When Ling Zhen defeated Wei Xi, he was quite domineering.

As she wished, she unlocked Wei Xi’s buttons, and then hugged him and started gnawing at him.

Wei Xi hugged her waist and supported her little butt. At the beginning, she remembered the layout of the island wedding room, and the ban was not lifted.

But the little girl was very dissatisfied. She rubbed against him, then bit his neck, licked the mole on the spot, and emphasized her queen’s declaration: “You eat it!”

Wei Xi sighed lightly.

Go to the fucking island wedding room.

When Ling Zhenguang was pushed down on the big bed, she mistakenly thought that she was in control, closed her eyes and grunted, “I want to see you undress…”

Wei Xi’s eyes were already dark, and he said softly, “Okay.”

The man took off the coat of beast disguise, so he stopped being a human being.

“Aren’t you afraid of pain this time?”

Ling Zhen didn’t even feel it at first, and trembled, until she came up, she shuddered: “This will hurt…”

“Well,” Wei Xi lowered her eyes and nodded, “I’m going to have some pain today.”

Little Queen Ling Zhen started her own head, so she didn’t give up halfway. She nodded aggrievedly: “Well then, you can tap it.”

Wei Xi nodded: “Gently.”


The little girl crawled to the side of the bed whimpering, and was severely nailed by the man.

Ling Zhen cried until he hiccups-he is a lunatic! ! !

No, lunatics are not as cruel as him.

She felt that her waist was about to be squeezed off, and her body was full of red, purple and purple marks, and the shameful areas also hurt. But the pain was mixed with pleasure, and the inexperienced little girl was tortured crazy.

Drowsy, the man pressed her ear.

The man’s eyes were red, sweat dripped down his cheeks, he let out a sigh of relief, and asked softly, “You know.”

How did Ling Zhen know what he was talking about, but she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she had to whimper aggrievedly: “I know…”

Wei Xi then asked, “What do you call me?”

The little queen felt that she was completely suppressed. She tried hard to pick up her broken dignity and bit her lip.

The man moved threateningly.

The dignity of the paper tiger smashed away instantly.

“What do you call, eh?” Wei Xi asked.

After a long time, the little girl spoke.


She was so sad and so sad.

Restrained for too long, once the gate is opened, the torrent of violence can swallow people in one bite.

The next day, Ling Zhen woke up with a blushing pain in her body, so angry that she wanted to kick the man next to him off the bed.

Wei Xi woke up a long time ago, lying on his side guarding her, and immediately received the little girl’s strong dissatisfaction and resentment.

Her eyes were red, and a strand of hair was stained with tears on her cheeks, looking very pitiful. But at this time, four characters were burning in her eyes.

–Are! you! a! human!

Wei Xi satiated all night, hugged her lazily, and kissed her red and swollen lips: “I’m sorry, I have to bear it for too long.”

Ling Zhen pushed him away in irritation, her voice was dumb: “I’m sorry, if it’s useful, what do you want the police to do!”

You should be taken away by the police uncle! !

Wei Xi curled her lips and pulled her over again.

Ling Zhen hugged the little dinosaur and hummed and slumped on the bed: “Uuuuuh, I hurt.”

Wei Xi pulled the person up, encircled her, let people sit in her arms, and massaged her with her hands.

Ling Zhen hung his head and uttered his dissatisfaction endlessly: “You said it was soft, but you are not light at all! You just said it, but you are all hundreds of times! Hundreds of times are more than just!!!”

That’s horrible feeling.

The whole person was nailed to death, and then it seemed to be split apart by something, and also, QAQ was being hacked back and forth!

The brutal nature of Wei Xi’s nature has been concentrated on this matter. For a few minutes last night, Ling Zhen felt that she was about to leak…!

But at this moment, the man has put on his human skin again, showing a restrained and gentle appearance. He lowered his head, rubbed the corners of her lips against the tiny hairs on her ears, with a good attitude: “Well, I was wrong.”

Ling Zhen had no energy all over, and after a few minutes of energy, he softened, exhaling and calling him: “The waist also hurts, the legs hurt, and the neck hurts…”

Wei Xi massaged her one by one.

The little girl felt better, rubbed her eyes after a while, touched her swollen eyelids, and cried again: “The eyes are swollen! I’m not beautiful anymore…”

Wei Xi kissed her profile face and murmured, “Pretty—goodbye, raise your legs a little.”

Ling Zhen realized where he had been massaged, and hurriedly stayed together: “What are you doing!”

The man’s voice was cold, sounding serious: “Check.”

“It’s all clean…” Ling Zhen tried to curl up.

Last night, after finishing the work, Wei Xi hugged her soft and went to wash it. At that time Ling Zhen didn’t have the strength to resist, but now in broad daylight, what are you doing?

The man smiled, his smile a bit bad.

“Then check it too.”

As the sweetest pair of CPs in the country, once the news of cherishing the couple’s wedding was released, not only CP fans paid close attention to it, but the media had already started to report it.

Before the wedding, even the airport flights of all the stars have attracted much attention. Among them are Zheng Qianqian, a popular young girl who went to be a bridesmaid, Wang Zheng and Hu Ling, who are highly respected in the circle, song Lan Song, gold medal producer Xing Li, and some industry leaders who have cooperated with Qingxi guy. Of course, there are many faces in the dance world.

Ling Zhen’s wedding was raging, and the limelight was no different for a while.

And Ling Zhen himself had been suffering the consequences of his impulsive indulgence for two days, and even slept all the way on the plane to the island, and when she fell to the ground, the oncoming warm air finally refreshed her.

The island has natural scenery that she has never seen before. The turquoise sea and the warm tropical plants are all novel. On the way to the hotel, the wind blowing in from the car window smelled of sunshine.

The hotel Wei Xi booked is a well-known local hotel because it is built on a cliff by the sea. The top-most room stands on the top of the cliff, with sharp reefs and the boundless sea at the foot.

But when Ling Zhen entered their room, the first thing he noticed was not the cliff and the sea outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, but… the luxurious and matte decorations all over the room.

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It seems to be exactly what she likes, the big bed is white, with cherry pink tulle curtains, and rose petals are scattered on the bed. There are also exquisite bed flags, light pink curtains, red checkered tablecloths… it’s a big room, which is decorated sweetly and dreamily.

Ling Zhen put down her bag, her little butt sank into the soft mattress, and patted with satisfaction.

They lived in the top-most room, with the bed facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, outside the window there was the sound of waves hitting the shore, the top of the cliff rose sharply, and the sea was boundlessly wide. The room is quiet and warm, and it feels like there are only two of them in the world.

Ling Zhen was full of curiosity about this room, and then he opened the cabinet beside the bed, and then suddenly saw a bunch of small pink squares.

She felt familiar, picked it up and took a closer look, her face suddenly turned red–

This, this, it seems to be… that day Wei Xi opened up such a small square, and then put it in…

Someone approached behind her, Wei Xi put her arms around her waist and asked softly, “Is it strawberry flavor?”

Ling Zhen shook his hand, and quickly threw the thing back to the bedside table, “What strawberry smell?”

Wei Xi bit her ear: “I remarked, I think you will like it.”

Ling Zhen wailed his face and said, “I don’t like it or not!”

“Really,” Wei Xi lowered her head and said seductively, “…then try a few more flavors.”

Ling Zhen cried.

That night, Ling Zhen finally escaped because he wanted to wear a wedding dress the next day.

The next day, the wedding was held as scheduled.

Wei’s mother is now much more healthy, and she has gone out a long time after a long time, and she is in a good mood. Besides, she has been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. The makeup team cleaned up the day, and she looked much younger and looked good.

Only one of Ling Zhen’s and Wei Xi’s parents was present, but neither of them cared, nor would any friends who came to the wedding ask.

Today’s process was planned in advance. Wake up early in the morning, Wei Xi went to work, and Zheng Qianqian came over to accompany Ling Zhen.

The stylist was doing makeup and hair, and Zheng Qianqian chatted with her: “How about it, are you nervous?”

Ling Zhen twisted her fingers and nodded frankly: “Nervous.”

“It’s okay,” Zheng Qianqian squeezed her shoulder, “All acquaintances are here, what are you afraid of? Besides, you are the man who is responsible for everything, so you can be responsible for beauty.”

Ling Zhen pursed his lips and smiled: “Okay.”

“By the way, I also brought someone over to eat dinner,” Zheng Qianqian said happily. “The new little wolf dog, street dancer, handsome thief.”

Ling Zhen was very happy for her: “That’s great!”

Zheng Qianqian said for a while, not knowing what she remembered, and sighed softly: “Anyway… I hope I can cultivate a positive result soon.”

Ling Zhen knew who she thought of.

In fact, when he returned to the heavens, Ling Zhen repeatedly thought that Teacher Wen might not completely ignore Hong Chen.

She was banned from memory by her master, if Wen Zichu hadn’t appeared, she wouldn’t have realized it so quickly. Teacher Wen came here to help her specially.

He can abandon Hong Chen, but he finally admits that there is something worthy of nostalgia.

And what made him have this idea…

Ling Zhen retracted his thoughts and looked at Zheng Qianqian in front of him. She is beautiful, bright, frank and warm. Teacher Wen has the avenue he pursues, and if she stays here, she will have her own happy life.

So Ling Zhen didn’t say anything, holding her hand, nodded: “It will definitely be.”

The specific ceremony of the wedding is not open to the media, but the shape can be made public for those who care about them to take a look. The wedding dress was sent from China and was well protected. After Ling Zhen replaced, Zheng Qianqian was stunned.

Let her be responsible for beauty, she is really responsible to the extreme.

The fairy is worthy of being a fairy, she stood there quietly, with bright eyes and white teeth, as if the air had become light and fluttering.

After Lingzhen’s wedding photos were published online, the hot search unexpectedly exploded. The previous rumors of various serious illnesses were already shaky, and at this time they were completely beaten.

[Does your mother seem to be seriously ill! ! Can you make me so sick? ! 】

[Mom, help, ahhhhhhhhh, the fairy is going down again! ! ! 】

[It’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful! Our little dancer also killed someone with his face today! ! 】

On the other side, Wei Xi also changed into a suit and put on a platinum brooch in front of the mirror.

Zhao Yanrong, as the best man, took a look at Wei Xi after he saddled his horse today, and he was suddenly sour.

This is too handsome.

Why! ! !

He said sourly, “Mr. Wei, why don’t you also take a picture of you for netizens to lick it?”

Wei Xi: “No.”

Zhao Yan said: “It’s a pity that you are so handsome and not seen by people!”

Wei Xi lowered her eyes and put on her watch.

“She can see it.”

Zhao Yan: “…”

Is it interesting to slaughter me! Have! meaning! think! ! !

The auspicious time has come and the wedding has begun.

They were in a church with a glass dome, the red carpet extended to the door, fragrant flower stands on both sides. Ling Zhen was dressed in a wedding dress layered like snow, with his back straight, hands clasped in front of him, and his heart pounding with tension.

The pastor’s master of ceremonies finished reading the front narration, and gently invited the bride in.

The door of the church opened to both sides, the melodious melody of the violin suddenly became clear, Ling Zhen gently raised his eyes.

At the end of the red carpet, the blue sky and golden sunlight passed through the glass dome, and the man stood tall and looked over.

Ling Zhen had known for a long time that Wei Xi was a killer when wearing formal clothes.

And this time, the man’s clothes were more solemn than ever.

The hard gauze white suit that she hadn’t been able to see was worn on him, the beads gleaming, the hem was embroidered with dark patterns, and the hand-sewn line was extremely tight, and it was supported by a pair of broad shoulders and narrow waist.

A string of pendants are pressed under the collar of the man’s lapels. The rose gold base is inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

The whole person is cold and cold, and extremely expensive.

His black hair, which had usually pressed his eyebrows, was lifted up, revealing his whole cold face, and his dark vision fell on her without hindrance.

Ling Zhen’s heart was beating fast, and he was bewitched by him. Step by step, he walked past the envy of everyone and walked towards him.

At the end of the red carpet, Wei Xi stretched out her hand to hold her.

The priest was still talking, Ling Zhen stood beside him and heard the man whisper in a low voice.

“What were you thinking when you came here?”

Ling Zhen turned his face to look at him, and hummed without answering.

But with his palm pressed against him, Ling Zhen’s beating heart gradually stabilized.

She doesn’t know how to say it.

As she walked through the red carpet, she thought: Such a beautiful man belongs to her.

The process continued to go down, the couple exchanged rings and took oaths, then they walked to the first row of the seating area and bowed to Mother Wei to offer tea.

The gray-headed old man, after half a life of suffering, his eyes flushed with laughter, and finally couldn’t help tears in his eyes.

The master said that he hits noble people, which is not bad.

This little nobleman will change Wei Xi’s fate and take him away from the tragedy of his life.

Finally…Her child finally crossed the dark sea and embraced his light.

With soothing music playing in the church, the priest looked at the incredibly beautiful couple under the dome, and said softly: “Finally, does the handsome groom have anything to say to your beautiful bride?”

Ling Zhen looked at Wei Xi.

The man curled his lips and smiled.

He waved his hand, rejected the microphone sent by the staff, and then took a step forward and looked down at his little girl.

“I’m not prepared,” Wei Xi smiled, saying something that only the two of them understand, “but thank you for coming back.”

Ling Zhen blinked, a bit sore.

Fortunately, she was not prepared, but with just these words, she was about to cry.

You can’t cry, you don’t look pretty when you cry.

The whole church is silent, only warm background music reverberates.

The song was selected by Wei Xi. Vaguely, Ling Zhen understood the gentle lyrics——

“Give me your unfinished innocence and freedom,

Give you all my insignificant things…”

Wei Xi heard it too, and he smiled slightly: “Well, thank you for giving me innocence and freedom.”

Ling Zhen’s eyes were suddenly red.

Then I heard him speak clearly: “I love you, Ling Zhen.”

At night, on the silent sea cliff, I fall asleep listening to the waves and wind.

Ling Zhen slept in Wei Xi’s arms, wiped away tears on his chest, and fell asleep peacefully.

When she woke up the next day, the room was foggy, and Wei Xi was not by her side.

Ling Zhen was wearing her nightdress, slipping on her shoes, pushed open the half-covered window, and walked outside.

The sea fog is hazy, and the sea under the cliff is blurred. Ling Zhen saw Wei Xi’s back, his clothes were blown by the wind, and his black hair fluttered gently.

The man heard the sound, turned around, and reached out to her.

Ling Zhen walked over and was pulled into her arms. Wei Xi pressed her ear and said, “Look.”

The entire cliff became a paradise on earth, and the mist billowing under the cliff was like light smoke and thick clouds, which instantly reminded Ling Zhen of the unchanging sea of ​​clouds under Yunyu Mountain.

“I can’t go where you were born,” Wei Xi hugged her from behind, “but here in the world, I will do my best.”

Ling Zhen’s face was wet with mist, and suddenly she understood the real reason why she chose to stay here.

…This is romance.

Her heart softened into a puddle of water, and the tears that had not been shed yesterday filled her eyes again.

There will be no one in this world who is more attentive to her than he does.

The little girl turned around, put her arms around his neck, and hugged him on her feet.

“…Wei Xi,” her voice was soft and soft, with a nasal voice, “freedom is not going to heaven.”

The man hugged her: “Yeah.”

Ling Zhen rubbed his neck: “My freedom is in your eyes.”

When you look at me, when you look at me again and again.

Wei Xi paused, and then grinned.

“I’m so bad and still sick, ready to spend my life with me?”

The little girl shook in his arms, raised her face, and asked instead: “Wei Xi, have I cured you?”

“No,” Wei Xi lowered his eyes and kissed her, “You made me… more sick.”

Ling Zhen smiled and curled her eyes, softly acting like a baby: “What should I do then.”

The man chuckles: “You know.”

…Accompany me.

Accompany me to grow old, accompany me for the rest of my life.

(End of text)

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