She gritted her teeth and stared at him: “Wen Yu!! You you you you—”

The ears were red to bleeding, and the whole body was hot.

Wen Yu’s hands on her waist were also a little hot. In those bottomless eyes, there was an ambiguous voice, and his voice was hoarse: “Can you?”

Chi Zhengzheng violently broke away from his hug, stammering: “Yes, okay, a fart! No! Absolutely not, don’t even think about it!!!”

After finishing speaking, she greased his feet and slipped onto her seat.

Office? Room play? !

Bah, dreaming!

She hid in her seat, thinking of Wen Yu’s words just now, she was still smoking, her head was buried, she did not dare to look up or look at him.


Too rogue! !

With her head buried in her ears, she froze as she heard the footsteps approaching.

Wen Yu bent over and hugged her from behind, with a deep smile in her voice: “Sorry, I can’t help it.”


“Chi Zhengzheng, your ears are red.”


“So lovely.”


“Want… to eat.”


What he wants to say is definitely “Thinking Day”! !

She heard it! ! !


Her head was stunned by a rush of heat, her eyes widened and she was dumbfounded.

Behind, because I was teasing her, Wen Yu smiled dullly, obviously in a very good mood.

Chi Zhengzheng was ashamed and annoyed.

After a while, she took a deep breath? Then turned around, rushed to hug him: “Wenyu, that, you, eat, let’s!”

Gritting her teeth, raising her head, her lips moved over.

Wen Yu was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head, bit on it, and showed his “wish to eat” to the fullest. The lips were tossed and warmed repeatedly.

His hand touched her skin, and her hand touched his most vulnerable part.

In the air, the temperature rises.

Because of Chi Zhengzheng’s physical problems, Wen Yu has been known for a long time. At this moment, the nephrite jade is warm and fragrant. It is rare for her to cooperate in this way. Originally, it was just a joke, so she devoted herself to it now.

Forget the time, forget the place.

——Of course, he closed the door, and no one would bother him.

At this time, Chi Zhengzheng opened her eyes, flashes of cunning flashes in her eyes, taking advantage of Wen Yu to plunge into it, he jerked away.

After finishing the clothes, she turned and ran–

“Haha! I went to play with Secretary Xu, Yuyu, calm down yourself!!”

The door opened and closed again, and Chi Zhengzheng had disappeared.

Wen Yu: “…”

His face was stunned.

Immediately, his eyes showed helplessness, he took a deep breath? Then he exhaled a long time.

This bad girl.

Tonight, I must not forgive her.

The days when Yu Ding went to work were still “happy”. Her daily life was reading novels and gnawing biscuits. Her body had not healed yet, so she went to sleep under a blanket when she was tired.

Occasionally go to Secretary Xu to chat with them? Or watch Wen Yu work as a nymphomaniac.

The days are very happy.

Wen Yu is also very happy. He likes Chi Zhengzheng the most, followed by work. With Chi Zhengzheng working with him, he feels extremely good every day.

He could stare at her to take the medicine, but he could take care of her for twenty-four hours.

The two go hand in hand at work, and then go to watch a movie or go for a walk.

The smell of ice like an ice cube often wears a smiling face.

The company’s people are equally happy, and there is a strict model-worker boss. Their life can be imagined.

But now it’s different! The lady boss has come to accompany the boss to work!

The boss becomes very talkative, the boss is better, and the employees below are better off. The boss does not work overtime, and the employees below do not often work overtime. The atmosphere of the entire company is brisk.

After a while, Zheng Ye came back from vacation.

“Didn’t you take a one-month vacation? Why did you come back so soon?” Wen Yu raised an eyebrow, a little surprised.

Zheng Ye howled: “Wow, you really have a wife and everything is enough, but is it unnecessary to abandon your brothers?! It’s too much? You are too much to look down on friends!”

Wen Yu calmly said: “Do you just know?”

Zheng Ye: “…”

He picked up the tea cup, poured his saliva fiercely, decided not to care about Wen Yu, and sighed?: “I wanted to have a relationship, but I didn’t meet the right one, two in a row, one sea king, one sugar daddy. Forget it, I’ll come back to work…”

The corner of Wen Yu’s mouth raised slightly, faintly proud: “How can you find a partner you love so much.”

Zheng Ye said: “Yes, I don’t ask too much, just like yours, Chi Zhengzheng?, why…”

The sound stopped abruptly, because–Wen Yu was staring at him in death.

“I’m just making an analogy. I didn’t say that I fell in love with your Chi Zhengzheng.” Zheng Ye swallowed and explained.

Wen Yu sneered: “Are you not demanding? Oh, then you won’t find it in your life.”

Zheng Ye: “…”

Wen Yu: “You change your career?”

Zheng Ye: “What?”

“Go to be a pilot.” Wen Yu looked at him blankly, “Go to outer space to find it.”

Zheng Ye: “???” So he meant-there is no better woman on the ground than Chi Zhengzheng? Isn’t it even similar?

I felt a bit panicked by being fed something.

Zheng Ye wanted to go back very much, but endured it.

This is the boss, this is the boss, this is the boss.

After reciting silently three times, Zheng Ye calmed down, decided not to care about Yu’s “joking”, looked at the empty pink seat, and asked, “Where is Chi Zhengzheng? Why didn’t you see her?”

“Going to play.” At this point, Wen Yu pursed his lips, a little unhappy.

“What’s wrong?” Zheng Ye said blankly.

Wen Yu said: “When she first came to the company, she was with me in the office room every day. Now… always go to Secretary Xu’s place for a while, go downstairs to help out, and then go to the front desk.”

“Puff—” Zheng Ye almost squirted out the water. He coughed and asked: “She’s doing well in the company?”

“Very good. I didn’t want to eat with me. I added countless groups, and even mixed into a group of employees without a boss.” Wen Yu put on a deadly face.

The so-called employee group without a boss refers to the entire Yu Ding, except him.

I don’t know who built it.

Zheng Yele said: “Why do I think you are a little sour? I won’t even eat this vinegar? Isn’t it that I didn’t accompany you in the office? Room? As for being so sticky? It’s good for her to have fun.”

Wen Yu looked at him for a while, spit out a word–


He wanted to see what Chi Zhengzheng was talking to them, but she wouldn’t show him.

She also said that it’s all girls’ chats? Girls have girls’ secrets, and she also wants to talk privately with other girls about topics that cannot be let men know.

Wen Yu also tried to chat with Zheng Ye, but—

Ha ha.

In fact, Zheng Ye knew what Chi Zhengzheng was doing.

He ended his vacation early this time because he saw the news in the group, and after chatting with Chi Zhengzheng, he immediately ended his vacation and ran back.

After returning from Zheng Ye, Chi Zhengzheng used his mobile phone to send messages even more frequently.

In the company? Just leave him running downstairs. I hold my cell phone to send messages during dinner, and I often use my cell phone to send messages at home, occasionally frowning, and occasionally laughing.

Wen Yu’s whole person is not very good.

Asked Chi Zhengzheng, she didn’t tell him.

It’s just that he passed by on a certain occasion and “accidentally” saw that it was the company’s staff that did not have him.

The next day? Chi Zhengzheng went downstairs again.

Wen Yu couldn’t hold back, took out his mobile phone, forced Secretary Ning to pull him in, and then… was rejected.

His face turned dark.

After thinking about it, he applied for a trumpet, and Secretary Ning pulled it again.

Went in this time.

However, before diving to observe them, I saw a message–

[Chi Zhengzheng: This is Wenyu Trumpet! ! 】

Then, before he could speak, he was…kicked out.

Wen Yu’s face turned black, looking at Secretary Ning, staring dead: “Who are these group owners?”

Secretary Ning: “…Madam boss.”

Wen Yu: “???”

On this day? Wenyu is in a bad mood. He deliberately put on a stinky face in front of Chi Zhengzheng. Although he still took care of her as usual, he did not speak, and his face read “I’m not happy”, “I have something to worry about” and “Hurry up.” “Ask me and coax me”…

However, Chi Zhengzheng didn’t notice it at all! !

At night, when Chi Zhengzheng fell asleep, he didn’t wait.

Wen Yu: “…”

He also has a temper? Isn’t he good? !

The kind that won’t be good without coaxing !

However, until he went to the company the next day, Chi Zhengzheng did not coax him.

How angry?! !

There is something more angry. At noon, Chi Zhengzheng sent him a message–

[Secretary Xu, Xiao Zhen and I eat in the staff restaurant, you don’t have to wait for me to eat by yourself! 】

Wen Yu was so angry that he almost smashed the phone.

He sent two messages to Chi Zhengzheng, but the other party did not reply.

Wen Yu sat there with a variety of soups and vegetables in front of him, his lips were tight, and his face was ugly.

Outside the door, the voices of Gao Te Zhu and Secretary Ning——

“Newcomer? Trainee? Really handsome!”

“Huh? Really?”

“Of course it is true, even Zhengzheng thinks he is very handsome. Now he is watching with Secretary Xu and Xiao Zhen in the staff restaurant!”

“Bang——” Wen Yu smashed the cup.

He stood up, walked out of the office room with a calm face, his face was so dark that he looked like a knife with murderous look.

Go to the elevator entrance and go straight to the staff restaurant.

Wen Yu was in a bad mood. On the way, he met employees of the company, and they all greeted him briskly, but he ignored them.

The heart-wrenching Wen Yu finds it difficult to pay attention to the others.

Newcomer? Xisheng? Are you handsome? More handsome than him? So Zhengzheng likes it too?

Many thoughts arose in his mind, anger, anger, and fear, all of which turned into panic in the end.

Wen Yu admitted.

He was scared.

He was afraid that Chi Zhengzheng would leave, and that she would like others and no longer like him.

His lips were pressed tightly, but when he walked to the entrance of the restaurant, he paused slightly. After a while, he took a deep breath? and walked in.

——It’s not that you don’t believe in Chi Zhengzheng.

——Because I care too much, I can’t tolerate a little accident?.

Just walked into the restaurant.

“Bang bang—”


“Bang bang—”

The ribbon and the roar sounded together.

The entire restaurant was emptied. Not far away, fiery red roses spread all over the floor, and countless air balls floated in the air. Almost all the employees of the company were watching, all of them excited and gossiping.

Secretary Xu and Xiao Zhen stood not far away, holding a lot of gas balls in their hands.

There are no new trainees? No accidents?

Looking along the road paved with flowers, at the end, the person he loves most and only loves, standing in the center of the flowers, blushing.

Wen Yu stopped and looked at her in astonishment.

Chi Zhengzheng was very nervous, her heartbeat was out of control, and the whole person was a little erratic, and the prepared drafts were even forgotten.

In fact, she didn’t plan to be so grand, nor did she plan to come here in front of so many people, but Secretary Xu said that Wen Yu looked calm and rational, but when she was in love, she was still in the elementary school stage.

She can scream, show off, and be naive.

While Chi Zhengzheng thought it was funny, she couldn’t help but want to satisfy him.

Ahead, Wen Yu stood at the door, staring at her blankly, as if already stunned.

After a while, he slowly raised his foot and walked towards her.

His eyes were burning, with shock and surprise, step by step, he walked firmly towards her.

Chi Zhengzheng took a deep breath? Her voice was trembling——

“Yuyu, thank you for loving me so much, and thank you for allowing me to have a home and belonging in this world.”

This is not her world, but his world.

But because of him, this world has also become her world, making her willing to stay here forever.

“You never said it, but I always knew that you were scared, so you didn’t go on the marriage proposal at ten o’clock in the first half of the year. You found the ring, but you didn’t take it out.”

When she fell down, Wen Yu sent her to the hospital in a panic, but lost her ring.

But in Wangjiang Manor, it was easy to find.

It’s that he hasn’t taken it out, and he didn’t even dare to continue that marriage proposal.

Even if he wanted her to marry him so much, he didn’t dare to propose, let alone take out the ring.

——He is scared.

The events of that night left a psychological shadow on him, so he dare not. He was afraid that he would kneel down and propose marriage again, and the nightmare would reappear…

She flushed her eyes and looked at him: “I promised you that I will always be with you, so no matter when it is, no matter what the situation, I will never forget. Even if it is the boundary of life? Promised, come back for the appointment.”

Wen Yu was still stunned. When his brain was still blank, his eye sockets were already red and faintly glowing.

“Yuyu, don’t be afraid, I will always be there, and I will never leave again, this life? The Whitehead Covenant, never betrayed.”

“You are everything I have in this world, and the power that I can wake up from nightmares. For you, I can give up a lot, Yuyu, I also love you very much, love you deeply.”

In this life? If it is not Wenyu that goes with her, then there is no meaning to stay in this world.

Tears fell from her eyes, and she tremblingly took out the ring hidden by Wen Yu, her voice hoarse and crying: “So Yuyu, let’s get married.”

Wen Yu didn’t say a word, if it wasn’t for his eyes, there was already water, I’m afraid he would think he was indifferent.

The tremor in his heart turned the sky upside down, shaking the sky and shaking the earth.

Around, there was a roaring sound–

“Get married! Get married!”

“Marry her!”

“Haha, marry her!”

He kept looking at her for a long time before he finally had the energy to dominate his body, and tremblingly stretched out his hand to pinch the ring.

Wen Yu was scared.

Just holding the ring made him panic.

In front of him, Chi Zhengzheng kept looking at him with tears, firm eyes and encouragement.

Wen Yu trembled, licked his lips, and said hoarsely: “Such a matter of proposal, or… I’ll come.”

He slowly knelt down and looked up at her. The excitement, fear, and panic in his eyes were all exposed to her.

But he is not afraid.

He knew that the woman in front of him could tolerate his fear and timidity, or tolerate his domineering and paranoid.

He got a baby heavier than life, so he held his hands carefully for fear of falling and knocking.

But now, his baby tells him-you don’t have to be so scared, I have always been there and will never leave.

Wen Yu spoke, his voice even more hoarse, his eyes filled with love——

“Chi Zhengzheng, I love you, and you are very important to my life, are you…willing to marry me?”

When hands clenched and excited to the extreme, fear and fear also reached the extreme.

Chi Zhengzheng did not disappoint him, stretched out his hand and cried: “I am willing, I am willing!”

Wen Yu smiled instantly, eyebrows curled, and tears fell when he smiled.

He trembled for a long time before finally putting the ring on her hand, looking down at the ring, crying and laughing.

After a while.

He slowly stood up, stretched out his hand, and embraced the petite woman in front of him.

He hugged very tightly.

Chi Zhengzheng was already full of tears, with her cheeks pressed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat, the corners of her mouth could not help but slowly rise, her eyes were smiling and happy.

A person’s life is too short and too long, the wind and rain and ups and downs ahead, people in the present, all know nothing.

No one can predict it for dozens of years.

But so what?

As long as Chi Zhengzheng held Wen Yu’s hand, he was not afraid of life or death, nor was he afraid of the unknown future.

If they have each other, they have everything, without fear of wind and rain, and without fear of ups and downs.

To each other, they are life-long sugar.

——I have an appointment with the white head. I will stay at the appointment in my whole life.

(End of text)

The author has something to say: After I write it, I was crying, so I can’t bear to steam the fish CP.

They are so important to each other, there is no need to worry about them in this life, because it will only be happiness! !

Oh, congratulations to dads who have finished chasing another book, and congratulations to Bunny for finishing another book!

This is a new challenge for Bunny, and I am still very happy to write. I want to see the sweet outside baby. We will see you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I don’t want to see the outside baby. See you today!

I really appreciate everyone’s support for so long. Bunny will continue to work hard to write better books.

Without other expectations, I hope that everyone will sigh when they see my new book in Jinjiang in the future——

It’s the Bunny, I’ve seen her XXX, Bunny is very satisfied, hahaha!

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