart time and time again.

    The box is also neatly lined up with discs that two people have seen together, with white marks on them, remembering a certain year and a certain month, there are also cleaned bento boxes, a few pieces of candy, and fireflies. ‘S glass bottle…

    Jiang Ning was holding these old things, and his memories poured out in his mind like a string of beads. Although so long has passed without knowing it, those scenes are still shining like pearls in her memory.

    Yan Yixie put the box away and planned to take it to his new home, and then create more memories in the years to come.

    Jiang Ning originally planned to take Yan Yixie to see Zheng Ruonan, but before arriving at Jiang Ning’s house, Zheng Ruonan called and said that he had signed up with Uncle Lu for a tour group to go out.

    “What Uncle Lu?!” Jiang Ning stood at the door of his house and suddenly went crazy.

    She thought Zheng Ruonan should be at home, so she didn’t bring the key. Unexpectedly, Zheng Ruonan started the second spring without saying a word.

    Although she had long urged Zheng Ruonan to also have a relationship, Zheng Ruonan really had a boyfriend, and she felt like her mother was robbed.

    She said anxiously: “I haven’t heard you say it when I came back last time!”

    Yan Yixie put the gift on the ground, pressed her shoulder, and signaled her not to worry.

    Jiang Ning gestured with his mouth, can you not be anxious, this is my mother, what if I get cheated?

    Yan Yixie asked her to take the phone a little further, and then whispered to her: “I will not be deceived. I have investigated the other party. I am a teacher in a middle school, but also in a divorced state. I am pretty good.”

    Jiang Ning was stunned: ” You know how…”

    “When we come back, I will introduce you to Jiang Fan.” Zheng Ruonan smiled happily on the phone: “Uncle Lu is very good, you will accept him.”

    Jiang Ning He hurriedly pulled the phone back to his ear and said, “No, I’m going home this time, it’s something serious! I brought

    someone–” Before finishing talking, Zheng Ruonan said, “Ningning, I know you want me Who do you see.”

    Jiang Ning was startled suddenly.

    “I have seen him.” Zheng Ruonan said again, with a slight smile in his tone.

    Jiang Ning was completely stunned.

    She glanced at Yan

    Yixie next to her: “When?” “About three months ago, my company happened to have some problems.” Zheng Ruonan said over the phone.

    The signal at the door of the house was not good, so Jiang Ning took the phone and went to the stairwell.

    The phone call lasted more than half an hour.

    When he came back, Jiang Ning’s eye circles were faintly red.

    Yan Yixie copied it with one hand in his trouser pocket, leaning against the wall, and was calling Xiao Shen to say something.

    Jiang Ning came from the corridor and looked up at Yan Yixie with a complicated expression.

    Yan Yixie immediately hung up the phone: “My aunt taught you?”

    “No.” Jiang Ning shook his head.

    Yan Yixie raised his hand and wiped the corner of her eye with his thumb.

    He was a little taut all over, dark eyes drooping, his eyes fixed on her face, paying attention to her every move: “Why is that?”

    Jiang Ning buried his head in his coat, two hands around his firm In the waist and abdomen, he muffled and said, “I told my mother about our affairs, and my mother said she agreed. When she comes back from the trip, she will cook a table of dishes for you to catch the wind.”

    Yan Yixie’s stiff body relaxed slightly. When he came down, he rubbed the top of Jiang Ning’s hair and laughed: “Isn’t this a good thing?”

    “Yes.” Jiang Ning said

    dumbly : “I’m too happy.” She thought of Zheng Ruonan’s words just now.

    Three months ago, after Yan Yixie returned to China, before he met him at the Peninsula Hotel-at that time, he had come to find his mother alone.

    In the past three years, Zheng Ruonan was actually very unhappy in his heart.

    Especially after the college entrance examination, Jiang Ning repeated fever for the month.

    She thought that Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie broke up because of herself. Jiang Ning was so sad because he forced them to break up. So she feels a little guilty in her heart. If I knew that I was downstairs in the unit that day, I wouldn’t say to Jiang Ning that “a disabled lover can’t bring you happiness, and you will be tired sooner or later”. If I knew she should deal with it in a gentler way.

    In the past three years, although Jiang Ning seemed to be innocent, every time she called home, there was no boy in the name of the person she talked about. Zheng Ruonan knew that Jiang Ning had not let go.

    When Yan Yixie appeared in front of her again, with a slender figure and intact legs, it was conceivable that Zheng Ruonan’s heart had completely loosened.

    Three years ago, the lonely and arrogant teenager looked fierce after three years, but he was a little more mature and stable, and seemed to be enough to trust him.

    Zheng Ruonan also worried about Yan Yixie’s return, whether it was for revenge.

    However, Yan Yixie said: “I never thought about revenge, Jiang Ning is the most important person in the world to me.”

    He did hate her abandonment, but he never thought about revenge. I have to admit that he still wants to get her, he still likes her, and doesn’t even know what to do.

    There are always many obstacles between him and her.

    Three years ago, it was his leg disease, her mother, and the Yan family behind him.

    Now his leg disease has been cured, and walking is no different from a normal person. Yan’s has also become his bag. He hopes that at least her mother can stop blocking him.

    After removing these obstacles, then, the only thing he has to work hard to get is her mind.

    “I didn’t tell him that you have kept your old mobile phone in the past few years. Obviously you have not forgotten him. He helped me solve the company’s turnover problem and asked me not to tell you.”

    “Farewell from me and return to Beijing. When he went to the city, he looked a little sad and lonely. He probably thought you didn’t like him at all.” Zheng Ruonan said to Jiang Ning on the phone.

    “I said to him, if my daughter is willing to be with you again, then I have nothing to stop this time.”

    “From a certain level, I admire him, Ningning, and I want to believe that he can protect him well. You, there is no man in this world who loves you more than him. So I agreed.”

    “So you said you took a person home, and I immediately knew it was him.”


    Jiang Ning listened to Zheng Ruonan’s words Suddenly, I realized that the reunion of myself and Yan Yixie at the Peninsula Hotel three months ago was probably not just a chance encounter, but a game of wanton.

    Jiang Ning felt amused for a while, but also a little bit sour.

    Due to the strong self-esteem of the man around him, Jiang Ning glanced at him, but decided not to expose it.

    Coming down from the stairs, the temperature dropped a few degrees, and early winter was approaching.

    They will have a lifetime, with countless beautiful moments, to cover all the imperfections of the past.

    Yan Yixie handed the gift that he could not give to his mother-in-law to the driver, and planned to buy it again when he met next time.

    “So, where do you go next?” Jiang Ning shook the hand he was holding.

    Yan Yixie pondered for a moment and asked, “Since your mother is not here, let’s go on our honeymoon?”

    “Where do you want to go?” Yan Yixie asked, “Santorini? Denmark? Maldives?”

    Jiang Ning looked at. He only felt that his heart was filled with syrup: “It’s fine to go anywhere, just be with you.”

    Although he knew that Jiang Ning would always say such love words casually, Yan Yixie couldn’t help but feel a little moved when he heard it in his ears.

    He stared at her with dark eyes, and he seemed to be coated with a layer of light in the dusk, and he was so handsome that he was so incredibly handsome.

    He grasped Jiang Ning’s hand tightly and said, “Then there is one more thing to do before going to the honeymoon.”

    Jiang Ning asked curiously: “What’s the matter?”

    Yan Yixie smiled, smiling like a young girl, as if the white snow melted: “Go to the beach first.”

    The place where they met for the first time.

    It is also the place where we said goodbye three years ago.

    No matter how many years have passed, the scenes about each other are always so clear.

    The waves kept beating against the shore, and the salty and wet sea breeze moved Jiang Ning’s curly hair.

    The setting sun dyed the entire sea into an orange-red color, and the sky was crimson.

    In the distance, there are some barefoot children laughing and playing, about the same age as they were when they first met.

    Yan Yixie took off his coat and put it on Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning closed his coat, looked up at him, couldn’t help but smile: “What the hell is going on? It will be dark if you don’t talk about it.”

    “I owe you a marriage proposal.” Yan Yi thanked.

    Jiang Ning was stunned.

    After she saw Yan Yixie took out a blue brocade box from her pants pocket, she understood what he meant. Close to ears.

    Yan Yixie stared at her earnestly, with a handsome face facing the sunset, and only her reflected in his dark eyes, as if she was his world.

    He looked at her, the corner of his white shirt was lifted by the sea breeze.

    He bends his knees slowly in front of her, not shy of his injured leg.

    Startled by a stunning shock in the distance.

    “Someone has proposed!” a child shouted.

    The sun is setting.

    “Jiang Ning.”

    Yan Yi thanked Jiang Ning’s name.

    ——”Jiang Ning, did I tell you to throw it away?”

    —— “Jiang Ning, this is Reed.”

    —— “Jiang Ning, come down.”

    —— “Jiang Ning, what are the requirements for falling in love with you?”

    —— “Jiang Ning, can I hold on for a while?”

    ——”Jiang Ning, don’t leave me anymore.”


    Time passed, stopped at this moment, stopped in the brilliance of the two eyes.

    ——”Jiang Ning, marry me, okay?”

    “Of course, yes, 14 years old, 17 years old, 21 years old, yes.”

    “Eighty-three years old is still willing.”

    She was as young as she was. , Zhe rushed into his arms, and this time he hugged her, supported her with a strong hand, and rotated in a circle.

    The sunset is gorgeous, and the story of Yan Yixie and Jiang Ning never ends.

    -End of text-

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