On the weekend of this week, the two went to town together.

    The fetus gets bigger day by day, no matter how inexperienced they are, they also know that they have to prepare some clothes and pants in advance.

    There is only one large maternity and baby shop in the city with many customers.

    After Jiang Miaomiao and Lu Qiming entered the store, they focused on a middle-aged woman who seemed to be very experienced, and followed her.

    They bought whatever they bought. They put milk bottles, diapers, saliva towels, etc. into the shopping basket one after another, and finally got tangled up before the baby clothes.

    There are more than a dozen sets of clothes in front of me, all of which have different styles. The common point is that they all look good, and the dolls wear the same clothes.

    The question is, should they buy boys or girls?

    Lu Qiming was too lazy to choose, and said: “Buy a few sets.”

    Jiang Miaomiao vetoed it.

    “No, I am not pregnant with twins. It is too wasteful to buy both.” The

    baby clothes are made of good materials, finely crafted, and the price is high. Any set of them can be hundreds, which is more expensive than her clothes.

    Lu Qiming made a comparison, and then said, “The girl who bought the girl.”


    “It’s a good deal, look at this big skirt, this bow is too expensive. The boy’s is too simple.”


    Jiang Miao Miao was also speechless. He looked up and saw the salesperson, and called her over and asked, “Are there any more neutral ones?” The

    salesperson regretfully said,

    “The neutral ones are sold out. New products will arrive next month. Or… You two come back next month?”

    This is the only way.

    Anyway, I’ve only been pregnant for more than two months, so I’m not in a hurry.

    The two checked out the selected items, went to the hospital for an examination, found a restaurant and had a big meal, then bought some food, and went home happily.

    Soon after arriving home, another car drove into the farm.

    Jiang Miaomiao was standing at the door of her house eating an apple, the car stopped in front of her, and the window was lowered to reveal Gu Changzhou’s face.

    “Why are you here?”

    “I bought you something.”

    Gu Changzhou jumped out of the car and opened the trunk, which was full of maternal and baby supplies.

    What kind of milk powder, rocking carts, nutrition, supplementary food, clothes…

    Those things he wanted to buy for his girlfriend and daughter, but had no money to buy, are now all brought to the farm and given to Jiang Miaomiao.

    Jiang Miaomiao was shocked to see so many things.

    Lu Qiming went to the toilet and came out. When he saw Gu Changzhou, he frowned and asked,

    “What are you doing?”

    “These things are under-produced and it’s not easy to buy. I happen to have a friend who does this. Let me give you some. Come on. , Help.”

    Lu Qiming picked up a box and looked at it, and said coldly,

    “It’s not that you are a father, so active.”

    Gu Changzhou smiled, “I was a father, but it was a pity that I didn’t succeed, so I hope you don’t Repeat my old ways.”

    Both of them felt unbearable, so they helped together and moved everything into the small building.

    He wanted to leave after delivering the things, but was stopped by Jiang Miaomiao, and he had to leave him to eat whatever he said.

    Today, I bought a roast duck in the city. Jiang Miaomiao went to the kitchen to cut it and planned to bring it out.

    Suddenly, his stomach was rolling frantically, and he was spitting out on the stovetop.

    The two men in the living room heard the sound and walked in. Seeing this scene, they were scared to help her.

    “Have you eaten your stomach? Does it hurt? I take you to the hospital?”

    Lu Qiming was very worried.

    Gu Changzhou poured a glass of water, handed her gargle, and mocked:

    “What do you know, this is morning sickness.”

    “Morning sickness?”

    “Back then, her mother…well, when my ex-girlfriend was pregnant, she also vomited a lot. It’s awesome. It’s useless to go to the hospital. You can only start and start with food.”

    Lu Qiming pricked his ears and listened intently.

    “How to do it?”

    “Try to eat something appetizing and refreshing, not too greasy, eat more fruits and vegetables. If it doesn’t work, add more vitamin B6. Strengthen exercise, go for a walk when the weather is cool. In addition, get enough sleep , Pay attention to rest, can not catch cold or heat, it will gradually relieve.”

    Lu Qiming remembered one by one, and asked: “Any other reactions?”

    Gu Changzhou carefully recalled and told them all the experiences he could remember.

    In the next few months, Jiang Miaomiao experienced almost all of it.

    Dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, frequent urination, and swelling of limbs.

    In the worst case, her ankle swelled twice as thick as before, and she couldn’t even wear shoes. The skin is bulging like steamed buns, and one pit is pressed.

    Lu Qiming hired the workers to work and took care of her around the clock.

    Seeing her appearance, it was more uncomfortable than her, and even suggested:

    “Or forget it.”

    Jiang Miaomiao vomited for a while, lying weakly on the bed.

    “Forget it.”

    “Don’t give birth, get rid of it.”


    “It’s only halfway through your pregnancy. You’re already like this. You can stand it when you are born? Let’s not have children. Two people are fine.”

    Jiang Miaomiao sat up with a carp.

    “What are you kidding? I have worked so hard for so long, so I don’t want to stop it?”

    Lu Qiming said: “It will only be harder to stick to it.”

    “That’s also worthwhile, at least there will be gains, it is better than giving up halfway.”

    He He asked suspiciously: “Are you sure you are thinking clearly?”

    “Yeah!” Jiang Miaomiao’s face was shining with maternal brilliance. After a few seconds, she fell back on the bed and said pitifully, “I want to drink sour plum soup.”

    Lu Qiming Gently closed the door and went downstairs to boil sour plum soup for her.

    When drinking, Jiang Rourou’s face loomed outside the door.

    Jiang Miaomiao blinked, “Can you let it in? I haven’t touched it for a long time.”

    Lu Qiming severely rejected this request.


    Gu Changzhou specifically emphasized that it is easy to get Toxoplasma gondii in close contact with animals.

    At the beginning, he planned to send Furou and his wife away, put them in foster care for a period of time, and then take them back when they were born.

    But those two are already members of the family, especially Jiang Rourou. Jiang Miaomiao will inevitably worry about it and affect his mood if he sends them away.

    So the final decision is to let them stay, but they can’t touch them, at most they can look through the window a few times.

    Jiang Rourou was not used to it at first and was educated twice. After looking at her bulging belly, she gradually understood what she was doing, and ran to her room without moving, even actively avoiding her.

    Jiang Miao wondered if it couldn’t do it well, and sometimes he dreamed that he was touching it in his dreams, and he couldn’t help it.

    Now she didn’t want to drink the sour plum soup anymore, looking at Lu Qiming with pleading eyes.

    The latter waved, found her a pair of gloves, and let Jiang Rourou come in.

    The latter walked carefully in front of her, not daring to approach her, his round eyes kept blinking.

    It wasn’t until Jiang Miaomiao reached out his hand to touch its head, that its tight body relaxed, rubbed her palm lightly, eyes lingering on her stomach.

    Jiang Miaomiao smiled embarrassedly.

    “Haha, isn’t it weird? There is a little baby in it. You and

    Dahei will have a baby in the future.” It tilted its head, looking stupid, and I didn’t understand it.

    The contact time came soon, and Lu Qiming relentlessly drove it out and ended the visit.

    However, good luck seemed to be contagious, and within two months, Da Hei’s belly was visibly enlarged.

    One of the workers once opened a pet shop and said:

    “This dog is pregnant and still has a first child.” The

    dog gave birth to a puppy for the first time. He had instinct but no experience, and would have many abnormal reactions.

    Sometimes it is not possible to give birth to stillbirth or dystocia, which requires more attention from the owner.

    Lu Qiming had to take care of it with some thoughts. Jiang Miaomiao had so many nutrients that he couldn’t finish it, and he would feed him a little from time to time.

    When they were five months pregnant, the pomegranate had a good harvest, and their assets increased by 30,000.

    At six months, I picked the first batch of peanuts and didn’t sell much money, but I left a lot of seeds and several barrels of peanut oil.

    At seven months, Lu Qiming led the workers to catch all the fish in the pond, sell them, and dry them. The pond was vacated for new fry.

    In a blink of an eye, it was almost the delivery period. Jiang Miaomiao listened to the doctor’s advice in the middle stage and started to control his diet, so the belly is not very big.

    The symptoms of swelling in the third trimester disappeared, and her limbs became slim and looked healthier than in the previous few months.

    The hair that fell out grew back, and finally came to the bald crisis.

    Lu Qiming booked a location at the hospital, prepared the car, and everything needed for childbirth, staying by her side 24 hours a day, waiting for the due date.

    Unexpectedly, the little thing in the stomach couldn’t help it, and it was more than a week in advance.

    In the cold afternoon of early spring, Jiang Miaomiao’s stomach aches.

    Lu Qiming greeted the workers and took her to the hospital.

    After arriving, the doctor did a simple examination and immediately asked the nurse to push her into the delivery room.

    Not long after, Gu Changzhou, who received the news, hurried over, and saw Lu Qiming standing alone in the long and narrow corridor, without a chair, and having to walk around outside the door, his expression was unprecedentedly nervous.

    He ran over and asked:

    ”     Where are the people?”

    “In the delivery room.”

    “Shun delivery or cesarean section?”


“Why don’t you wear a coat?”

    Lu Qiming looked down at his thin T-shirt, and realized afterwards. After reacting, he forgot to change his clothes.

    Gu Changzhou rolled his eyes and called his assistant, and soon someone brought a down jacket.

    The Chinese New Year is coming soon, because there are fewer people, fewer cars, fewer electrical appliances, and the global temperature has dropped a lot than before. There have been several consecutive snowfalls here.

    Lu Qiming put on the down jacket, his body temperature slowly recovered, and said thank you.

    He glanced at his watch, estimated the time from the bottom of his heart, relaxed, and took out a cigarette from his pocket.

    Before it was clicked, a passing nurse reprimanded: “No smoking in the hospital!”

    Gu Changzhou retracted in embarrassment and raised his head to meet Lu Qiming’s helpless eyes, apparently experiencing the same thing.

    Such a narrow corridor, such a cold weather, no smoking, nothing else to do.

    It is really anxious for the most important person to experience such great danger in the delivery room.

    Lu Qiming casually said:

    “If you want to do a paternity test, it is very suitable now.”

    Gu Changzhou sneered, “I won’t do

    it. Don’t want to leave me in your life.” “Alright.” He shrugged.” Become a cheap father, then become a cheap grandpa.”

    “Grandpa? I’m grandpa.”

    Gu Changzhou affirmed solemnly.

    Lu Qiming: “…Do you still want to be my dad?”

    “I only have this child. Why can’t her child call me grandpa?”

    Grandpa and Grandpa, a foreign word, made people feel uncomfortable.

    He even saves his children’s New Year’s Eve for the next ten years, how can he be an outsider?

    Thinking of this, Gu Changzhou remembered another very important thing.

    “What’s the child’s name?”

    Lu Qiming: “…”

    Seeing the other party’s silence for a long time, and his eyes flickering, he asked in shock:

    “I haven’t taken it yet?”

    Lu Qiming grabbed his hair and talked to him.

    “Why haven’t come out yet.”

    Gu Changzhou walked around in front of him, “Are you a dad? Did you think you were born as a kitten or puppy? No name until now?”

    He was a little angry, “You don’t know. How busy this time is!”

    “I only know that my child’s name was chosen long before he was born.”

    “Yes, I won’t be able to use it after I took it. What’s so good about it?”

    “You…” The

    two of them blushed and their necks were thick and they didn’t notice the door of the delivery room opened.

    Jiang Miaomiao was pushed out, and the nurse next to her was holding the baby in her arms.

    “Hey, who is the father of the child? Hey!” The

    nurse yelled twice and no one answered, Jiang Miaomiao had to say weakly:

    “Don’t quarrel, shut up.”

    They noticed here, surprised. Ran over.

    “It’s finished? Does it hurt?” The

    nurse asked angrily ,

    “Who is the father of the child? I gave birth to a boy, who is five kilograms and two, very healthy.”

    Lu Qiming raised his hand like a primary school student and squeezed away Gu Chang. State leaned forward.

    “I am who I am.” The

    nurse asked him to look at the child. He thought he could see who he looked like. Who knows that after a long time he only felt like a mouse, or the ugliest kind with no fur and red skin.

    Gu Changzhou did not show weakness, and asked Jiang Miaomiao:

    “Do you want to give your child the surname? You were born in October, so hard, you must have your surname, and you can’t make others cheaper.”

    Jiang Miaomiao: “…”

    Lu Qiming came over, “It’s okay to have anyone’s last name, anyway, if you don’t have your last name, you don’t get mixed up.”

    Gu Changzhou pointed at him, “Have you seen it? How do you say this, pure straight man? Cancer. You must not show weakness. I will support you. Don’t be afraid.”

    Jiang Miaomiao had just given birth to a child, and his brain was buzzing. He almost collapsed after the noise of the two. He covered his ears and begged the nurse:

    “Hurry up and push me . ” Let’s go.”

    She was too difficult.

    The medical staff couldn’t laugh or cry and sent her and her child to the ward.

    Jiang Miaomiao’s delivery process went smoothly without any side cuts. After two days in the hospital, he was ready to go home.

    On the day he was discharged from the hospital, the child had reached an agreement with which surname—his own life should be controlled by himself, so that he would be caught in lottery on the day of his 100th birthday and what surname was caught.

    Before that, Jiang Miaomiao gave him a nickname for convenience.

    Because he had very little hair, he was very worried about his future hair volume, so he named him Mao Mao.

    Gu Changzhou changed a new car and insisted on sending them back in his car.

    When a group of people drove into the mountainous area, two miles away from the farm, a long-awaited white figure appeared on the road ahead.

    It’s fleshy.

    What is it doing here? Where’s Dahei?

    Lu Qiming opened the door of the car to go down, but he turned his head and ran away.

    They had to keep up.

    Back at the farm, Jiang Miaomiao wrapped up like a bear and hugged Maomao down.

    Fleshly bit her pants and took her to her kennel.

    I saw that in the den with thick cotton wool, the three puppies whose eyes were not opened were curled asleep in Da Hei’s arms.

    One white, one black, and one flowery.

    Gu Changzhou walked over to take a look, and smiled: “Let’s double happiness, haha.”

    Lu Qiming glanced diagonally, “We?”

    “…You guys, are you all right?”

    Gu Changzhou covered his mouth. , Quietly told Jiang Miaomiao, “Let him take care of the child less in the future, otherwise he will be a careful eye when he grows up.”

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t help but laugh, almost unable to hold the child.

    The baby is born, so I should invite my friends to come home for a meal.

    But Jiang Miaomiao is still in confinement, her body has not fully recovered, and she is an inexperienced novice mother who can’t take care of herself, so the two decided not to invite them, and they didn’t even plan to make a big deal in a hundred days. Just order it.

    But the news couldn’t be kept secret. Soon after Jiang Miaomiao returned home, he received gifts one after another.

    There are longevity locks brought by Yuan Mubing’s trustees, free vaccines from Chen Hong, and small clothes from former colleagues.

    Gu Changzhou naturally did not want to miss the excitement, and sent them two experienced confinement sisters, which greatly eased the pressure on the couple.

    Everyone is so enthusiastic, they are embarrassed to be too lazy, carefully prepared Maomao’s Hundred Day Banquet, and sent out the invitation letter one month in advance.

    Lu Qiming prepares the ingredients, and Jiang Miaomiao and the Yuesao workers study the dishes.

    On the day of the official banquet, the farm was full of cars.

    Yuan Mubing had specially asked for leave and flew over from Europe overnight, and was the last one to arrive.

    She parked the car, walked into the living room with a gift, and saw many old acquaintances.

    The small living room was crowded with guests and couldn’t put down the table at all.

    Lu Qiming led someone to carry a large round table and set it on the edge of the fish pond.

    Someone suddenly joked, “There are so many people here, if a zombie pops out, no one can escape.”

    The person next to him covered his mouth with his backhand.

    “Bah, baah, what bad words? Besides, Professor Chen Hong was there, and when the zombie appeared, his ten shots of vaccines were shot over. Where is it to jump?”

    Everyone roared with laughter, and Yuan Mubing was not accustomed to this kind of noise. I found Lu Qiming and asked,

    ” Where’s her?” The

    latter was lighting a fire, smeared with smoke, unable to stop the handsomeness of his facial features, raised his chin and said,

    “Upstairs, you go quietly, and Maomao is sleeping. “

    Yuan Mubing nodded and went upstairs alone, with very light steps.

    When she came to the wooden door, she was about to push away, but she could not help but stop when she heard a gentle female voice telling a story.

    “There used to be a small salted fish. There was no shortage of food or drink, but life was boring.

    She could see her head at a glance and was not interested in doing anything . One night she read a book and was deeply attracted by the story inside…”

    She looked in through the crack of the door, and saw Jiang Miaomiao wearing a loose and soft white sweater sitting beside the crib in the warm sunshine.

    The complexion was ruddy, the skin was smooth, and the white and tender hands gently patted the child’s chest.

    She laughed while telling the story, and the picture was beautiful like an illustration in a fairy tale book.

    “…The little salted fish followed the school of fish back to the city, waiting and waiting in the small house, waiting and waiting, and finally waiting for the big salted fish to come back. They didn’t want to work, but wanted to lie down like before, so they were in the city. I found a small nest outside and stayed there…” At

    this point, Jiang Miaomiao frowned, put his hand into the child’s trousers and touched it, his face changed suddenly.

    “Okay, you bastard, let you not pull it when you pull it, you have to change into new clothes before you pull it. It’s so stinky, why go out to see people?”

    She turned her head and rushed out the window and shouted, “Lu Qiming!”

    Lu Qiming came downstairs. Respond during his busy schedule.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Come on to change your son’s pants and pull it again! Today is the third one!” The

    fantasy fairy tale turned into a joke, Yuan Mubing smiled, put the gift outside the door, silently To leave.

    She wants to catch the plane in an hour and drives the car very fast.

    When she drove out of the two-mile road, she looked back and saw that in the lush mountains, there were several beautiful small buildings.

    There are fish ponds, vegetable fields, rice fields and orchards next to the building.

    The cows and sheep graze on the slope, and the big black dog and the big white dog are running in the orchard with the half-sized milk dog.

    A hen lays an egg, and the clattering sound can be heard far away.

    Children who grow up here will be very happy, right?

    Yuan Mubing retracted his gaze, his tight body became more relaxed, turned on the speaker, smiled and hummed a song.

    The full text end.


This article is all over. Spreading flowers~~ I

    Originally wanted to give Mao Mao a name, but I really wanted to give it a name. It’s hard to hear, o(╥﹏╥)o

    Thank you all for your company, and I ’m about to start preparing new articles.

    The new article is the apocalyptic vacation life of a real salted fish, and it is expected to be updated next month. You can poke column collections if you are interested.

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